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trappedwhen running `prt-get sysup` it fails building xorg due to the "exoxy" package being missing07:13
frinnstyes it was a dependency added after 3.1 was released07:14
frinnstcurrently we dont have a way to automagically install dependencies when updating07:14
frinnstjust do "prt-get depinst libepoxy && prt-get sysup"07:15
trappedi'll just install it manually later07:15
frinnstalso you need to rebuild your ddx and input drivers07:15
trappedi'm not sure if the laptop i'm installing crux on shut down after completing the sysup or if its battery died07:15
frinnstwell if you are compiling software on a laptop running on battery i know what my bet is ;)07:16
trappedthanks for the heads out about xorg07:16
trappedgonna subscribe to the mailing list07:16
frinnstyeah its a pretty quiet list usually07:17
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flufflefluIn the installation, I don't understand where do I have to add "net" for the network config.08:04
flufflefluShould I exec /etc/rc.d/net?08:05
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fluffleflu(nevermind, I'm blind)08:09
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Romsterfluffleflu, /etc/rc.conf in SERVICES=() should have lo and net09:00
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Romstersuck it Russia Australia is stopping the export of beef and lamb to them due to MH1709:03
frinnsthaha is that a big export for you guys?09:04
Romstermostly to USA anyways09:06
Romsterhas anyone messed with framed route over ATM before?09:07
Romsterthat's if anyone even uses ADSL in here.09:08
Romsterpppoe over atm09:08
Romsteratm is a packet protocol09:08
frinnstah. Im suffering acronym overload currently09:08
Romster53 byte packets09:09
frinnstsounds fun. Never come across it tho09:09
Romstervci vpi 8/3509:09
Romstereverything that uses adsl or sdsl uses atm packats at the backend to the isp09:10
Romsteri spent a tone of time calcualting the best packet size ot fill every atm cell too off my home network.09:11
Romsterbut now i need to do a framed route for a client, gonna be fun.09:11
Romsterfigured out moust of it but the configuring the ip assgined by the isp to the lan port. that's if any of the routers i got access too have that.09:21
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waemI am trying to make my first crux pkg. But I got a bit lost. I had already downloaded the alpine.tar.gz, placed it in /usr/local/src, wrote the Pkgfile as explained in the handbook. With source=($name.tar.gz).10:25
waemBut he can't change to the "alpine" directory. doesn't pkgmk creates it automatically?10:27
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waemoh shoot10:29
waemI found the problem10:30
waemIf a package is installed this way, should I preferanly use fakeroot?10:35
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frinnsthow is the package installed?10:56
waemBy downloading the source, writing the Pkgfile, pkgmk, pkgadd10:57
frinnstyou should use fakeroot to build it "$ fakeroot pkgmk"11:00
frinnstbut you still need root to install it11:00
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flufflefluSo I need to connect to internet11:20
flufflefluI modified rc.d/net with the interface on my computer11:20
fluffleflustarted it11:20
fluffleflualso brought up the interface11:20
flufflefluwhat should I do next?11:21
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trappedz3bra: please ping me when you finish replacing your server's HDD so i can pull your 2bwm port12:29
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WubboZhey guys, hey Cyrius_13:29
WubboZi was wondering if there is someone here with some experience with freerdp and device redirection13:30
jaegerI use it but not the redirection, sorry13:33
frinnstI use it but no redirection except for ~/13:35
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frinnst +home-drive and +clipboard are the only thing I use13:36
waemhi again, I am running crux on a laptop and sensors-detect tells me i need to control my fan through the acpi. Is there a way to accelerate my fan by hand?14:01
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trappedwaem: through the BIOS, i suppose14:05
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waemtrapped: thanks :). I compiled the kernel with option CONFIG_ACPI_FAN=y isn't that ment to allow me to control my fan from crux?14:08
trappedno idea, perhaps you can find something on the kernel docs14:09
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waemi'll go look then.14:11
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waemwhat's the channel best practice? if I find solutions and answers for my own questions and problems should I post them?14:27
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trappedz3bra: thanks15:14
z3bratrapped, ^ thisis the base64'd version15:14
z3bracurl -s $URL | base64 -d > 2bwm-groups.tar.gz15:15
Rolinhhey, a simple question about packaging: do you differentiate build dependencies from dependencies? For instance, if cmake is a build dep, you just mention it in #Depends on in the Pkgfile ?15:15
z3braI'm off15:15
z3bragood bye guys :)15:15
Rolinhnobody's got the answer?15:19
jaegerRolinh: no, yes15:21
Rolinhjaeger: thanks15:22
Rolinhjaeger: also, is there a reason for not having a control sum in the pkgfile? to make sure that we actually downloaded the right file15:23
jaegerbecause it's stored in .md5sum instead15:23
Rolinhok but are you supposed to provide this information when creating a pkg ?15:24
RolinhI see this file mentionned in pkgmk(8)15:24
jaegerIt is created by pkgmk if missing15:25
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flufflefluFollowing this I get stuck creating the ESP filesystem.16:00
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jaegerThe page is written for non-mac hardware. For a mac you should follow something like that link I gave yesterday instead16:09
flufflefluOk, but how do I get the package I need during the installation?16:12
jaegeryou'll have to download and compile the hfsprogs utilities while in the chroot16:13
flufflefluHod do I accomplish that? Before I tried connecting a modem cable but ping did not work.16:15
jaegerthe installation media has network interface modules available, make sure the module for your network card is loaded and run dhcpcd or set it up manually. then you can use wget or curl to download16:16
jaegeractually, curl probably isn't available at that point but wget is16:17
flufflefluOk, thanks.16:18
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flufflefluifconfig lo && ifconfig enp2s0, dhcpcd, ping not working.17:16
flufflefluAny clue?17:16
trappedwould you share your net config?17:16
flufflefluip link results?17:16
flufflefluor the config file?17:17
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fluffleflumy /etc/rc.d/net: I only changed the "DEV" to my interface's name.17:19
flufflefluIt should just work by default, shouldn't it?17:23
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WubboZjaeger frinnst, thanks for the info18:24
WubboZperhaps any clue on where to find someone who has a bit more experience with device redirection?18:25
WubboZi've tried #freerdp, but everybody there is just idling18:25
jaegersorry, that would be my first guess, or google18:40
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Rolinhif I am to update the kernel, as of patch 3.12.25 which is out now, I shall basically download the patch, apply it, make all, copy vmlinuz and voilà?18:53
Rolinhdon't have to mind the headers18:54
tilmanyou'll want to install the modules as well though18:54
Rolinhsame as during install18:54
tilmandon't forget to re-run lilo if that's what you use18:55
Rolinhoh yep, that is true18:55
Rolinhthat's what I use yes18:55
Rolinhbasically testing crux in a vm to see if it's worth the switch :)18:55
Rolinhbut I have to admit that I'm quite pleased with it for now :)18:56
tilmanbtw, usually you'll first copy your old kernel config to the new source directory and run 'make oldconfig'18:56
trappedwhat's the standard way of writing Pkgfiles for git repo-dependent packages?18:58
tilmanbuilding from a moving target is horrible cause you never know what you're gonna get18:58
frinnstRolinh: you can just run "make install" - it will copy vmlinuz to /boot - rename your old kernel to vmlinuz.old and run lilo for you19:04
Rolinhfrinnst: thanks for the tip :)19:04
Rolinhthat worked fine19:09
Rolinhhow is the process for pkg contributions in contrib repo?19:10
frinnstits a trust thing19:12
Rolinhso the guy that proposes a pkg gets to be the ports maintainer19:13
frinnstYou generally apply to the contrib mailinglist.19:13
joacimit is best to create and publish your own repo i think19:15
Rolinhbut then you end up having many users with many repos19:16
Rolinhso why would that be best?19:16
frinnstbecause we expect some quality in contrib19:16
joacimit shows that you knows how to make and maintain ports19:16
Rolinhoh, in that sense19:16
joacimif your repository is any good that is19:17
Rolinhdid not get it the first time19:17
Rolinhyep, sure19:17
RolinhI like the simplicity of pkgfile. Even simpler that archlinux PKGBUILD :)19:18
joacimthinking about getting a domain there19:18
trappedjoacim: i and a couple other people already got some of those19:25
trappedmostly short, often used word terminations obviously19:26
trappedwe also made and - the first featuring fortune-mod and the second being about gnu/linux19:26
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timcowchipI've running into an interesting problem with python based packages on 3.119:51
timcowchip"ImportError: No module named gtk"19:51
timcowchipit didn't happen on 3.019:52
timcowchipit dosen't happen on arch or gentoo19:52
timcowchipI was wondering if something changed on 3.1 regarding gtk and pyhton modules19:53
joacimI'm guessing you have to rebuild packages that depend on python19:54
timcowchipthanks joacim, but I just built one and it gives the error on the first run19:55
timcowchipI have both python and python 3 installed19:56
joacimdid you rebuild pygtk?19:56
timcowchipI'll try that, thanks19:58
jaegeryeah, that means python can't find its gtk module, which is part of pygtk19:58
timcowchipok that makes sense19:59
timcowchipit worked thanks again :)20:03
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timcowchipfound this in arch's AUR
timcowchipfor anyone interested in gmail notification20:25
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timcowchipjust started my 4+ hour download of oxygen-icons22:30
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u7knv9hin the terminal i can't display some characters, like マ and █, what packages i need to install to display them correctly?22:50
u7knv9hand using openbox i have two more pixel (1368x768 instead of 1366x768), how do i fix that?22:52
u7knv9hstill haven't tried other wm/de so i have no idea if with others i have the same problem22:52
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frinnstyou need a utf8 terminal and you need to set up your locales23:00
frinnstand set $LANG23:01
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trappedz3bra: how's the maintenance going? i'm in need of some pkgfiles from your collection (a mirror would be nice if possible)23:56

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