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pidsleyall these people logged in, left, logged in again05:03
pidsleyanyone really here?05:04
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nweyupp Im here :)05:27
nwehow are you pidsley ?05:29
pidsleyhave you installled any of the 3.1 RCs?05:29
nweyupp, I running 3.1 on all my machines05:29
pidsleyi am good -- enjoying the 3.1s05:29
nwewith out any problem at all05:30
nwebrb must get some more coffee05:30
pidsleyi like the new rc scripts05:30
pidsleyand eudev05:30
nweyupp I like 3.1 much.05:34
pidsleyi am way past coffee, on to the alcohol05:34
nwe haha I just arrive to the work.. here in sweden the time is 07:35 in the morning05:35
pidsleydo you know when 3.l will come out of RC?05:35
pidsley22:25 here ;)05:35
nweI think it will be released soon now it?s rc3 so..05:36
nwepidsley: where do you live?05:36
pidsleyPortland, Oregon05:36
nweoh nice :)05:37
pidsleyi have been using CRUX on test machines since 2.8, and 3.1 just might convince me to put it on the main machine05:41
pidsleyi really like the whole philosopy, and i love prorts05:44
nweyeah me too :)05:44
pidsleyi have ports working on an LFS install05:45
nweIm to lazy for LFS :D05:47
pidsleyif i had not gotten ports to work on LFS i would have given up05:49
nwewas is difficult to setup ports on LFS?05:49
pidsleynot really; I just built the pkgmk and prt-get tools05:50
pidsleyand had to convince it that I already had some things installed05:50
pidsleyit will probably break at some point ;) but I will learn something from the breakage ;)05:52
nwetrue true ;)05:52
nweyou will learn from your misstake05:52
pidsleythis is another thing i love about CRUX -- I always learn new things05:52
pidsleyi have one install working with busybox init05:54
pidsleypeople i try to get to try CRUX are always afraid of building a kernel05:56
nweppl I speaking with says.. why complie your program when you can use ubuntu.05:58
nweand I can not take that discussion again05:59
pidsleyhow involved are you with things like the wiki? or install instructions?05:59
nwepidsley: nothing..06:00
pidsleyif they ask why not ubuntu they don't get it06:00
pidsleyinstalling 3.1 is even easier than 3.006:01
nweI just change from 3.0 -> 3.1 in my ports files06:02
nweand upgrade it that way :)06:02
pidsleycool -- i did not know that worked]06:03
nweand after that I run prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)06:04
pidsleydid you have a major upgrade for xorg?06:05
nweyupp I upgrade xorg too06:06
nwewith out any problem06:06
pidsleyi will have to try that on my 3.0 install06:08
pidsleyi heard that could be done06:09
pidsleyxorg in 3.1 pulls in llvm; this seemed like a major change06:11
nweyou must recomplie alot off stuff :)06:11
pidsleythe CRUX way06:12
pidsleynot the Ubuntu way06:13
pidsleyat least i am not trying to move Ubuntu users here06:19
pidsleywhat is it with you swedes?06:21
pidsleywe have some norwegians at linuxbbq.org06:22
nwepidsley: not all swedes are like them..06:24
pidsleycan i ask what window manager you use? i am a bit of a wm geek06:24
nweofc I using pekwm06:25
pidsleystandard orange theme, or somethin else?06:27
nweI can take a screenshot 2 sec06:28
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pidsleynwe: oh very nice06:31
pidsleywhat font?06:32
nwepidsley: thanks06:32
pidsleyand a quad-core06:33
pidsleyi5, or amd?06:35
nwe1 sec06:36
nwepidsley: it?s a i706:37
nwepidsley: this one
nwewith crux on06:38
pidsleyohhh. i seriously want an i706:39
nweI really love it06:41
pidsleythis is me
nwelooks really nice  which wm /theme are you using?06:42
pidsleyand this:
nwelooks really good06:43
pidsleyxcolors from a script on linuxbbq, evilwm and sscrotwm06:43
pidsleytrying some greens06:45
pidsleybusybox init06:46
pidsleyon an ancient sempron box06:47
nweah :)06:47
nweif Im slow to type is it because I fix some ansible shit..06:48
pidsleyyou might check us out on; lots of random distros and geeky users06:49
nwehere on freenode?06:49
pidsleywe have an irc channel (#linuxbbq) but the forum is more interestng06:50
pidsleywe built a debian-based spin with 76 window managers06:51
pidsleybut we have users of all kinds of distros06:52
pidsleyincluding CRUX ;)06:52
pidsleyi built at least 25 window managers from source; many that no one has tried for years06:59
pidsleyansible shit?07:00
pidsleyfunny -- the only other time I have heard the term "ansible" it was an FTL commmunication device. shows that I am clueless07:11
nweFTL ?07:15
nweah :)07:18
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pidsleynwe do you have any other distros on that mighty i7?07:25
nwejust crux07:28
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pidsleycool. and what did you use before?07:30
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC07:33
nwebefore I used debian,slackware,gentoo,archlinux07:34
pidsleysounds familiar ;)07:35
pidsleyi like Gentoo, but their forum has lately devolved into endless arguments about systemd07:37
nweI like crux more then gentoo :)07:38
pidsleyme too07:38
*** tkln has joined #crux07:38
pidsleygentoo makes everything too complicated07:39
nweexactly :)07:39
pidsleyand the endless arguments about thingd they have complete control over just make me angry07:42
pidsleybut this is a hot-button issue for me07:43
pidsleydon't like systtemd? DON'T USE IT07:44
pidsleyshut up about it07:44
pidsleydon't like udev renaming your interfaces? there are ways to avoid that too07:45
pidsleysorry; i get a little hot about these "problems"07:46
nwehaha :)07:48
nweI hve disable udev renaming your interfaces :D07:48
pidsleynot difficult07:48
nwejust a symlink07:49
pidsleynot worth six pages of argument07:49
Romsterpidsley, i was out walking the dogs08:01
Romsteri'm always logged in.08:01
Romsterpidsley, few weeks at the most 3.0 should be ready but 3.1-rc3 is fine to use now.08:01
Romsternwe> and after that I run prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst) <- small tip rm or move your old built packages and omit the -fr, easier to later go though what didn't build. for a prt-get update `prt-get listinst |xargs`08:04
Romsterpidsley, mesa3d uses llvm but we (tek) did seperate clang out of llvm to its own port.08:05
nweRomster: thanks for the tip .08:05
Romsterprt-get listinst oh you don't run it though xargs?08:07
pidsleythank you Romster -- I do like the 3.108:08
Romstermaybe it omits line feeds when you use it that way?08:08
Romsteror prt-get is smart on that.08:08
Romstermore specifically ati drivers in mesa3d uses llvm08:08
pidsleydogs? i had four at one point, only one right now08:08
Romsteryeah 3 dogs here08:09
Romster2 Maltese shitzu and 1 pomeranian08:10
pidsleymaltzu ;)08:10
pidsleyi had a border collie and a bc/terrier mix, but they were both 18 and it was time to let them go08:11
pidsleyplus my pointer/setter who had lymphoma08:12
pidsleydon't get me started on dogs ;)08:13
pidsleyor :(08:13
pidsleyromster -- i only noticed the llvm because it added significant build time to xorg08:17
Romsteroh we have had other dogs there gone now.08:18
Romsteryeah and it would of been even longer if we didn't seperate clang from it.08:19
pidsleynice work. i appreciate it08:20
RomsterteK did that work :)08:20
Romsteri can't take credit for that.08:20
Romsterpidsley, but i can take credit for making the the prt-get deptree xorg and all its sub modules build08:22
Romsters/the the/sure the/08:22
Romsterwith no missing dependencies08:22
pidsleyinstalling 3.1 seems much easier than 3.0, but that may be just because I have more experience now08:25
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Romsterjarger did the kernel modules that way.08:30
Romstertypo ftw to not highlight unnecessary08:30
pidsleythe init scripts are better, too; if I am not mistaken, especially the net script08:31
Romsteryeah those got rewritten, and local is in lo now too.08:32
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Romsterdhcp and static08:32
pidsleyyes; and eudev is a nice touch08:32
pidsleythe net script is super easy to modify08:33
Romsteractaully got a small fix for the net script since i bind an additional ip to my interface but then that's pretty nonstandard08:33
Romsteri use two static ips on my singe lan nic08:33
pidsleywho updates the wiki? the install instructions?08:34
Romsterand some programs like downloaders are binded to the second ip and tc in the firewall throttles those for QoS.08:34
Romsteri'm guessing ju_e jaege_r anyone else with patches i guess.08:34
Romsterthe documentation has came to my attention. its okay for us geeks as it is, but my girlfriend could not follow that guide with all the jumping around and options if this do that stuff. it is not clear and simple enough on exactly what to do, without giving all the choices.08:36
Romsteri had to walk her though it.08:36
Romsterjue, ^ re documentation structure.08:37
Romsterlike we know all about fstab and other such files but she didn't know how that part even went.08:37
Romsterbut then i did say crux is for experienced users, but it may possibly could be made less confusing for those less knowledgeable.08:38
pidsleythe install instructions are actually very good, IMO08:38
Romsterpitillo, e18 is working great on her and my desktops btw.08:39
Romsteryes and no pidsley08:39
pidsleythere is a bit of jumping around, as you say08:39
Romsterit's not concise enough for her. she needs everything there and none of the many options. just a basic setup guide to get started with no jumping around.08:39
pidsleywhy are the contrib ports not enabled by default?08:40
Romsterlike what size and partitons for disks. she spent awhile on that then when i got home fromwork she made a /boot /home /root partition's and swap. i pretty much redid it in 5 minutes08:41
Romsterbecause they are provided by contributors08:41
Romsterand compat-32 is not enabled by default as the majority wont need 32bit ports.08:41
Romsterbut i don't like how xorg is now on by default. you don't put xorg on a server.08:42
pidsleyyes, the partitioning does assume some priot experience08:42
Romsterbut it's easy to change that.08:42
Romsteri auto-corrected that in my mind :)08:43
pidsleybut you are also talking about a system where you have to build a kernel ;)08:43
Romstertrue, and no kernel building guide. i had to walk her though that as well. and on crux 0.0 where you had to enable practically everything.08:44
Romstercrux 3.1 default .config makes it so much easier.08:44
Romsterthere is a kernel option to make for disabling modules not loaded too. that could be used after to clean up.08:44
pidsleydo you expect most people to build a kernel with an initrd?08:45
Romsterin all crux is great its a bit rough around the edges.08:46
Romsternot many at all.08:46
Romsterbut the option is there.08:46
pidsleyi never do08:46
Romsterthose that want encrypted root08:46
Romsteri just use a dedicated SSD for root08:46
Romsterand my /home is in mdadm raid1 -> lvm08:47
pidsleybut people who want (or need) an initrd should know how to build it08:47
Romsterthough now i might change that to lvm2's raid1 than it's older mirror LV08:47
Romsterinitramfs, initrd is the old way.08:48
Romsterthat is also true those that want/need a more complex setup should know how todo it.08:48
Romsterall i'm saying is we need a very basic step by step guide for setup along side our technical experienced guide.08:49
pidsleylike an Arch beginner's guide08:49
Romsterit'll probably be me writing one.08:49
Romsterpretty much just to get to a desktop.08:49
Romsterafter that the main guide takes over.08:49
Romsterthen they are free to poke around and learn how it all works.08:50
Romsteri honestly can't remember how many times i broke my system doing advanced stuff and then fixing it again.08:50
Romsterbut crux makes it so easy to fix.08:50
pidsleyit's already not that difficult, IMO, but I have no girlfriend to teach ;)08:50
Romsteri did strugle atthe start with missing boot flag on partition and fighting with kernel modules and lilo.conf08:51
Romsterbut after that and messing up with rejmerge a few times. i was good.08:52
Romsterand started poking around in the inner workings.08:52
pidsleyi have built systems that booted but were missing some things08:52
Romsterthat always happens.08:52
Romstertake a few attempts sometimes.08:52
Romsterlo z3bra08:53
pidsleybut as you say it is not difficult to fix08:53
Romsterfor us more experienced types yes.08:53
pidsleyi fought with nfs server for a while today08:53
Romsterthose with a little less knowledge need a little help, when say missing symbol in library occurs08:54
Romsterhow is nfs performance now?08:54
Romsteri've hard it's a royal pain to get running good08:54
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Romsteri've avoided it. just used samba08:55
pidsleyi had an issue earlier this month with a missing 32-bit emulator flag in my kernel08:55
Romstersince i share to windows08:55
pidsleynfs works very well, once you get it configured properly08:55
pidsleyi had not tried to set up the server until today, just the client08:56
Romsteroh that CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION that should be on by default in crux 3.1's default .config08:56
Romsterelse even gcc/glibc-32 wont compile08:56
Romsternot any compat-32 stuff08:57
pidsleyyes, I know that now ;) I was using a config from another install, and guess what, glibc-32 would not compile!08:57
Romsterand skype wont run wine wont compile and uh a bunch of emulators and what ever else is 32bit.08:57
Romsterwe probably need a list of options crux requires in the kernel08:58
pidsleyi asked on here and frinnst and jaeger both immediately told me what was wrong08:58
Romsteryeah we seen it enough times to know08:59
pidsleya list would not be a bad idea08:59
z3braI had this problem too :)08:59
Romstershould be a FAQ for that and about rolling release08:59
Romstersince we get asked that every other day08:59
pidsleyi felt pretty stupid09:00
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z3brabtw, the website has not bee updated in a long time09:00
Romsternot as bad as me messing with the tool chain and breaking my entire system when compiling everything.09:00
Romsteri feel the website is neglected09:01
Romsteri need otdo some stuff on the wiki myself but heck i'm not the only one that can make wiki pages...09:01
pidsleya little bit, yes09:01
pidsleyyou guys do a very good job09:02
z3braAlso, someone created a new host for ports iirc09:03
Romsterits nearly a full time job maintaining ports.09:03
pidsleyi can imagine09:03
Romsteri have my i can host but ineed to do some work there as well09:04
z3brayeah you're doing a great job here09:04
z3brathanks for that :)09:04
z3braBut I was thinking about something like a port DB09:05
z3bradamn I can't recall the uri09:05
Romsteroh that that nrxtx is doing09:05
z3braYes !09:06
Romsterits just stats off's portdb09:06
z3braYeah but it provides interrestinf infos about ports themselves09:07
Romsterprtverify stuff. and other stuff he has done09:07
pidsleyhow do you track if ports are up to date with current versions?09:08
Romsterck4up usually but i'm working on versionsort.com09:08
Romsteri can do --head 109:09
Romsterand it'll give me the most recent file.09:09
Romsterstill needs some work09:10
Romsterbefore it's databased09:10
Romsterand searchable.09:10
Romster major sorting scroll down and stats at the bottom.09:11
Romstertoo many projects not enough time -_-09:11
pidsleyi wondered about that. i know you have no control over user ports, but some of them are woefully out of date09:11
Romsterany of mine? i've let them slip a little.09:11
Romsteri know a few need a bump09:12
pidsleyno, not that i know of09:12
Romsterbut the majority build and work.09:12
Romsterwant to make that 100% build and work.09:12
pidsleyi am ashamed to admit that i built gnumeric, and there are several goffice ports, all with different versions, all out of date09:13
Romsteryeah hate that. but thats there own personal repos they can do what they like.09:13
Romsternumeric is in contrib is that the same?09:14
pidsleyno, i don't think so09:15
Romsteran a gnome spreadsheet.09:15
pidsleyyep, hence my shame09:15
pidsleyi use it for taxes and finances09:15
Romsteryou could apply for contrib access and add that since so many seem to use it09:16
Romsterthen they can remove there local old version duplicates09:16
Romsterthat was why contrib was made to keep a selection of useful and maintained ports together.09:17
rauz_hi guys09:17
Romsterand reduce the duplication09:17
Romsterhi rauz_09:17
Romsterah but gnunumeric needs tons of gnome probably...09:18
pidsleygoffice mostly, which has some other dependencies, I can't even remember what it took to build it09:20
pidsleyif i do it again i will keep track09:20
pidsleynot to mention the dreaded gtk+09:21
Romsterwhat gtk is taken care of in opt09:22
pidsleyyes, but I don't install it if I don't need it, and I only needed it for this one app09:24
pidsleyand maybe firefox09:24
Romsterwell that sucks09:24
Romsteryes and firefox09:24
Romsterwell nice chatting but i'm getting dinner now09:25
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pidsleylater Romster; thanks for the chat09:25
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alanciopitillo, estas?11:26
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jaegerfrinnst: that's one of my favorite videos since we use that storage :)15:03
jaegerI haven't yelled at the current generation hardware, though, only the original :P15:07
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mawo_webkit/child/ fatal error: grit/webkit_strings.h: No such file or directory17:01
mawo_Anyone had the same problem with chromium in opt when compiling?17:02
*** erdic has quit IRC17:29
jaegerI haven't built it, myself17:29
mawo_I noticed that the make method is deprecated, so I created a bug and assigned it to Jose17:31
mawo_errr, a bug report17:32
mawo_and not a bug17:32
jaegersounds good17:33
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Will_McDAdeHey guys. I have just started running Crux today, but cannot get polkit to compile. Anyone else had any luck with getting polkit to compile/install?17:45
jaegerWill_McDAde: Need more info to troubleshoot. What error(s) are you getting?17:48
Will_McDAdeLet me check.17:48
Will_McDAdeI couldn't see a visible error before. I'll just try again.17:49
Will_McDAdeJust to say, I am doing "prt-get depinst polkit" to install it.17:50
Will_McDAdefootprint mismatch found.17:52
Will_McDAdeI'll just install lxterminal so I can copy and paste easier. I find it hard using xterm.17:56
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Will_McDadePingax! I remember you from Frugalware!18:05
Will_McDadethat is all that happened in the terminal after "prt-get depinst polkit"18:09
Will_McDadeI need polkit for networkmanager.18:11
Will_McDadeAlso, does Crux have support for b43?18:15
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frinnstWill_McDade: seems polkit needs to be fixed. Anyways "NEW" are rarely (ever?) a concern. "MISSING" is the one that you need to worry about18:25
frinnstadd PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" to your pkgmk.conf18:25
Will_McDadeI have a netbook at the moment and will be building a PC next week. I am just finding the right distro to put on it when it's built :)18:27
Will_McDadeIt's a good job this netbook is 64 bit capable and has 2GB RAM :)18:27
Will_McDadeIt still fails :/18:33
Will_McDadeahh. files already exist18:34
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jaegerback now. looks like you've got it figured out, though18:49
jaegermawo_: no issues building chromium for me, though I'm running 3.1 for what that's worth18:49
*** vlnx has joined #crux18:50
frinnsttime for some stick of truth before the next game! *afk*18:53
Will_McDadeupower. ahhh18:59
Will_McDadelooks like it's failing getting a manpage19:03
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Will_McDadeHow would I not build a manpage?19:11
Will_McDadegot it :)19:14
Will_McDade./configure --disable-man-pages19:14
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Will_McDadeHow do I add options to ./configure in prt-get or pkgmk?19:32
joacimedit the Pkgfile19:34
Will_McDadeThanks. Why didn't I think of that before?!19:35
joacimnot everyone can be as smart and well hung as me19:35
jaegeras I :P19:36
Will_McDadeI'm 14.19:37
joacimThat was unexpected. =)19:39
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Will_McDadeVala needs to be added to the networkmanager dependency list.20:17
Will_McDadeI just found that out :)20:18
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jaegerfrinnst, Feigr: I don't remember which of you mentioned ducky keyboards but I just got my ducky dk9008 in, like it so far23:30
frinnstnice, what switches?23:49
frinnsti got 2 ducky premiere mx blue :)23:49
joacimthat quickfire rapid that i ordered during easter still hasnt shipped =)23:49
joacimmaybe in 2-3 weeks23:50
frinnstyeah, reliable availability seems shitty on all mechanical keyboards23:52
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:58

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