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nwegood morning06:04
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nwehas someone setup ipsec-l2tp client on crux?08:36
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frinnstipsec, yes08:51
frinnstnot sure what layer ( i suck at layers) :)08:51
frinnsta strongswan setup08:51
frinnstroadwarrior type08:51
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nwefrinnst: is it much work to get it to work (setup the clients)?09:34
frinnstnot sure about the clients. we just set up a new server to replace a westermo appliance. So it was a drop in replacement09:35
frinnstwe didnt touch the clients at all09:35
nwefrinnst: oh, my colleague just create a tickets that he will remove openvpn and replace it with ipsec2LTP.. so thats why I wondering  :P I dont really know why we want to replace it because we dont have any problem with openvpn..09:36
frinnstwell i guess you have more options regarding clients. windows etc have clients builtin ?09:37
nwewe dont use windows :P09:37
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nwemac have it builtin.. but we have run openvpn in 10 years with out any problem :P09:38
frinnstyeah. unless there's a specific reason to change it just sounds to me like he wants to do something fun :)09:38
frinnstbut yeah.. messing with vpn stuff isnt really that much fun09:39
nwefrinnst: yupp I think that too (that he wants to do something fun..)09:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.7.19 -> 1.7.2011:24
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jaegerq5sys: Sorry for the slow response; What did you have in mind? Also, what kind of timeframe?15:33
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BitPuffinwait wtf is q5sys doing in here :o15:36
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teK--anybody else having problems with cmus? I dumps core immediately  on startup:
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pidsleycmus works fine for me16:03
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teK--do you have the ffmpeg plugin installed&&enable?16:31
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teK--the recent ffmpeg commit to enable libvpx 'broke' cmus16:39
teK--now, which package is to blame ;)16:39
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teK--ffmpeg is b0rken to rebuild because of gnutls because of nettle16:50
teK--nd gnutls won't build because nettle is too new and they did not fix that during the last 6 months16:50
teK--errr sepen did not update it16:51
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teK--and I reproduced FS#1023.. duh.16:53
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nrxtxteK--: having fun with #1023? :)20:05
nrxtxis noone else allowed to downgrade nettle?20:08
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teK--we only do that in emergencies20:38
teK--sepen has been a bit busy lately20:38
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nrxtxhm gnutls hasn't fixed the bug since about six months20:43
nrxtxit is known since december 201320:44
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teK--yeah, well20:46
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nrxtxthat's why arch and gentoo still supply nettle 2.7 even tough they are flagged out of date20:49
nrxtxcan i prevent a single package from being updated?20:50
jaegerprt-get lock20:53
nrxtx No active plans to make gnutls work with nettle 3.0 -.-20:55
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nrxtxthe jaeger20:59
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q5sysBitPuffin: what am I not allowed to be here? :P21:43
q5sysjaeger: I'm a Puppy Linux Dev, so I know how busy things can get, so no worries on the delayed response.  I figured I'd give you guys a week to get back to me before pestering you again.21:44
q5sysAs for timeframe... idk.. maybe something in late July or August.  We can go later if that would be better for you guys.21:44
jaegerI'd imagine that's fine, probably. What kind of format? Specific questions? Is there a template you use or something similar?21:46
q5sysI'm one of hte producers of the Linux Action Show and Linux unplugged.  The former is a video format, the latter is an audio.  We could choose either, you guys would prefer.21:48
q5sysAs for questions, pretty much we'd want to cover Crux to inform others about the project, why its different, what your goals are, what things are you guys passionate about that makes crux different, etc.21:48
q5sysCrux is one of those distros that I've known of for a while, but never really hear much about.  But I know those that use it are really passionate about it, so that tells me you guys are doing some cool stuff... and I'd like to highlight that and inform our viewers of what all you guys are doing.21:50
jaegerSounds interesting. I've watched an episode or two of the LAS in the past. I'm out of town from tomorrow through the 25th but maybe jue and frinnst can weigh in, too21:50
q5sysok well you guys talk it over. I'm away this weekend for SELF, so I wont be around much. so we can pick up this convo later21:52
frinnstim not opposed to me appearing, but im not really used to *speaking* english so i'll probably revert to the shy guy in the corner :)21:53
frinnstbut sure, might be fun21:53
jaegerI know jue speaks english quite well, we've met :)21:54
joacimget a translator to repeat everything you say21:54
jaegerq5sys: ok, sounds good, thanks21:54
prologichey cool22:00
prologicpublicity :)22:00
prologicawesome :)22:00
teK--so you will be handling the people suggesting we switch to systemd? ;)22:01
prologicoh yes absolutely :)22:01
prologicglad in fact22:01
prologicI'll show them why a) it's a bad idea22:01
prologicand b) it's a stupid idea22:01
prologicbut otoh you are right in a subtle way22:02
joacimheh. all this hating on system d makes me want to try it out22:02
prologicwe (crux) do not have the resources to support/train/help large quantities of new users unfamilar with linux22:02
prologicjoacim, we joke ofc :)22:03
prologicit's just not for crux22:03
jaegerPersonally I've got nothing against systemd itself. I also don't have a need for it22:03
jaegerI don't like the sort of "force it down everyone's throats" mentality, I'll admit22:03
prologicrunit, sinit, minit and other similar ones22:03
prologicthese are more suitable ihmo :)22:03
prologicme neither22:03
teK--there's no hating as long as we are not bothered, joacim22:04
prologicplus it *does* force you into a certain architecture and set of software22:04
prologicyou *do* loose a bit of choice there22:04
q5sysprologic: you a openRC fan or sysVinit fan?22:04
prologiceither or :)22:04
joacimteK--: just commenting on all those new users with very strong opininons on systemd22:04
q5sysAs a long time slackware user... and now Puppy guy... I'm all about sysvinit22:05
prologicopinions that are swayed by large media or those with lots of money :)22:05
teK--q5sys: so you won't be switching either?22:05
joacimI personally don't care what crux uses, as long as it is somewhat simple and easy to understand.22:05
q5systeK--: no plans anytime soon.22:05
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prologicyeah well :)22:06
q5sysi use systemd on my arch systems... but i dont have any desire to work it into puppy. i'm happy with what works.22:06
prologicwe still use sysvinit and udev (eudev)22:06
prologicyay :)22:06
prologichmm gotta get to work22:06
abyxcosjoacim: Try it out and join us in hating on it.22:15
abyxcosjoacim: Although; much like pulse audio, it's somewhat simple and easy to understand when it's working. If it stops, cheers.22:17
joacimI kinda moved to oss4 when pa came out22:18
abyxcosMy worry is there won't be anything to move to if Mr. Poettering gets his way.22:20
abyxcosPlus, he's a dick, and not in a good way.22:21
abyxcosOn an unrelated note, Windows 7 actively resists being put in a VM. And I always heard OSX was hostile.22:21
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prologicactually I disagree :)22:22
prologicsystemd's config is basically a DSL22:22
prologicso you have to learn a whole new thing just to configure things with it22:22
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teK--is it? I though it uses ini-style configs?22:23
abyxcosNo you don't, "init scripts are now distro agnostic, and upstream will provide them."22:23
prologichave you seen a systemd based system?22:23
prologicit's anything but simple :)22:23
abyxcosNo, I don't use rpm.22:23
prologicjust try it out and see for yourself :)22:24
prologicI have on Ubuntu and CoreOS22:24
prologicI can tell you I prefer CRUX :)22:24
prologicbut I'm biased :)22:24
abyxcosI have linux installed for one use, and I was about to say bugger at that, and drop in solaris or bsd.22:25
prologicactually I'd love a cruxbsd :)22:25
prologiceven a cruxhurd22:25
abyxcosYou mean BSD?22:25
prologichaha :)22:25
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abyxcosI actually don't like interfacing with ports directly, so I prefer the crux way.22:27
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pidsleyi have a question about CRUX 3.122:53
pidsleywhen it comes out of rc, will i have to reinstall, or can i continue to update my 3.0 installs?22:54
pidsleyi apologize if this is obvious to everyone but me22:55
abyxcosThe answer is just update as normal (source: I asked the same thing a few weeks back.)22:56
pidsleythank you22:56
pidsleywhich bsd are you thinking about using?22:57
abyxcosOpenbsd, freebsd if I end up needing some strange driver/feature.22:58
pidsleyi like openbsd of all of them22:58
hotaronohanakowill you leave the linux kernel ?22:59
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abyxcosI have no love for linux. It's significantly better than windows, and I like the hardware support, but it's a mess.23:01
hotaronohanakowell openbsd have nice support for my powerpc systems ..23:03
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