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timcowchip[0709/] Check failed: base::i18n::InitializeICU().00:32
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diversegeez so many dependencies for the new dependencies in pidgin05:45
Romsteryeah most of which you'd have installed already, it was so cut down. feel free to ignore dependencies if you so desire. but since it was not useable for voice.05:46
Romsteri tried to keep nss out of it but stupid gnutls wont work on yahoo protocol.05:47
diverseyay, logging into google-talk has now been bricked05:48
diversePidgin is now blocking me from logging into my google talk account now05:50
Romsterbe lucky you don't have wine skype or steam dependency list.05:50
Romsterwas it before?05:50
diverseno, it wasn't like that before05:50
diversethe previous package worked05:51
Romsterwont allow login credentials?05:51
Romsteri had that issue with yahoo until i enabled nss05:52
diversedo you have both gnutls and nss enabled?05:54
Romster--enable-cyrus-sasl and --disable-nm is now05:54
diverseso port -u?05:54
Romsteryes both are installed and it seems pidgin disables gnutls when it sees nss05:54
Romsterprt-get deptree no missing deps?05:55
Romsteri haven't altered it in a few days05:55
Romster--enable-cyrus-sasl     enable Cyrus SASL support for xmpp/irc05:55
Romsterdoubt that be it for google talk?05:55
diverseall deps are `[i]`05:56
Romsterand pidgin was using nss before anyways.05:56
diverseactually I think google talk uses xmpp, because of jabber?05:56
Romsterhmm perhaps the certs05:56
Romsterit might.05:56
diverseyep, google uses XMPP05:57
Romsterhmm cyrus-sasl is a version behind teK__05:59
Romster 2.1.26 but i only see 2.1.25 on the current source= url.06:01
Romstertry bumping that and see if pidgin needs a rebuild revdep pidgin06:01
diversemanually bumping it?06:02
Romsteryeah until tek gets to it.06:02
Romsterouch also a vulnerability teK__
Romsteri don't have a google-talk account to test afaik.06:05
diverseteK__ needs a slapping for leaving people vulnerable :P06:05
diverseI'm sure frinnst is more than happy to oblige06:06
diverse`=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.`06:08
diverselets see what aria2 has to say about that!06:09
diverseit's not happy either :( `a31d90|ERR |       0B/s|/usr/ports/opt/cyrus-sasl/cyrus-sasl-2.1.26.tar.gz`06:10
Romsterthat other mirror isn't up to date06:10
diverseall is good06:10
Romsterwell i hope google-talk works after that update.06:11
diverseit's blocked because the Pkgfile couldn't find the directory `Pkgfile: line 13: cd: cyrus-sasl-2.1.26: No such file or directory`06:12
RomsterteK__, ton of patches for cyrus-sasl you should take a look at that.06:13
Romsterdiverse, pkgmk -eo tehen ls for the correct path06:14
diversehuh, there is no path, all there is a file called `saslauthd` and a patch file, I think this is the wrong source06:16
Romsterbut thats in the home page hmm06:18
diverseI'll let teK__ figure this out06:19
diversethe LFS site also mentions the same link you gave me for cyrus-sasl06:19
Romsterk meantime try removing --enable-cyrus-sasl06:19
Romsterhmm required patch there too06:21
RomsterDescription:             Various package fixes, including autotools fixes, minor build fixes, etc.06:22
diversethanks cyrus for making it originally hard06:22
Romsteryeah just disable that... i added that for extra security.06:22
diverseother than gstreamer, I'm happy you added the spellcheck functionality in pidgin06:26
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Romsterwell gstreamer isn't too bad in my opinion and more programs use it. but the lack of sell checking always bugged me06:27
diversealrighty, disabling it made me able to log in, yay06:27
diverseWell, anything I see tied to gnome makes me see it as an omen06:27
diverseme being me06:27
Romsterusually i agree, but gstreamer is a nice framework06:28
diverseI need to get spellcheck to work on Weechat too06:29
Romsterbut it is quite a few ports and dependencies.06:30
diverseon weechat?06:30
Romsterthe large programs that i'm maintaining now including pidgin06:31
diverseWeechat uses aspell06:32
Romsterwell its there to use06:40
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timcowchipRomster: did you build with "-Dicu_use_data_file_flag=0"?07:32
timcowchip"horrorStruck i was reading the logs, workaround for the chromium icu issue, build it with -Dicu_use_data_file_flag=0"07:37
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timcowchip uses "-Dicu_use_data_file_flag=0"07:41
timcowchipso I'm building that. if it works I can upload the chromium.pkg.tar.gz07:43
timcowchipthe reason I ask is your pkg is dated 05/06 the day before horrorStruck posted a workaround07:46
timcowchipand your pkg also gives the icu error07:47
Romstertimcowchip, i use the default settings.07:53
Romsterits a old pacakge need up upload the new one07:53
z3braHi !07:57
z3braAre you aware of any crux LXC template ?07:57
z3braI'd like to create a package builder on my home server07:58
z3bra(and it does not run crux)07:58
Romsterz3bra, there is a docker image of crux07:59
Romsteror you could manualyl install pkgutils07:59
Romsterand use the -r option to pkgmk08:00
z3braHow is docker compared to lxc ?08:00
Romsterjsut a container really08:00
z3braDo you prefer it over lxc ?08:00
Romsterwell they work similar. dock, either is probably more versatile. both should do the same job. you'd have to search on the differences.08:02
diversedocker uses lxc, just so you know08:03
Romsterits a front end to it.08:03
z3braI though docker's goal was to only run an application08:03
z3branot a whole system08:03
z3bra(but I think it's mandatory..)08:03
diverseit's complicated08:03
diverseit's explained in more detail, it has many uses08:05
diverseon the website08:05
z3braWell, I think I'd prefer to run lxc alone, as my system capabilites are a bit limited08:05
z3braAnd I like to build thing from the ground up :)08:05
diverselxc is more bare, yeah08:05
diverselxc has become quite the popular sandboxing tool08:06
Romsteruploading timcowchip08:07
Romsterseems i already built it but didn't see it was at -208:11
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timcowchipthanks again, Romster gn08:29
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nwehas someon got this problem before..
nwehow should I fix this?09:03
nwehmm I think I found it :) I think I have some problem with one of my ports.09:07
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Romsternwe, comment out repos in prt-get.conf until you find the culprit09:49
nweRomster: I did that :)10:09
nweand I blaming my self :D10:09
Romsterhehe bad <<10:09
Romsteri actually got that feature to report than to go into a endless loop on the screen. in prt-get10:10
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Romsterreported it prt-get author fixed it.10:10
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nweRomster: oh thanks :)10:13
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libxi: updated to 1.7.315:28
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frinnstfuck i'm old22:01
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timcowchipany way to get "sudo chmod 1777 /dev/shm" to survive a reboot?
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timcowchipsomething in fstab maybe?22:36
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timcowchipshm                    /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults                         0      022:51
timcowchipshm                    /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults     0      022:51
timcowchipwill defaults do it?22:51
timcowchipdoes psutils rea;lly need ghostscript?22:54
timcowchip'cause I can't seem to get it22:54
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