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timcowchipre: believe it or not, I could be dumber01:43
timcowchipI didn't reup lilo after the changes to vmlinuz until when I also added "alsa" to /etc/rc.conf01:44
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timcowchip[0708/] Check failed: base::i18n::InitializeICU().02:25
timcowchipwhen running chromium02:25
timcowchipits a localization thing, huh?02:27
timcowchipstill get the error02:37
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timcowchipoh well jumanji works02:38
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Romsterpidsley-elsewher, prt-get deptree portname04:25
Romstereasy to asee what oyu already have [i] and what it'll pull in [ ]04:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xine-lib: 1.2.5 -> 1.2.604:35
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timcowchipRomster any chance of upgrading to 2.4?06:18
Romsteryeah in a bit.06:18
timcowchipok, thanks06:19
frinnstsoooo hot06:33
Romstertimcowchip, i've actually been working on splitting webkit into webkit-gtk2 and webkit-gtk3 and almost done.06:39
Romsterwebkit-gtk2#2.4.3-1.pkg.tar.gz is uploaded webkit-gtk3 which you probably don't need is uploading now.07:09
Romsterbe sure to remove webkit first07:10
timcowchipI have gtk3 installed07:17
Romsteri haven't made midori work with gtk3 yet due to fonts wont resize.07:17
Romsterso unless your using some other webkit based browser of your own that uses gtk307:18
timcowchipuzbl might07:18
timcowchipI'll try them both07:19
Romsterwell if it does you can install webkit-gtk3#2.4.3-1.pkg.tar.gz when it's done uploading both well work side by side.07:19
Romster~18 minutes07:19
timcowchipok, thanks again :)07:20
Romster;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.1 recent changes.07:24
Romsterwebkit-gtk2#2.4.3-1.pkg.tar.gz                100%   12MB  21.4KB/s   09:3807:39
Romsterwebkit-gtk3#2.4.3-1.pkg.tar.gz                100%   31MB  20.7KB/s   25:4507:39
Romsterman gtk3 one is far bigger.07:39
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frinnstall gtk3 apps look like shiit08:55
diversefrinnst: well, they don't just look like it, they are shit.09:03
Romsterthen style it with css ffs -_-09:37
Romsterbut no everyone bitches gtk3 looks horrible... than to see that it now uses css and requires a decent theme.09:43
Romstereveryone wants to keep using gtk2 that has no wayland support and a awkward theme-ing notation, and other legacy code and is over 10 years old and its current gtk2 design has serious issues with modern programming.09:45
Romsterall you lot do is bitch09:45
teK__one does, what one can09:51
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diverseRomster: everyone uses gtk2 because it's API is the more stable, while gtk3 continues to shit on itself in each iteration of releases, making not only the API un-developer friendly and un-themer friendly, but a buggy one non-the-less.10:05
Romsteryes gtk3 i still in development it's not stable yet.10:05
Romsterwhich is why most programs default to gtk2 but have options to use gtk310:06
diverseif it's wasn't stable yet, they shouldn't have released 3.0 yet.10:07
Romsterun-themer friendly, isn't quite right it's done though css, unless the css syntax changes on every release as well.10:07
Romstermaybe it's too difficult to know how many API's or what is needed or what could of been done better?10:07
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RomsterI do not know their reasoning behind the version numbers.10:08
Romsterwith anything new it takes time to figure out, clean up, fix unforeseeable issues.10:09
Romsterdo you expect it to be all there and done straight away?10:09
diversethey aren't cleaning up or fixing anything. They are just redo'ing the API over and over again, so that you can't develop themes as easily and for their purposes is to keep the interface the same through out all platforms (TM)10:11
Romsterthat is rather stupid. where is the documents stating that is there intentions?10:12
diverseRomster: IgnorantGuru proved it several times from several sources on his blog, don't you remember?10:12
Romsteryes that is a 3rd party blog though10:13
Romsteranyone can blog anything10:13
Romsterwhere is verifiable sources10:13
diversewell there were links to them10:13
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Romsterdon't tell me they are all gone.10:16
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diverseI see now, after reading this throughly, gtk3 is meant for "exploring new features" and after they finally finish that, they will remove the deprecated cruft for gtk4 into a gtk2-like stable state. How ridiculous.10:31
diverseThe way I see it now, gtk3 is like what Vista was for Windows, and gtk4 will be like Windows 7.10:32
diverseso it's their sandboxing toolkit10:34
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diverseRomster: I guess the point is, suffer through all of their breakages until gtk4 comes out10:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 30813:54
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AlexS[zedat]hi, i am the admin of the mirror. we used rsync:// as mirror source but apperently is not available anymore. anybody knows what we should use in future?15:05
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: libburn: updated to 1.3.815:06
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: libisofs: updated to 1.3.815:06
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teK__it is ALIVE vvvvv17:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: texlive: 20120701 -> 2014052517:04
teK__and will build in a minute :>17:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libsigsegv: port taken17:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: clisp: port taken17:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vlc: 2.1.4 -> 2.1.517:24
BitPuffinfrinnst: don't you know the answer to AlexS[zedat]'s question?17:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fcron: update to 3.2.017:51
jaegerfrinnst knows all!17:51
jaegerAlexS[zedat]: the DNS for has been removed temporarily as neither of the hosts to which it pointed were live anymore17:52
jaegerin the meantime you could use morpheus.net17:53
jaegerI'd like to get back up in the future but it's not currently available17:53
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timcowchipbeen building thunderbird for about 12 hours18:30
timcowchipuzbl works well with webkit-gtk318:33
timcowchipjumanji needs webkit-gtk218:33
timcowchipthank you again, Romster for providing them18:34
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Rotwangis he compiling it on a toaster?18:40
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frinnstIm brazilian tonight19:37
frinnsthope to be able to tease tek and tilman later19:37
tilmanyour shitty anti-german-football attitude is already annoying me19:38
Rotwanggo germoney go19:38
nweI hope Germany will win the match this evening.19:39
tilmanRotwang, nwe: how good is your german?19:40
nwenot so good :p19:41
tilmanzzZz in tysk skolen ja?19:42
Rotwangtilman: as good as my finnish, I can count up to two19:42
nwehaha jupp :)19:42
nweor I studied german in 5-6 grade.19:44
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Rotwangso the match is already over?19:44
tilmanstarting in 15 minutes19:44
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Rotwanggermany - brasil with finnish commentary, that will be interesting19:45
Rotwangsomehow I'm rooting for germany I don't know why though19:46
nwewhat have I miss here..
tilmanWTF my eyes19:55
tilmanlooks like a missing include of stdio.h19:56
nwetilman: should I report it to frinnst..19:58
tilmannwe: if you do, you should tell him what version of libjpeg you got installed19:59
tilmanmaybe the libjpeg guys removed the include from one of the public jpeg headers. just a guess though19:59
nweI trying to build it on my other machines and there it works19:59
tilmansame compiler?19:59
nweyupp gcc 4.8.3-120:00
nweand the two laptops are identical..20:01
jaegerlibjpeg vs. libjpeg-turbo, perhaps?20:02
nrxtxbug seems to be known with libjpeg-turbo + libmng20:04
nwebut why could I then build it on my work laptop, but not on my personal. they are both dell xps ..20:05
RotwangI'd already be tired and would have to rest20:05
nwenow it works20:07
nwelibmng depends on lcms2 too20:08
Rotwangit can't start working by itself20:08
nwefrinnst: I running 3.120:12
frinnstthat should have been fixed ages ago, strange20:12
frinnstanyways, fixed20:12
frinnstlcms2 that is20:13
nweyay :)20:13
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tilmanfrinnst: so20:24
RotwangThere will be riots20:24
tilmanfrinnst: what up?20:24
Rotwangmy god20:25
tilmanwhat the shit am i watching?20:25
nrxtxwhat the20:25
tilmanfifa manipulatering games again?20:25
nweGo German Go German!!20:26
tilmangonna go sleep20:29
tilmannight guys20:29
tilmanfrinnst: will taste your bitter tears tomorrow :>20:29
nweI think I can sleep good to night20:29
RotwangI think after today brasil will go to war with someone20:30
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frinnsttilman: Im glad im swedish and dont have a vested interest20:47
AlexS[zedat]jaeger: thanks, i change our sync script to use
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Rotwangbrasil is in the offensive21:08
joacimfucking windows. generalizing with sysprep gives me an error21:08
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jaegerRotwang: they're certainly trying now but germany's goalkeeper says nein!21:10
joacimfuck it. might as well reinstall then.21:16
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Rotwangis it real life?21:25
jaegeroh man21:25
jaegerthat was like clockwork21:26
nweGermany leads with 6 - 021:26
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tilmanexperts say 10:0 tough, but possible21:35
Rotwanghow is that even possible21:35
Rotwangutter defeat21:35
jaegerdamn, another one21:35
jaegerGermany, world cup Bus Driver (tm)21:35
nwe8 - 0 to germany :)21:36
frinnsti was looking forward to a good game21:36
frinnstthis is just sad21:36
jaegerIt is a little sad21:36
tilmannah it's epic21:36
nwethe goal was really nice21:36
jaegerIt's a bit sad and epic at the same time21:37
nwe +1 on tilman :)21:37
jaegeryeah, it was21:37
Rotwanghow is that even possible on a world cup semi final?21:37
Rotwangand with brasil?21:37
nwebrazil plays only on neymar and silva21:37
nweatleast it feels like that21:38
jaegerthis game is proving that, yeah21:38
frinnstwell this is just a complete mental breakdown. not much skill (or lack thereof) involved21:38
jaegernot to detract from germany's performance, they're crushing it21:38
tilmanfrinnst: ye, guess so21:39
jaegerIt does seem like Brazil has checked out21:39
tilmanpoor guy who was booed at before he was sent out21:40
tilmanspectators singing the national anthem. creepy21:41
jaegerI think germany is just giving them the ball now21:46
joacimgermans dont like national anthems and flags?21:46
jaegerpity or schadenfreude? you decide21:46
jaegerDiet Semi-Final - just one goal21:47
tilmanwhy let them goal at that time?21:48
tilmanidiots ;)21:48
jaegerNeuer's face didn't look like he meant to :)21:48
tilmanhe's mad21:49
jaegerman, what a streak to lose21:49
Rotwangoddly satysfiyng21:59
z3braMy ports are not listed anymore in the port search ?21:59
teK__name, url?22:00
z3bramy server has been down on sunday and yesterday, though22:01
z3bramaybe it's related22:01
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teK__you bet it is..22:04
z3brait gets dropped after some downtime then ?22:04
teK__we are rather strict22:05
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z3braOh, I see22:06
z3brathen, don't bother adding it again at the moment22:07
z3braI reinstalled my server, but I'm not donc configuring it22:07
teK__I just started a new portdb-run22:07
teK__duh :)22:07
z3braSo I'll had to reboot a few times, and bring it down for short periods maybe22:07
z3bra(actually, I can't login through ssh anymore --')22:08
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BitPuffintilman: of course they are manipulated22:22
BitPuffinit's FIFA22:22
teK__I think I have had enough of that stuff..22:25
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frinnsthad no idea that project existed23:09
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frinnstseem to have gnome too23:10
teK__yeah but it seems a bit nazi-like to provide downloads for a tool to make working with sources easier only via the probably most unpopular source control tool23:12
frinnstyeah bzr isnt very nice23:13
teK__oh nooo 2 links deeper there's :-)23:13
teK__it's typical to only include the bzr link in the 'front' page23:13
frinnstsyncing seems to be over bzr if I understand correctly23:13
teK__they lost me at 'run bzr...' :]23:13
frinnstKeep up to date with the latest packages:23:13
frinnst$ bzr update23:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mplayer: 2014-02-06 -> 2014-07-0823:15
teK__some german car parts company seems to grant 5% rebate per goal shot by the german national soccer team23:17
teK__I think its ceo is crying right now23:17
teK__and or resigning23:17
teK__I have to think about something I have to order for my car..23:19
teK__some front and back spoilers maybe23:19
teK__they really grant the 35%, just tested that :D23:25
jaegerimpressive :)23:25
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