IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-08-04

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darforan into an interesting chicken-and-egg04:52
darfoupgraded a VM with 32-bit CRUX 2.8 to 64-bit CRUX 3.104:53
darfofor some reason glibc-32 didn't get installed04:53
darfocan't build glibc-32 without glibc-32:04:54
darfo/usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory04:54
darfo # include <gnu/stubs-32.h>04:55
darfomounted up the ISO and pkgadd glibc-32 and all is good04:55
darfomy vendor supplied 32-bit binaries run find and a I don't have to04:59
darfospend a couple of days rebuilding the test DHCP and BIND software and data. yay!05:00
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tilmandarfo: i'm not sure that's supposed to work. most likely not supported anyway06:14
tilmangood to know you made it work though =)06:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: claws-mail: update to 3.10.108:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: claws-mail-themes: update to 2014062908:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cmatrix: update source url08:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.108:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxmusic: Taken over (prologic)08:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxpanel: Taken over (prologic)08:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pcmanfm: Taken over (prologic)08:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxmenu-data (NEW): desktop menus for LXDE08:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxterminal (NEW): VTE-based terminal emulator (part of LXDE)08:48
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jaegerjust watched the LAS review, seemed totally fair to me13:19
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^7heo_is the site down, or is it me?15:55
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jaegerIt seems to be, yes16:00
^7heo_jaeger: anything that can be done about it?16:14
jaegerNot as far as I know, sorry. We don't know why the host is down but it seems to be more than just crux.nu16:15
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gkaganis down?16:54
frinnstyes, the datacenter seems completely down16:57
frinnstsomeone probably cut the wrong fibre pair16:57
Rotwanghue hue16:58
gkaganThanks for the info. Is there anywhere I can monitor the status or is it best to try again later?16:58
Rotwangwhile sleep 5; do wget; done16:59
^7heo_OEB here17:21
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tilmanyou must drive over and fix things!17:36
frinnsttilman: i dont work there! :)17:53
tilmanbut you work in the same city. how far can it possibly be!18:13
frinnstno, not the same city. 140km away18:13
analatheistIs anybody familiar with parsing multipart/form-data here?18:13
analatheistI'm seeing something wird: browsers and curl don't send the boundary in the POST. And some googling tells me they should.18:13
frinnstcrux is hosted in kalmar, i live in v´┐Żstervik18:13
frinnstand i think charlie is busy with other things rather than being a nice host to me if i visit :)18:14
tilmanoops, thought you were located in kalmar as well18:58
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diversehas anyone heard of Sailfish OS?22:21
diverseas an alternative to android22:21
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BitPuffinjaeger: yeah pretty fair22:31
BitPuffinwhy is the crux website down22:31
BitPuffintoo much traffic from las review?22:31
diversewe got reviewed by those linux wannabes?22:33
BitPuffinhaha yes22:34
BitPuffinwell they aren't really wannabes22:34
BitPuffinChris has a background in gentoo22:34
diverseit's just the way they talk, they act like they know what they are talking about, but half the time, they just blabbering22:35
BitPuffinI get that from Matt quite a bit22:36
BitPuffinbut chris is a former sysadmin and everything22:36
douglI wanna see this crux... sounds like a os for script babies22:36
BitPuffinso it's not like he doesn't know anything22:36
douglthere is a script for everything?22:37
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frinnstIts down because some jackass dug up the fibre to the datacenter where crux is hosted22:50
frinnstthe entire datacenter is down. an earlier estimate suggested things should be up and running soonish22:51
BitPuffinfrinnst: that fucking sucks :/23:03
douglor just sucks is good too23:03
douglBitPuffin, you gonna give this crux a try?23:04
BitPuffindougl: already use crux23:05
BitPuffinjust want my vps provider to update the iso23:05
douglJust the way they ohh'd and ahh'd at the install makes me curious... I wanna see the docs.23:08
BitPuffinthey ooh'd and ahh'd?23:09
douglon las.23:10
BitPuffinwell yeah I watched live23:10
BitPuffinhow did they ooh and ahh?23:10
douglmake menuconfig was like some foreign taboo command - thot you said you saw it?23:12
douglcommented how it was more hard core than arch23:12
diversethat actually sounds like what they would say. Another reason not to take them seriously.23:12
dougl coming back yet?23:12
douglI would not mind something home rolled with custom flags etc23:13
dougljust for a cups server23:13
dougloriginally wanted to do it on a odroid U3 but no arm flavour23:15
diverseThere is a third-party ARM support, talk to pitillo about it23:16
douglsweet... thanks diverse23:16
douglI have a solid state storage device for the U3 that is crazy fast... would not mind seeing a command prompt seconds after hitting the power button...23:18
BitPuffindiverse: well it's pretty uncommon these days so they are playing to their audience23:18
BitPuffinsucks ass that the review episode was named for owncloud though23:19
jaegerI'm glad they're doing the show and enjoying what they do23:20
dougloh yeah - better than Leo Laporte23:21
BitPuffinfuck Leo23:21
BitPuffinin the head23:21
douglBitPuffin, you are harsh - lol, relax :P23:22
diverseBitPuffin: yeah that "playing to their audience" is an example of what they shouldn't be doing23:22
BitPuffindiverse: that's literally how all media works but ok23:23
BitPuffindougl: no but he's an asshole23:23
BitPuffinand doesn't no shit23:23
dougl"playing to their audience" I don't understand, they were being patronizing or some thing other than sincere ?23:23
BitPuffinIt's late ok23:23
BitPuffindougl: well no that they know their audience probably doesn't compile their own kernel much so they make a little thing about it like woa jokingly23:24
douglBitPuffin, yes - a complete idiot who can only read what is on the teleprompter23:24
jaegerI thought they were pretty accurate and fair. And every show plays to its audience to some extent or it doesn't get watched :)\23:24
diverseBitPuffin: if all media was like that, then everything would be fox news.23:25
BitPuffindiverse: not really, fox news are brainwashing their viewers into believing what fox news tell them23:25
BitPuffinjaeger: exactly23:25
BitPuffindougl: his rant about linux isn't for inexperienced users was fucking bullshit23:26
BitPuffinjust because he listened to his fuckface irc chatroom telling him not to use unity and purging it and installing another desktop and doing a bunch of shit23:26
BitPuffinand some things not working because of that23:26
BitPuffinyeah because grandma would totally purge unity in the terminal first thing she does23:27
BitPuffindefinitely means linux is only for tinkerers right?23:27
BitPuffinfuck thay guy23:27
BitPuffinin the skull23:27
diversejaeger: they are just doing it for the "entertainment" and less about what's going on out there, so they can get more viewers.23:28
jaegerI haven't watched every episode but it seems to me like they do a good job of showing off a LOT of stuff23:28
BitPuffinit's an ad driven show23:28
BitPuffinwhat do you expect23:28
BitPuffinI think they have a good balance23:28
diverseyeah and a reason I don't take them seriously23:29
BitPuffinif they were only being educating then nobody would watch23:29
BitPuffinso yeah they are also being entertaining23:29
douglThey are definitly a good source of technical entertainment... I wish I was in a position to support JB more23:29
jaegerto me wanting to make some money and use/show off linux aren't mutually exclusive23:29
BitPuffinjaeger: I did feel like he was mostly reading the website though in the review :/23:29
jaegerthere was a bit of that, yeah, but at least he did poke around with it a bit (screenshots, etc.)23:30
jaegerbesides, it's only half the story, there's still the interview tomorrow23:30
BitPuffinand a little bit of history at least23:30
BitPuffinI'll try to remember to come on23:31
diverseI rather listen to what the BSD Now guys have to say, since they are pretty intellectual about what they say and with little buzz as possible23:31
BitPuffinsure, the show can be a bit boring at times though23:32
BitPuffinnot so much because they are talking about boring stuff23:32
BitPuffinjust that they aren't always very enthusiastic sounding23:32
diversethen skip to the interesting parts23:32
BitPuffinwell no23:32
BitPuffinI listen to all of it23:32
BitPuffinthough I am very behind on my podcasts23:32
jaegerI guess I'd sum up my opinion by saying they do a good job of introducing you to things without trying to teach you everything about them at the same time23:34
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dougljaeger, that sounds like a dangling carrot - lol23:39
jaegerWell, to some extent that's an apt comparison23:40
dougl... I still want to see them do an in depth on sickbeard config23:40
jaegerTo get you to look at something like CRUX but not try to make you an expert in 15 minutes23:40
BitPuffinjaeger: well they also do howto linux where they go more in depth23:40
jaegermaybe so but I'm just referring to the short format stuff like the CRUX review23:40
jaegerIt's a teaser, so to speak23:40
diversethat sounds about right23:41

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