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jaegertrapped: does it load properly if you run the modprobe command manually?00:29
trappedthough i solved by compiling it with the kernel00:31
trappedbut the question remains00:31
jaegerwell, next time you try it, also try running /etc/rc.modules and see if it throws any errors00:31
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jaegertrying to get all the ACPI and power management stuff set up on my work laptop, been ages since I really messed with that stuff01:04
trappedjaeger: i just managed to scale my processor's speed from 3.4GHz to 500MHz01:07
jaegerthat's one thing I was thinking about doing, in this case just switching to the "powersave" cpufreq governor when on battery01:07
jaegeralso dimming the screen if I can get that working01:07
trappedin my case dimming my screen was just a matter of `tee /sys/class/backlight/[device]/backlight <<< 0`01:08
jaegereasy enough01:08
jaegerseems to work the same way for my rmbp, just have to set up the key bindings to do it in X with function keys as well as the acpi event to dim when on battery01:11
trappedon X you can use xbacklight01:12
trappedit's just that probably the latter won't work outside an X session01:12
jaegeryeah, I doubt it01:12
jaegersomething to keep in mind, though01:12
trappedi hope the laptop's battery will survive through the 2h30m train ride i have to take tomorrow01:14
trappedgoodnight, time to take some rest :)01:14
jaegergood luck, take care01:14
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openwatdpidsley, just /ignore me if even my presense on the channel is a problem.01:23
openwatdDon't be a drama queen.01:23
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timcowchipProject ERROR: Package gstreamer-app-0.10 not found03:57
timcowchipMakefile.WebKit:71: recipe for target 'WebCore/Makefile.WebKit' failed03:57
timcowchipmake[1]: *** [WebCore/Makefile.WebKit] Error 203:57
timcowchipmake[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/work/qt4/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.6/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source'03:57
timcowchipMakefile:747: recipe for target 'sub-webkit-make_default-ordered' failed03:57
timcowchipmake: *** [sub-webkit-make_default-ordered] Error03:57
timcowchipbash-4.3# revdep03:57
timcowchipthis sucks :)04:00
jaegerif you already had qt4 installed and removing the gstreamer 0.10 versions broke it, you can probably just install the compat packages and not need to rebuild qt4 (or other things that link to the gstreamer libs)04:01
timcowchipok thanks jaeger04:02
jaegerthe packages that were gstreamer or gst-* before were probably 0.10.x stuff and gstreamer1 and associated plugins were the 1.x.x versions. Plenty of apps still use the 0.10.x versions so you'll probably get more use out of the compat ones than the new ones04:02
timcowchipbut when the gstreamer-compat packages are discontinued I guess qt will need an upgrade04:02
jaegerit's up to qt upstream to switch from gstreamer 0.10 support to 1.x support, perhaps they've done that in qt4504:03
jaegerqt5, even04:03
timcowchipok then04:03
jaegeror perhaps they'll just stick with 0.10.x, I don't know04:03
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Workstertimcowchip, prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base-compat05:19
Worksterqt4 needs its dependency fixed i planed to fix that tonight.05:19
Worksterbut should be smart enough to figure that out for yourself.05:20
Worksteri'd imagine qt4 wont switch and only on qt5 will use newer 1.4.x gstreamer05:21
Worksterso the compat stuff will be around for awhile05:22
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timcowchipIn member function 'bool WTF::PassOwnPtr<T>::operator!=(const WTF::OwnPtr<U>&)'06:50
timcowchipwatching qt build06:51
timcowchipguess I'll be watching it nuild again with its dependency fixed06:52
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timcowchipWorkster: any chance you could upload the qt package to after fixing its dependency?07:15
Worksteryou shouldn't need to rebuild qt4 just prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base-compat07:29
Worksterbut i'll upload a qt4 port when i'm home.07:30
timcowchipthanks :)07:31
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nweis lxde ports repo gone?08:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] qt4: dependency rename gst-plugins-base -> gst-plugins-base-compat09:27
Rolinhthis might be a stupid question but what is the reasoning behind not providing an i686 installation ISO?10:09
Rolinhwould it be cimplicated to create an i686 ISO image?10:10
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: qt4-32: dependency rename gst-plugins-base-32 -> gst-plugins-base-compat-3210:20
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: gstreamer-32 -> gstreamer-compat-3210:20
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-base-32 -> gst-plugins-base-compat-3210:20
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timcowchipIn file included from platform/graphics/MediaPlayer.cpp:46:0:10:22
timcowchipplatform/graphics/gstreamer/MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer.h:32:21: fatal error: gst/gst.h: No such file or directory10:22
timcowchip #include <gst/gst.h>10:22
timcowchipthis blows10:22
timcowchipprt-get depinst gst-plugins-base-compat10:24
timcowchippackage gst-plugins-base-compat is installed10:24
Romsterwhy is it so much effort.10:26
timcowchipit failed10:26
timcowchippackage gst-plugins-base-compat is installed10:26
timcowchipiit still failed10:27
Romsterpkginfo -i |egrep '(gstreamer|gst-plugins)'10:27
timcowchipadding "-compat" to the #depends line won't fix it10:27
Romsterpastebin it somewhere10:27
Romsterand what port is failing to build?10:28
timcowchipgst-plugins-bad 1.4.0-110:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-base 1.4.0-110:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-base-compat 0.10.36-210:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-base1 1.2.4-110:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-good 1.4.0-110:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-good-compat 0.10.31-310:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-ugly 1.4.0-110:29
timcowchipgstreamer 1.4.0-110:29
timcowchipgstreamer-compat 0.10.36-310:29
timcowchipgstreamer-vaapi 0.5.9pre-110:29
timcowchipmy browser doesn't work10:29
timcowchipgst-plugins-base1 1.2.4-1 supposed to be there?10:30
Romsterprt-get remove gst-plugins-base1 ; prt-get update gst-plugins-base-compat10:30
Romsteryou used force didn't you10:31
timcowchip-f ?10:31
Romsterpkgadd -f is not a wise thing to be doing unless you understand what your doing.10:31
Romstergst-plugins-base-compat is the new name for gst-plugins-base110:31
timcowchipand its installed10:32
Romsteryou might also want to add gstreamer-vaapi-compat10:32
Romsteryeah you got both installed. removing gst-plugins-base1 will remove a bunch of files off the system that gst-plugins-base-compat will need to be updated to put back.10:32
Romsterhence the prt-get remove gst-plugins-base1 ; prt-get update gst-plugins-base-compat10:33
Romstersince you used pkgadd -f to clobber files.10:33
timcowchipprt-get update -fr gst-plugins-base-compat ?10:34
Romsternah just prt-get update gst-plugins-base-compat10:34
Romsterwont need to rebuild it10:34
Romsterthen what ever your compiling should work.10:35
Romsteryou just missed a port that's all.10:35
timcowchipany chance you could upload qt4#4.8.6-1.pkg.tar.gz ?10:36
Romsteralready done and uploading qt4-32 now10:36
Romsterbut you shouldn 't need to rebuild qt4 anyways as gst-plugins-base1 is the same version as gst-plugins-base-compat10:36
Romsterjust port renames.10:37
Romsterqt4 still sees the same library ABI versions.10:37
Romsterbut ti's there anyways10:38
Romsterother ports you might want to take a look at is gst-ffmpeg for ffmpeg on gstreamer-compat10:41
Romstergst-libav for ffmpeg wrappers on gstreamer 1.4.x10:41
Romsterand there are python bindings should you need those. you probably dont10:41
timcowchipI think pocketsphinx does10:42
Romsteri also don't see gst-plugins-ugly-compat in your installed ports but it really depends what codecs you require.10:42
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timcowchipeverything works again :)10:44
Romsterpkgadd -f is risky.10:44
Romsteruse with caution.10:44
Romsterarch actually uses gstreamer-0.10 and stuff... i went with -compat10:45
Romsterlike ffmpeg and ffmpeg-compat10:46
timcowchipI did pkgadd -u qt4#4.8.6-1.pkg.tar.gz10:46
Romsterthats fine10:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: midori: dependency rename gst-plugins-good1 -> gst-plugins-good, which means midori now uses gstreamer 1.4.x instead of 0.10.x10:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-python-compat: fix migration from gst-python10:55
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timcowchipgot to get some zzzzzzzzz time, thanks again Romster11:09
Romsterno problem11:09
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Romsternwe, been gone forawhile, i did grab the old ports tree ages ago though, if you want to revive it.11:11
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nweRomster: yes please I want to try lxde so that would be nice do you have a link for it ? :)11:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: farstream: adjust dependencies for gstreamer compat11:17
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Romsterhmm something arn't right files.11:25
Romsterof course i moved it and am looking in the wrong spot -_-11:27
Romsterthey'll need a cleanup nwe11:28
nwehehe okey11:28
Romsterthrowing the old stuff of yhafri up too in case it's of use
Romsterwonder what else i got lurking around here.11:32
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jaegerRolinh: because we didn't feel like it warranted the effort required, we're a small team12:17
Rolinhjaeger: I expected this answer actually12:22
Rolinhit is about the same deal with dragonfly bsd12:22
RolinhI had a friend that was willing to at least try crux but as his laptop broke, he has to use his older one which is 32-bit only and he therefore can't install crux on it12:23
Rolinhs/had/have/ :P12:23
Rolinhso there is no simple way for him to run crux on it I guess12:24
jaegerHe could run 2.8 and update the ports trees if he wanted to put in the extra effort12:25
jaegerwould have to overlay a non-multilib toolchain or stick with the old one12:25
Romsterway too much effort.12:26
Rolinh it appears so to me too12:26
Romsteri thought about maintaining a 32bit tree of ports but.... all my systems are 64bit and i already maintain too many ports and not enough time.12:27
Rolinhyep, time is a precious resource not to be wasted12:27
Romsterfeel free to clone crux 2.8 and update it if you so desire.12:27
Rolinhwell, I personnally am involved in many other stuff so I won't have time for it either. But I'll expose the situation to my friend.12:28
Romsterthere isn't much use left on 32bit hardware thesedays.12:28
Rolinhyep, appart from older hardware or not so old netbook12:28
RolinhI think it is only a matter of time now that some major distribution drop i686 support12:29
Romsteri even have core 2 duo's they are getting old now and still 64bit12:29
jaeger might be of use12:29
RolinhI think Arch will drop 32-bit support soon12:29
jaegerAs you can see from the update times it isn't kept up to date... but it might save him some work if he wants to go that route12:29
Rolinhthanks jaeger12:30
Romsteri wasn't aware of that git tree.12:31
RomsterRolinh, our crux 3.1 is multilib too.12:32
Romsterbut still need 64bit capable hardware.12:32
Romsterif your stuck with a 32bit requirement for a program.12:32
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Romsterwho reported upower not building again? i can't fault it with docbook12:33
Romsterthought my libxslt was ABI broken to libgcrypt in my chroot.12:37
Romsterah i know the cause. left over stuff in /etc when one removes docbook after installing it.12:41
Romsterreally need to sort that out.12:41
Rolinhis it a big deal to setup linux-pam for ldap usage on crux ?12:43
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Romsteri'm not sure but we do have linux-pam port in contrib12:45
Romsteralan that maintains that would probably be best to talk too.12:45
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Rolinhok thanks12:50
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Romsterbest to email him as he isn't in irc that much13:10
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nweRomster: I reported about upower13:21
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spaceninjaHi, the blue background body color for the wiki page on, should be on the whole site. The wiki could have the beige bg color. I've met two beige people in my life. When you enter their home, everything is beige and they don't even know it! :)14:34
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cybini'm struggling with the update to 3.1. when i do 'prt-get sysup' it seems that some dependencies are not recognized or ignored. it didn't install xorg-xf86-input-evdev because it lacks libevdev. i had to manually install libevdev. how to i perform this update with automatic dependency-tracking/resolving?15:17
rexichfirst, make sure your /etc/ports/* files all point to 3.1, not 3.015:20
jaegerprt-get doesn't pick up new dependencies automatically, unfortunately. you can check if anything's missing, though, by running 'prt-get depends $(prt-get listinst) | grep15:20
jaeger| grep "\[ \]"'15:20
cybinok. now that i see that there are still something packages missing, how do i re-compile the whole thing in correct order, that any available feature is enabled? there are packages built now which were looking for different dependent packages versions, or something like that.15:25
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rexichcompile libepoxy first15:28
rexichthen prt-get sysup15:29
cybine.g. slim did not work after running sysup for half a day. libpng has been updated and slim was still linked to the old version. btw. like a lot of other packages which causes me to lock this package and re-compile a lot manually.15:29
rexichand recompile the xorg drivers for video and input15:29
cybinrexich: well, i've got a working X now and don't want to break it again. :)15:30
rexichcybin: great :D slim is in cotrib?15:30
cybinno, opt/ :)15:31
novakHey, I have a question out of morbid curioosity.  Do (can) people use anything besides bash for Pkgfiles?  Is that determined just by the default root shell or is it just a hard dependancy on bash?  I realize this is fairly nonstandard with the possibility to break a lot of stuff, I'm just wondering what's possible.15:39
rexichnovak: I believe it's a hard dependency, since the Pkgfiles are actually function definitions i.e. a bash script15:40
jaegersome people have tried to use zsh for pkgmk in the past but bash is the supported way15:41
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novakOk, thanks.  I might see what happens with another shell.15:45
novakAlthough it might not be pretty.15:45
jaegerI wouldn't recommend it but if you just want to play and break things, go ahead. :)15:47
rexichnovak: your computer, your responsibility when stuff breaks :D15:47
novakHahaha yeah... I've broken a few things before.15:48
rexichme too :)15:48
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novakI was just curious if it was already known to be a terrible idea or just probably a terrible idea.15:53
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cybinwould that be a good idea?16:01
cybin# for a in `prt-get listinst`; do prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep $a);done16:01
cybinhm...probably not, right? :)16:02
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Cyrius1hello, I am havng some issues with printers/printing. Can anyone help?17:33
Cyrius1using CUPS 1.5.2. Tries to use banner format17:34
Cyrius1also seems to ignore the drivers I use17:34
Cyrius1occasionally also get directory doesn't exist although I can't seem to pin down what causes the difference17:34
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spaceninjatuxpuck, a game, the blue crux penguin is there. This is a total chock!
pidsley-afkCyruis1 -- are you really using cups 1.5.2? That seems like a very old version.18:46
pidsley-afkCyrius1: in any event, cups has their own irc channel (#cups) -- you might get help there18:46
Cyrius1oh ok, thank you18:47
frinnst I use cups at work. never any troubles18:47
frinnstother than the fact that printers in general are *shite*18:47
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timcowchipbash-4.3# pkginfo -i |egrep '(gst-python)'18:53
timcowchipgst-python 0.10.22-118:53
timcowchipgst-python-compat 0.10.22-118:53
timcowchipso I should prt-get remove gst-python?18:53
timcowchipdumb question18:55
timcowchipspeaking of dumb questions, after renaming the gstreamer ports (not the files themselves) packages with gstreamer dependencies neede to be updated but not rebuilt18:57
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frinnstIm not sure I follow, but it sounds romster just changed the *names* of the ports. so you dont need to rebuild any dependent ports19:03
timcowchipyes, but I did need to update qt419:05
timcowchip"but you shouldn 't need to rebuild qt4 anyways as gst-plugins-base1 is the same version as gst-plugins-base-compat"19:10
timcowchip"qt4 still sees the same library ABI versions."19:10
timcowchipmaybe becuase I started to rebuild qt4, I had to finish by updating it with the old pkg.tar.gz?19:12
tilmanspaceninja: well, crux just borrowed the "blue penguin".19:30
tilmanspaceninja: iirc its in the faq somewhere19:30
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spaceninjatilman, ok :)21:46
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Romstergst-python renamed to gst-python-compat, there is no gst-python for 1.4.0 gstreamer yet. needs work and nothing depends on that yet.22:53
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