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Guest22621I'm an experienced GNU/Linux user who is new to Crux. I have my system freshly installed from the 3.0 cd.04:53
Guest22621What is the preferred way to get it up-to-date after a fresh installation?04:53
Guest22621I ran prt-get sysup -log, which is running for quite a long time, and I'm just taking the benefit of compile-time to learn more about the system.04:54
darfoThat's what I do after a fresh install04:58
darfowelcome to Crux04:59
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xveehi guys05:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pgadmin3: update to 1.18.107:49
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frinnstlol @ exchange management shell09:19
frinnsttip of the day: Wondering how many log files are generated per server every minute? Quickly find out by typing:09:19
frinnstand then a 4-line command..09:19
teK__that's typical ;)09:20
nrxtxfrinnst ever installed a windows server as command line edition? it will give you a graphical login and opens a single dos prompt afterwards on a desktop without taskbar09:30
teK__I had a good laugh, the first time I saw that09:31
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nrxtxteK__: me too, only installed it because i was interested how it looks like and was not disappointed10:02
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jaegernrxtx: I used a 2012 core install for PowerCLI usage, our windows guy freaked out when he saw it12:38
frinnstI installed a couple of server core boxes to use as veeam backup proxies12:39
jaegerhe won't even use powershell12:39
frinnstIt caused some confusion when I had time off and a coworker needed to fix something12:39
teK__who would want to12:39
jaegerAny decent windows admin, in my opinion12:40
teK__I cannot imagine to adopt the syntax and foremost the semantics of this beast12:41
teK__just as frinnst said .. 'find out quickly .. in 4 LOC'12:41
jaegerIt's a bit odd if you're new to it but I much prefer it to clicking around microsoft's GUIs when I have the choice12:42
teK__there seem to be many many functins/properties of objects for very specialised tasks; I way prefer the general unixy way to retrieve these and sed/awk/grep them right12:42
teK__well anything is better than clicking if you want to automate things12:42
jaegerwell, if you're a windows admin you don't have most of those, unless you install cygwin or similar everywhere12:42
teK__that is not a real plus for power shell, tbh12:42
teK__Windows sucks12:43
jaegerI like it a lot for windows stuff but no reason I need to sell it :)12:43
jaegerI rarely need to do windows admin12:43
teK__happily: me neither.12:43
teK__we have several differen (server) machines with outlook installed to do different filtering and processing tasks for individual mail accounts12:43
teK__like purchaes invoices etc.12:44
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frinnsthp's website is awesome13:25
frinnstneed firmware for an ap13:25
frinnstlinks are broken13:25
frinnstuse google: find link. click on release notes to find if it fixes the issues: link is a url that redirects to the hp startpage13:26
frinnsti was also "selected" for a website survey13:27
frinnsti actually filled it out this time13:27
frinnstit was very satisfying13:27
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CruxinetI need some help with runit, I'm trying to get a tty login prompt but he tells me "unable to determine tty name" and I don't understand why13:53
frinnstno experience with runnit myself, sorry14:09
Cruxinetok tanks14:22
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joacimfrinnst: and i thought apple's and microsoft's website was awesome...15:28
joacimthe link in os x to how to service your mac yourself is dead now. rather, they moved the content, leaving a dead link in os x15:29
frinnstwhy the fuuuck do they move shit around without redirects? its not like they dont know links are hardcoded either on paper or in other docs15:50
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teK__with less swearing:
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meisternuIs the wiki about file downloading and sourceforge still current? I can't for the life of me find any actual valid mirror urls to use.18:06
meisternuI'm more talking about the wiki at  where it talks about sourceforge mirrors.18:09
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timcowchipso does any else get a glib error when running transmission-gtk?19:01
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timcowchipdoes anyone else use transmision-gtk?19:06
timcowchipits in /usr/ports/opt19:07
timcowchipsuggesting that it might be popular19:08
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timcowchipnot as popular as futball, but popular in a getting big files from the internet kind of way19:09
timcowchipwhat part of the toe is the fu?19:10
pidsley-afktimcowchip: i just use rtorrent19:12
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timcowchipis rtorrent cli?19:12
timcowchiphave you ever tried to use transmission-gtk?19:14
timcowchipnot that its better than rtorrent19:14
timcowchipjust wondering if it works for anyone else19:14
pidsley-afkyes, I used to use transmission, but now i prefer rtorrent19:14
timcowchipcli or gtk?19:15
jaegerhave you tried searching google for the specific error message from transmission?19:15
timcowchiptransmission, I mean19:15
timcowchipit has something to do with gsettings19:16
timcowchipwhich is not in opt and not supported19:17
PingaxUse deluge รจ_-19:18
timcowchipno thank you19:18
PingaxYou have a gtk frontend x)19:18
timcowchipqt takes too long to build on my hardware19:19
timcowchipoh you saying deluge has a gtk frontend?19:21
Pingaxtimcowchip, there is no depend of qt :;a=blob;f=source/gnome-extra/deluge/FrugalBuild;h=04d04be59cfe7f7a4f93caf6e3e0d1ebec979555;hb=HEAD19:23
timcowchipPingax: cool, thanks :)19:24
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nrxtx.. did you execute the post install of the gschema port to generate the schema files?19:56
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timcowchipdamn, I forgot20:13
timcowchipthatnks nrxtx20:14
pidsley-afki just built transmission-gtk on CRUX 3.0 and 3.1-rc3 with no errors20:20
timcowchipyou executed the post-install script20:23
timcowchipI didn't20:23
looopyou need gnome-schemas-settings20:23
nrxtxtimcowchip: is it working now?20:23
looopprior to install transmission-gtk20:23
looopand it works perfectly20:23
timcowchiponce I ran post-intall20:24
meisternuwell this is odd, I apparently have a /lib, a /lib32, and a /lib64. Am I the only one who thinks that's a bit fishy?20:29
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timcowchipI also have all 320:31
timcowchiplib64 is a link20:31
meisternuOk, I was worried for a minute. It seems to me we should only have a /lib32 and a /lib64, or a /lib and /lib6420:32
meisternuahh a link, that explains it20:32
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frinnstmeisternu: crux is a *64* bit distribution. lib32 is for 32 bit application. the lib64 symlink is for retarded applications :)22:01
frinnstother distros does it a bit backwards imo22:01
frinnstlike symlinking lib to lib32 or whatever22:01
meisternuah right, I should have looked for symlinks before freaking out. :) I'm just trying to get dwarf fortress running and I'm trying to get a sdl_image 32 bit version to install, but there are none in ports and everytime I try to make my own it still seems to compile a 64bit version =/22:03
frinnstah I see22:04
frinnsthave you looked how other 32bit ports does it?22:05
frinnstmight give you a clue22:05
meisternuyea, I tried with options like --libdir=/usr/lib32, and chaching the host to i486.. doesn't seem to help. Kind of odd out of all the compat-32 ports, there isn't a 32bit sdl_image, maybe because people are having as much of an issue with it as I am :P22:06
frinnstyou also need a ".32bit" file in the port directory22:06
meisternuoh? now that I didn't know22:07
frinnstunless that file exists pkgmk will pass your regular 64-bit cflags to the compiler22:07
meisternuthat would explain a lot22:07
meisternunow I just need to find a port with this file so I know what it is22:08
frinnst.32bit is just an empty file22:08
meisternuand it worked flawlessly. I wish I knew about that beforehand :P22:09
frinnsthehe yeah. Im not sure how the documentation for the 32bit compat stuff is. I never touch it myself22:10
meisternuYea, I'm not even sure if there is 32 bit compat documentation.22:12
frinnstit just turned AM here but i'll try to remember to look into it22:13
meisternuhaha yea, write yourself a sticky note22:15
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Romstermeisternu, touch .32bit22:49
Romsterin the pot directory for sdl_image-3222:49
Romsterand of course if i read more you already explained that22:51
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timcowchipRemove the usblp kernel module before starting cups?23:08
timcowchipdo I need to rebuild the kernel to do this?23:11
timcowchipor does /etc/modprobe.d/cups.conf blacklisting usblp take care of it?23:12
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