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nweGood morning07:29
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Romsterevening bitches :S08:26
Romster2 days then i'm off work for 2 weeks so i'll either be here more or even less08:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mailx: update to 14.7.108:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] samba: update to 4.1.908:46
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nwehas someone get silverlight to work in crux?10:48
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prologicnwe, why would anyone want that? :)11:25
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nweprologic: because the application we doing time reports in  reequired that shits..11:26
prologicahh :)11:29
prologicthat's it, time to rewrite time application11:29
nwewe havent build it, we buy it from a company..11:29
nweand the application really sucks11:29
prologicoh well time to purchase new software11:29
nweYup in my dreams :D11:30
nweeerytime the company upgrade the software they break our systems :P11:30
prologicoh well11:30
prologic*sigh* :)11:30
prologicIf Buildings were built like Software11:31
prologicThey'd just fall apart11:31
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nweit?s really sucks11:52
frinnsttry that mono stuff maybe? moonlight or whatever it was called12:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: rsync: update to 3.1.113:55
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tilmanz3bra: did you fix your microphone issue?14:41
z3braI tried everything I could find14:45
z3brausing position_fix14:46
z3brawith values for 1-314:46
z3brausing custom/general asoundrc14:46
z3branothing worked :/14:46
jaegerSounds annoying :/14:47
tilmandid you think compiling the driver as a module would fix it, or did you just want to be able to unload/load it dynamically?14:47
jaegerheh, wasn't intentional14:47
z3bratilman, reload it14:47
z3bracause I was tired to reboot :P14:48
tilmanand did you find the right module?14:48
z3braAlso, I don't know how to pass options to alsa if it's not compiled as a module14:48
z3braWell, I guess14:48
z3brasnd-hda-intel (the generic one)14:48
z3bramy card is an AMD one..14:48
z3braand I can't find any AMD driver in the config :/14:49
tilmanmy amd graphics card uses snd_hda_codec_hdmi14:49
z3braThe strange thing is that when I enable the microphone feedback (through alsamixer), I get a clear sound. But if I record myself, it's crackling14:49
z3braWell, I have two card14:49
tilmanor are you talking about a dedicated sound card? does amd produce those?14:50
z3braThe built-in AMD, and and Nvidia one (with hdmi)14:50
z3brano no no14:50
tilmananyway, if you hear stuff, you got the right driver :)14:50
z3brayeah =)14:50
tilmani'd try lowering the recording level14:50
z3braI did14:51
jaegerhave you also tried more than one recording app? sox, audacity, etc.14:51
z3braI still hear crackling, but I can't hear my voice14:51
jaegermaybe it's a software thing?14:51
z3braI used arecord14:51
z3brabut friends tell me that my voice is crackling on mumble too14:51
tilmanmumble has a "server loopback" mode btw14:52
tilmanie it plays back whatever the server received14:52
tilmanmight be helpful too14:52
z3brayeah sure14:52
z3braIn fact, I started noticing the problem while using mumble14:52
tilmandid you try changing the sampling rate of the microphone device?14:53
z3braI must confess that I have no idea how to do that14:53
tilmani have a combination of black magic and voodoo in my asoundrc14:54
z3braI wsih I could understand how asoundrc works14:54
tilmanthat makes it possible for two+ processes to record14:54
tilman(eg mumble and steam)14:54
z3brawhat does ctl.!, PCM or types are14:54
z3braanyway, I am not in front of my PC atm14:57
tilmanz3bra: you could try that config and change the sampling rate for the dsnoop device (# !!)14:57
z3brabut thank you alot ;)14:58
tilmanlol, didnt know there was a subreddit for it:D14:59
jaegerawesome, heh14:59
z3brait always impress me to notice how fast people on the internet find relevent bookmarks14:59
jaegerI've had the hyperbole and a half one for years, it's one of my favorite things15:00
tilmanjaeger: hahaha, that site is great :D15:00
jaegeryeah :D15:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: babl: switch to http source19:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ntp: put ntpd into background to fix offline boots19:06
teK__frinnst && Romster ^^^19:07
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teK__hm, could have bumped the release for ntp21:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ntp: bumpd release21:42
jaegernow do another one to correct the spelling :D21:44
teK__we are not supposed to rewrite the git history21:45
teK__YOU and not frinnst are the reason, we cannot have nice things21:45
jaegerDon't blame me, I didn't spell it wrong :P21:46
teK__no one likes mr. smarty pants!121:47
joacim At least you dont type like a 13 year old girl22:01
frinnsthe just acts like one22:03
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teK__I bet you know quite some things about that22:54
teK__Romster: have you tried updating libva recently?22:54
teK__The current version won't build even with --disable-wayland.. I didn't bother to look at it in depth, so my fix is:  sed -i -e '17547,17643d' configure22:55
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