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Romsterz3bra, it's still on portsdb it'll just show up after midnight server time again, when it is back up.07:47
z3braokay, thanks =)07:48
Romsterhas happened to me in the past.07:48
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: python-32: 2.7.7 -> 2.7.809:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libpixman-32: 0.32.4 -> 0.32.609:03
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diverseBitPuffin: yeah, screw FIFA, they can shove the world cup, up their asses, those money grubbing theives11:03
BitPuffindiverse: yeah, it's all rigged and political anyways11:08
BitPuffingot nothing to do with sportss11:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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nwe_has someone built xfce4 for 3.1 ?16:58
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looopnwe, yes17:56
nwedid you have problem to build  xfce4-setting?17:58
nwefor me it tried to find libpng15* stuff17:58
looopit went flawless, if i remember well17:59
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looopgermany was on fire yesterday18:06
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timcowchipwhat's the name of the interface that replaced "eth0"?18:14
timcowchipit was enp11s018:18
looopnwe, are you stuck?18:22
loooptimcowchip: did you fix your sound issue?18:24
timcowchipyes thank you :)18:25
timcowchipI had recompile the driver into the kernel but forgot to rerun lilo18:26
looopohhh, that simple step is so important lol, good18:27
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frinnsttimcowchip: it depends on your hardware18:59
frinnstrun "ip link" to find it19:00
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timcowchip:)thanks frinnst, that's what I did19:02
timcowchipand it was enp1s0 not enp11s0 :)19:03
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RotwangI'm not sure who to cheer for today19:29
tilmanfor the europeans of course19:33
RotwangI cheered for europeans yesterday19:36
Rotwangargentina has a blue flag, I like blue19:37
RotwangI think argentina it is then19:37
ozgurwhich side have more beautiful girls, count me in there19:38
ozgur hmm go go netherlands19:40
looopi'm for the best team :)19:41
Rotwanglooop: you're like usa19:41
looopshould be a good game19:41
looopRotwang: usa is getting better19:42
looopno one is mocking them at soccer anymore...thats progress lol19:42
Rotwangeveryone is mocking them for calling football soccer19:46
loooplol, true19:47
jaegerwe'll call it football when we finally switch to metric19:47
looopthe tv ratings are really improving, i guess fifa will make a ton of $$$ in usa now19:49
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Rotwangin finland there is no world cup fever, everyone is into ice hockey19:55
openfbtdThat's just hockey.19:55
Rotwangbut everyone calls it ice hockey19:56
Rotwangjust for consistency [;19:56
looopcurling is big in finland no?19:56
Rotwanglooop: not really19:56
Rotwangat least didn't hear much about it19:57
looopoh, i thought it was19:57
Rotwangthere is a guy with mask in shape of the pope19:57
DaViruzthe only time i hear about curling is during the olympics19:57
openfbtdWrong channel19:57
timcowchipthere is a game called field hockey played on unfrozen ground19:57
DaViruzand i'm from sweden, and we're uisally pretty high ranked in the curling tournaments19:58
looopi think curling is fun to watch, never played it, but i imagine i would enjoy it19:58
timcowchipso ice hockey makes sense19:58
Rotwanglooop: almost as fun as chess19:58
Rotwangto look at19:58
looopice hockey is a great sport, very physical19:59
loooprotwang, haha, i like chess19:59
DaViruzmotorsports are great sports19:59
Rotwangf1 is also big in fi20:00
DaViruzand rally!20:00
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looopi saw a doc about ayrton senna some weeks ago, it was amazing20:02
loooptime to watch the game20:04
looopgood luck to both teams :)20:04
Rotwangyou can't hoping for the best for both teams20:05
Rotwangthere must be at least a small amount of emotion/tension involved20:07
looopthe love of the game20:07
Rotwangotherwise footbal is just 22 men kicking pig intestines20:07
looopi dont know why i feel that, but i believe the netherland will be the thoughest match up with germany20:08
Rotwangat the moment it looks like the game is more balanced compared to yesterdays mach20:13
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ozgurjust curious, i cound find out, what differs betweend claws and sylpheed claws?20:15
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pidsley-elsewherozgur; do a web search. basically Claws has more features, which you may or may not need20:33
pidsley-elsewheralso look at "prt-get depends claws-mail" vs "prt-get depends sylpheed"20:35
ozgursometimes you need outsourced enlightment20:35
ozgurthanks for info, i got it, claws is better for me,20:35
pidsley-elsewherfor me, I don't need the extra features or the extra depends, so i use sylpheed20:36
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timcowchipmplayer doesn't play video20:43
timcowchipAO: [alsa] 48000Hz 2ch floatle (4 bytes per sample)20:44
timcowchipVideo: no video20:44
timcowchipStarting playback...20:44
teK__after the recent update?20:44
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timcowchipjust installed it20:47
looopit works for me20:50
looopand my crux is up to date20:50
timcowchipmplayer -vo x11 works20:51
teK__installed or updated?20:51
looopyes it does20:51
teK__ok remove that option on the cmd line20:51
timcowchipinstaled after ports -u20:51
teK__and edit /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf20:51
looopyou need to specify the output since there's no gui20:51
teK__if it works, I'll push the config20:52
looopsmplayer is nice, timcowchip20:52
teK__oh and you could install xorg-libxv to make xv work20:53
teK__it's more cpu friendly, IIRC20:53
timcowchipthanks te20:54
timcowchiptek :)20:54
timcowchipf'n kb20:54
teK__will push the addition20:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mplayer: update video output driver list20:58
timcowchipthat was fast20:58
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Rotwangnobody can get through21:28
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diversejaeger: I wish.22:29
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