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timcowchippackages on the #depends line aren't being read by prt-get03:17
timcowchiphave to read and install them manually03:17
timcowchipreminds me of old slackware03:17
timcowchipnot that there's aything wrong with that03:18
jaegerare you using "prt-get install" or "prt-get depinst"?03:20
timcowchipthanks jaeger :P03:20
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timcowchipgetting a "ImportError: No module named gtk" from gpodder03:36
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timcowchiphas a path to python modules changed in rc3?03:46
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nwegood morning05:47
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nweyay finally someone here :)06:53
nwehow are you?06:54
looophello, i'm fine, but i dont think you are talking to me lol06:55
looopi have libreoffice installed, but i'm getting this error when i try to open it, /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:57
frinnstseems you dont have cups installed07:00
frinnstits not listed as a dep tho07:00
looopok i'm installing cups07:03
nwegaah I hate windows stuff.. now when our support guys for office went on vacation and now they need help with their office stuff.. and need product key.. gaah I dont know how we are doing here.. I dont work with this shit...07:04
looopfrinnst: i can open it now :)07:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gtkspell: romster -> contrib07:13
diversefrinnst: don't you usually slap him?07:53
frinnstright, sorry07:55
teK__what's the matter08:19
frinnstseems libreoffice depends on cups, but its not listed08:22
teK__oh I put myself in the maintainer line there08:23
teK__how incredibly stupid of me :p08:24
frinnsthaha yes08:24
teK__thanks bra08:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libreoffice: add cups as a dependency. Thanks looop08:25
looopyou welcome :)08:27
frinnstfuuuuck java08:48
teK__potty mouth08:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libnice: initial commit09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: farstream: initial commit09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libnice: update dependencies09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: farstream: update dependencies09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pidgin: adjusted dependencies, enabled sound and spellchecker09:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pidgin: must use nss for yahoo protocol gnutls wont log in09:24
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looopI just installed pidgin, i can open it from the terminal, it doesn't appear on my menu in xfce09:47
frinnstdo you get any output in the terminal when you try to launch it?09:50
Romsteri just updated pidgin its working here09:50
looopit's working fine from the terminal09:51
Romsterand in tint209:51
frinnstoh sorry, read that as "cant" :)09:51
looopi just dont see it in xfce menu09:51
frinnstdid you run the post-install script?09:52
Romstergo in preferences and check that in interface you got shows system tray icon09:53
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Romsteron always09:53
frinnstprt-get --install-scripts09:53
Romsteroh yeah you might of not ran the post-install file.09:54
Romsterthat i just added as well.09:54
frinnstyou can also enable it in prt-get.conf - but be careful with that if you use untrusted ports09:54
looopi have it enabled in prt-get.conf09:55
Romsterwas it working before or did you just install it? before or after the updates i did to it?09:56
Romsterat release 309:56
looop1st install of pidgin09:56
Romsterpkginfo -i |grep pidgin09:56
looopone minute, i'm reinstalling it09:57
loooppidgin 2.10.9-109:59
Romsteryeah i did update it just not long ago but that version should still work.10:04
Romsterbut that hasn't got the post install file run this10:04
Romstersudo gtk-update-icon-cache -t -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor10:04
Romsterlooop, ^10:06
looopi did that, still dont appear in the xfce menu10:06
Romsterdoens't xfce have a rebuild icon cache command as well desktop something10:07
looopi believe it does it automaticly10:08
Romsterbut that's more for the menu i think10:08
Romsternot the tray.10:09
looopit works fine from the terminal, its no biggy10:12
Romsterbut not the menu?10:14
looopfrom xfce's menu10:14
Romsterso the menu works? so why from terminal10:23
Romsteroh don't appear on your menu that's not the tray icon... read that wrong.10:24
loooppidgin works fine, i just need to open from the terminal10:24
looopi'm updating it right now10:24
Romsterthats a xfce thing with update desktop entries10:24
looopyes it is10:24
looopi dont see pavucontrol in the ports, what do you use to control pulseaudio?10:34
Romsteri have my sound go out alsa10:37
looopyes me too for now10:38
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looopI love crux speed11:11
teK__better than this arch me(th|ss)11:15
Romsterjust no bloat speed11:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: zsh: update zsh-lovers man page13:03
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looophow do you install a package not in the ports?13:50
openfbtdWrite a port?13:51
teK__portdbc search pkgname <- check if someone else did a port13:51
teK__if not, write a port, commit to contrib/opt (not an option for you now)13:51
looopok, ty13:53
teK__there are even guidelines13:54
teK__but you already looked these up, I suppose13:54
looopi was looking at the wiki pages yes13:55
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jaegerq5sys: wasn't around when you asked, sorry. feel free14:28
tilmanlooop: if you don't want to create a port, you can also install the package to /usr/local eg14:28
loooptilman: thats nice for practice :)14:30
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frinnsthow the fuck can windows update fail?14:44
teK__I have a gif for that14:44
teK__actually I dont14:44
frinnstit appeared to complete, then during bootup it undid the changes. then it booted and rebooted in a loop ~8 times14:45
teK__maximize the update window14:45
teK__press search for updates14:45
teK__horicontally minimize the window as much as possible14:45
teK__watch the progress bar flap left/right faster and faster14:45
teK__update windows crashes14:45
frinnstits amazing..14:46
teK__there it is14:46
teK__did not test it myself :)14:46
looop1st time i'm seeing this14:47
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timcowchipwhat happened to revep?19:05
jaegertimcowchip: be more specific, that gives us no information19:10
timcowchiprevdep: command not found19:10
jaegerso it's not installed19:10
timcowchipis revdep a port?19:11
timcowchipI thought pkgutils19:11
timcowchipah, thank you :)19:12
pidsley-afkprt-get fsearch revdep19:12
jaegeruse prt-get fsearch if you know a command name but aren't sure what port/package provides it19:12
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pidsley-afkjaeger; i hope you and the other ops don't mind if others try to answer easy questions -- i know you guys are always here19:46
pidsley-afki don't know enough yet to answer anything difficult, but I'm learning19:46
jaegernot at all19:48
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nweand now then..20:04
nweI'm bored..20:05
pidsley-afkjaeger; thanks. after using CRUX on test machines since 32-bit 2.8, I have finally decided to use 3.1 on my main machine20:07
pidsley-afkso expect more questions than answers from me ;)20:08
pidsley-afknwe; i saw you in the bbq irc channel, but you never said anything20:09
looopbbq irc channel? what's that20:09
nwepidsley-afk: hehe yeah..20:10
pidsley-afk#linuxbbq -- a bunch of distro-agnostic geeks20:10
looopoh nice20:10
looopi like crux as well, stable, speed, light, what's not to like :)20:12
pidsley-afkand simple -- that's what i like20:12
looopand simple yes20:12
pidsley-afki have even managed to create a few ports, with some help20:13
looopi'm very very new to crux, so i'm not there yet20:13
pidsley-afki also like the active irc -- some distros have no forum, and no useful irc20:14
pidsley-afkthe ops here are very helpful20:15
looopi agree20:15
pidsleyi guess i'm not really afk ;)20:15
looopi dont see any pidsley ports20:16
pidsleyi don't know how to share them yet ;)20:17
pidsleyor if they are worth sharing ;)20:17
looopah ok20:17
looopi'm sure they are20:17
loooppidsley, you went from 2.8 to 3.1 ?20:18
pidsleyi did ratpoison and tfwm so far, they are here:
pidsleylooop: reinstalled, not upgraded20:20
looopthat's cool, congrats20:20
pidsleybut i am using 3.0 ports on 32-bit LFS20:21
looopthe upgrade thing, doesn't seem too complicated20:21
looopoh, you not on a 64bit system20:22
pidsleyi am on 3.120:22
pidsleyon 64-bit20:23
pidsleyjust tried 3.0 ports on 32-bit LFS as an experiment20:23
looopok, same as me :)20:23
looopah ok, gotcha20:23
looopdid you use grub or lilo?20:24
pidsleyi use grub, because i usually have a debian stable install as backup in case i have a major fail20:24
pidsleyi am pretty much boot-loader agnostic too -- i use all of them in various places20:25
looopit's not possible to have grub and lilo on the same machine for a dual boot right?20:26
pidsleyi think you can chain them, but i could be very wrong about that20:27
jaegeryou can chain them but it's unlikely that there's a good reason to do so20:27
jaegeryou can have multiple boot loaders on the same machine if they're installed on different drives or partitions20:28
pidsley^ this20:28
looopjaeger, you mean not having grub and lilo installed on /dev/sda for example?20:30
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nrxtxlooop: you can only install one bootloader to mbr, so chaining is the only solution20:32
jaegercorrect. You can't do that. (unless you do some really odd crap with hybrid partitions and one is UEFI and the other MBR)20:32
jaeger(which there is not a good reason to do, don't do this.)20:32
jaegereverything I've mentioned here is a weird edge case, in summary20:33
looopyes right, it's what i thought, i did practice crux installation quite a few time, and i got used to lilo now20:34
nrxtxcan lilo handle gpt in new versions?20:34
pidsleyi know people hate grub, but i seem to understand it20:35
looopi'm not saying i hate it20:35
pidsleyit works well for multibooting20:36
jaegernrxtx: yeah, I think so20:36
z3braas do lilo :)20:36
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pidsleyz3bra: is lilo like syslinux, which can't handle multiple boot partitions?20:37
z3brawhat do you mean ?20:37
z3braI previously used lilo to boot either on sda2 OR on sda320:38
z3bra(crux or arch)20:38
z3braif that's what you mean20:38
nrxtxhm need to check that, have a machine with 2tb disks currently booting with syslinux + gpt, maybe i can change that to lilo again20:38
pidsleyi am probably not explaining well20:38
pidsleysyslinux wants all its kernels in one partition, then you can use different roots20:39
pidsleyone boot, many roots ;)20:40
pidsleybut it is not as easy (for me) to configure as grub20:40
z3brapidsley, yes you can20:40
z3brabut you *need* to create a separate partition to hold /boot20:41
pidsleywell ok then20:41
looopso how many distros can you have with syslinux?20:41
pidsleyas many as you want, if you chain them20:42
pidsleyat least this is my understanding20:42
looopwow, sound like fun20:42
z3brano need to chain them20:42
z3brajust put all the kernels in /boot20:42
z3braand create one entry for each one20:43
z3bra(same goes with lilo)20:43
pidsleyas i said, this is just more complicated (for me) than grub20:43
z3braAnd I can't get my head around grub20:44
z3brahaving it generate my entries for me..20:44
pidsleymany people say that ;)20:44
z3braI feel like I'm missing an important point20:44
pidsleyyou can edit the entries yourself -- i use 40_custom a lot20:45
z3braand that I have no control anymore, that I can't check if everything is fine20:45
jaegeryou know you don't have to use the mkconfig script, right?20:45
jaegeryou can make your own config, far more simply than what it generates20:45
pidsleyit's all about what you are comfortable with20:45
jaeger <-- an example20:46
pidsleythank you jaeger20:47
pidsleyi just use old /dev/sd? instead of the UUIDs in mine20:48
looopjaeger:  nice, thanks20:48
pidsleyand i symlink the kernel in root, so when I change the kernel I just change the symlink, and don't have to change grub at all20:49
looopgrub use hd0 as well20:50
pidsley"there are many roads to dublin" as they say20:50
looopto rome no? lol20:50
jaegeryeah, just an example, you could leave a lot of that stuff out20:51
pidsleyjaeger, a question, if you don't mind -- the 3.0 install instructions (amd 3.1) say that "vim and nano are available"20:52
pidsleybut afaict, nano is not installed20:53
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pidsleynp, because i like vim, but am i missing something?20:53
looopyou can install nano after the first reboot20:53
pidsleyi know20:53
pidsleyand i do20:53
jaegernano is installed20:54
timcowchipjuffed geany or medit20:54
pidsleyok, then, i am missing somwthing, sorry20:54
timcowchipnot to change the subject
timcowchipcan't play tunes20:55
timcowchipI'm inthe audio group20:56
looopyou need alsa-utils?20:57
timcowchipinstalled and re-installed20:57
pidsleyyou have correct sound card in your kernel config?20:59
looopmake sure you have the right driver20:59
timcowchipthat's always been the one I use intel hda20:59
jaegerdoes alsamixer work as root or give the same error?21:02
loooppidsley, to have nano when you install it, you need to select opt as well21:02
looopi'm sure we only use core, thats why21:02
pidsleyah! i only install core!21:03
jaegerpidsley, looop: for reference, that comment is about editors available in the installation environment, not packages you can install21:03
pidsleyit also doesn't seem to work in the chroot when i try to edit fstab, but again, no big deal21:04
jaegerIt will only work in the chroot if you installed it during setup21:05
jaegeroutside the chroot it's installed already21:05
loooppidsley, it works i'm doing it now21:05
looopin the chroot, right21:05
pidsleyok -- thank you for the explanation21:05
jaegerWhen you run setup-chroot you are then using packages you selected for install21:05
pidsleymight be the only distro i have ever used that installs vim by default; i like this ;)21:06
timcowchipalsamixer gives the same error as root21:06
looopsame for using grub, you need to select opt21:08
jaegernot a permissions issue, then21:08
loooppidsley, vim scared me at first lol, i couldn't get out lol21:08
jaegeryou might need to enable OSS Mixer API or something21:08
timcowchipok I'll try that, thanks21:09
pidsleylooop: vim scares everyone at first ;)21:09
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loooplol pidsley21:10
pidsleystill not as scary as emacs21:10
pidsleyi'm just always afraid to install anything but core, in case it brings in crap i don't want21:12
pidsleyi should know better by now21:12
pidsleycritical thinking:
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nwehow should I fix this? ?21:37
nweI have run post-install stuff from both docbook-xsl and docbook-xml..21:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cryptsetup: 1.6.4 -> 1.6.521:58
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timcowchipalsamixer gives the same error in slackware22:41
timcowchipthe oss api didn'y help22:42
timcowchipdamn this keyboard22:42
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timcowchipalsamixer works on arch and porteus23:07
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timcowchipnot on crux and slackware23:07
jaegerhow odd23:09
jaegernwe: no idea there; if you're lucky, docbook works. :P If not, not23:09
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timcowchipdo you think it would help to add "alsa" to the services line in rc.conf?23:15
timcowchipbelieve it or not, I could be dumber23:16
jaegerthe alsa rc script just saves/restores volume levels, shouldn't affect whether or not the mixer actually works23:17
timcowchipit works now23:18
timcowchipmaybe it just needed a wake-up call, like my brain cell23:19
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jaegerhrrm. very  strange23:25
timcowchipleave it to me to make it strange23:27
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