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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ffmpeg: 2.2.2 -> 2.2.404:26
RomsterteK__, ^04:28
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nwehey why have we change so we using empXX instead of ethX ?09:42
joacimmaybe linus did it09:45
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openfbtdAh. The systemd names?10:07
teK__Romster: awesome10:07
openfbtdnwe, do you mean enp5s0 and such?10:08
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tilmannwe: there's a writeup on the reasoning in the systemd wiki somewhere10:52
openfbtd yep11:04
openfbtdhere it is11:04
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nwetilman: oh thanks14:25
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q5sysjue: jaeger: frinnst: tilman: Just wanted to follow up with you guys again about maybe having you guys on the show (Linux Action Show and Linux Unplugged) to promoted what you guys are doing with CRUX and to give you guys some publicity.14:56
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torisohello, is there a date for crux 3.1 ?19:33
frinnstyou can use rc3 without much(any?) issues19:33
frinnstno date, other than "soon/when it's done"19:34
jaegerThe answer is not yet. With that said, the current RC and the release won't be hugely different, most likely19:34
torisook, thank you19:34
torisowhere is the rc3 iso?19:36
torisothank you19:37
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torisoif i want xfce, i have to add from crux-3.0 ?20:54
frinnstthere's a separate xfce repo20:56
torisofor 3.1 ?20:56
frinnstwell it might not specifically be for 3.1, but i bet it will work20:56
torisoi mean, there's no port yet for 3.1, so i can add the 3.0 ports right?20:57
jaegeruntil 3.1 is officially released the repos are pretty much for 3.0, though as frinnst says some might work20:57
torisook, thank you20:57
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