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Spoofingoh hi02:00
Spoofingsorry about my english, I just write a new little article:
Spoofingcurrently, on fresh-installed CRUX, three files: usr/lib/, usr/lib/, usr/lib/ are disowned by pkgutils.02:04
RomsterSpoofing, $ cat ~/bin/pkg-not |wgetpaste02:31
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterif any built package is removed or replaced then, the orophoned files also get removed. unless something stupid was done with pkgadd with force. which clobbered files in two packages on the system and then one was possibly removed.02:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: updated to 10.2.514:57
frinnstmesa3d release-spam :)14:57
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BitPuffinq5sys: tell them to start the review already xD17:15
q5sysBitPuffin: they'll get to it. lol17:16
BitPuffinyeah I know17:16
q5syskeep in mind... the reviews are usually not until around the first hour mark in the live show.17:16
q5systhis is technically the news segment...17:16
BitPuffinthought this was after the news17:17
BitPuffinhow long has the stream been going?17:17
q5sysabout 15~20 minutes I think17:19
q5systhe live stream scheduling has been different the last few weeks due to scheduling problems with people17:19
jaegerI think they might end up being surprised at how much work crux can take out of the box17:20
jaegerif you're used to mint or ubuntu or whatever17:20
BitPuffinso they won't do the review after this? Or did they do the picks and stuff?17:21
q5sysBitPuffin: no Chris' review will be today17:21
BitPuffinjaeger: yeah, compiling their own kernel and shit17:21
BitPuffinjaeger: chris used gentoo in the past though17:21
BitPuffin(the guy with the hair)17:21
q5sysBitPuffin: Can you be around on Tuesday for the LUP community review and when fredrik will be on?17:22
BitPuffinq5sys: I'll try my best, I am in london now but I can see if I can set up mumble and a decent mic etc17:22
q5sysjaeger: we have a ton of Arch people in our community, so most already are fine with more in depth installs.17:22
BitPuffinwould be fun to be on an episode where I actually care about the topic :P17:22
q5sysBitPuffin: yea it'd be nice to have you on.17:22
BitPuffinq5sys: yeah, though arch is a lot more convenient than crux17:22
BitPuffinin terms of hand holding17:23
q5sysBitPuffin: yea... I loved it when I saw that in the Arch forums.17:23
BitPuffinsaw what? :o17:23
q5sysill get you the link17:23
jaegerq5sys: fair enough. :)17:24
jaegerI feel like CRUX isn't really a consumer-ready distro sometimes, but I love it as a tinkerer's distro17:24
q5sysjaeger: its a geeks distro17:24
q5sysand I hope it stays that way17:24
q5sysplease PLEASE do not fall into the 'we have to be simple for noobs' philosophy17:25
q5sysas a linux dev myself (puppylinux)... you guys are my inspiration17:25
jaegerAppreciate the vote of confidence!17:25
BitPuffinq5sys: it does support utf now out of the box17:28
jaegerI have to leave in about 5 more minutes but I'll check out the rest of the show later17:36
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q5sysjaeger: it'll probably be another 20 minutes until the review segment, but it'll be released by tonight (PST)17:38
jaegerok :)17:39
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BitPuffinprologic: too bad we haven't had time to work on the porthub yet18:15
BitPuffinmaybe I should mention it on LUP if I get there q5sys?18:16
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BitPuffinjaeger: it's time18:21
BitPuffinif you are still around18:22
q5sysBitPuffin: yea that'd be good18:28
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jaegerBitPuffin: I wasn't but thanks :)18:45
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nrxtxjaeger: still ongoing18:46
BitPuffinnot anymore18:54
nrxtxBitPuffin: also running crux on server?18:56
BitPuffinnrxtx: yes18:56
BitPuffinmany here do18:56
nrxtxusing kvm/qemu for virtualization?18:57
BitPuffinit's running in kvm18:58
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nrxtxah ok18:59
nrxtxi use it on my server too, currently looking for some nice managment interface for kvm machines19:00
BitPuffinnrxtx: hmm19:02
nrxtxcurrently using plain libvirt19:03
nrxtxq5sys: is there a video url to watch the review again?19:05
q5sysnrxtx: once the show is edited it'll be released.19:06
q5systhis was just the live stream.19:06
q5sysby tonight (PST) it'll be out for DL and on youtube.19:06
frinnstgoodie. cause i missed it :)19:06
q5systhe transcoding just takes a while. :(19:06
nrxtxBitPuffin: currently thinking on using archipel on top of it but its far away from KISS but managing everything by Jabber/XMPP is nice19:07
q5sysfrinnst: we basically went over what CRUX is... its philosophy... how it works etc.   Since you're going to be with us on Tuesday, im sure we'll get into more detail about stuff then.19:07
BitPuffinq5sys: also stream on jb's website19:09
frinnstgotcha. Im sure we will. Looking forward to it :)19:09
q5sysfrinnst: if you want a rundown of what questions might come up...
BitPuffinnrxtx: intersting19:09
q5sysBitPuffin: yea I always forget we stream it ourselves.19:09
q5sysfrinnst: I'm hoping we'll be able to give you guys some good attention. :)19:09
BitPuffinI usually listen to the audio version though19:09
frinnstq5sys: you need to add a crux flair to your subredit :p19:10
q5sysfrinnst: ill talk to our webdev about it19:10
frinnsthehe :)19:10
q5syssent a message to him. :)  Hopefully he'll do it.19:11
q5sysi know crap about webdev stuff like... otherwise I'd do it19:11
BitPuffinq5sys: you mean rottn?19:11
frinnstdont worry about it19:11
BitPuffinq5sys: he can make a crux slideshow hopefully19:11
q5sysBitPuffin: yea.19:12
q5sysBitPuffin: slideshow?19:12
q5sysfrinnst: its not like it'd take him long.19:12
q5sysits just uploading the image and adding a piece of CSS code I think19:13
BitPuffinq5sys: inside joke on the mumble I guess, he usually puts slideshows on his clients websites19:13
q5sysBitPuffin: oh well... yea... standard package for webdesign.19:13
q5systhat faux-professionalist site that so rampant online.19:13
q5sysi personally hate sites like that19:13
BitPuffinthe ones with a slideshow? :P19:14
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BitPuffinI think I might have one on my game selling website though19:19
BitPuffinbut not like19:19
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prologicBitPuffin, yeah, why's that anyway? missed the conversation -- been really busy lately :/21:16
BitPuffinprologic: both too busy :P21:16
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q5sysfrinnst: crux flair added to our subreddit. :)21:40
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EmoSpiceq5sys: Which subreddit, if I may ask?21:45
q5syswe did a review of crux today, and frinnst is coming on our show on tuesday for an interview21:45
EmoSpicenice :)21:45
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frinnstq5sys: lol, cheers21:47
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douglwher to find crux for arm (64bit)22:27
rexichthe site for CRUX on ARM doesn't work :(22:44
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BitPuffinq5sys: where do I see the category23:39
q5sysBitPuffin: category?23:39
BitPuffinI don't know how to reddit well23:39
q5sysi dont know what you mean by category.  ive never heard anyoen say that in relation to reddit23:40
BitPuffinq5sys: well the flair or whatever23:40
q5sysok, on the sidebar on the right... you'll see your username... there should be an 'edit' link23:41
q5sysits UNDER the show image and show stats23:41
BitPuffinI found it23:42
BitPuffinhad to login xD23:42

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