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timcowchip/usr/sbin/smbd: /usr/lib/ version `SAMBA_4.1.9' not found (required by /usr/lib/samba/
nrxtxtimcowchip: recompile "popt" and "samba"07:40
timcowchipok thannks nrxtx07:48
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nwedoes someone know a good dlna-server?10:22
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nrxtxprologic: portdb got a big update15:18
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teK__nwe: minidlna17:00
teK__minidlna                     nwe            rsync -aqz minidlna17:36
teK__ok wtf17:36
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nrxtxi guess he already knows that one :D17:40
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PingaxThere's also ushare17:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.4.0 -> 0.4.118:04
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Rotwangit is starting soon18:52
Rotwangwhy no klose?18:57
nrxtxhm what is starting?18:58
teK__Rotwang: he's there18:58
teK__nrxtx: football18:58
nrxtxah right there was something this evening18:59
RotwangteK__: indeed18:59
Rotwangnrxtx: grand finale18:59
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nrxtxnow is the best time to go outside19:03
nrxtxlike cycling19:03
nrxtxsome time ago i went swimming when they played, hell you never have a complete public swimming pool for nearly yourself except for some other non-football fans :D19:05
Rotwangreferee joins in19:05
teK__in germany that's probably true right now19:06
nrxtxsome of my friends did a motorcycle ride during the game :D19:06
teK__on the other hand, it's 9pm ;)19:06
teK__and it rained cats and dogs19:06
nrxtxteK__: yeah that's the problem for today19:06
teK__we went for awalk in the woods and simply waited under the tree-roof until it stopped ;)19:07
nrxtxi better continue writing some code :D19:08
teK__have fun19:08
nrxtxportdbs are not writing themselves :)19:09
Rotwangthat was close19:10
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Rotwangthis match is actually interesting to watch19:10
Rotwangunlike 98% other games19:10
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RotwangOF NO GOAL19:29
jaegeroh, man, that's gotta hurt :D19:30
tilmanuh, i thought they'd start in 20 minutes?19:39
Rotwangtilman: you've lost some good action19:40
Rotwanghalf time19:47
looopgreat game so far19:48
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Rotwangthat hurts20:06
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jaegerMueller makes some great "awww, I fucked that up" faces20:21
RotwangI hope there wont be penalties20:31
looopi dont mind penalties20:52
looopgreat great game20:52
Rotwangpenalties is like throwing a coin20:53
Rotwangthe game is really good20:54
Rotwangdefinately worthy of world cup final20:54
Rotwangand worth to watch20:54
RotwangJesus is watching20:58
loooppenalties is not throwing coins21:04
loooppenalties demand skills21:04
looopand concentration21:04
tilmanstill feels weird to decide "important" matches like that21:05
tilman(i dont know anything about football btw)21:05
Rotwanglooop: I can bet that you could shoot some goals in a penalties21:06
Rotwangbut it would be much harder to do in a normal game time21:07
Rotwangso the skills needed in penalty shootout are really no televant21:07
Rotwangas long as you can kick the ball strong enough21:07
Rotwangand aim of course21:08
loooprotwang, it's not the same as scoring during the game21:08
looopbut there's lucky goals21:08
loooppenalties consist of 10 shoot21:08
looophardly like tossing a coin21:08
Rotwangor more21:08
looopor more, right21:09
Rotwanglike tossing 10 coins then21:09
Rotwangor more21:09
Rotwangdepending on the outcome of the 10 coin toss21:09
Rotwangthe american soccer rules of penalty shooting is much better imo21:10
Rotwangit was NASL:
Rotwangthat is more reasonable imo21:17
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jaegerI'm surprised they haven't been spouting "number of concussions in a world cup final" statistics21:23
RotwangAngela happy21:25
tilmanwhats with these foul plays that the ref doesnt care about? o_.21:25
jaegerthat was nice21:25
jaegerdamn nice21:26
jaegertilman: once you're 112 minutes in they seem to lighten up, heh21:27
FeigrI don't have a TV so I had to find a restream and the one I am watching has spanish commentators21:27
jaegeryeah :D21:27
FeigrI thought that was just a running joke21:27
jaegerGoetze will be drowning in women after this21:29
Rotwangriots because of happiness?21:36
RotwangI'm so happy, I think I'll burn this car21:37
Rotwangand throw some stones at the police21:37
Rotwangvery good game though21:37
tilmanTHE FEELS21:37
FeigrI'm glad I don't care about any sport that much21:38
tilmani meant the players, not my feels ;)21:38
Feigralthough it was quite nervous watching the women's curling during the olympics21:38
jaegernervous someone might slip and fall on their ass? :D21:38
RotwangJesus now has german flag displayed on him21:44
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prologicnrxtx, the one you're working on?22:01
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frinnstoh the joys of kms. gpu lockup = you're fucked22:18
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timcowchipInstalling '/usr/ports/cruxuser/gsettings-desktop-schemas/gsettings-desktop-schemas#3.12.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.23:17
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timcowchip gsettings list-schemas23:17
timcowchipSegmentation fault23:17
timcowchip(transmission-gtk:24148): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system23:18
timcowchipTrace/breakpoint trap23:18
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