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prologicpedja: what dirs?00:18
pedjaones below /var/lib/docker00:18
prologicno just create /var/lib/docker00:19
prologicand let docker deal with it00:19
prologicdocker __must__ run as root :)00:19
prologicI’m using btrfs myself at home with the storage pointed at /data/docker00:19
prologicwith -g option I believe00:19
prologicyou can tweak /etc/docker.conf to suit your needs00:20
pedjai am playing with it all day, it is fun :)00:20
pedjaintuitive, too00:21
prologicI love it myself :)00:23
prologicusing it everywhere now00:23
pedjai am thinking of using bind mounted dir as a storage for it, on a 500g partition00:26
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nwegood morning04:46
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teK__frinnst: thanks for your mail; gnupg2 is not  included, though06:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnupg: 2.0.22 -> 2.0.2306:58
frinnstheh yeah i just noticed that09:14
frinnstsorry :)09:15
teK__no thanks for the heads up09:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: scribus: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.409:29
frinnstteK__: gnupg2 is also affected. 2.0.24 should be released today10:08
TLHfor those of you who are hooked up on docker:
TLHa simple set of tools to manage namespaces without the madness of LXC etc.10:22
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teK__frinnst: great :p11:28
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: updated source url12:19
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: pango-32: 1.36.2 -> 1.36.314:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.2917:00
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z3brawanna troll archlinux users ?17:31
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openfbtdz3bra, is that what constitute as trolling these days?17:37
openfbtdz3bra, also. Is that a reddit skin17:37
z3bracustom css (for dwb)17:37
openfbtdIs it available somewhere?17:38
z3braAnd, yeah, though that was fun to make them upgrade their whole system to check the new pacman easter egg ^^17:38
z3braI can't remember where I found it17:38
z3brabut let me upload it somewhere17:38
openfbtdYou are basically doing arch users a favour17:38
openfbtdUpdating the system is a good thing17:38
z3brathere you go17:39
openfbtdYou've just reminded me I've not updated arch on my desktop since... errr... march, I think17:39
z3braI use another on my prolaptop17:39
z3bralooks like this :
z3brait does not show your subreddits though17:40
z3brawhich can be annoying17:40
openfbtdI'll try that one too17:41
openfbtdOne of the reasons I don't use reddit much is how horrible it looks17:41
openfbtdAnd using custom css just never occured to me17:41
openfbtdFor some dtupid reason17:42
z3braI must agree that reddit need designers...17:42
openfbtdDo you use perdomainsettings?17:42
z3braOnly to set the stylesheet uri17:43
z3braThe problem I have, is that I don't know where dwb stores the config file for it :(17:43
openfbtdgrep -r 'based on the hostname' ~/.config/dwb17:44
z3bramy turn to be stupid ;)17:44
openfbtdThat's not the config17:44
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openfbtdYEs it is17:45
openfbtdThat's because of how editing extention configs works17:45
openfbtdz3bra, use dwbem -E <extname>17:45
z3brayeah I used that17:46
z3braBut I don't like that applications hide configs from me17:46
openfbtdIt doesn't really hide them.. it's just that it does editing them in a weird way17:46
openfbtdHmm. Do I need to restart dwb to change the extension's config?17:53
openfbtdYep, I do.17:55
openfbtd>I used to think KDE was ugly18:00
openfbtdSo you basically removed everything that makes KDE KDE18:00
openfbtdAnd now call it pretty18:00
openfbtdGood job, random reddit person18:00
openfbtd MY EYES18:01
openfbtdI like that subreddit18:01
z3brathat's me18:01
z3bra2 years ago :P18:01
openfbtdheh, you used evilwm18:01
z3braI did ^^18:01
openfbtdI looked at it a few times, but ended up not bothering with it18:02
z3braIt's fun =)18:03
z3braNot full-features, but that's enough to manage a system18:03
openfbtdI would have switched to it from something like XFCE418:04
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openfbtdBut switching to evilwm from FVWM seemed like a waste of time18:04
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openfbtdBoth being pretty minimalistic.18:04
openfbtdEnded up switching to a tiling wm in the end18:05
openfbtdOne downside is I can't really post fance screenshots anymore :D18:06
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joacimyou can have the arch/\/g\/ style of riced up desktops =)18:08
openfbtdI have no idea what that means18:08
joacimminimal wm theme, or a tiling window manager and a fancy colour theme for your terminal18:09
joacimno antialiasing and subpixel rendering for text18:10
openfbtd not sure what can be done with this18:10
openfbtdNot that I really want to.18:10
openfbtdJust funny that an actually useful desktop ended up being the opposite of eye-candy18:11
z3brait depends of the definition of eye-candy18:11
joacima typical complaint would be about your reduntant clocks =)18:11
z3brashadows + transparency cna be enough18:11
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openfbtdjoacim, I don't see the irssi clock all the time though18:11
openfbtdAnd it doesn't show the date18:12
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z3braGuys, my microphone is crakling (with ALSA)18:27
z3braAnd it's not compiled as a kernel module18:28
z3brado you know where I can enable it as a kernel module ? (through make menuconfig)18:28
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frinnstlooks kinda cool22:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] gnupg: 2.0.23 -> 2.0.24, fixes CVE-2014-461723:05
jaegerlooks very nice. does it require an ipad?23:09
jaegerguess so and they're using the HDTV out feature23:16
jaegerwould be neat to do something similar with cairo or something23:17
jaegerz3bra: it's somewhere like Device Drivers -> Sound card drivers23:19
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