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nwegood morning05:23
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teK___the best of all mornings to you, fellow CRUXer06:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gstreamer1: 1.0.10 -> 1.2.412:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-base1: 1.0.10 -> 1.2.412:22
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gentooHi. everybody. I want a program, just like screenfetch to show sys info, but screenfetch-dev in github doesn't include Crux Linux ANSI. I believe somebody did here. Can you share it?12:35
Romsterpitillo, efl is 2 versions behind and the rest probably need checking/updating. also can you disable gstreamer in efl and only use gstreamer1 in the newer efl.12:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gstreamer-vaapi1: 0.5.6 -> 0.5.813:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-libav: 1.0.10 -> 1.2.413:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-good1: 1.0.10 -> 1.2.4, New dependency libvpx13:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-bad1: 1.0.10 -> 1.2.4, New dependencies librsvg libwebp openal13:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-ugly1: 1.0.10 -> 1.2.413:04
Romstergentoo, make a Pkgfile for screenfetch?13:07
Romsteronly requires xorg-xdpyinfo and scrot that crux has already.13:09
Romsterif would even load13:10
Romstercould make a Pkgfile from this
Romsterbut so far i can't get to that git tree gentoo.13:11
jaegerI think you missed the question13:12
jaegerabout crux ansi art, not screenfetch itself13:12
jaegergentoo: no idea who that was, I haven't seen it myself13:12
gentooRomster: jaeget is right.13:13
gentooWe can do a pkgbuild, but ANSI is a problem for us.13:14
jaegerperhaps you could use some tool to convert a logo to ansi13:14
gentooI'll try to find some tool to do this.13:16
jaegerPerhaps we should have an official logo aside from the mascot, heh13:16
nwegentoo: have you take a look on ?13:17
gentoonwe: Thanks,man. a good one.13:19
nweyour welcome13:24
Romsterjust like screenfetch so i said to myself why not use screenfetch.13:29
Romsterbut it appears its not reachable.13:30
gentooRomster: you can fork kittykatt screenfetch, use jp2a to convert Crux logo to ASCII. Finally put it on github and make a pkgfile for Crux. It's reachable.13:32
Romsterah picture to ascii13:33
Romsternot sure but can't imagemagick do ascii output?13:33
gentoodo it.13:34
Romsterjust found this javascript though.13:36
Romsteraview seems to be common13:38
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Romsteri guess not.13:42
Romster suggests the same jp2a13:43
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Romsterso not only is there libressl there is also boringssl
pitilloyeah Romster I know... but moving to efl 1.10.0 needs more work... e19 is there too and uses it14:27
pitillocurrently I'm using e17 on ARM and e18 on laptop/desktop/cubieboard(ARM)14:28
pitilloand I haven't many time to deep in new efl version (1.8.x is still maintained)14:29
Romsterguess i can't look at killing off gstreamer 0.10.x for awhile longer then.14:41
Romsterthat and qt4 uses it but i can't remember what qt4 programs needed it.14:41
Romstermaybe it was for kde?14:42
Romsterpitillo, e18 here and my grilfreinds pc as well. and she has been spending time on theaming gtk2 gtk3 and qt4 to suit e18 theme14:45
Romsterso you might be keen on that and i'm going to be using it when she has it done.14:45
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teK___you have one geeky gf14:55
teK___congrats ;)14:55
Romsteryes :)14:56
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Romstershes way into theaming and visual stuff.14:57
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nrxtxRomster: will she publish the themes/configuration?15:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] libva: patch release VADisplayContext at the end of vaTerminate()15:39
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Romsternrxtx, i'm hoping so or allow me to do it15:41
Romsteri was using pekwm for so long but now in e1815:41
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nweRomster: do you have e18 port?16:22
nweI found it :)16:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] dbus: updated to 1.6.22. Fixes CVE-2014-3532, CVE-2014-353316:45
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]:  [notify] dbus-32: 1.6.20 -> 1.6.22. Fixes CVE-2014-3532, CVE-2014-353317:06
Romsterbumping dbus in 3.1 to 1.8.6 as well?17:09
Romsteryeah already commited is ee.17:10
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frinnstthey call me the greased lightning18:06
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nrxtxRom.ster: would be nice currently i'm having setups with i3-wm or e18, and a consistent design would be nice for all applications on e1821:36
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diverseRomster: have fun dealing with the binary config breakage from random bugs and updates. Also, updating E can be painful too. These are one of the reasons I left E a long time ago. Doesn't pull it's weight in the long run.21:47
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joacimholy shit. your spelling sucks.21:50
nrxtxdiverse: i only remember that from the versions before e18, since they changed the release cycle and reworked the basic libraries it got a lot better21:52
diversejoacim: just because of the common "it's" and "its" typos? Also your harsh statement is uncalled for...21:53
joacimthis was a joke21:55
diversenrxtx: partly what peeves me about E is that each release is gradually forces you to use libs/features that you don't want to use, because without them they are "untested" and "beware" if you do. They also make it hard for you. E was all about customization, but with their recent decisions and limitations, they don't stand for what they say. The only thing good about E is that you have an out-of-the-box fully22:00
diverseworking environment with bells and whistles, but it can eat your laundry eventually, and you will not be happy.22:00
diverseand as I agree with prologic, parsing configuration through binary is pretty stupid.22:06
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pidsleyanyone else here use tcplay for a truecrypt alternative?22:43
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