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timcowchipdiverse: thanks dad08:21
timcowchipI was referring to the sagely advice he gave me about fixing things08:31
frinnsttasty 29.2C in my office08:32
timcowchipthat seems warm, without doing the math08:33
timcowchip22C being "room" temp08:34
timcowchipare you in Germany?08:34
timcowchipwarm there08:35
timcowchip63F here08:35
frinnstcool & nice08:36
frinnst88.5F outside08:36
timcowchipgot up to 74F here yesterday08:37
timcowchip1:30 in the am now08:37
frinnstoregon, right?08:37
timcowchipland of linus08:38
timcowchipthanks for the advice on btw08:38
timcowchipcompiled 3.15.5 the latest stable08:39
timcowchipdidn't break anything08:39
timcowchipxorg-server working well also08:40
timcowchipwell gotto give my brain cell some rest08:42
timcowchipstay cool if you can08:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxmusic: Taken over (prologic)09:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxpanel: Taken over (prologic)09:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pcmanfm: Taken over (prologic)09:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxmenu-data (NEW): desktop menus for LXDE09:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxterminal (NEW): VTE-based terminal emulator (part of LXDE)09:58
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teK__I feel advertised now10:02
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frinnstcruxbot thought it was a good idea to announce all git commits since 3.0 ?11:10
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u7knv9hcan i ask for help?12:08
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jaegerAsk your question, no need to ask if you can ask :)12:10
jaegeralso, since people in here are all over the world, don't worry if your question isn't answered immediately12:11
u7knv9hoh, obviously i don't expect a immediate answer12:12
u7knv9h(in the end i managed how to connect to the wifi using dhcp, thank to your help yesterday)12:12
jaegerglad you got it working, what was the problem in the end?12:14
u7knv9hi don't know exactly, i did "wpa_passphrase MyNetwork > /etc/wpa.conf", then "wpa_supplicant -B -iwlp1s0 -c /etc/wpa.conf" and in the end i started dhcpcd and all worked!12:16
jaegerAh. If your WPA config hadn't been setup before that, that explains why DHCP didn't work until then. The wireless interface can't get an address from DHCP if it isn't associated with the AP12:17
u7knv9hanyway, when i try to compile mpv (and some other packages), i get some errors, maybe related to dependencies, it's possible that the ports system didn't installed all the dependencies?12:19
jaegeryou can check with "prt-get depends mpv". If anything's missing it will tell you12:20
frinnstand you need to use "prt-get depinst <port>" to tell prt-get to install all the specified dependencies12:21
frinnstif you use "pkgmk" or "prt-get install" it wont do it automagically12:21
u7knv9hoh, thanks you all, i didn't know that12:25
u7knv9honly one more thing, if i wanted to install something from the personal collection how can i do it?12:26
u7knv9hpersonal collections*12:26
jaegerYou would download the ports file for the collection you want, put it into /etc/ports, run "ports -u" to download/update the ports, and add the collection to /etc/prt-get.conf using a "prtdir /usr/ports/<whatever>" line12:27
u7knv9hhow i download the ports file?12:31
jaegerfind the repo you want at and click on the "rsync" or "httpup" link in the "type" column12:31
u7knv9hoh, thanks!12:35
u7knv9hi just realized that the audio and the touchpad don't work12:36
u7knv9hthe touchpad needs kernel configuration?12:37
u7knv9hand the audio?12:37
jaegerI don't know for sure on the touchpad but for audio, you need the sound card driver in the kernel and you need to unmute alsa12:38
jaegerusing alsamixer in alsa-utils12:38
u7knv9hthe sound card driver is general or i must find the one that works for me?12:42
jaegerDepends on the card. Some drivers support many cards (such as hda-intel)12:43
jaegercheck the output of "lspci | grep -i audio"12:43
u7knv9h00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)12:45
u7knv9hmaybe i just need to unmute the channels12:45
u7knv9hbut even though i have alsa-utils installed when i run alsamixer it says12:46
u7knv9hcannot open mixer: No such file or directory12:46
joacimxeon? I was looking for a chipset like t hat12:46
jaegeryou might have the mixer support disabled in the kernel config12:46
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frinnstis socket2011 where it's at these days?13:17
frinnstthem xeon prices.. what a ripoff13:18
jaegerif you mean for consumer use, 1150 is where it's at13:19
frinnstah, those prices seem a bit more sane13:20
jaegerthe haswell refresh CPUs just came out recently13:20
jaegeri5-4690, i7-4790, etc.13:20
frinnstit was soo much easier when there was just one current socket/slot :)13:21
jaegerIt's not too terrible now.. I just write off AMD completely in their current generation and look at what the latest consume intel chipsets are13:22
frinnst2011 motherboards seems a lot more beefy - supporting 2 cpus and 16 memory slots13:22
frinnstbut i guess those are not really intended for workstation use13:22
frinnstoh well, my sandy bridge i7 will serve me well for a few more years13:23
jaegerI'd call the 1150 stuff "consumer" and 2011 "enthusiast"13:24
jaegerand yeah, an overclocked i7-2600K is still quite comparable to an i7-479013:25
frinnstyeah doesnt seem to really have changed much13:26
jaegerAlso, if you really want one of those high-end setups the Haswell-E stuff is supposed to be coming this year13:27
frinnstlot higher clock freq. that seems to be from where the performance comes from13:27
jaegerI'm sure there are other technical improvements under the hood but clock speed is the most obvious one and I'm not savvy enough to understand them all :)13:28
joacimi have an i5-4690, but i thought about the e3-1230 v313:28
jaegerI have an i5-4690 in my gaming machine, Xeon E3-1230 in my ESXi server. Aside from clock speed there's not much difference that affects me, really13:30
jaegerECC vs. non-ECC RAM, number of memory channels, that sort of thing, I guess13:30
joacimfrinnst: got my cm quickfire rapid now13:31
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joacimit is just plain black with plain windows keys. none of that gamer cram13:31
frinnstwhat switches did you get?13:31
frinnstjaeger: what switches did you get?13:32
jaegerI tried to get one of those, they were out of stock everywhere13:32
jaegerfrinnst: brown as well13:32
joacimi waited since easter for mine13:32 has about 50 of them now13:32
jaegerI didn't have your patience, hehe13:32
jaegerI do really like the ducky keyboard I got13:32
frinnstyou got a shine3, right?13:32
jaegerI don't use the backlighting13:32
jaegeryeah, dk9008 shine313:33
frinnstdid it come with an extra spacebar or do you have to use that ugly snake crap? :)13:33
jaegerI like that it has a normal shape, no weird protrusions, etc.13:33
jaegerit comes with an extra13:33
joacimthink i'll have to get some new keycaps on this one. don't like hte pan-nordic layout13:33
joacimfuck the swedes. they could've just made a danish/norwegian keyboard =)13:33
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frinnstif i'd known that it did ship with an extra spacebar i would probably have bought a shine3 a long time ago. instead i had to wait for +6months for premiere to be released13:34
jaegereven if it didn't I'm sure you could get one from some other online retailer13:34
frinnstoh please, fuck no/dk with your ugly ass ae safasd13:34
frinnstits "� � �"!13:35
frinnstI bought a switch demo-tester thingy from with 8 different types of switches13:36
joacimthinkin i should've done that before i ordered my keyboard13:36
frinnstblue and brown are the only ones that are sane really13:37
frinnstthe others are just too heavy to use for more than a our or so13:37
frinnstmx while feels nice. its a litte more quiet than mx blue but still clicky13:37
frinnstbut heavier13:37
jaegerI used a friend's brown before buying mine13:38
frinnstyeah you cant really go wrong with brown13:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] jre: updated to version 1.7.0_6513:48
joacimI guess I can play shmups now. was never able to do focus shots and move at the same time with my old keyboard13:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libjpeg: replaced by libjpeg-turbo13:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libmng: updated to 2.0.213:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated to 1.6.713:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: upate to 7.4.9413:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update to 1.5.0, apr-utils: update to 1.5.313:54
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jaegerer... wot?13:55
jaegerI think cruxbot has some issues13:56
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frinnstwtf 3.1 commits?14:07
frinnstdid you merge 3.1 to 3.0 or something? :)14:07
jaegerNo. They aren't in 3.0 if you check git14:08
jaegercruxbot thinks they are, though14:08
frinnstyeah it went bonkers over contrib earlier too14:08
jaegerinteresting that it didn't have any trouble with the 3.1 jre update14:08
Romsterwhat is up with cruxbot.14:12
u7knv9hsomeone can help me with the touchpad? it doesn't work and i really have no idea what to configure in the kernel to get it working. maybe should i enable touchscreens?14:20
Romstertouchscreens is nothing todo with touchpads.14:20
Romsterlspci -k llok for your trackpad, or it might be in lsusb14:21
frinnstits probably synaptics14:21
Romsterprologic, really? removing the packager from rotwang.14:21
Romstersynaptics would be a sure bet.14:22
frinnstu7knv9h: check under > Device Drivers > Input device support > Mice14:22
u7knv9hoh, thanks14:23
u7knv9hi should say yes or make it a module?14:23
frinnstdoesnt really matter14:24
frinnstudev will load it for you if you set it as a module14:25
Romsteri'd compile it in as you'd probably use it most of the time?14:27
Romsterbut it really don't matter.14:27
jaegershouldn't matter at all since it isn't needed to boot14:28
u7knv9hokay thanks14:32
u7knv9his there something to configure in the kernel like audio support?14:33
frinnstyes drivers for your soundcard14:33
frinnstand generic alsa stuff14:33
u7knv9hthanks! i've just found them14:34
u7knv9hsorry for the bother14:35
frinnstno worries14:35
Romsteryou can search in the kernel make menuconfig with the / key14:36
RomsterO_O tilman thanks now i wanna make my own tunes like this
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u7knv9hi enabled the two synaptic options in the kernel, compiled and compied bzImage and, but the touchpad still doesn't work15:10
u7knv9hit's not like i really need it, i mostly use a usb mouse, but sometimes it can be useful15:10
u7knv9hso i'd like to get it working15:10
u7knv9hsomeone know how to manage it?15:10
jaegerif you use lilo, make sure you re-run it after installing a new kernel15:11
Romsterdid you also prt-get depinst xorg-xf86-input-synaptics15:11
u7knv9hyes, the package is already installed15:12
Romsterlooked in dmesg and Xorg.log15:13
Romsterand if you made it a module you would have to also do make modules_install15:13
u7knv9hoh, right, i totally forgot about modules_install15:17
Romsterthat'll do it.15:18
Romsteri've done that before too.15:18
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diversetomcowchip: that's "jedi master" to you, young padawan. Jokes aside, seriously there is nothing "sagely" about what is common sense in the IT world. Grow a pair.15:22
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u7knv9h_sorry if i ask again, how do i download ports from personal collections?15:32
u7knv9h_anyway thanks romster, jaeger and others for all the help15:32
Romsteron portsdb there is a download httpup or rsync file you can drop into /etc/ports/15:34
Romsteror you can grab individual ports if you so wish15:34
Romstersee the type column, grab the file drop it in /etc/ports/15:38
Romsteradd a line in /etc/prt-get.conf "prtdir /usr/ports/foo" foo being the foo.rsync or foo.httpup usually. (look in the file if your not sure)15:38
Romsterfor the correct path.15:38
Romsterorder in prt-get.conf is important. for prtdir usually place it below contrib.15:39
u7knv9h_okay, thanks!15:40
Romsterso you got the touchpad going now?15:41
u7knv9h_yes, it was all about doing make modules_install after make all15:41
Romsterhehe sweet.15:42
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u7knv9h_when i try to download a port it fails, can it be a collection problem?15:51
u7knv9h_i mean, the individual collection of the user15:51
Romsterwhich user and possibly.15:52
u7knv9h_mpdscribble from romster's collection15:54
Romsteroh oyu mean when you prt-get depinst it don't download?15:57
diverseyou ran 'ports -u' before, did you?15:59
Romsterlooks like the directory for that source is gone15:59
u7knv9h_yes, i did15:59
u7knv9h_oh, doesn't matter, i will download the source from the official website16:00
diverseoh okay, then it's an upstream problem. Romster needs to find another source16:00
Romsterits a dead port u7knv9h_ i need to fix it16:00
Romsteri might have the source file on
Romsteror not it arn't there eather.16:01
Romstersorry that port is currently broken.16:03
Romsteri'll likely remove it not using mpd now.16:03
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Romstermy romster repo has some god stuff but some is obsolete/broken now.16:06
Romsteri'm heading to bed now though 2:06am16:06
diversehave a good one16:06
u7knv9h_not a problem, take your time (:16:07
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trappedvarious pages on the website state that CRUX is optimized for x86_6417:34
trappedwould it be possible to anyways compile it for x86?17:34
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timcowchipdiverse: seriously? "Grow a pair"? learn how to take a compliment.18:10
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mike_ktrapped: should possible, but this is not documented or supported in any way. You can take a look at the latest version of iso scripts for x86 (tagged 2.8) and compare with 3.0:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.019:00
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mike_kbut that is only part of the puzzle. also note, that any usable system will require a lot of small changes to current (3.1) set of x86-64 ports to run on x86, I believe.19:03
mike_kYou can write to mailing list to get more precise hints.19:04
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trappedmike_k: thanks!19:16
mike_ktrapped: good luck with that19:17
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u7knv9hi just created a new user, but the audio doesn't work, while on the root user everything is fine, what can be the problem?19:43
frinnstadd your user to the audio group19:45
frinnstyou need permissions to access the /dev/<sound device nodes> properly19:45
u7knv9hthe group audio doesn't exist, should i create it?19:46
frinnstit should exist in /etc/group19:46
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frinnstline 17 or something in /etc/group19:47
u7knv9hwhat other groups should i add the user to to avoid other problems?19:50
trappedsee "Group list"19:52
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u7knv9hhow do i set the default shell for a user?20:08
nrxtxwith chsh20:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 31.0. Patches several vulnerabilities:20:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to 31.0. Patches several vulnerabilities:20:26
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u7knv9hinstalled mpd and ran it without problems, but when i start ncmpcpp i get20:35
u7knv9hncmpcpp Couldn't connect to MPD (host = localhost, port = 6600): Connection closed by the server20:35
u7knv9hsimilar with mpc20:35
u7knv9h"error: Connection closed by the server"20:35
u7knv9hi tried to run "ncmpcpp -h" but it's the same20:36
teK__you may want to inspect your log files?20:37
u7knv9hi see no log files in ~/.ncmpcpp20:39
u7knv9hwhere i can found them?20:39
u7knv9hwhere can i found them?20:39
teK__that depends on your mpd.conf20:39
teK__i.e. the log_file directive20:40
u7knv9hah, i thought ncmpcpp logs20:40
u7knv9has i said,  mpd works fine20:41
u7knv9hwait just for a sec20:41
u7knv9hJul 22 22:38 : client: libwrap refused connection (libwrap=mpd) from
teK__should be tcp_wrappers related20:44
teK__by the default we deny everything via /etc/hosts.deny20:44
teK__you should enable clients in /etc/hosts.allow20:45
teK__something like..20:46
teK__mpd: ALL20:46
teK__mpd: 192.168.1. if that's your local subnet.. you get the idea20:46
teK__dont forget to restart mpd.20:46
diverseu7knv9h: when doing server stuff in the future, don't forget about the tcp_wrappers blocking the services by default20:47
u7knv9hthanks! it worked! i did the same thing but instead of ALL i put and didn't worked, but with ALL works20:48
u7knv9hbut now i have another problem, when i open ncmpcpp the library is empty20:50
u7knv9hi checke ncmpcpp.conf and mpd.conf20:50
u7knv9hbut everything seems okay20:50
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u7knv9hshould i chown the music directory and make mpd the owner?20:51
prologicRomster, eh?20:55
teK__naturally, mpd will need read-access/exec to files/dirs20:57
diverseprologic: you might want to ping Workster20:58
u7knv9hmpd user doesn't exists20:58
u7knv9hshould i create it manually?20:58
teK__would mpd be able to run as mpd if the user would not exist? No.20:58
teK__it runs as nobody, iirc. use ps aux | grep mpd.20:58
u7knv9hit runs as u7knv9h (non-root user) and i have access to the music directory21:00
diversefrom arch wiki "MPD reads the user variable in the /etc/mpd.conf file, and changes from root to this user."21:00
diverseu7knv9h: how are you logging into the mpd server?21:02
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diverseu7knv9h: actually nevermind about that (realized you are trying to listen to mpd locally). Did you already configure the ~/.ncmpcpp/config file to point to localhost or
u7knv9hyes, it points to
diverseu7knv9h: did you try "localhost" too?21:13
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u7knv9hyes, but still "No albums found." and on the bottom left "No database."21:14
trappeddid you configure it?21:15
u7knv9hyes, both mpd and ncmpcpp21:15
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC21:15
trappedcan you paste the contents of the config files somewhere?21:16
u7knv9hyes, sure, just wait a second21:16
diverseprobably could be a typo somewhere21:16
teK__did you google for "no database" mpd?21:17
u7knv9hyea, but i didn't found a lot, i'm still searching anyway21:20
u7knv9hthe ~/.ncmpcpp/ncmpcpp.conf21:21
u7knv9hthe ~/.mpd/mpd.conf
u7knv9hand /etc/mpd.conf
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diverseu7knv9h: well I took teK__'s advice and googled "ncmpcpp no database" and saw this:
diverselooking at the 2nd post, did you forget to press 'u' in ncmcpp?21:25
u7knv9hlol, yes i've tried and ncmpcpp updated the database ("Database update finished") but still no music21:26
diverseu7knv9h: can I see the 'ls -ld ~/musica' output?21:30
u7knv9hdrwxrwxrwx 217 u7knv9h users 12288 Jul 17 20:37 /home/u7knv9h/musica21:31
diverseu7knv9h: just for shits-and-giggles, how about adding "ncmpcpp: ALL" in /etc/hosts.allow, if you haven't already?21:36
*** chris2 has joined #crux21:36
u7knv9hadded but still nothing21:37
u7knv9ha little question, to make my laptop suspend when i close it i must reconfigure the kernel or there is a package and/or a config for it?21:38
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u7knv9hrunning "mpd --verbose --stdout --no-daemon" it freezes at "inotify: watching music directory"21:44
frinnstu7knv9h: you need to enable the powerfeatures in the kernel21:44
diverseu7knv9h: pkill mpd and try running mpd again21:45
frinnstthen iirc you can control it via /sys - or install userspace utils to help manage it21:45
u7knv9hit seems that it won't die, tried killall mpd and pkill mpd, with and without sudo21:48
u7knv9hfrinnst: power management and acpi options -> which one of them?21:49
*** nurax has quit IRC21:49
u7knv9hlol even mpd --kill doesn't work21:49
diverselooks like you got a zombie mpd process21:50
frinnstSuspend to RAM and standby and Hibernation (aka 'suspend to disk') sounds like what you want21:50
trappedu7knv9h: if you're using bash, `kill -9 $(pgrep mpd)` should work21:50
frinnstI dont have a laptop so im not too sure21:51
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC21:51
u7knv9htrapped: thanks, it worked21:51
diverse-9 is your friend21:52
u7knv9hit still freezes on "inotify: watching music directory"21:52
u7knv9hmaybe should i add inotify: ALL to /etc/hosts.allow?21:52
diverseu7knv9h: maybe try rebuilding mpd and restarting it `kill -9 $(pgrep mpd) && sudo prt-get update -fr mpd && sudo /etc/rc.d/mpd restart && mpd`21:56
u7knv9hsudo: /etc/rc.d/mpd: command not found22:01
u7knv9hnow i try to rebuild ncmpcpp22:01
diverseu7knv9h: forget about that one then, just run 'mpd' as user22:03
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:03
u7knv9huh, still nothing22:03
joacimdid you install mpd?22:04
trappedthis is intense22:05
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC22:06
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:07
*** deus_ex has quit IRC22:10
*** deus_ex has joined #crux22:10
diverseI'm sorry I had to express myself22:15
u7knv9hlol, goodnight, i'll try again someday and if i succeed i'll tell you22:25
*** u7knv9h has quit IRC22:25
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