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jaegerinstalled crux 3.1 on my retina macbook pro today, it's gotten a lot easier to do02:53
jaegerdon't even need the ESP to be HFS+ anymore02:53
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brian|lfsgood lord figured CRUX was dead then saw a new release got it in virtual box04:48
brian|lfsxorg server won't upgrade and firefox doesn't download04:48
brian|lfsto update04:48
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brian|lfsanyone around tonight04:55
openfbtdIRC is asynchronous.04:56
openfbtdAnd no, I ate everyone.04:56
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brian|lfssmart ass04:57
brian|lfsyou run crux openfbtd04:58
openfbtdIs that a statement?05:00
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openfbtdThen no.05:01
tilmanpitchfork time05:01
openfbtdI actually run highly customized arch systems mostly05:03
openfbtdAnd some debians05:04
brian|lfsthat's a good thing I got crux in virtual box it seems buggy05:04
openfbtdExperimented with setting up a very minimal arch system by avoiding the base package group05:05
openfbtdA few hours ago05:05
openfbtdDidn't shave a lot of size off though05:05
openfbtdBut this is not bad, I think:
brian|lfsI"m watching a video on youtube crux video from 11 months ago and links where bad when he installed05:08
jaegercrux has a very small team; if you find a bad link report it to the maintainer05:17
jaegeralso you can download the source file from another location and put it into PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR if you like05:20
brian|lfstrue true05:21
jaegerhrmm... lxqt still needs a lot of work05:31
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timcowchipwhat lxqt needs, mostly is qt508:12
frinnstqt5 probably needs a port in opt08:13
timcowchipI couldn't find a source for qt5, other than a net installer08:14
timcowchipbut I probably didn't look in the right place08:15
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frinnstno you didnt :)08:15
timcowchipgit clone git:// qt508:16
frinnstgit is a pain if you want to make a port for it08:16
timcowchipwhat a monster08:18
Romsterdon't look very hard08:24
Romsterand then frinnst beat me to it d'oh08:24
Romstergof or the xz timcowchip it's 169MB08:25
Romstergo for08:25
Romstergz hasn't got the same compression08:26
timcowchipwonder how long it would take me to build08:30
frinnstwith your hardware? A week? :)08:31
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waemhi :)08:43
Romsterhello waem08:43
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waemWhen in kernel config they talk about x86 platforms, x86_64 are included?10:14
Romsteryes it's just what ever arch it's compiled for.10:16
Romsterx86 existed before x86_6410:16
Romsternot all documentation in the kernel is updated to reflect that.10:17
Romsterwaem, ^10:17
waemRomster: Great! thanks!10:17
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u7knv9has frinnst said yesterday i set up my locales and set $LANG, but i still can't view some characters in the terminal (rxvt-unicode)13:38
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frinnstwhat did you set $LANG to?13:42
joacimu7knv9h: I think you're missing some fonts13:43
frinnstyes thats also a strong possibility13:43
u7knv9hi did "export LANG=it_IT.UTF-8"13:44
jaegeris that reflected in the output of "locale"?13:44
u7knv9hnow i try installing some fonts13:44
jaegerok, probably font, then13:44
u7knv9hbut i have no idea of which fonts should i install13:45
u7knv9hxorg-fonts-* ?13:46
frinnstxorg-font-terminus ftw13:46
frinnsturxvt*font: xft:Terminus:style=Medium:size=8 in ~/.Xdefaults13:47
joacimyou probably need some of the japanese ones13:47
jaegerdejavu is also unicode, I think13:47
u7knv9hinstalled xorg-font-terminus and set it in .Xdefaults, but still nothing13:49
u7knv9hi can't view characters like ▬ and japanese characters13:50
joacimdejavu and droid fonts might support japanese stuff13:51
joacimand i think urxvt should be able to pick up missing characters from other installed fonts when your primary font doesn't support those characters13:52
jaegernot sure, I don't use urxvt, sorry13:52
frinnstI dont think i've come across any characters that urxvt has failed to display with terminus13:54
u7knv9hinstead of the japanese i see some accented vocals, and instead of others like ▬ i see "?", and instead of » i see nothing13:55
u7knv9heven with terminus and dejavu installed13:55
joacimand droid fonts?13:55
joacimshould be some fonts there specifically for asian languages13:56
u7knv9hyes, but i've installed some and i can't even display one asian character, and asian characters aren't the only ones i can't view13:57
jaegerI'm not a font expert but I think that the asian characters and the extended unicode characters are covered by separate fonts13:58
jaegernot that that helps13:58
u7knv9hmaybe should i restart?14:00
joacimmaybe just x11. either way, the alan collection has a lot of relevant fonts14:01
joacimi think i had to modify some of them to work when I had Xorg on my system. I think their post-install scripts were outdated14:02
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u7knv9h installed xorg-font-otf-ipafont, font-arphic-ukai, font-arphic-uming and xorg-font-kochi-ttf, but in the terminal i can't still display any east asian character and/or special character (outside of the terminal everything is fine)14:46
u7knv9hand also generated japanese and chinese locales, and set LANG=en_US.UTF-814:46
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u7knv9hthe real problem aren't the asian fonts, i can wait for them, but i can't even display "»" lol14:47
u7knv9hisn't* sorry14:47
jaegersorry, I don't have any ideas14:48
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tilmanyou need to set LC_CTYPE instead of/additional to LANG16:01
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Rolinhso far I like crux a lot16:58
Rolinhthe only thing that makes me hesitate to switch is the number of available ports. On the other end, it's easy to create one when it is missing...16:58
trappedit's full of ports - and in the end, as you said, making one is no big deal17:03
trappedif anything, you might have some issues compiling software on the laptop17:03
Rolinhit sure is17:03
trappedas for example firefox needs some gbs of tmp space17:03
Rolinhon the other hand, I personnally am perfectly fine using i3 only but if, for instance, I lend my laptop to my girlfriend I'm not sure that the environment would fit her and I'm not so sure about, say KDE ports.17:04
trappedkde ports are available17:05
RolinhI've seen this but it seems stuck at version 13.0 whereas 13.3 (so that is 3 bugfix releases) has been released17:05
Rolinhso I was wondering if it is well maintained or not17:05
tilmanbuilding ports for standalone packages is usually trivial if you've got some *nix experience17:06
tilmanporting stuff like all of gnome can be (is a) PITA17:06
Rolinhtilman: it sure is17:06
tilmanporting software written in arcane languages can be a challenge as well17:06
Rolinhyep, I'm aware of that but you're right17:07
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xzgvhi, can somebody tell me the name of the new distro based on Crux?17:27
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Rolinhhu, he was not very patient :P17:29
diverseRolinh: well those that don't wait, don't get answers ;)18:29
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diversefor anyone that needs to test their unicode support, make sure you can read this: 今このテックスは読むか?18:48
trappedi can - is the last symbol meant to be a strange question mark?18:49
diversetrapped: it supposed to be a wider length question mark, which is typically used in Japanese sentences18:49
diversewell, in "modern" sentences more actually, the か particle already notes the sentence as a question.18:59
trappedthe ka one, right?19:00
trappedi need to take some time and learn katakana19:00
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diversetrapped: what helps me is have a little poster with all the kana characters for reference and try to read as much Japanese as you can (like in games), even if you can't comprehend it, I find this helps me get more familiar at least with katakana and over a long period of time, some kanji19:04
trappedanyone here got the i915 intel graphics module to work?20:17
teK__I can at least think about two places for sucha module. Which one?20:18
trappedthe one xorg uses to interface with intel integrated graphics20:18
trappedthe one in xorg-xf86-video-intel uses20:19
teK__yes I have that installed, too20:19
trappedtrying to compile the kernel with it but i'm getting tons of undefined references20:19
teK__[     4.116] (II) LoadModule: "intel"20:20
teK__[     4.116] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so20:20
teK__[     4.120] (II) Module intel: vendor="X.Org Foundation"20:20
tilmanteK__: he's talking about the kernel module20:20
teK__you actually managed to make the kernel misbehave? Is such a thing even possible?20:20
tilmandid you use menuconfig to select/enable it?20:20
tilmanor did you muck with the config like a monkey and forgot a dep?20:20
trappedthough i might have some junk in env20:21
teK__what what, I did not manage to do that in the past .. 10? years..20:21
trappedgonna clean it up and try again20:21
teK__you can have the config of my Lenovo x201 as a reference20:22
trappedjust to be sure - what's the correct menuconfig entry for the i915 module?20:26
teK__I have CONFIG_DRM_I915=y20:26
teK__but that won't help you much as your config has to be _really_  fscked20:26
trappedcompiling again20:28
trappedi wonder if italian regional trains provide a free wifi connection20:34
trappedthe i915 module is compiling right now20:34
trappedit finished20:34
trappednow it's doing other stuff20:35
trappedcrossing fingers20:35
trappedi haven't tried to get wifi to work yet20:39
trappedi suppose it's gonna be a pain just again20:39
diversethink of it as a fun challenge ;P20:43
tilmanspeaking of italy20:43
tilmanshould i link to the renzi-speaking-english video again?20:43
trappedaaand it failed again20:44
trappedcomplains about some "drm_fb_*" reference20:44
trappedtilman: i watched it extensively20:44
trappedand repeatedly20:45
trappedcomplains about drivers/built-in.o's references20:45
tilmanare you building i915 as a module, or are you trying to put it in the kernel image?20:47
trappedi added the env variables teK suggested20:47
trappedso i suppose including it in the kernel20:47
teK__and you are using a VANILLA kernel?20:47
trappedthe one included with CRUX 3.120:48
teK__I just cannot imagine how to screw things so it will fail compilation20:48
tilmantry building it as a module20:49
trappedseems like now it succeeded compiling build-in.o20:50
trappeddrm_* stuff undefined20:50
Rolinhtrapped: do you have CONFIG_DRM_I915_FBDEV=y ?20:53
trappedapparently not20:53
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trappedRolinh: just for future reference, where can i find a complete list of those switches to grep from?21:04
Rolinhtrapped: hum, not sure.21:06
feynmanthere are various good guides for configuring kernels around the web21:08
feynmangentoo wiki for example21:08
trappedfeynman: not really looking for guides, more like kernel docs21:08
feynmanyou want a complete list of kernel switches, but you are having problems copnfiguring your kernel properly21:09
feynmanexcuse me, mt mistake.21:09
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trappedfeynman: because i didn't enable some switches, that is21:10
tilmanhe's annoyed ;p21:10
Rolinhtrapped: you might find this useful:
teK__it seems that we got quite some new visitors in this channel during the last few days/week21:17
Rolinhhu, not sure21:18
RolinhI'm part of the new visitors :)21:18
teK__yes, so tell me: how come?21:18
tilman3.1 release could be a part of it?21:19
Rolinhwanted to test crux for a while now and decided to give it a shot? kind looking for a distro that is kiss and bsd'ish21:20
Rolinhoh, I published a news on a popular french website about crux 3.1 and that was published today21:20
Rolinhthat might have bring some people in this room but I can't be sure of that21:20
trappedteK__: it's summer, i have free time to spend trying new stuff - and i've been interested in crux for a while21:20
trappeda lot of french people are into crux it seems21:21
Rolinhtrapped: what makes you think so?21:21
trappedi've heard of/read stuff from quite some french people who use crux21:22
trappedthe first one who comes to mind is z3bra honestly21:22
RolinhI'm not french btw ;)21:23
trappednever mentioned you21:24
teK__don't forget about yhafri! :>21:26
teK__thanks for telling me21:26
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tilmanRolinh: did linuxfr's CMS go nuts when it tried to present your article? the summary looks really weird for example21:31
Rolinhtilman: weird in what sense?21:32
tilmanwhy are lines from the xz port in the _ToC_?21:34
RolinhI know that when I submitted the news, it was reviewed by some people before the publication and somehow they managed to screw up the page layout a bit21:34
Rolinha backtick is missing which screws up the code citation21:34
tilmanlooks like the automatic assembly of the toc was messed up21:34
RolinhI asked for someone to fix it (because I can't) but nobody did anything yet21:35
Rolinhtilman: you speak french?21:37
tilmanwas just guessing what that "popular french linux site" could be21:37
Rolinhbut yes, that is linuxfr:
trappedsuccessfully compiled this time21:45
Rolinhtrapped: used the configuration recommandation from gentoo?21:46
jaegeryou can also use the one that setup installs, it's fairly generic21:46
trappedRolinh: yes21:47
diversetrapped: congrats23:09
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richard_xorg-server: error: Package requirements(epoxy) were not met: No package "epoxy" found.23:57
jaegerinstall the libepoxy dep23:58

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