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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.10 -> 0.3.1111:54
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looophello i'm trying to install skype, i'm getting this error, /usr/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format12:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xine-lib: 1.2.4 -> 1.2.512:49
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Romsterlooop, enable compat-3213:10
Romsterand make sure you install them dependencies13:11
looopRomster: I did enable compat-32, and prt-get depinst skype13:15
Romsterand added it to prt-get.conf13:19
Romsterit'll be commented out13:19
looopyes i did it13:20
Romsterprt-get deptree skype13:20
Romstermissing dependencies?13:20
looopit was installing well utill dbus-3213:20
Romstereverything has a i in [i]13:21
looopfrom what i see i'm missing xoro-libscrnsaver-32, xorg-libx11-32,xorg-libext-32,xorg-libxv-3213:22
looopi need a terminal that i can scroll with13:23
Romsterprt-get deptree skype |less13:27
looopoh i'm missing a lot13:27
Romsterinstall the missing stuff it shouldn't have stopped13:27
Romsterare you usinf dbus by any chance?13:28
Romsterif yes depinst dbus-3213:28
Romsterthen depinst the rest13:28
looopit will give me this error: /usr/lib/ could not read symbols: file in wrong format13:29
Romsterbecause your missing xorg-libx11-3213:34
Romstermake sure you install everything for qt4-3213:36
Romsterit should have on a depinst13:40
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looopyes it should hav13:42
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joacimlooop: you can usually scroll by holding shift and pressing pgup/pgdown14:38
looopah yes that works :) i should had known before installing lxterminal14:40
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looopi have all the dependencies for firefox and it wont install21:33
joacima: you're missing a dependency.21:38
joacimb: you need to run the install scripts that comes with your installed ports21:38
joacimi'm guessing your problem is one of those two21:39
joacimie. it isnt firefox t hat wont install, you're missing one or more of its deps21:39
looopi checked via deptree firefox, all good except firefox21:41
joacimdeptree doesnt tell you about install scripts21:45
joacimi'm guessing you should have a look in prt-get.conf. there should be an option that runs install scripts automatically21:46
joacimit is also very hard to tell whats wrong with your firefox install when you dont show us your install logs21:46
looopok i'll make the change for the scripts, where are those logs located?21:48
joacimsomewhere in /var/log by default. I think failed installs ends up there21:49
frinnstcan you paste the "error"?21:49
BitPuffinyeah it's pretty hard to decipher based on "It isin't working" :P21:50
looopi can't paste it now, i'm reinstalling it again21:50
BitPuffinyou could cat the install log and wgetpaste it21:51
looopBitPuffin: i didn't say that, i was wondering why i wont install21:51
frinnstyeah but we are not magical faeries that know whats happening on your computer21:52
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frinnstits quite impossible to say why it's "not working" without more info21:52
BitPuffinlooop: which is essentially the same thing21:53
looopwell no, i know it's working, just i'm doing something wrong21:54
frinnstand if you could share the output somehow we could actually help you21:54
BitPuffinthat's fine, we just need to seet he output to help you21:54
frinnstlike BitPuffin said, you could install wgetpaste to share it. or hell, even a photo would probably do it21:55
looop{standard input}: Assembler messages:21:55
looop{standard input}: Fatal error: can't write AppData.o: No space left on device21:55
looop{standard input}: Fatal error: can't close AppData.o: No space left on device21:55
frinnstyeah, so you're running out of disk space21:55
frinnstare you building in ramdisk/tmp ?21:55
looopno i have enough space21:56
frinnsthow much do you have?21:56
BitPuffindu -h21:56
looopmake[1]: *** [realbuild] Error 221:56
looopmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/opt/firefox/work/src/mozilla-release'21:56
looopmake: *** [build] Error 221:56
looop=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/firefox/firefox#30.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.21:56
frinnstfirefox requires ~9gb or something21:56
BitPuffinfrinnst: to build?21:56
BitPuffinthem hustlers over at mozilla they be cray cray!21:57
looopfrinnst, i dont know how much left i'm using e18 and it doesn't tell me, i dont know the command line21:57
BitPuffinlooop: so are you building on a ramdisk or are you on disk21:57
BitPuffinlooop: I told you, du -h21:57
looopin vbox21:58
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frinnstyeah, so thats your problem :)21:58
looopoh ok, that's good to know :) lol21:58
BitPuffin19M, you only need ~8981M more :P21:58
frinnst23:56 <looop> no i have enough space21:58
frinnstnever trust users21:58
looopsame for chromium, i have all the dependencies as well, but wont install21:58
frinnsti think chromium is even worse21:59
BitPuffin19M for any browser is probably not enough21:59
frinnsteven if you managed to build it, the package itself will require a lot more than 19mb21:59
BitPuffinexcept maybe elinks21:59
looopwhy its all gone21:59
BitPuffinbecause you gave it too little21:59
looopi gave 12gb to my /21:59
BitPuffinhow much space did you give it?21:59
BitPuffinprobably not enough then21:59
frinnstyeah, 12gb is not really enough for a modern X11 desktop. You could add another disk and mount that as /usr or something22:00
frinnstobviously copy/move the data first22:00
looopok, how much do you give ?22:00
frinnst15gb for /usr is probably enough22:01
BitPuffinlooop: 30 would probably suffice22:01
BitPuffinno problem22:01
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/usr$ du -sh22:01
frinnstbut remember you still need space to build/link stuff. and firefox requires a looot of diskspace22:01
looopi didn't install much, gimp, opera, midori, flash, vlc, mplayer, smplayer22:02
BitPuffinthat _is_ much22:02
looope18 probably took a good bite22:02
frinnstyep, but libraries and stuff take space too22:02
frinnstand probably more than you think22:02
looopok, i do get it now how to use crux, its really fast22:04
looopi will install it with a 30gb / :)22:04
BitPuffinwell if you think it's fast in vbox, wait 'til you see it on bare metal22:04
looopBitPuffin: yes, true22:04
looopoh, and i'm doing the skype, that took some space as well22:05
frinnstncdu can give you a simple overview of what uses space22:06
frinnstits in contrib i think22:06
joacimhmm. I think my / is about 16GB22:07
joacimenough for me22:07
joacimbeen at least 13 months since i installed firefox tho22:07
frinnstyou could clean out /usr/ports too. sources and built packages are stored there by default22:07
looopfrom ncdu, total disk usage: 1,0gib apparent size: 953,5mib Items: 5970722:09
looopfrinnst: how i clean the ports?22:10
frinnstyou can navigate22:10
joacimBitPuffin: did you mean df -h up there?22:10
frinnstcd /usr/ports && rm -rf * && ports -u22:10
joacimisn't there a tool that removes sources and pkgs?22:10
frinnstor use prtwash (opt/prt-utils)22:10
joacimthats the one22:11
BitPuffinjoacim: yeah22:12
BitPuffinI usually figure out which one is which by testing both but I'm not on a live system atm22:14
looopqt4-32 failed, probably because i dont have enough space22:15
frinnstyeah of course, your disk is full.22:15
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looopthanks for the help everyone :)23:15
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