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diversedid anyone created a repo for lxqt?00:01
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jaegerI built ports for it over the weekend, didn't care much for it, and deleted them.00:15
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diversewhat was wrong with them?00:16
jaegernothing with the ports themselves... just didn't care for lxqt. It seems pretty unfinished still00:17
diversejaeger: in which ways?00:18
jaegermissing icons, kinda ugly aesthetics in some places, not being able to find installed applications00:19
jaegerlittle things that don't make it unusable by any means, just unpolished00:19
jaegerAnd obviously the aesthetic stuff is subjective00:20
diversejaeger: was it missing icons in the apps menu or other places?00:22
jaegerapps menu, control panel00:22
jaegernot sure about pcmanfm since I couldn't ever get it to run00:22
jaegerpcmanfm-qt seems to be in flux right now, there was no released version that worked with the released version of libfm, I think. Had to mess with the git version00:23
diverseback when I used E, I noticed a lot of the app icons where missing and it was one of the reasons why I urged frinnst to add the firefox icon a while back.00:24
jaegerUsually a DE (I'll use MATE as an example because I run it most of the time) will pick up applications with .desktop files installed in a sane location (like /usr/share/applications)00:25
jaegerand display an icon if the referenced one exists and is readable, etc.00:25
jaegerlxqt displayed some but not others and didn't tell me why it wouldn't display them00:25
jaegerI might give it another try sometime in the future, it looks interesting00:26
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Worksternice one oracle for not allowing google to use java.00:26
diversewell they might come out with 0.8.0 soon, it's been a while00:26
jaegerMATE picks those up no problem, for example firefox and thunderbird. lxqt picked up firefox but not thunderbird, oddly00:26
diversejaeger: does the pixmap exist for thunderbird on your system?00:26
jaegeryes. As I say, MATE finds and uses it without trouble00:27
jaegeras defined in the .desktop file00:27
diversedamn these standard specifications00:28
Worksteri have mixed feelings for freedesktop00:28
diversewhenever it comes to app menus, they can't get their shit right00:29
Worksterand then all projects should ship a svg icon not all these legacy different size pngs00:29
Worksterwe arn't int he 90's no more.00:30
Worksterin the*00:30
diversewell, they should create a new standard deprecating the use of png files :P00:34
jaegereven pngs are usually preferable to jpegs, in my opinion00:34
diversethough Romster's point was that svgs are scalable, so no point in needing firefox-{40x40, 60x60, 80x80, 100x100, 120x120, etc_etc}.png files for every different specific size just for firefox00:37
jaegersvg > png > jpg/gif is what I was saying00:43
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diverseWorkster: oh yay, so that article says my phone has been totally vunerable due to some stupid old apache code?00:59
diversedefinitely going to wipe this old phone with Firefox OS01:01
diverse"The culprit in the FAKE ID is code that was originally part of Apache Harmony, a now-discontinued effort to offer an open source alternative to Oracle’s Java technology. Google turned to Harmony as an alternative means of supporting Java on its operating system after failing to strike a deal with Oracle to license Java directly. Work on Harmony was discontinued in November, 2011."01:05
diversegeez, google should stop using Java as an API for their Android OS and move on to something else, since Java related stuff now has Oracle cooties on it01:06
diverseHeck they could be using the Go language for it. It's *their* language!01:10
diverseWhat a mess, almost but not quite as bad as heartbleed.01:11
diversefrinnst: this would be a good time to show more of your java hate01:17
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Romsterpretty much diverse02:28
Romsterpng is better than jpeg/gif for being not lossy but svg is so much better for scaleable icons02:30
diverseChoosing Java was and still is a terrible choice. Google should invest in redoing the Android platform for Go in version 5 or something, because this shit has to stop if they won't shake hands with Oracle.02:31
Romsterdarfo> romster: kudos for your work on gstreamer, saved lots of work for me <- no problems.02:31
diverseRomster: gstreamer apps are going to be pretty inevitable huh?02:37
diverse*pretty much02:37
Romstersome exist, its a nice framework that you don't have to mess with every codec around to get support.02:38
Romstermuch like sdl framework make it work with them programs you get all the compatibility of it02:38
diverseI heard sdl2 is pretty nice02:39
Romsteri haven't had anything that uses that yet02:39
Romstersdl1 has been around for a long time02:40
Romsterbe pretty much new projects that will use sdl202:40
RomsterTesseract is a first-person shooter game derived from Cube2, well that uses sdl202:41
diversesdl would make things a lot easier to interact with than plain opengl. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to draw a triangle in opengl. So much work.02:43
Romsterglew would also make that easier02:43
Romstereasier to use a framework if oyu need tons of support.02:44
Romsterfor different codecs and devices02:45
Romsteralthough frameworks tend to be pretty heavy on dependencies02:45
diverseI don't care how heavy it is, just as along as it's a good design02:46
Romstergstreamer is required for webkit to have html5 video support too.02:46
Romsterand i'm pretty sure firefox needs it too for html5 video/audio02:46
diverseoh really? I thought was able to get html5 video/audio to work without it02:47
Romsterthat's pretty much it, the framework hides all the different interfaces of each sub-project02:47
Romstermaybe if they bundled there own framework with there program02:47
Romsterbrowsers tend to bundle the entire OS minus the compiler.02:48
diversebrowsers are essentially OSes02:48
Romster old post but gstreamer02:48
Romsterbut someone added ac_add_options --disable-gstreamer02:49
Romsterto firefox.02:49
Romsterso its not needed to move the entire gstreamer into opt for firefox.02:50
Romsterthat would pretty much be 1/3 of contrib.02:50
Romsterhmm thats the other thing too you need more than just gst-plugins-base to use all the features. but only gst-plugins-base is linked to the program.02:51
Romsteror gst-plugins-base-compat for 0.10.x versions02:51
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Romsterlike gst-plugins-good provides .264 video02:54
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Romsterah no it's in ugly not good.02:57
Romsteri thought that got moved.02:57
diverseRomster: btw, I found a good tutorial on aria2. Made me realize how powerful aria2 is.
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Romsterdiverse, yeah i even made a metalink for crux iso
Romsterusing all the mirrors on the download page08:54
Romsterand i seen that. what it doesn't even explain is you can run aria2c as a daemon and send RPC requests to it.08:56
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Romsterout of curiosity what terminal font you lot use?09:31
FeigrimRomster: profont09:31
Romsterin console fonts? /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/09:33
Romsteri see profont as a ttf09:33
frinnstoh you mean X-less?09:33
frinnstwhatever is the default :)09:33
Romsterin virtual terminals and console09:34
Romster$ sudo showconsolefont09:34
Romsterbug: getfont called with count<25609:34
RomsterO_O is that normal09:34
Romsterbasicly what i am seeing is a few misisng glyphs with LANG='en_AU.UTF-8' man somepage, and it's fine with LANG=C09:37
Romsterso i was thinking of changing my console font09:38
Romsternot sure if it even affects man pages though...09:39
Romsterguess its done though groff09:42
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Romstergroff_font more like it, but i'll have a look at profont and terminus for the console.09:47
Romster.afm files09:51
Romsterfor groff_font09:52
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Romster i'm amazed crux is mentioned here10:16
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.5610:52
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libdrm-32: 2.4.55 -> 2.4.5612:36
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retardhuh, i no longer see the repo i run on the
retardwe had a few hours of downtime, but everything should be fine now.. does it automagically prune repos or something?16:18
jaegerIt does, and will readd active ones the next time it runs, if they're accessible again16:23
retardcould you tell me what criteria does it have for determining if a repo is up or not? i have come across what seems like dead repos a couple of times16:30
retardalso, do you know how often it runs?16:31
retardthis was six hours of downtime mainly caused by me falling asleep during a kernel compile, i feel a little shitty about it since i'm not the only one maintaining and using the repo :D16:32
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jaegerit runs once a day. I think it's at 0700 CEST17:24
jaegerAs for criteria, as far as I know it's just trying to sync the repo and if it fails, gets marked failed17:25
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retardcool! thanks for the answers. :)17:54
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timcowchipretard: what repo do you maintain?18:02
retardteatime /
timcowchipyou're right, I don't see it on
timcowchipmine was missing yesterday18:05
timcowchipbut back today18:06
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] dhcpcd: updated to
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jaegerAnyone use drbd regularly?20:47
frinnsti *think* romster uses it20:48
frinnstor did20:48
frinnstthinking of doing a proper deployment of it at work?20:49
jaegerI have, actually... but drbd sometimes loses its connection20:49
jaegereven though the servers never lose networking20:49
frinnstoh that sounds scary20:49
jaegerpacemaker+cman+drbd+postgresql cluster20:49
jaegereverything on top works flawlessly. drbd just barfs now and then20:49
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timcowchipRomster: may I please have a firefox-31 package21:12
timcowchipI'v tried upgrading 3 times now and my computer freezes just before it finishes building21:12
timcowchipI think it runs out of ram and starts swapping21:13
timcowchipmaybe crux has outgrown my P.O.S.21:15
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frinnsteverything has outgrown your pos :)21:39
timcowchipyes it has21:40
timcowchipI should put windiwsME on it21:42
timcowchipgonig to try to rebuild firefox again21:44
pidsleytimcowchip -- you could download the tar.bz2 from mozilla and "upgrade" that way21:44
timcowchipI have done that with "nightly"21:45
timcowchipit updates nightly, hence the name21:46
pidsleyi think i might have figured that out ;)21:47
timcowchiphave to run it from a dir with unsecure permissions or updating cn be a PITA21:47
pidsleyi just download the tar, unpack it in opt, and run it. you could unpack it in /home if you don't want to unpack it as root21:48
pidsleyjust a thought. never mind.21:49
joacimtimcowchip: I put WinMe on one of my computers.
pidsleyi put CRUX on my Atom 410 just to see what you were up against21:49
joacimit is pretty sweet21:49
joacimboots in seconds. very responsive.21:50
timcowchipWinME was my last windows os21:50
timcowchipI used XP at work back in the day21:50
timcowchipI liked ME. still had DOS underneath21:51
timcowchipDOOM WOLF3D21:51
joacimI have doom, but no wolf3d21:52
timcowchipit will run on dosbox21:52
timcowchipdebian's got wolf4sdl21:53
timcowchipjoystick works on that one21:53
timcowchipmaybe I'll try to make a port for it21:54
timcowchipwell going to try to build ff again. got to shut down all other resources21:55
jaegerI'll build one if you like, won't take me nearly that long21:56
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jaegeror not21:56
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jaegertimcowchip: out of curiosity, why not just leave IRC open in the background while you go do other stuff?21:56
jaegerI wasn't suggesting, just wondered. :)21:57
timcowchipI'll use weechat instead of quassel21:57
timcowchipgot to save ram21:57
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timcowchipjaeger: a port for wolf4sdl would be great21:58
jaegerI meant firefox21:59
jaegerno interest in wolfenstein, myself, heh21:59
timcowchipthat would be great22:00
jaegertimcowchip: have you looked into the new 20th anniversary pentium chips?22:00
timcowchipno but I will22:01
timcowchiphas it been 2o years?22:02
timcowchipsince the 1st pentium22:02
jaegerThe Pentium G3258 can be overclocked to 4+ GHz on a Z97 motherboard22:02
jaegerso a G3258 + Z97 might be a decent way to upgrade from your Atom without spending a ton22:02
joacimIt can be overclocked to 4GHz on a b81 motherboard =)22:02
joacimmany motherboard manufacturers updated their bioses to allow for overclocking on non-z chipsets22:03
jaegerI'm not familiar with B81s but that would require a BIOS update, yeah22:03
joacimI would probably get a h97/z97 for myself tho22:03
timcowchipI remember when Intel was in 1 little building in Santa Clara22:04
jaegertimcowchip: <-- as an example build22:06
jaegerIf you wanted to do some heavy overclocking I'd go for a beefier cooler, though22:06
jaegerjoacim: I've been really happy with my H97 so far22:07
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timcowchippcpartpicker is a cool site22:11
jaegerIt is. Can be very handy for building22:12
timcowchipspeaking of building, how long does it take you to build firefox?22:13
timcowchiptakes me about 4 to 5 hours22:14
timcowchipnot counting download time22:14
jaeger <-- that's my gaming build22:15
joacimjaeger: <- pretty much done with my build22:15
jaegerI didn't time it but it's finishing now and I started it when I told you I'd build one22:15
jaeger~20 min22:15
jaegerjoacim: still throws me off a bit to see it upside down like that but looks nice :)22:16
joacimyeah that asus on the "southbridge" heatsink annoys me22:16
joacimthinking about rotating it 180 degrees22:16
joacimi really need an ssd now. the samsung hdd on the bottom vibrates a lot.22:17
jaegertimcowchip: 8 core Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.8GHz, 32GB RAM for reference22:17
timcowchipthat would overclock my bank account22:18
jaegerjoacim: I'll never go back to platter drives in my main box if I can help it22:18
joacimI'll probably get a wd green for my games22:18
joacimit'll be off when i don't use it22:18
joacimI like my wd red, but it never spins down, and the new ones are pretty noisy compared to my old one22:19
jaegerI've got WD reds in my NAS, they're great... just prefer not to have any platters in my main 2 boxes22:20
jaegerheh, just accidentally hit my compose key and type ...…22:20
timcowchipthanks :)22:21
joacima single ssd would be enough, but I have 500 GB of video games. I never uninstall anything :S22:21
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joacimthinking about it. a single 500 GB SSD would be about as much as one 250 + 2TB HDD. A single SSD would be fine for me22:24
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jaegerI don't mind uninstalling things, easy to get them back22:38
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timcowchipanyway to get rid of the "Google API keys are missing" when starting chromium?22:58
timcowchipgoogling didn't turn up anything23:00
jaegerNo idea here, sorry. I don't use it23:01
joacimI'll probably get a new PSU before I replace the samsung hdd. seasonic g550 or cs or rm series corsair. Both seem decent enough23:05
jaegerI bought the seasonic ssr-550rm, never gone wrong with seasonic23:06
joacimI have seasonic/coolermaster now. it is pretty good23:07
joacimonly 450W tho.23:07
jaegermost people way overbuild on the PSU23:08
jaegerI used to do that as well until I started actually paying attention to power draws23:09
joacimI noticed. I did that 8 years ago. got a 500W for a low end C2D and GF7600GT23:09
jaegerMy i7-2600k build still has an 850 in it? or 750? either way it's too much23:10
joacimthis CM v450s is pretty good, but I need a second power supply for my old PC. Want to resurrect it as a server23:10
jaegerI think I read somewhere the corsair rm series are seasonic as well but I'm not sure on that23:12
joacimi could just get a second 450W I guess, but I don't think that leaves much headroom for high end graphics cards from amd23:12
jaegerprobably not23:13
joacimit is probably better to get a nice 500W-ish power supply than a bronze rated 750W23:17
jaegerDefinitely. The ssr-550rm is a perfect example23:18
jaegersemi-modular, too23:18
joacimmight get a nice AT power supply too. found out FSP still makes them =)23:23
jaegerheh, I haven't seen one of those in a while23:24
jaegernot bad23:25
joacim65% efficiency doesn't sound that great when compared to my 90%23:25
jaegerindeed, hehe23:25
joacimbut powersupplies with 30A 5V rails are rare these days23:26
joacim-5V is nice to have too23:26
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