IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-07-23

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timcowchipfor anyone interested in speech recognition
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waemHello, information on lxde is outdated on both the lxde and crux wiki(the port doensn't exist anymore?).  I am not that much of a linux pro... Do I need to get the sources and create a package?09:55
frinnstseems like it :(10:03
frinnsta couple of lxde components seems to already exist in contrib atleast10:05
waemyes, i'll try and do that then. thanks :)10:07
diversewaem: if you are interested, try looking at lxqt :)10:08
waemi'll try that :D10:09
diversenp, thought I brought it up, since the lxde guys are in transit to Qt instead of gtk10:11
waemhmm doesn't seem that hard to do. I'll probably be back with some issues. bis dann !10:17
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Romsterkernel 3.15.6, crux 3.1, nvidia 331.89, xorg-server 1.16.010:42
Romsterfinally decided to get unlazy and update.10:42
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Romsterwget --no-cookies --no-check-certificate --header "Cookie:; oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" ""11:35
Romsterbeat that oracle11:35
diverseyeah, suck it oracle!11:35
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Cyrius_Hi, has anyone had any luck with getting foomatic-db and foomatic-db-engine going? Would love some assistance!13:35
frinnstnever used it, sorry13:49
diversejaeger: oops what?13:57
frinnst* frinnst forgot to put a machine in maintenance mode again - generated +700 error emails13:57
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Cyrius_how about - how do I make a working port/package out of a straight download?14:00
frinnstyou can set PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR= to something like /usr/ports/src14:01
frinnstand just drop the file in there14:01
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diverseor put it in the same directory as the Pkgfile14:02
frinnstYou still need to create a port for it. Check out existing port Pkgfiles in /usr/ports/{core,opt,xorg} etc14:02
Cyrius_in that case would it just use the tar.gz that's in there instead of tryinng to download one?14:21
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frinnstcheck out the jre or jdk ports14:30
frinnstthey require that the user manually downloads the file. Why? because oracle, thats why14:30
jaegerlicense agreement14:30
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u7knv9hdiverse: in the end mpd + ncmpcpp worked14:34
u7knv9hit's possible to install google hangouts plugin in crux?14:39
u7knv9hor are there packages that allow you to join hangouts?14:39
frinnstis there a linux client for it? then yes14:41
frinnstdont use it myself so no clue really14:41
u7knv9hthere are .deb and .rpm but not .tar.gz/bz2 of the plugin14:42
frinnstrpm2tgz ftw14:42
jaegerI prefer .deb myself because you can use ar and tar instead of needing rpm2targz or rpm2cpio14:45
jaegerjust personal preference, though, either works14:46
u7knv9honce i extract the .tar.gz there are three folders, etc, opt and usr, what should i do to install the plugin (firefox)?14:48
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] exim: updated to 4.83.15:03
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: make: updated to 4.0.015:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gcc: updated to 4.8.215:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: rc: removed btrfs-scan from rc. handle it with a udev rule instead15:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libarchive: updated to 3.1.215:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.115:04
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trappedis there a repository for the cruxbot so i can fix the flood limit issue?15:16
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trappedalso, i'm going to install CRUX on a HP compaq 6530b laptop15:17
jaegerno idea on the cruxbot repo. it's reporting the wrong commits, though, so it needs something other than a flood fix15:21
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flufflefluHi. I'm an arch user and I'm quite intrigued by crux. I'm quite a newb and I can't find a lot of documentation about crux: should I stick with arch?15:56
frinnstwhat sort of documentation are you looking for? We are pretty generic without any magical crux-only workarounds15:57
frinnstonce you grasp the basics its pretty straight forward (imo)15:57
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flufflefluI mean, look at Arch wiki. Anyway, I'm pretty worried that I won't find any help looking on the web if any problem occurred.15:57
flufflefluAnother thing: I haven't understood how installing packages works.15:59
frinnstok. so you have ports and packages.16:00
frinnstports are just a recipie of how to build an application and how/what to install16:00
flufflefluHow do I use 'em?16:00
frinnstthe result is a package (package.tar.gz)16:00
frinnstyou probably want to use "ports -u" to sync your local ports tree from crux.nu16:01
frinnstand you want to use "prt-get depinst <packagename>" to install a specific package16:01
frinnstyou keep your system up to date with "ports -u && prt-get sysup"16:01
trappedfluffleflu: there's a whole Handbook about CRUX16:01
flufflefluok, that's it, right?16:01
frinnstprt-get is just a frontend for pkgutils - pkgadd and pkgmk16:01
fluffleflutrapped: I saw it, but, as I said, I really am a newbie and that's pretty cryptic to me.16:02
frinnstyou could try crux in a vm and if it isnt for you then perhaps arch is the better choice for you16:03
flufflefluObviously, you would recommend it.16:03
flufflefluCan I ask you why you chose it over other distros?16:04
trappedfluffleflu: personally, because it's very light and simple (and doesn't use systemd) and it's not bloated like other distros (e.g. ubuntu)16:04
frinnstI use it because it gives me full control over my system16:05
frinnstand if i dont like something i can easily change it.16:05
frinnstbut I dont run it everywhere. At work i usually use centos or debian16:06
trappedfluffleflu: more stable and tested i suppose16:06
flufflefluI understand.16:07
frinnstbecause im not the only one that needs to administer those systems and because crux is source based. Having to compile a bunch of packages to install or upgrade something is hardly optimal in a environment that needs to be 100% stable16:07
flufflefluThank you very much for your help.16:08
frinnstno problem :)16:08
mechaniputerI use debian for most of my serious work, but I've recently started running crux as well because it's fun.16:14
RolinhI personnally am interested by crux for its "bsd-like" stuff16:21
RolinhI've been using arch for 5 years now but I don't like the changes that have happened since 2-3 years16:22
Rolinhlike introduction of systemd16:22
Rolinhremoval of rc.conf16:22
Rolinhand so on16:22
flufflefluWhy don't you like systemd?16:22
Rolinhmostly for the bloat16:23
Rolinhthe embedded http server is a perfect example for me16:23
RolinhI hate binary logs format too16:23
Rolinhstuff like16:23
Rolinhbut I admit that it has some benefits too16:23
Rolinhbut I haven't tried crux yet16:26
RolinhI'd give it a shot today or tomorrow16:26
RolinhI've been looking for a while now for a BSD-like linux distribution, KISS, with a friendly community and I think that crux might be just that16:27
mechaniputercrux seems more loyal to the unix philosophy, including the avoidance of over-inclusive programs like systemd.16:28
Rolinhmechaniputer: this precisely16:28
flufflefluI have an old MacBook lying around: can I install crux on it?16:29
Rolinhfluffleflu: old like PPC one?16:30
flufflefluNo, an Intel one.16:31
RolinhI don't see why this wouldn't be possible16:31
flufflefluNot that old actually, but for apple's standard it is.16:31
mechaniputerI'm pretty sure it would work fine.16:32
jaegerfluffleflu: consider also that Arch has a huge community compared to crux, so a lot more documentation is to be expected16:39
Cyrius_Sorry if it was answered earlier but I had a meeting... how do I build a package from a standard install?16:42
Cyrius_or if there is documentation for this direct me that way?16:43
jaegerCyrius_: in the build system $PKG is your destination. You can look at it like / on your finished install. So if you install things into $PKG in a Pkgfile they'll end up where you expect them to.16:43
Cyrius_I am trying to work with foomatic-filters which has a port on /opt, but the database and database engine for it do not.16:43
jaegerCyrius_: check out section 4.6 of the handbook16:44
Cyrius_k ty16:44
Cyrius_yeah, the prologic ones didn't work for me16:46
Cyrius_Well, what I meant was take a standard application and make a package from it? Do I just set install path to $PKG is what you are saying?16:47
jaegeryou create a Pkgfile (like those in the portdb or in /usr/ports) and you run "pkgmk" from the directory in which it lives16:48
jaegerpkgmk reads the Pkgfile to figure out how to download/compile/install the application16:48
Cyrius_right right, but I mean without an existing port16:49
jaegerI guess I don't understand what you're asking16:50
jaegercreating a Pkgfile IS creating a port16:50
jaegerif you don't have a port for whatever you want to install, you either install it yourself (and it's NOT managed by crux's package system) or you make it into a port16:50
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Cyrius_and in the Pkgfile it would just be whatever commands I use to install under build?17:00
jaegerPretty much, but install into $PKG17:03
tilmanwhois|grep "Registrant Org"17:04
Cyrius_should I leave the file in tar.gz then use that as the source?17:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.3317:05
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-qxl: updated to 0.1.217:06
flufflefluSo, using fdisk, I have two partition: the first one should be refit. Should I delete everything?17:10
flufflefluI want to install grub, so I won't need refit.17:10
mike_k Does anyone have a hint about this error? I'am trying to build it with:
Cyrius_When I get an error about the destination not existing, what do I do there?17:18
tilmanmkdir destination17:18
Cyrius_should it just be thrown into the Pkgfile?17:18
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tilmancan *anyone* run the whois? it's hilarious17:22
mike_k"/whois tilman"  just works if that is what you are talking about17:25
Cyrius_why do the other ports not require the mkdir?17:25
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flufflefluI'm getting this error: "fdisk: failed to write disklabel: invalid argument"17:27
tilmanCyrius_: usually the makefile will create it17:28
tilmanmike_k: no, scroll up: whois|grep "Registrant Org"17:28
tilmanfluffleflu: disklabel? isn't that the BSD thing?17:28
Cyrius_but its at the beginning of the build thing?17:28
tilmanfluffleflu: i think you might have pressed the wrong button at some point :>17:29
tilmanCyrius_: sure, why not17:29
flufflefluI booted from a usb stick17:29
flufflefluused fdisk17:29
flufflefluI had 2 partitions: 1. EFI 2: apple filesystem17:30
flufflefludeleted the second and made a new one17:30
flufflefluAnd tried to write the changes17:30
Cyrius_no I mean, why would it cd before the make?17:31
mike_ktilman: ah, here it is
tilmani gave you guys one line to copy into your terminal ;)17:32
tilmanCyrius_: you'll have to be a  lot more specific17:32
Rolinhtilman: that fact is known17:32
frinnsthehe yeah openssl are bitches17:32
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flufflefluWhat error did I make?17:33
mike_kI thought you were interested in a complete output for some more info (17:33
Rolinhtilman: I would not say it's hilarious though17:33
tilmanmike_k: sorry, no :)17:33
tilmanhigh standards, huh?17:33
tilmanfluffleflu: sorry, i'm clueless about EFI and apple hardware17:33
diversefrinnst: for sure17:34
*** Cyrius__ has joined #crux17:34
flufflefluno problem17:34
frinnst7 sure-fire signs you're an F1 fan17:34
frinnst1. You say 'for sure' instead of 'yes' - even when you come from Southend not Sao Paulo.17:34
frinnstI was just reading that17:34
tilmanam i supposed to get that joke, if i'm not an F1 fan?17:34
frinnstprobably not17:35
frinnstbut formula one drivers say "for sure" a lot. Its even a known drinking game among fans :)17:35
Cyrius_easy way to paste?17:36
Cyrius__this will be fugly17:37
tilmanif you paste more than 2 lines in here, people will be mad17:37
frinnst?�?�)?? ???17:37
Cyrius__trying to avoid that... haha17:38
diversefrinnst: I never even heard of F1 until you brought it up17:38
Cyrius__it fails on the cd, why?!17:40
tilmanprobably because there is no such file or directory called that name17:41
tilmanCyrius_: run "tar tf" on your source tarball and note the directory it contains at the top17:41
tilmanwhere's your name and version definitions in the pkgfile?17:42
Cyrius__I just posted the build, sorry17:42
tilmanor did you leave them when pasting?17:42
tilmanunderstand the problem?17:42
diversefrinnst: would you prefer I respond with 「その通りだ」as agreement instead? :P17:44
flufflefluStill installing: can /etc/fstab be automatically generated?17:54
diversefluffleflu: should be provided by the install, you have to edit it to fit your partitioning scheme17:55
Cyrius__yeah its still in a tarfile17:55
Cyrius__tar.gz would be zxvf?17:56
diversetar xzf *.tar.gz should work17:58
diversev if you want the verbose output17:58
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frankenbtddiverse, wat18:11
Cyrius__should the tar be outside of the build?18:12
frankenbtdtar *.tar.gz would expand into tar xzf <all the files in the wd ending with .tar.gz>18:12
frankenbtdAh. Right.18:12
frankenbtdSo. f takes one argument18:12
flufflefluIt looks like I need a fat32 boot partition18:12
flufflefluAm I screwed?18:12
jaegerfluffleflu: are you trying to get UEFI going?18:12
frankenbtdfor i in *.tar.gz; do tar xf "$i"; done18:13
jaegerfluffleflu: on what hardware?18:13
jaegerfluffleflu: if it's x86_64 hardware then use FAT32. If it's a mac, use HFS+ and mactel-boot (or stick with rEFIt)18:14
flufflefluThank you. I have been stupid enough to delete refit18:15
diversefrankenbtd: I didn't know what which file he was talking about, so I use `*` as way to describe any .tar.gz file, not that he should run it as *.tar.gz18:16
jaegerIt shouldn't be too tough to get back if you want to go that route18:16
jaegerIt's probably easier to setup and use than mactel-boot's blessing18:16
flufflefluI can't make a hfs+ filesystem18:17
jaegerWhy not?18:17
fluffleflumkfs.hfs+ command not found18:18
frankenbtddiverse, a noob would copy that and run it without understanding what a glob is and how it works18:18
fluffleflumkfs.hfs+ /dev/sda1 sorry18:18
frankenbtdfluffleflu, there is an install.txt in /root/18:19
frankenbtdOn the iso18:19
frankenbtdIt tells you about genfstab, for example18:19
jaegerfluffleflu: you'll need to install whatever package provides mkfs.hfsplus for that18:20
flufflefluOk. So I guess I got to do that later. Thank you.18:20
jaegerfluffleflu: might be of some help18:21
diversefrankenbtd: I assume there are no noobs here ;)18:21
frankenbtddiverse, depends on the definition18:22
frankenbtdSomeone who asks about how to unpack a tar.gz is clearly not very knowledgeable :)18:22
Cyrius__still suck :/18:23
Cyrius__stuck *18:23
Cyrius__and I am pretty nooby18:23
jaegerCyrius__: any .tar.gz archive in the source=() array will be unpacked for you, you don't need to do it manually18:24
Cyrius__when it was doing that it was giving a destination doesn't exist18:24
flufflefluTell me again, how do I download and install the package from the link you gave me?18:26
Cyrius__second one is without the tar18:26
frankenbtdTHIS IS NOT #ARCHLINUX18:26
frankenbtdfluffleflu, there is no /install.txt and no genfstab18:27
frankenbtdDisregard me :D18:27
jaegerfluffleflu: you would install it manually as with any other source archive, or make a port out of it18:27
diversefrankenbtd: ...18:27
Cyrius__ahhhh hahaha18:27
frankenbtddiverse, I've switched from #archlinux without noticing myself doing it.18:27
Cyrius__is there a timestamp variable?18:28
frankenbtdAh. It was on frane 16. But I closed it. That explains it.18:28
jaegerCyrius__: not in pkgmk, no18:29
flufflefluOk, installation complete.18:30
flufflefluNow I'm trying editing fstab18:30
fluffleflureally don't know what to do with "dump" and "pass"18:31
jaegerfor ext* filesystems, use 0 1 for /, 0 2 for everything else18:32
jaegerfor non-ext* filesystems, 0 018:32
frankenbtdfluffleflu, :)18:32
frankenbtdThere is an explanation on there18:32
frankenbtddump is for the dump utility18:33
Cyrius__did you actually download and open it?18:33
frankenbtdfluffleflu, even if you don't use Arch, I recommend their wiki as a very good source of information on setting up stuff on linux in general18:34
flufflefluI do use Arch ;)18:34
frankenbtdAlso the gentoo wiki is fan-fucking-tastic18:34
flufflefluYou'd only use genfstab, I reckon.18:35
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flufflefluHow do I insert the DVD drive in the fstab?18:40
Cyrius_Thanks for the help guys!18:41
Cyrius_I couldn't figure out how to do more than one room lol18:41
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diversefluffleflu: I think the optical drives exist as /dev/sr0 devices or whatever number, iirc. I think this is what you want? `/dev/sr0  /path/to/mount  iso9660  ro,user,noauto,unhide  0 0`18:47
diverseCyrius_: np, hopefully it's a good learning experience for you18:48
*** feynman has joined #crux18:49
*** fluffleflu has quit IRC18:49
Cyrius_actually working between here and the dude who made this distro on crux's thing. Its quite a learning experience!18:49
Cyrius_nix experience was limited to Ubuntu and AIX 4.118:50
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Guest47500is the gimp port broken?18:57
jaegerwithout any specifics, no idea. Need more info18:57
diverseGuest47500: bug teK__ about it18:58
teK__source URL not working?18:59
Guest47500Connecting to||:21... failed: Connection timed out. Retrying.18:59
teK__3.0, right?18:59
Guest47500crux version?19:00
teK__that's the update, I forgot to push :)19:00
teK__should be working in a minute19:00
jaegerheh, saw someone mention crux in a thread on SA19:01
Guest47500SA?19:01 forums19:01
teK__sounds great19:01
jaegerIt's like any other forum on the internet. Tons of shit, lots of useful stuff if you can find it/avoid the shit19:02
teK__you mean like an image beard a la 4chan?19:02
jaegerIt's just a typical forum. forum posts, etc.19:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gimp: update source url19:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gegl: update source url19:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libjpeg: replaced by libjpeg-turbo19:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libmng: updated to 2.0.219:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated to 1.6.719:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: upate to 7.4.9419:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update to 1.5.0, apr-utils: update to 1.5.319:04
*** cruxbot has quit IRC19:04
teK__oops ;)19:05
teK__this might be related to having set the default HEAD for the bare repo19:05
jaegerperhaps so19:05
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*** cruxbot has joined #crux19:10
joacimjaeger: New case19:10
joacimit was a lot heavier than I thought19:10
joacimmy much bigger lian li is a feather in comparison19:10
jaegerNice. What is it?19:13
joacimSilverstone TJ08-E19:13
jaegerI've heard good things about those19:13
jaegeralso, have you seen this new one?
joacimI heard the fan was noisy and that the metal was thin and flimsy, but I'm pretty happy with this19:14
jaegerIt's not my favorite for looks but has some awesome features19:14
joacimone of the more solid cases I've own19:14
joacimabout the tj08-e19:14
joacimthought about getting the silencio 352. Think that one would've been easier to work with. it doesn't seem as cramped as my current case19:15
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*** phant0mas has joined #crux19:16
joacimwill fix up the cable management when I get a new power supply. might get an ssd for this computer too. thinking about the mx100. it is pretty cheap. =)19:16
joacimthat phantek looks nice internally.19:17
jaegerIf it had come out sooner I might have bought one but I'm happy with the Fractal Design Define Mini19:18
*** prqwew has joined #crux19:18
joacimLooks like it is a lot more flexible than mine.19:18
prqwewinstalling gimp i get
joacimPKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf19:19
joacimnew files are usually harmless. It is when it complains about missing files that something could be wrong19:21
joacimI don't think I could build computers for a living. Took me 3 hours to build this one. =)19:22
*** Cyrius__ has joined #crux19:26
prqwewi modified the PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW line in /etc/pkgmk.conf19:38
prqwewand now i get19:39
prqwewthe depencies are satisfied but gimp itself won't install19:39
prqwewshould i PKGMK_IGNORE_FOOTPRINT="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf?19:42
joacimI don't know what gimp requires to build those files19:43
joacimmaybe you need to look at the configure step19:44
jaegerIt may not need all of them to actually function. you could pkgadd the created package file and try it19:47
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flufflefluMe again19:48
flufflefluDon't have a clue on how to compile the kernel19:48
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:48
flufflefluI'm trying to follow this:
mechaniputerAnd what part are you stuck on?19:52
flufflefluHow to start. As I said, I'm a complete noob19:53
mechaniputerSo you are installing crux from the CD, right?19:54
mechaniputerThe handbook has a section on doing that, I can clarify the steps.
mechaniputerthe "make menuconfig" is a menu that lets you choose what stuff you want in your kernel. Getting rid of things you don't need leads to a smaller/faster kernel and a faster compilation.19:55
mechaniputerThe rest is just compiling parts of it, and eventually putting it where the bootloader expects it to be, and then making sure lilo finds it.19:57
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flufflefluWhat's really necessary for a working system?20:03
trappeddepends on your definition of "working"20:03
trappedyou can really just use the bios depending on your needs20:04
flufflefluI need a basic home computer, to listen to music, watch youtube and surf the net20:05
mechaniputerYou can start by getting rid of drivers that you don't need.20:05
mechaniputerFor beginners, it's safer to just not try very hard to optimize at first, and just worry about getting it to boot. When in doubt, leave it. You can re-load the .config file later and tweak things if you want for a second try.20:07
flufflefluSo I ought to leave it as it is.20:07
mechaniputerThat would likely work, but it might take awhile to compile and it will be big. Just remember to save to a .config file before you exit menuconfig.20:08
joacimI just install the software that i need. I really minimal system is useless when you cant do your work with it20:08
mechaniputerIf I were you, I'd still try removing some of the more obscure drivers for my first try.20:08
fluffleflulaunched make all20:12
flufflefluBut then I'll need to connect to the web before configuring GRUB, because I need the hfs+ fs package.20:14
flufflefluHow will I do that?20:14
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trappedi never got why freenode doesn't mask client hostnames20:16
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flufflefluAnyway, can I change the kernel later?20:20
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mechaniputerYou can always re-load the .config in menuconfig again, and make changes, save it again, and compile it again.20:21
mechaniputerAnd of course repeat all the little steps for after it compiles also.20:21
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flufflefluNeed help (again)21:08
flufflefluIt looks like kernel compiling went well: now, I need to install hfs package for the partition I need to install grub into.21:09
flufflefluWhat do I do?21:09
frinnstno clue about linux support for hfs. maybe someone else might know *afk*21:11
flufflefluThere are packages, I just don't know how to install them21:12
flufflefluLike this one
trappedrelevant ftp folder:
trappedif you can download the tar.gz file and check if there's a makefile of sort inside that'd be great21:21
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trappedi'm using a pocket-sized irc-only "texting device" so it's a bit difficult to do it myself21:22
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