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mechaniputerI want to build custom install media (mostly just to learn about it) and I can't seem to git clone git://
mechaniputerIt says "fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /ports/core.git"00:51
mechaniputerI was able to clone /system/iso.git with a similar command, but it's not working for /ports/core00:55
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mechaniputeropt and xorg cloned fine, the only one that won't clone for me is core.01:08
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timcowchipLinux host 3.15.5 #1 SMP Thu Jul 17 18:39:05 GMT 2014 x86_64 Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D510 @ 1.66GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux01:57
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Romsterno wonder timcowchip machine compiles slow02:21
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jaegermechaniputer: welcome02:29
mechaniputerjaeger, do you know why I can't git clone the /ports/core source code, but I can clone opt and xorg just fine? (See messages above)02:34
jaegerJust looking into that02:34
jaegergit-daemon isn't running, how do any of them work right now? hrmm02:36
jaegerah, never mind, invoked on demand02:42
pidsleyseriously? an atom 510? this explains a lot02:44
timcowchippensioners can't afford high end hardware02:46
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Romsteryeah but even a core 2 duo would be faster than that atom.  second hand pick em up next to nothing.02:47
Romster$ git push02:48
Romsterfatal: '/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git' does not appear to be a git repository02:48
Romsterstupid thign have to cd .. then git push02:48
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Romsterfatal: Could not read from remote repository.02:48
Romsterno something is wrong jaeger  i cna't push02:48
jaegerI'm looking at it now, not sure what's up yet02:49
Romsterthought it only affected cloning.02:49
mechaniputerYeah, I was able to clone /system/iso, /ports/opt, and /ports/xorg. The only problem was /ports/core02:49
Romsterhas been cases where i had to cd .. to the root of the git tree to push something...02:49
pidsleyseriously timcowchip: my core2duo was $40 on ebay02:49
Romstersee what i said above even pidsley confirms that.02:50
pidsleyor an athlon x2 even02:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gconf: dropped02:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: geoclue: dropped02:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libmikmod: 3.3.5 -> 3.3.602:51
pidsleythat's what i'm using now, and it's only slightly slower than the core202:51
joacimtimcowchip: check craigslist and thrift stores02:52
pidsleynow that xp is dead people are giving away machines02:52
joacimmy aunt has one of those athlon x2s. She is throwing that away. It has a broken fan, so she doesn't dare turn it on02:54
timcowchipok I'll ask santa02:54
Romsteri could do with a few more freebies for my distcc collection03:01
Romsteri only turn them on when i'm compiling large things.03:01
pidsleywell, nice to know CRUX can be run on an Atom 51003:04
pidsleymakes me want to try it on my Atom 230 ...03:04
jaegerI have it on a Zotac MAG HD-ND01, it's an atom of some sort03:05
joacimDon't think I would run a source based distro on such a computer =)03:05
pidsleyi used to run Gentoo on a 2.0 GHz Celeron03:05
Romsterif i were to use one i'd of chroot a build system for it or distcc off the atom.03:05
jaeger330 I think03:05
joacimI kinda got spoiled by the brutal speed of my old C2D03:05
pidsleystart the updates, go to bed, maybe they were done by morning ;)03:05
joacimmight even get used to my new i5 too now03:05
Romsteri used to use a althon 1.6Ghz K7 on crux and before that a amd K6-II 450MHz03:05
Romsternow that K6 waqs slow and i586 only.03:06
joacimI ran gentoo on my xp2500+, but big software wasnt as big back then03:06
pidsleyi still have CRUX on a single-core 2.0 GHz Sempron03:06
pidsleyglibc update took 15 minutes on the Athlon, several hours on the Sempron03:07
joacimmaybe i should try it on my 933 MHz coppermine =)03:07
Romsterok i'm heading back to work03:07
jaegermechaniputer: git repos should be behaving once again03:23
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dododohi, when im using framebuffer 'vesa vga' im only getting penguin logo, and the system just using crux 2.8 any idea06:13
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mechaniputer2.8 is an obsolete release, I really recommend that you get the latest, which is crux 3.1.06:16
dododocrux 3.1 is x64 platform06:18
mechaniputerOh, you are running 32-bit I guess.06:23
dododonevermind, i found the prob, the framebuffer running just fine with intel framebuffer instead vesa06:25
dododothanks for your help06:25
dododomechaniputer: yep, Intel Pentium06:25
dododoim building linux router with this old pc06:26
mechaniputerAh, good luck. Personally I'd still be worried about such old software.06:27
dododothanks, i can update the package later tho06:27
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frinnstanybody know what kind of fucked up client it is that tries to resolve hostnames like "http://asfkasdf" ?09:03
frinnstI see quite a bit of servfail responses to these stupid clients09:03
frinnsti doubt ":" and "/" are allowed in hostnames :)09:04
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dododohow to check dependency for specifik package ex: samba09:20
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dododonevermind found it09:26
dododoprt-get depends package_name09:27
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guest12344wanted to try 3.1 burning the iso to CD. On booting I have a strange error about bad chunks of data on /dev/sr0. Is it just about my burning device or someone else had this one?Thx.10:51
frinnstyes /dev/sr0 is your optical drive. sounds like a bad burn10:52
frinnstyou can just dd the image to a usb-stick if you have one. It will wipe the stick though10:52
guest12344Yeap, i have an old laptop, will try onether one. Thx10:52
frinnstdd if=<image> of=/dev/myusbstick bs=1M10:52
frinnstor something like that10:52
guest12344Ok, thats even better. Thx10:53
frinnstnp, have fun :)10:53
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thetornainbowgood morning from tennessee12:12
thetornainbowRomster: i was able to update to 3.1 last night no problems. :) I noticed the md5sum for the .iso didn't match, so i redid with a fresh .iso, smooth sailing12:14
thetornainbowjaeger: ^^12:14
thetornainbowjust wanted to let you guys know. thanks for all the hard work on this release!12:14
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frinnstyawn. im bored with the internet for today12:20
thetornainbowfrinnst: surely not...12:22
frinnsteveryone in sweden is on vacation except for me. So no customer issues to work on12:23
thetornainbowi had a week like that last week.12:27
thetornainbowit's only a calm before the storm12:27
thetornainbowthis week has been a sh*t storm12:27
thetornainbowI need a new phone! MY LAPTOP WON'T KEY ANYTHING IN! I need a printer! I can't access email - ACTIVE DIRECTORY MUST BE DEAD12:35
thetornainbowenough whiskey and it will be a memory12:35
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frinnstscrew it. Im taking an early weekend12:43
frinnsthopefully stuff will begin to break again on monday :)12:43
thetornainbowhaha odd thing to wish for12:44
thetornainbowbut i'll drink to that12:44
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timcowchipwhy grub-mkconfig still call Crux "the unknown Linux distribution"?18:48
timcowchipremember that guy with the paper bag over his head who called himself "the unknown comic"?18:50
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z3braHow would I go in order to "keep X sessions openned" when I open multiple of them ?19:24
z3braeg: "startx" in tty119:25
z3brathen ctrl+alt+f219:25
z3braand startx -- :119:25
z3braif I switch back to tty1, all I see is my tty1 with "startx" output19:25
z3brabut X is still running !19:26
z3braI just don't see it anymore19:26
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timcowchipI created /etc/lsb-release
timcowchip### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ###19:51
timcowchipmenuentry 'Crux Linux? (3.1) (on /dev/sda1)'19:51
timcowchipit really says " menuentry 'Crux Linux" (3.1) (on /dev/sda1)'19:54
timcowchipno ?19:54
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timcowchipI guess the ' and " didn't match hence the ?19:55
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