IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-08-05

diverseheh, I didn't know there were a few other mobile OSes out there besides Android and iOS00:00
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diverseBitPuffin: how is your programming language coming?00:13
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^7heo_hey there07:44
^7heo_any idea when the downloads will be avaialble again?07:45
nrxtx^7heo_: you can use one of the mirrors:
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Romster i have files here too.07:57
Romstertracker might not work but the meta4 would be fastest07:57
^7heo_nrxtx: many thanks08:07
Romsterwhat we don't have is a backup site and dns round robin fall back08:10
^7heo_btw, where to find the packages for crux?08:10
^7heo_I'd like to check if virtualbox and unetbootin are available...08:10
Romster unoffical but works08:11
^7heo_thanks a bunch08:12
Romsterthat nrxtx's handywork08:12
^7heo_virtualbox is there.08:12
^7heo_unetbootin isn't however.08:12
frinnst^7heo_: you can follow the repairs here:
frinnstsomeone gon' fucked it up :)08:13
^7heo_it's a real pain in the ass to find a *good* Linux with all the pacakges you want...08:14
frinnstCurrent ETR: 2014-08-08 - 11:00 CET08:14
frinnstwhat the fuck?! 2014-08-0808:14
Romsterits easy to make Pkgfiles08:14
frinnsti *hope* thats a typo08:14
Romsterone of crux's strongpoints08:14
^7heo_yeah, if it fits my needs, I'll contribute.08:15
^7heo_problem is08:15
^7heo_for now I need read to use distributions...08:15
^7heo_and if possible without systemd08:15
frinnstwhat do you need unetbootin for?08:16
^7heo_replicating booting keys @work08:16
^7heo_I could DD the original key08:16
^7heo_but problem is that we need many different linuxes...08:16
^7heo_and NOBODY provides 'ready-to-dd' images...08:17
^7heo_iso everywhere.08:17
frinnstyou can probably just run isohybrid on most/all syslinux .iso's08:17
frinnstand then just dd it08:17
Romsteralso note the iso can bd dd to a usb stick08:18
frinnstisohybrid is part of syslinux08:18
frinnstRomster: yeah our iso, but it sounds like he needs to be able to do this on various distributions08:18
^7heo_yeah, I don't expect ISOs from anywhere to be dd'able on a stick and boot...08:19
^7heo_however, isohybrid is a VERY good idea.08:19
^7heo_btw, what is cut, network or power?08:27
frinnstnetwork I think08:28
frinnstip-only is one of the biggest carriers in sweden too08:28
^7heo_10:40 - Information from sub-provider that ETR is moved to 18:00 CET.08:49
^7heo_it seems that the 08-08 is a typo08:49
^7heo_on the wikipedia Lightweight_Linux_distribution page, should I attribute the maintainance of CRUX to someone in particular, or to "CRUX development team" or anything?08:55
teK_we have an about page, once our data center is back online08:57
^7heo_teK_: I don't want to spend all day contributing to wikipedia, I'm not paid for that...09:01
^7heo_I do it because I think that CRUX has its place in the list.09:01
^7heo_anyway, I'm going for "Core maintainers"09:02
^7heo_teK_: I got the information about "Core mainteainers" from there.09:04
^7heo_but while I can judge the veracity of technical data by myself, this is social data.09:04
^7heo_I can't judge any importance of any information there.09:04
^7heo_it's totally out of context for me.09:04
^7heo_I hope it suits you :)09:05
teK_seems accurate :)09:05
^7heo_and slackware sucks much more than I expected.09:08
^7heo_too bad, it's a nice idea.09:08
teK_never used it09:11
^7heo_slackware has an history of "no real package manager", aka. only local package management tools.09:12
^7heo_and therefore, you *had* to install the complete (and sometimes feature-redundant) collection of packages to be sure to have everything you needed; before they introduced a package manager with remote package management ability.09:12
teK_sounds bad09:13
^7heo_for this reason, you had zenwalk, which basically was a stripped down slackware with only one package per use-case, and with a package manager with remote package management ability.09:13
^7heo_now, they introduced the slackpkg tool, which has the remote package management abiilty, so the only difference between slackware and zenwalk is the size of the ISO you downlaod.09:14
^7heo_download even.09:14
^7heo_(and therefore the number of packages that are on it vs. online)09:14
^7heo_problem is, they don't have everything, by far.09:14
^7heo_no unetbootin (that's okay, they have isohybrid)09:14
^7heo_no virtualbox09:14
^7heo_no vlc09:15
^7heo_no qemu09:15
^7heo_even no xen.09:15
^7heo_so virtualization with slackware is... out of the reach for most users.09:15
^7heo_I also wanted to try alpine linux, but it's the same, they have a somewhat short list of packages.09:16
^7heo_and for me, at work, virtualbox is a must.09:16
^7heo_it's an okay sandboxing environment, that can allow you to test many things usually without any consequence on your host system.09:17
^7heo_so if CRUX has it, I'll probably go for CRUX.09:17
^7heo_and alpine linux uses musl as the libc, so I'm kind of "cold" for using it at work, since sometimes, we get binaries that we have to run,.09:18
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^7heo_time to install crux09:24
^7heo_is it simple to install CRUX as an encrypted lvm now?09:24
^7heo_or do I have to look at a command list online to remember how to vgscan and all?09:24
^7heo_I'll look online and choose the mapped devices in the installer.09:25
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teK_it's very easy to roll a port of your own and only somewhat trickier to convince a maintainer to pick it up09:32
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^7heo_okay, I have the issue described there:
^7heo_and there is no cryptsetup in /sbin09:36
^7heo_and actually, executing: find / -name *crypt* only returns efi files, kernel wireless, drivers, and crypto entries, various /lib & /usr/lib files, the /proc/crypto, two kernel modules09:37
^7heo_but no binary09:38
teK_I have been trying to get crypto support into our ISO twice but failed due to time constraints on my and the ISO releasing side09:38
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teK_so you basically have to use another ISO/distro with cryptsetup and start the installation of crux from there to get full disk encryption09:39
teK_there is a wiki page I wrote some time ago09:39
teK_maybe I will make it for 3.2 or 3.1.1 :o09:39
^7heo_yeah right, however, how to mount the encrypted drives, then?09:39
^7heo_because I already have everything needed.09:39
^7heo_excepted the cryptsetup binary to mount the encrypted drive.09:39
^7heo_(which is already there)09:40
teK_you can install cryptsetup in your installed/chrooted system and there was a initrd I provided for the "bootstrapping" during boot..09:40
^7heo_how do I install it?09:40
teK_there's no official package atm, sorry09:40
teK_wait a sec.09:40
^7heo_ok :)09:40
nrxtx^7heo_: be careful with musl as it lacks scheduler support like priorities/scheduler switching09:40
^7heo_nrxtx: I wasn't aware of that, thanks for the info.09:41
^7heo_however, the glibc is so fucking wrong...09:41
teK_ has a port09:41
^7heo_anyway, I have to reboot.09:41
^7heo_I'm back in 509:41
teK_I even rolled a 3.1 ISO :-)09:42
teK_in February :o09:42
^7heo_teK_: with cryptsetup inside09:42
teK_take a look09:42
^7heo_hmm, url? :P09:42
teK_11:41 < teK_> has a port09:42
^7heo_sorry, I didn't see it.09:42
teK_but the ISO is outdated so I do not recommend using that!~09:42
^7heo_meh, maybe I can copy the cryptsetup binaries at least.09:43
teK_it may work as you are doing a fresh installation09:43
teK_there's a port for that in the very same directory09:43
teK_I even TARed it for your convenience09:43
^7heo_I can expect cryptsetup-static to be a statically compiled cryptsetup?09:44
^7heo_okay, gotta reboot, but I'll look at that soon.09:44
^7heo_and teK_09:44
^7heo_is the Microsoft-IIS/7.5 tag on your pages a joke? :D09:44
^7heo_meh, I'll know that later, it seems.09:45
^7heo_thanks for everything.09:46
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teK_it is =)09:51
^7heo_okay virtualbox is very handy09:58
BitPuffinkinda sucks extra that the moment crux gets some media exposure the website goes down10:07
teK_hehe, we never went after attention ourselves any way10:10
teK_my only thought was: screw it, no port updates for/from me today10:11
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^7heo_should I patch linux-3.1210:34
^7heo_should I patch linux-3.12.24 with the ptrace-bug patch?10:34
^7heo_(sorry, switching from EU to US keyboards, the return key is different)10:35
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nrxtx^7heo_: yes11:12
nrxtxfix is in 3.12.25 mainline11:12
^7heo_when I apply it, it seems to be already done...11:13
^7heo_but maybe I screwed up11:13
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frinnstthe kernel on the iso is already patched. You should probably still download a newer one from kernel.org11:40
frinnstCurrent ETR: 2014-08-05 - 20:00 CET11:40
frinnstgeez, how long can it take to fix if they have located the break?11:40
frinnst08:30 - Reparation ongoing, awaiting new information from sub-provider.11:41
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Guest12679Hi, I can't resolve
linXeaseem to be the same problem here12:20
linXeatraceback also fail12:20
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jaegerthe datacenter in which it is hosted is still down, it seems12:21
Guest12679I'll wait when It goes to norml12:23
frinnstits expected to be up in about 5-6hrs12:28
frinnstseems to take ages to mend a broken fibre12:28
teK_#crux pkg-junkies anonymous12:44
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jaegerIf you just need ports you can get them from as well12:49
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teK_if you happen to hit jaeger's server. Mine does not (yet?) sync the ports12:50
jaegerretard: interesting data point: my centos cluster has not shown any drbd issues while the ubuntu cluster has12:50
jaegerretard: at least in the last several days12:50
retardjaeger: i assume the centos cluster is running more recent .. stuff?12:54
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jaeger <-- the centos stuff12:55
jaeger <-- ubuntu12:56 should be working now in either case.12:57
jaegerThey're set up the same way and backed by the same networking and storage, for what that's worth12:57
jaegerteK_: \o/12:57
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^7heo_someone should change the topic13:14
^7heo_to announce that the domain's down13:14
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thetornainbowone of our facilities is having networking issues too. although it wasn't by digging...13:31
thetornainbowyeah i'd love to know how the driver did that13:33
jaegerno kidding, heh13:34
^7heo_I'd kill to know what is a "boot partition signature" and where to set it v_v13:34
thetornainbowright on the platter13:34
^7heo_lilo is spitting that at me constantly.13:34
jaeger^7heo_: is there a partition marked as bootable?13:35
jaegerIn fdisk, use 'a'. In parted, use "toggle # boot".13:35
^7heo_jaeger: yes, if the partition isn't marked as bootable, I get another error saying something along the lines of "No active partition"13:35
jaegerAh, ok. Separate issue, I guess13:36
jaegerI haven't used lilo in quite some time so was guessing13:36
thetornainbowlearn to love the grub13:36
jaegerIs lilo.conf definitely correct? root= and boot= pointing to the proper devices?13:37
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^7heo_isn't crux using lilo?13:42
^7heo_jaeger: I have everything on /dev/sda1, the swap on /dev/sda213:42
^7heo_so I did set everything to /dev/sda1, excepted root which is /dev/sda13:43
thetornainbowshouldn't boot point to /dev/sda? since that's where mbr/gpt lives?13:43
jaegercrux uses whichever you prefer. :) I use grub213:43
jaegerboot=/dev/sda, root=/dev/sda1 <-- seems more likely13:43
^7heo_grub or syslinux aren't available on the crux installer.13:44
^7heo_okay lemme check/.13:44
^7heo_yeah that's what I did set.13:44
^7heo_boot = /dev/sda (later replaced by the UUID one)13:44
^7heo_and root = /dev/sda113:44
frinnstcan you paste the fdisk output somewhere?13:45
jaegercan you pastebin your lilo.conf and 'fdisk -l' output?13:45
^7heo_I even tried to comment everything and leave only "image=/boot/vmlinuz" and "append="ro root=/dev/sda1"" in my lilo.conf13:45
^7heo_and I install it with lilo -M /dev/sda mbr -v13:45
^7heo_I'll try to yes.13:46
jaegeralso, both syslinux and grub2 are on the ISO13:46
frinnstwipefs /dev/sda might also be interesting (not specifying any flags is not destructive)13:46
^7heo_oh, moment, no network here.13:47
^7heo_plugging the cable helps a lot.13:52
^7heo_does any of you spot an error there?13:54
jaegerdoes lilo support the by-id scheme?13:56
jaegerI think it may not, though if I remember right it does UUIDs13:57
^7heo_there's a tool called lilo-uuid-diskid13:57
^7heo_in /usr/sbin13:58
jaegeraccording to the man page it does support by-id13:58
^7heo_for the disk13:58
^7heo_and by uuid for the partition. Right?13:58
jaegerSeems that way. Not sure what the problem is. :(13:59
^7heo_waaiiit a second.13:59
^7heo_does lilo support ext4?13:59
^7heo_I would have found v_v13:59
jaegerhehe, sorry14:00
^7heo_don't be sorry for the fact that lilo is more advanced ;P14:00
jaegersorry that it wasn't an easy solution, I mean14:00
^7heo_lilo -M /dev/sda mbr doesn't work14:03
^7heo_but lilo by default does.14:03
^7heo_not sure why.14:03
^7heo_however, now, it does work.14:03
^7heo_if only there was a #lilo chanel where to ask.14:04
^7heo_anyway, I'm glad that I've been able to make it work.14:04
^7heo_I get more knowledge about lilo.14:04
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^7heo_okay, now that my crux install is working...14:30
^7heo_where do I get my ports from?14:30
^7heo_I can always define another in /etc/hosts14:30
^7heo_but since the server's down...14:30
jaegeryou can use for now14:34
jaegeror use one of those IPs as in hosts14:35
*** sepen has joined #crux14:39
^7heo_the main domain's down, yes.14:40
^7heo_it's back online!14:50
^7heo_I hope it's not a false positive14:50
nrxtxlooks good14:51
^7heo_prepare to have some load, people :P14:51
^7heo_i'm so f***ing glad it works now...14:51
^7heo_I can upgrade my crux and install the missing packages.14:52
^7heo_just in time :P14:52
sepengod or someone will have heard our prayers14:52
^7heo_C must have.14:52
^7heo_because that's what I believe in.14:52
^7heo_can I pkgadd in crux as I do in NetBSD?14:55
^7heo_also, would pkgin work!?14:55
frinnstpkgmk, pkgadd, pkgrm14:55
frinnstand the prt-get frontend14:55
frinnstyou will probably just use prt-get for stuff already in the ports tree. pkgmk / pkgadd for your own ports etc14:56
^7heo_thanks a bunch14:56
^7heo_is it resolving dependencies?14:57
frinnstprt-get resolves deps if you tell it to14:57
frinnstso "prt-get depinst <whatever>"14:57
frinnstports -u && prt-get sysup to keep stuff up to date14:57
^7heo_that rocks.14:58
^7heo_are packages signed?14:58
teK_aaaaand we're back15:08
nrxtxDelay: teK_ 18minutes ;)15:09
nrxtxfrinnst: when is the interview?15:11
frinnst23:00 my local time i think15:11
^7heo_so you will have a server up and running while the interview will be released?15:17
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sepeninterview. what?15:22
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:22
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nrxtxsepen: there was a short review on linux action show, this evening their will be a crux community review15:28
sepenhmmm interesting15:30
sepenand where I can find that info?15:30
*** jdolan has joined #crux15:31
jaeger^7heo_: they are not currently15:33
^7heo_jaeger: okay, will they be?15:33
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*** jdolan has joined #crux15:36
jaegerNot much discussion on that has taken place. Maybe sometime in the future15:38
^7heo_would be great to have.15:38
^7heo_Also, is it normal to compile that much when doing a software upgrade?15:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: xterm: updated to 31015:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ninja: initial import (required for chromium)15:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 36.0.1985.12515:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gnutls: updated to 3.2.1615:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cmake: updated to 3.0.115:39
^7heo_(or was it the kernel?)15:39
tilman^7heo_: the kernel was what?15:39
tilmantriggering rebuilds? or what are you thinking of?15:39
^7heo_I dunno, I had to compile the kernel when I did install CRUX; so I am wondering what ELSE I could have to compile...15:40
^7heo_unless the packages are just scripts to build the software.15:40
jaegerIt's to be expected to recompile some things. There have been quite a few updates since the release15:40
^7heo_I did install crux with the latest available iso15:40
jaegerwhen you do a15:40
^7heo_step two, I did "ports -u && prt-get sysup"15:40
jaeger'prt-get sysup' that's updating the installed packages with new versions (if available)15:40
^7heo_and what I did get in step 3 was a LOT of compilation.15:40
^7heo_however, since:15:41
^7heo_1. I have never used CRUX before15:41
jaegerSo since crux 3.1 was released the packages that show up in 'prt-get diff' have had new versions released15:41
^7heo_2. I am used to binary-packages15:41
^7heo_I wondered if it was normal.15:41
jaegerIt is for any source-based distro, yes15:41
^7heo_crux is source based?15:42
^7heo_(I didn't know.15:42
jaegeraside from the installation ISO, pretty much yes :)15:42
jaegerTo be honest that's probably something the front-page description should mention15:42
^7heo_a'right, I wasn't aware of that.15:43
^7heo_I'm used to the netbsd pkgsrc, which is essentially providing me with binaries.15:43
^7heo_so when wikipedia said that CRUX uses ports, I expected binaries.15:43
jaegerpkgutils create binary packages using ports so you do end up with binaries... but they're not distributed for the most part15:44
^7heo_would it be so hard to distribute them?15:44
jaegertechnically, no15:45
^7heo_and so, is it in any way better to do it from source?15:46
^7heo_(because I'm not so convinced that the minimal benefit you get from compiling stuff yourself - modulo the pebkacs - is worth the time needed for compilation unless you have a grid of cores :P15:47
jaegerDepends on what you need. If you want custom optimizations or compiler flags, yes. If you don't, or have no need to compile things yourself, probably not. But then crux may not be the best choice15:47
^7heo_my problem is, I cannot find a sound linux distribution.15:47
^7heo_and that sucks a lot.15:47
jaegerOn the other side of things, if we wanted to distribute binary packages we'd have to design the infrastructure for it and have the storage space, bandwidth, etc... which is why I say it isn't technically hard, we just don't do it15:47
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jaegersome users occasionally provide packages if they have long compile times (such as firefox) but it's not an official practice15:49
diverse^7heo_: then make your own sound linux system by putting all the packages together that you want in Crux. Yes, you have to get use to compiling your own packages, but that gives you more flexibility than any binary package management.15:49
*** phant0mas has joined #crux15:49
jaegerincidentally what qualifies as 'sound'?15:49
^7heo_diverse: if I can get a computing grid for compilation, that should be doable.15:50
diversejaeger: I assume the 'perfect' system?15:50
jaegerwhich is subjective, so I'm curious :)15:50
^7heo_jaeger: sound as in 'following the unix philosophy'15:50
^7heo_but with some additional things15:50
^7heo_for example, binary packages.15:50
jaegerSo I take it there's something (or multiple things) you don't care for in arch, slackware, etc.15:51
diverse^7heo_: do what Romster does and grab a whole because of multi-core computers together and use distcc, so you can parallel process and compile at -j21 or whatever15:51
^7heo_arch: it's not working, as simple as that. Replace a component and cry.15:51
^7heo_slack: not enough packages available, unfortunately.15:52
jaegerhow about debian?15:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:52
diversewe hate systemd too ;)15:53
^7heo_alpine might be okay, but it's lacking some drivers for my current keyboard...15:53
^7heo_as a result, as soon as I boot the installation disk, I have no keyboard.15:53
^7heo_not really usable.15:53
^7heo_and alpine would require more testing also15:53
^7heo_and more contributors.15:54
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*** phant0mas has joined #crux15:55
^7heo_hmm, interestnig.15:56
*** jdolan has joined #crux15:57
diversethere is your computing grid ;)15:57
^7heo_meh, forgot the point.15:57
^7heo_well, I still need the wandboards to do it :P15:57
^7heo_let's say, I spend 4K in wandboards, I should get around 160 cores.15:57
diversethat would be amazing15:58
^7heo_btw, I get 404 errors when I sysup15:58
^7heo_the 109 has been released16:00
^7heo_and as a result, 108 is 404.16:00
diverseso the port needs to be updated16:01
nrxtxnormally they don't delete old releases oO16:01
diversenormally anyone wouldn't16:02
^7heo_yeah but it's written "redhat" in the url...16:02
diverseheh :)16:02
^7heo_so... it's normal that it doesn't work, right?16:02
nrxtxhm they only delete 108 all previous releases are still there16:02
^7heo_maybe it's a pebkac there.16:03
nrxtx^7heo_: just download the file from somewhere else and drop it into the ports dir16:03
^7heo_wget will do the trick.16:03
^7heo_and then I prt-get sysup again?16:04
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^7heo_let's do that.16:04
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^7heo_where to change a package's sha?17:11
^7heo_when you want to spoof it for example17:11
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^7heo_okay, .md5sum17:13
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BitPuffinfrinnst: lup in 35?20:25
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BitPuffingood thing I remembered20:47
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BitPuffinjaeger: you are not joining the mumble?21:01
jaegerI cannot from work. I am in the IRC channel, though21:02
BitPuffinah coolio21:06
*** timcowchip has quit IRC21:16
frinnsthm, libdevmapper 404?21:29
nwene version LVM2.02.109.tgz21:29
nwe108.tgz doesnt exists there..21:30
nweI have just report it to jaeger  :)21:30
nrxtxBitPuffin: hows the binary package stuff working/progress?21:50
BitPuffinnrxtx: me and prologic has been pretty busy so we haven't gotten far. You can already run your own repo for pkg-get though21:51
BitPuffinjust that we'll take care of the building stuff21:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libdevmapper: updated to version 1.02.8821:53
BitPuffinwe're basically creating a github-like thing for writing Pkgbuild scripts and maintaining your collection, and part of that is building the package for testing, but also for your public repository of binary packages :)21:54
BitPuffinbut yeah talking bout it makes me wanna allocate more time for it21:56
nrxtxHave a different focus for my project, just showing existing content and add some support for marking/tagging outofdate/broken ports21:57
BitPuffinah, yeah I think we have some plans for like notifying you when a new version of something is out22:02
BitPuffinor maybe that is what jaeger was working on22:02
nrxtxlot of projects are around, Romster is working on version parsing22:03
BitPuffinah yeah it was romster22:03
nrxtxBitPuffin: if you see the validation tool you'll see what you have to clear for binaries :D22:04
nrxtxat least if you are not only building the official ones22:04
BitPuffinnrxtx: oh cool, so you are auto building stuff?22:04
BitPuffinthis would be a useful feature of porthub as well22:05
nrxtxBitPuffin: not autobuilding but using prtutils to check the ports/footprints and stuff22:06
BitPuffinbut you only get the footprint missmatch if you build right?22:07
BitPuffinso then you mush be building :O22:08
nrxtxBitPuffin: focus is set on providing more details before downloading a port, like if you look at a port see all other repos with the same and the according versions/validation state/...22:08
BitPuffinbut I mean determining if it works involves building22:09
BitPuffinbut you aren't providing packages22:09
nrxtxno packages no building22:09
nrxtxjust more detailed information22:09
BitPuffinwell then how do you know if there is footprint missmatches?22:09
nrxtxyou won't detect mismatches, but invalid files/directories/uid/gid/junkfiles22:10
BitPuffinand permissions?22:10
BitPuffinso for example22:10
BitPuffinlike when z3bra put z3bra as the owner of a file in the footprint22:11
BitPuffinby accident22:11
*** kInOzAwA has quit IRC22:11
BitPuffinfrinnst: happy with the interview? :)22:12
nrxtxBitPuffin: like this?22:12
z3braBitPuffin, I did this long time ago !22:12
z3braerf, or not22:12
BitPuffinz3bra: yes but it was the example I remembered :)22:12
BitPuffinIt was traumatic enough to stick22:12
BitPuffinz3bra: or, lol22:12
frinnstBitPuffin: heh, soooo awkward22:12
BitPuffinnrxtx: must say, very usefyl tool22:13
*** nwe has quit IRC22:13
BitPuffinfrinnst: you think? Why? :o22:13
BitPuffinbecause wimpy?22:13
frinnstI dont know, I guess i need to listen back to it to judge22:13
z3braAnyway, I can't fix it atm... I need to install httpup and portspage on my new system22:13
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC22:13
*** nwe has joined #crux22:13
BitPuffinfrinnst: no I think you did a good job. I can imagine hearing you makes the community sound less elitist22:14
BitPuffinespecially with the no competition thing22:14
BitPuffinI thought that was great22:14
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux22:14
BitPuffinprepare to hate listening to yourself, it's soooo annoying to hear yourself talk haha22:15
BitPuffinz3bra: hehe22:15
BitPuffinfrinnst: now INIZ has a 3.1 iso :)22:16
nrxtxBitPuffin: you also see the outage of the server:
z3braI can't even remember how I had portspage running on arch...22:17
BitPuffinnrxtx: the history or the current state?22:18
BitPuffinnrxtx: is this getting up on the main crux website?22:18
BitPuffinfrinnst: my VPS host22:18
z3braanyway, need some sleep22:19
z3bragood night everybody !22:19
frinnstyes sleep sounds like a great idea22:19
nrxtxBitPuffin: it tracks which ports have been updated the last days, for yesterday there were none22:19
BitPuffinz3bra: night!22:19
nrxtx"getting up on the main website"?22:20
BitPuffinnrxtx: as in replacing portdb22:20
nrxtxdon't think so currently22:20
nrxtxi'll keep it running for those who also find it useful, as i'm only a crux user as anyone else22:23
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:25
*** hotaronohanako has joined #crux22:28
BitPuffinnrxtx: it sounds very useful22:29
BitPuffinnrxtx: we are all crux users like everybody else22:29
BitPuffinWe don't worship a god22:29
nrxtxwe worship the core team ;)22:29
BitPuffinthe thing about crux is that it isn't totally strange to replace core if you want to :O22:30
nrxtxBitPuffin: notice me if prologic and you got some alpha running for testing22:35
BitPuffinnrxtx: I'll do my best to remember22:35
nrxtxeven though i don't like the binary packages, the other parts are interesting22:36
*** sepen has quit IRC22:41
BitPuffinnrxtx: yeah I probably won't use binary packages either22:55
BitPuffinbut many people want them and in the event that I somehow do want it it would be nice22:55
BitPuffinfor example22:55
BitPuffinI might wanna skip compiling firefox myself22:55
BitPuffinso I just install that one package with pkg-get22:56
BitPuffinprologic: what do you think about creating a docker port collection that contains docker versions of ports23:37
BitPuffinprologic: so you can do like prt-get depinst lighttpd-docker23:38
BitPuffinand it would build the image etc23:38
*** Workster has quit IRC23:41
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