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BitPuffinweeeee just did my reinstall with xfs00:19
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BitPuffincould have sworn there was a weechat port00:36
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prologicBitPuffin: I don’t think it would work conceptually00:38
prologicWell it could00:38
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prologicbut prt-get and docker aren’t exactrly compatible build tools00:38
prologicyou’d have to do the docker build inside the Pkgfile00:38
prologicthen what?00:38
BitPuffinprologic: well you just wrap the docker stuff in a cruxy workflow00:39
BitPuffinso that you can update your dockers alongside with your ports00:39
BitPuffinI think it could work00:39
BitPuffinso the start script would just be docker run or smth00:39
prologicinterestint idea00:40
prologiclet’s talk about it again later :)00:40
BitPuffinit is like 1:40 am here00:40
BitPuffinthe idea came from feeling that docker is kind of a bitch to deal with. So wrapping the building and updates of dockerfiles in Pkgbuilds seems like a very sane and practical idea00:45
BitPuffinright now I think I am gonna run un-dockerized until maybe this gets going00:46
BitPuffinjust for simplicity00:46
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physixerIt it possible to use CRUX as a rolling-release distro. I know it is not but I'm trying to move away from a major upgrade once in a while that could break things. (currently on Ubuntu).06:39
physixer*Is it possible ...06:39
frinnstyes if you are prepared to deal with major-ish breakage :)06:59
frinnstand you need to do some manual add / remove of obsolete and new packages07:00
frinnstwhat do you is to point ports to 3.1 repos (edit core.rsync, opt.rsync etc) to point to 3.107:02
physixerfrinnst: so then how's the standard way? new release once a year or something? and then how's the upgrade process?07:04
frinnstyeah a new release per 1-1.5 years. we hold off major updates that break stuff to these releases.07:04
frinnstwhat happens when you boot the iso and choose "upgrade" is that a setup-helper script runs that removes obsolete packages and injects new ones and then upgrades the installed packages07:07
physixerfrinnst: thanks. I'm trying to decide b/w CRUX, Arch, Gentoo.07:08
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BitPuffinguess I'll maintain a weechat port10:15
diverseI maintain my own10:18
BitPuffindiverse: privately?10:57
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diverseBitPuffin: yeah11:22
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diverseall I did was took one from portdb and adapted it to my needs11:28
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BitPuffindiverse: I can't find any on portdb anymore though oddly enough11:42
BitPuffinI am sure there used to be a few11:42
BitPuffinbut yeah I should set up my own port collectioin11:42
diverseBitPuffin: it's not hard though
diverseedit to hearts content11:44
BitPuffindiverse: no I know, I have written plenty Pkgfiles11:44
diversekeep in mind I disabled scheme guile and python3 support in the cmake flags, if you want those on, remove them11:47
BitPuffinoh, is up!11:48
BitPuffindiverse: yeah I noticed, will turn them on11:48
BitPuffinI'm not doing it now though11:48
BitPuffinbecause my .weechat directory is back in sweden11:48
diversealthough I don't find myself using plugins so I might end up disabling more to make the build smaller11:49
BitPuffinI use one plugin11:50
BitPuffinthat is python based11:50
BitPuffinthe one that gives you a server list to the left11:50
frinnsti wouldnt be surprised if lots of repos are listed as "offline" and thus not available in portdb since we had some downtime11:52
frinnstprobably all repos are marked as "unavailable" right now11:52
BitPuffinyeah true11:52
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teK_I can trigger a re-run of the portdb-cacher in some hours to fix things11:57
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teK_hello spanish gringo =)14:10
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sepenlol you14:18
sepenforget that we are now a state of Germany, at least ibiza14:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] apache: updated to 2.4.1015:09
nwehello =)15:18
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nweany idea why i got cyclic dependencies when I updated my spotify Pkgfile?
nwewhen I trying via prt-get19:29
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nwehas someone got problem with xsetroot -cursor and xinitrc?19:53
nweit doesnt change my cursor color when I have that in my xinitrc19:53
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BitPuffinfrinnst: "I do need to shave but..." perfect response21:38
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BitPuffinfrinnst: that said I do regret that I didn't clarify that things don't really break in crux. Like when I said "if it breaks we know how to fix it". I think the worst "breakage" I have come across is like footprint missmatches. Once it's configured and done it's pretty much solid22:40
teK_you even have to differentiate between "NEW" files (not a real breakage and configurable-ignorable) and "MISSING" files (breakage)22:42
BitPuffinwell I mean22:43
BitPuffinthat's not really breakage22:43
BitPuffinit's just an alert like22:43
BitPuffinthis changed22:43
BitPuffinor your footprint don't match what the port author had22:44
BitPuffindoes the new/missing ones make sense with what's on your system?22:44
BitPuffinif so, no worries22:44
BitPuffinit's just crux's way of reminding you what you have installed pretty much22:45
teK_sure it does, if you have svg libs and compile gimp, you will get additional files after compilation, which is fine as they are optional22:45
teK_but the information that there may be additional files is not stored within our ports22:45
BitPuffinthe other thing where it "breaks" is when there is a new dependency to a package and you try to sysup22:46
teK_there simply is no reliable, easy and quick way to determine these beforehand22:46
BitPuffinbut again that's not really breakage22:46
BitPuffinyou just need to install the dependency22:46
BitPuffinand it's not like your system is unusable or anything at the moment usually22:46
teK_yes, we will fix the sysup thingy in the future :)22:46
teK_fell for it quite many times :P22:46
BitPuffinI think it should still prompt you by default though22:46
BitPuffinlike "hey! there is a new dependency! Do you want to install it?"22:47
teK_"XY, fix your port!" - "did you install the new dependency?" - "ugh, no -_-"22:47
BitPuffinand you are like22:47
BitPuffinfuck no I don't want systemd22:47
BitPuffinactually a minor ripe I have is that depinst doesn't prompt you22:49
BitPuffinI think it should be more like the installer22:50
BitPuffinwhere if you cherry pick packages but forget their deps it goes like "yo dawg I heard you like packages so I decided you probably also want these packages for your packages"22:51
teK_I think there's no point in that as you still can do a normal install without dependency checking. This is because we only list mandatory dependencies any way22:52
teK_there's an (unparsed) field in Pkgfiles for Nice to have packages22:53
BitPuffinwell yeah but I mean I might install pkg x without knowing that it needs pkg y that I despise22:55
teK_you cannot. We list only mandatory dependencies23:01
BitPuffin teK_ well the point is that if I realize that pkg x requires pkt y that I hate I might change my mind about installing pkg x23:07
teK_I have an alias for checking this out23:09
teK_pinfo='/usr/bin/prt-cache info'23:09
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BitPuffinteK_: isn't that for after it's installed though?23:18
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BitPuffinbut yes23:20
BitPuffinI know that you can check before installing23:20
teK_you can run that before installation23:20
BitPuffinI rarely do though23:20
BitPuffinand I think by default it should prompt you, but have the option to turn it off23:20
BitPuffinkind of like it by default asks you about footprint23:20
teK_prt-get never asks ;)23:22
BitPuffinI knooo23:23
BitPuffinit fails23:23
BitPuffinnot really a big deal regardless23:29
BitPuffinteK_: problem is that when you do info, it doesn't tell you the dependencies dependencies23:29
Workster_then its your fault for not checking first23:29
BitPuffinno I'm just joking23:30
Workster_how hard is it to check before issuing prt-get depinst foo23:30
teK_BitPuffin: do you know prt-get deptree?23:30
BitPuffinteK_: yap23:30
BitPuffinteK_: but I'd like to filter and only show what is not installed you know23:30
teK_ | grep -v '[i]' ? :>23:31
Workster_deptree and info is what i use, and if you got a port you want to omit a dependency, it's probably best to make your own Pkgfile23:31
BitPuffinteK_: yeah I suppose, could make an alias23:31
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BitPuffinWorkster: well yeah, I guess I just like to have the checking forced upon me by default23:31
Worksterscript it?23:32
BitPuffinyeah it's probably fairly trivial23:32
BitPuffincould add it to prutt23:32
Worksterlike how often do you depinst ports anyways?23:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.0.1i.23:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: make: updated to 4.0.023:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gcc: updated to 4.8.223:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: rc: removed btrfs-scan from rc. handle it with a udev rule instead23:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libarchive: updated to 3.1.223:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.123:33
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frinnstlovely, stupid bot23:33
teK_and frinnst for not kicking23:34
frinnstscrew you guys, im going to bed!23:34
teK_me too! (after compilation)23:34
teK_ty frinnnst...23:34
BitPuffinWorkster: every now and then23:34
BitPuffinand it's only sensible that it would prompt you when doing sysup23:35
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Workstercruxbot has never been the same since the 3.1 release23:40
BitPuffinhmm wtf23:41
BitPuffincan't do make menuconfig23:42
BitPuffinit doesn't find ncurses23:42
BitPuffinbut I do have ncurses23:42
frinnstbroken libs?23:42
BitPuffinhad to be root :s23:42
BitPuffinguess because root owns /usr/src/linux-whatever23:42
Workstershould have read access though23:43
BitPuffinthat's likely not enough for menuconfig23:45
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