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Celsiusis 3.1 ready yet?01:38
Celsiushappy 4th to all you americans01:40
Celsiusdoes europe have a 4th of July01:41
Celsiusits a tough question01:42
Celsiusof course they do01:42
Celsiusits the day between the 3rd and the 5th of july01:42
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joacimIt is her birthday02:11
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timcowchipmd5sum crux-3.1-rc3.iso04:52
timcowchipf84bbc0628ec15b5c664f3cabb5d475e  crux-3.1-rc3.iso04:52
timcowchipnot 93b23a3c7c04a4e3fd2f2d030bc3585f  crux-3.1-rc3.iso04:52
timcowchiplike it says here :
timcowchipnvm its only 6.9Mb of the entire file04:54
timcowchipthis time it stopped at 50Mb05:01
timcowchipmd5sum crux-3.1-rc3.iso05:38
timcowchip93b23a3c7c04a4e3fd2f2d030bc3585f  crux-3.1-rc3.iso05:38
timcowchipthat's better, thx jaeger :)05:39
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openfbtdI'm turning into poettering06:11
openfbtdI already have .mount services in my own service manager >_>06:11
openfbtdGranted, it's just a filename, they aren't treated any differently06:14
openfbtdBut still06:14
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openfbtd why do people do this10:32
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frinnstdo what?10:51
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openfbtdDo that to themselves!10:57
frinnstwhat, be russian? run debian?11:20
openfbtdSet up all these inconsistent things on a desktop11:20
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joacimmaybe the kid is a hacker12:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dvtm: 0.10 -> 0.1213:04
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timcowchip still valid on 3.1rc3?20:21
timcowchiptrying to use the dhcpcd(8) command20:34
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timcowchiplooks like this is thw way
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openfbtdI looked at crux's default initscripts once.20:48
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pidsleywhy do you say it like that?21:06
pidsleythey are easy to modify, if you don't like what you see21:07
openfbtdWell, to be fair, I just have a better service management system on hand21:08
pidsleyand that is?21:08
openfbtdSo compared to my own system crafted to be what I need and want, every set of scripts would be weird21:08
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jaegerNice to have a choice, yeah :)21:09
pidsleyyou are welcome to use that on CRUX; i use busybox21:09
openfbtdI do :)21:09
openfbtdIt wasn't “CRUX is terrible for having scripts I don't like”21:09
openfbtdIt was “CRUX is awesome for how easy it is to drop in a replacement”21:10
pidsleysorry; i might have missed the first part of that conversation ;)21:10
openfbtdNope, I'm just a master of backhanded compliments21:10
openfbtdugh, eudev doesn't build against musl out of the box21:11
pidsleyinit discussions are just a hot button for me, because it is so easy to use whatever you like21:11
openfbtdNot in all distros, unfortunately21:12
pidsleymost, though21:12
openfbtdDebian is a pain in the ass in that21:13
pidsleyi use busybox on Debian21:13
openfbtdIts pre/post build/install scripts in packages all rely on a sysv-style init that provides insserv and LSB21:13
openfbtdAnd if you go away from that, be prepared to have a bad time21:13
openfbtdapt just fucking breaks if you don't provide placeholder scripts21:14
pidsleyyes; the update-initramfs crap is a problem; but not if you use a custom kernel21:14
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openfbtdI have a debian system with a non-LSB non-sysv init and service management, it has quite a few placeholder links and scripts just so apt doesn't break21:14
pidsleyDebian has now moved to systemd21:15
openfbtdAnd I can't be asked to actually mantain all that crap21:15
pidsleythose bastards!21:15
openfbtdAnd it will probably be as rooted in systemd as it was in sysvinit21:15
pidsley(yes, I am being sarcastic)21:15
pidsleynice that we have CRUX then, eh?21:16
openfbtdI think I'll move to arch or gentoo on my personal servers.21:16
openfbtdOr crux, yeah21:16
openfbtdI have time though. Wheezy will be supported for at least a year from now21:16
pidsleyi just use debian stable on my nfs server, and update it once every few months21:17
pidsleyblasphemy, i know21:17
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openfbtdMeh, my servers are also all debian-based21:18
openfbtdI have a CRUX VM because I'm looking to probably move to CRUX on my desktops21:18
openfbtdBut not sure yet21:19
openfbtdThe convenience of binary packages (with easy rebuilding) holds me on arch so far21:19
pidsleyi have 3.1-rc3 on my desktop right now; moved it from Arch21:20
pidsleybut, yes, Arch is easier to update21:20
pidsleysome people here do make built packages available if you need them21:24
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timcowchipI guess I'm still missing something
timcowchipstill no innanet22:00
frinnstdo you have any interfaces?22:02
frinnst# To see your available devices run "ip link".22:02
pidsleywhat errors do you get? can you paste the output of "lspci -knn | grep -A3 net"22:03
pidsleynvm; frinnst is on the case22:03
timcowchipI have to reboot to run "ip link"22:04
timcowchipI'm on a different os atm22:06
timcowchipis there a file I can view?22:06
timcowchipon the crux pertition22:06
timcowchipto see what interfaces I have22:07
frinnst00:03 <pidsley> what errors do you get? can you paste the output of "lspci -knn | grep -A3 net"22:08
frinnstand make sure that drivers is build in your crux kernel22:08
timcowchipok thanks frinnst22:09
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pidsleythanks frinnst -- hard to debug "doesn't work" question22:17
jaegerhe's fond of that particular question :)22:18
pidsleymany Linux users do that22:20
jaegerNot only linux users; lots of users at work do that. Just people who are bad at describing a problem22:20
pidsleyi have never tried to answer support questions here, but I do at other forums22:20
pidsleyjaeger -- exactly -- and if you can describe the problem, often the answer becomes apparent to you22:21
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jaegerpidsley: sometimes. It still requires a bit of logical ability, critical thinking22:36
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timcowchipthere doesn't seem to be a driver for my interface available22:44
jaegerIt's R816922:45
timcowchipI found Realtek 8169 but not 816822:45
timcowchipI just compiled 8169 into the kernel it was already a module22:45
timcowchip my /etc/rc.d/net22:46
frinnstyeah, but is the module loaded? does the interface exist? what does "ip link" say?22:48
timcowchipgotto reboot again22:48
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nrxtxif he comes back tell him he might need the 8411 firmware files to get it up and running22:58
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timcowchipip link >
nrxtxgot your network interface?23:03
timcowchipI think not23:04
nrxtxthe realtek driver is enabled in kernel?23:04
jaegerIf "ip link" doesn't list it, the kernel doesn't see it23:05
nrxtxtimcowchip: install the 8411 firmware files:23:05
jaegeranything in "dmesg | egrep '(firmware|fw)'" ?23:05
timcowchipjaeger: CONFIG_R8169=y23:08
jaegerAre you sure you've installed that kernel?23:09
jaegerIf you're using lilo as your boot loader you need to re-run lilo when upgrading23:09
jaegeranother thing: if you're not sure about the module you can run 'lspci -k | grep "in use"' while booted into the installation ISO23:10
jaegerI'm sure it's r8169, though23:10
timcowchipok thanks jaeger23:10
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nrxtxwe'll see 8111/8168/8411 is the same as i have and i needed the firmware file to get it up and running23:12
jaegerI don't recall r8169 needing it but it's been a while since I used one23:12
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