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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to 7.4.000:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: clamav: updated to version 0.98.403:06
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okiuntis crux rolling release?04:25
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prologicoh god not this again05:42
prologicNo it is not.05:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.106:11
teK__jaeger: vvvvvvvvvv <306:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ntp: updatd md5sum06:18
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diverseWhat's the news on the official 3.1 release?10:07
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teK__possibly happening quite soonish or in August.10:49
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frinnstsystemd integration is taking longer than expected11:42
diversefrinnst: that must mean it's a real POS if it's that hard to integrate ;)11:43
prologicaren't re replacing the kernel in crux with the ntkernel?11:52
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diverseprologic: ntkernel?12:00
prologicyeah you know12:01
prologicthe NT Kernel12:01
prologicthe one Windows uses?12:01
prologicI thought that's where we're moving to?12:01
diverseSigh, jokes and puns all around.12:02
BitPuffinfrinnst: you are integrating systemd?12:04
diverseBitPuffin: it's a joke12:04
BitPuffindiverse: so is your mom OOOOOOOOOOH12:04
BitPuffinnah I'm just kidding12:04
diverseprologic: anyway, I thought I ask since I haven't heard anything about 3.1 in a while.12:07
BitPuffindiverse: think we're on RC 312:12
BitPuffindiverse: I didn't realize the systemd thing was a response to your question, thought he was updating his RHEL or something12:12
diverseBitPuffin: oh, maybe I mistook it as a tease to my question.12:13
diverseit's true that frinnst often likes to output his frustration about his admin work here.12:16
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jaegerrc3 didn't get announced, it wasn't anything big12:42
jaegerteK__: you did that one intentionally, didn't you? :P12:48
teK__me? Never.12:49
teK__Spelling errors are serious business12:49
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prologicmost of us are already on 3.1 :)13:04
prologicCRUX version 3.113:04
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joacimi'm still on 3.013:30
joacimit is the best one13:30
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frinnstanybody started playing with nftables yet?14:08
Romsterwhy does everyone ask that forsaken question -_-14:12
Romsteri'm tired and i haven't even looked at libva...14:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-icu: 0.9.27 -> 0.9.2914:24
diverseRomster: which question?14:25
Romsteris crux a rolling release14:26
diverseoh, I thought that died a long time ago14:26
jaegerno harm in asking14:27
Romsterno but the question remains why do we get a few of the same question?14:27
Romsterhow about we stick that in out FAQ?14:27
diversetime for a FAQ14:27
Romsterthe question is fine, what i'd like to know is why so many ask the same question.14:28
diverseprobably because many people that come from Arch, think like Arch?14:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.27 -> 0.9.2914:29
Romsterthat's my guess/assumption as well.14:30
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diversefrinnst: nftables looks interesting14:38
Romsterany reason why we don't have any wayland yet?14:39
jaegerbecause it's not ready at all?14:40
Romsterlibva is asking for wayland-scanner14:40
Amnesiawayland's awesome, I really can't wait untill it reaches a stable state..14:40
Romsterwayland is at verisaon 1.5 and efl and gtk3 can use it.14:41
diverseAmnesia: I think wayland has been set to stable, the problem is, it's not widely adopted14:41
Amnesiahm, people should be force to read X14:42
Amnesia's source-.-..14:42
Romster--disable-wayland for now i guess.14:42
Romsterwell libva gtk3 and e18 can use it.14:43
diverseI wonder which WM I should pick when I use wayland?14:43
Romsterbut i don't want ot add wayland to mesa3d now as it's too late for release 3.1 of crux.14:43
Amnesiadiverse: adwc?14:44
Romsterok setting --disable-wayland does not work. guess i need to rm them lines like tek did14:44
diverseAmnesia: unforunately I'm a floater though14:45
Amnesiaah k14:45
Romsterbut then that's forcing a patch and crux's policy is not to patch like that?14:46
diversecool that someone make a tiling wm for wayland though14:46
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diverseRomster: patch if necessary is the policy right?14:51
RomsterteK__, findredundantdeps -s libva-intel14:52
RomsterRedundant deps for libva-intel are: libva libvdpau mesa3d14:52
RomsterRight is: # Depends on: ffmpeg glu14:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libva: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.114:53
Romsterand libva si fixed but had to remove them lines to make it omit wayland.14:54
Romsterknow doing that is going to nip me on the ass at a later point in time.14:54
Romsterthanks for the report teK__14:57
diverseit looks like these utils are trying push hard for wayland14:57
Romsterstrange hough it never asked for wayland before. so something else must of changed that libva looked for.14:57
Romsterconfigure --help even lsit --enable-wayland on by default. so why no --disable-wayland14:58
Romsterdiverse, how goes rust i havne't even looked lately.14:59
Romsterbut i got 2 weeks off stating next week15:00
diversewhy the push for enabling by default, I wonder? It's actually as if wayland is wide spread...?15:00
Romsteri would of figured --enable-wayland=auto makes more sense15:00
diverseUm, a lot of breaking changes got merged, umm, you might want to update the git url because they want from mozilla/rust to rust-lang/rust15:01
diverseThey have a playpen where you can test or play around, in playpen.rust-lang.org15:02
diversecorrect link -->
diverseThe frontpage has a similar run and compile editor too15:04
Romsterhmm rust has a few branches in git now.15:06
Romsterdo not delete.15:06
teK__Romster: we could report that to libva directly :]15:06
diverseRomster: there is also effort to write better guides, so it's a work-in-progress right now15:06
RomsterteK__, good idea but i'll do that after this weekend15:06
teK__sure, no hurry15:06
teK__I can push the update to libva-intel15:07
teK__had to patch out wayland twice :o15:07
Romsterno rush i just had a look at it when i saw that many deps.15:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libva-intel: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.215:08
Romsterplan to go though all my ports in my holidays too.15:08
teK__hey, relax! :)15:08
diverseit would be great if existing X WMs could be ported to wayland15:08
teK__play some tabletennis xD15:08
teK__btw been playing a lot lately with my son15:08
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teK__have no pictures though15:09
teK__yes, I really liked it and he's almost better than I'd like to admit :>15:09
Romsterif you wern't so far away i'd have a hit with you.15:09
Romsteri'm not an A grade but i am almost at the top of B grade.15:10
teK__dunno what that means but I'd estimate me to be D grade tops :D15:10
Romsterdepends on how i go really. i had a game where i was way behind, i was going a little easy/making too many mistakes. then i went right and i beat them 14/1615:10
diverseteK__: That's modest Romster talk for "I'm pretty much a badass, be wary!"15:10
Romstereh i've been beaten plenty of times but i offer a good challenge.15:11
teK__will be showing my son a certain picture when he returns15:11
Romsteri look evil in that.15:12
teK__don't say that15:12
Romsterone day i'll take a pic of my trophies.15:12
teK__won't help15:12
Romsterbut yeah i'm relaxing on my time off but i'll spend some time sorting out my out of date ports.15:14
Romsterbeen not so up to date as i would like.15:14
teK__do as you like. I have to stop procrastinating and push some knowledge into my head for my very last exam EVER (as if :p)15:16
teK__cu guys15:16
jaegergood luck15:16
Romstergood luck teK__15:16
Romsterdiverse, any examples on rust sorting alogos15:21
Romsterwould like to toy around with sorting15:21
diverseRomster: no I don't, but you know the best place to ask15:23
Romsterthat's fine i'll ask later when my mind is clear15:24
Romsteri'm going to bed i'll be on later15:29
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-modesetting: updated to 0.9.017:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: updated to 3.16.218:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lvm2: update to 2.02.10719:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.4.619:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.8619:30
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