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frinnstbiggest problem is switching back to a rubber dome keyboard at work. I got my mx blue just before the weekend. first thing i did monday morning back at work was to head home to fetch the keyboard. then i got a second one :)00:00
joacimI'd prefer something other than gamer gear as my first mechanical keyboard, but those are the only ones available in norway00:03
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jaegerI got one with brown switches because it's my preference as far as noise level/activation force. This is my gaming machine but it's also the machine I use most to log into everything else00:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: vte3: initial import04:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libvdpau: 0.7 -> 0.805:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: alsa-plugins: 1.0.27 -> 1.0.2807:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: elfutils: 0.158 -> 0.15907:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: flac: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.007:06
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: flac-32: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.008:31
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frinnstlovely. weather will be nice next week10:47
frinnst.. when my vacation is over..10:47
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Romsterfrinnst, bummer11:02
frinnstit's been raining my entire vacation11:07
frinnsti blame Feigrim11:07
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libvdpau: opt -> xorg11:08
Feigrimfrinnst: :(11:12
Feigrimit will probably rain during my vacation too11:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libvdpau: opt -> xorg11:13
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BitPuffinfrinnst: who wants nice weather anyway11:35
joacimI've had nothing but nice weather11:42
joacimsub-20 degrees. blue skies11:42
joacimvery nice11:42
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.2-p1015:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chrony: update to 1.3016:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: whois: update to 5.1.416:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission: update to 2.8416:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.8416:13
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pidsleycan someone look at a Pkgfile for me and tell me what I am doing wrong?16:36
pidsleyi am just learning how to do this, so I know it's something stupid16:37
pidsleyhere is the Pkgfile:
pidsleyand here is what happens when i try to build it:
Rotwangsomehow this paste doesn't load16:46
Rotwangpidsley: could you paste the output somewhere else?16:46
pidsleygive me a second16:47
Rotwangok it loaded [;16:48
Rotwangpidsley: it looks like the Makefile doesn't support DESTDIR16:48
pidsleyah. so do I have to patch the Makefile, or is there a way to work around that?16:50
joacimyou could also use sed =)16:50
Rotwanghah, my corporate anti-virus blocks the ;D16:50
pidsleyhere is the makefile:
Rotwangpidsley: I'd just patch the makefile17:00
Rotwangpidsley: after you do that you can send the patch upstream, everybody benefits17:00
Rotwangthere is no simple way to bypass this shortcommin ;f17:01
pidsleythank you.17:05
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Rotwangpatching makefile would bring more benefit17:55
pidsleyThank you both. I got it working by patching the makefile, but the simple example also helps me learn18:05
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tilmanis msb set?19:38
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tilmannot set?19:45
joacimjaeger: I think a much cheaper motherboard and cpu is interesting now. Get one of those Asrock motherboards that supports overclocking with cheaper chipsets and the Pentium G325820:04
joacimreminds me a little of how people bought and overclocked the celeron 300a20:05
jaegerhow well do the Gs overclock?20:05
joacimseen it go to 4.8 GHz20:06
joacimthat's with a more expensive z97 motherboard tho20:06
jaegernot bad20:06
jaegerI was slightly worried about needing overclocking when I bought the i5-4690 but I tested my use case for it last night (dolphin emulator) and was able to run it at 2560x1440 with no slowdown with 2xAA enabled. AF killed it but I'm fine with leaving that disabled20:07
joacimpeople used to take the 300a to 450 MHz just by increasing the FSP to 100 MHz (66 MHz stock)20:07
joacimI think I would be fine with any stock i520:07
joacimhaven't overclocked anything since my athlon xp 2500+20:08
joacimDon't think I would get a G3258 for my desktop, but I've been thinking about building a server. think it could be a fun little toy20:11
jaegerI overclocked my i7-2600k to 4.5 a couple times, worked well20:16
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frinnstjoacim: indeed, 300A ftw21:35
frinnstrock solid at 450mhz21:36
frinnst<3 intel bx44021:37
joacimplaying around with that one21:37
joacimplan on installing 98se or me for use with games21:38
frinnsti went from a celeron 300a@450 to a amd 1,4ghz21:38
frinnstand via chipset ... that was a huuuge let down (the chipset)21:39
joacimthe pcb on one of the ram sticks is a little thinner than the other one, so it sits a little loose21:39
joacimif i move the pc, i have to push the stick into the slot just so it makes proper contact again21:40
frinnstahh, quality stuff21:40
joacimordered a cusl2 + 933 MHz P3 from ebay last week. Should be here any time now, assuming I didn't get ripped off.21:42
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