IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-08-07

BitPuffinprologic: so you are the go to guy (har har), I'm having issues installing godep it whines that gopath is not set00:03
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BitPuffinah simple00:10
BitPuffinexport GOPATH=/usr/local00:16
BitPuffinor wherever you want go get to install shit00:16
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Workster/usr/local who uses that obsolete path?00:54
Worksteris go precompiled for that path?00:54
Worksterwe just use /usr00:54
Worksteror /usr/opt for non packager manegr tracked stuff but ideally it's not much effort to put into a Pkgfile00:55
BitPuffinWorkster: no I am using that because I haven't made a port yet01:01
BitPuffinI will eventually make a syncthing port01:01
BitPuffinright now I just wanted to get set up01:01
BitPuffinwhich I am :)01:01
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Worksteryeah precompiled users /usr/local still01:08
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hhhhhhhhhi, i just dumped the crux3.1 iso on a usb drive and it won't boot - No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!06:29
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hhhhhhhhnm i was dding it with some old partition mounted07:06
hhhhhhhhit worked this time :d07:06
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nwegaah rigth know I really hate xbmc :P07:17
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.2.2 -> 10.2.409:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jre: 1.7.0_65 -> 1.7.0_6709:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jdk: 1.7.0_65 -> 1.7.0_6709:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lvm2: 2.02.107 -> 2.02.10909:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: harfbuzz-icu: 0.9.33 -> 0.9.3409:59
Romsterhi sepen09:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: webkitgtk: initial import, API version 4, gtk3 only, will coesit with webkit-gtk3 API 310:04
Romsterdamn it can't type coexist10:04
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sepenhey Romster10:09
Romsterhi, you've been very busy.10:09
sepenat least for irc10:09
Romsterhope everything is going ok for you.10:11
sepenyeah, now I'm married and I've a little girl :D10:11
Romsterwe been hearing :)10:11
sepenbest year in my life10:11
Romsterother than the sleepless nights10:12
sepenI'm in love again ;D10:12
Romsterare you making some time for us again or your too busy still?10:13
sepenwhere I can listen the crux inteview?10:13
Romsteri bumped your jdk port.10:13
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sepenRomster: I think I have more time day by day10:13
Romsterjue is on vacation so we are looking after his ports too.10:13
sepenyep, and thanks Romster10:13
Romsterwe all been pitching in.10:13
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sepenRomster: I updated apache yesterday10:13
Romsterand cmake10:13
sepenfrom jue's ports10:13
Romsterand some others i see10:13
sepenevery new chromium release is a headache :O10:14
Romsterlol tell me about it, i'd rather avoid it.10:14
sepenalways fails to compile10:14
Romsterdoes this mean we can let you update your ports or you don't mind the help still?10:15
sepenI think we always should help others for maintaining opt ports, but in my case I think now I've the time for mines10:16
Romsterthere might be a need for qt5 soon.10:16
Romstersepen, oh and i've done some renaming on gstreamer ports and webkit stuff. on the mailing list.10:17
sepenoh nice10:17
sepenyep, and I see some ports like vte310:17
sepenI started the same port in my working copy but as vte-gtk310:17
sepenand some others too10:17
Romsteroh you should enable pyhton for vte as well since i remember a user needed it and pyhton is installed anyways for xorg10:18
sepenany deadline for gtk2 ports?10:18
Romsteryour vte port in opt is for gtk2 now10:18
sepenI'll switch to new XFce release soon, and new one uses GTK310:18
teK_sepen: did you upgrade cyrus-sasl?10:18
sependon't remember it, let me see10:19
teK_(oon your machines)10:19
Romstermy girlfirnd was using it and libtrash didn't work i had to pull in a port for that off mate. and the themes were all messed up.10:19
teK_oh I think that it broke e17, not xfce10:19
teK_pitillo? ----------^10:19
sepenRomster: read my notes about themes10:19
Romsteryeah pittallo needs to do some work on e17/e18 i think too.10:19
Romstershe since switched to e18 though.10:19
sepenpitillo: is busiest than me :D10:20
Romstergvfs or something was needed for libtrash10:20
Romsteror just the trashcan actually.10:20
Romsterthat's not even in the xfce repo.10:20
sepenRomster: anyway I can retake that job10:20
Romsterxfce atm is a bit of a mess to be honest.10:21
Romsterit took some effort to get everything right.10:21
sepenprt-get deptinst xfce always worked fine to me10:21
Romsterand it's been that long i've forgotten most of it to give you feedback on it.10:21
sependon't share your point10:21
Romstermissing features like trashcan that's essental for a desktop, missing icons. that much i can remember.10:22
sepenmissing icons????10:22
Romsteranyways shes moved to e18. and i've forgotten exactly what now.10:22
Romstersince it was too long ago.10:23
teK_I think this was only an issue if you did not folow the README provided by the xfce port10:23
sepenelementary-xfce-icon-theme worked fine to me10:23
teK_I had that problem, too :)10:23
Romsterhad to bump the version of that10:23
sepenprt-get readme exists for something10:23
teK_but we are LAZY10:23
Romsteryeah i had to do all sorts of things toget stuff right but i can't remember i should of wrote a list of every issue we hit10:24
sepensee xfce4/Pkgfile and listed deps10:24
sepenprt-get depinst xfce4 always worked for all my installations10:24
sepenand my wife is using it for years10:24
Romsterdone that went to even greater extents to get stuff just right.10:24
Romsternot fussed now since shes on e18 and more happy with that.10:25
Romsterbut it would of been nice to fix the issues we hit but now i've forgotten the exact details sorry10:25
Romsterbut trashbin on desktop mising dependency i gout out of mate10:25
Romsterthats a big one10:25
RomsterDE with no trashcan...10:26
Romsterfor a visual person that would like to use it.10:26
Romsterguess its just opinions.10:26
sepennever hear that problem with trashcan10:28
Romsterguess no one else ever used it and gvfs isn't in contrib/opt/xfce so a) they either never used it b) found the port to make it work and added it or c) got sck of xfce and moved on.10:36
sepennever got a report about that in my mailbox10:37
Romstermissing icons trashcan not workng and i remember the backlight didn't work but that i couldn't find the issue with permissions and policykit10:37
sepenbut have some reports about happy people with xfce10:37
Romsteri was waiting for you to return first but so long ago now.10:37
sepenand again, there are no missing icons10:37
Romsternevermind, not using it or she isn't either so enjoy how it is now.10:38
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.33 -> 0.9.3410:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.2.4 -> 10.2.510:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: gnutls-32: 3.2.15 -> 3.2.1610:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: openssl-32: 1.0.1h -> 1.0.1i10:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xorg-xcb-proto-32: 1.10 -> 1.1110:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xorg-libxcb-32: 1.10 -> 1.1110:44
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pitilloteK_: I haven't tested e17 on 3.1 yet (I'm actually using e18 and seems to be working right, but not in vbox...) I'll give a try to e17 on 3.1 this weekend10:53
teK_this is not 3.1 specific10:55
teK_I fear my update broke a lot of stuff..10:55
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sepenanyone in here manage to get running apache 2.4.x on centos6 without a lot of extra work?11:26
frinnstis apache 2.4 what is included in the repos?11:27
frinnstwe have deployed a couple of centos6 boxes with whatever httpd version it comes with11:27
sepennah, centos6 has 2.2.15 iirc11:27
frinnstmaybe centos7 is a bit more simple? it comes with systemd too so it should be awesome in every way possible :D11:30
sepencentos6 images are available for Google Developers Console (computing engine) where we're migrated at work11:31
sepenI found these rpms that worked (httpd, httpd-tools, apr, apr-util)11:32
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frinnstthe new installer is hardly improved11:51
knardI'm new on Crux11:53
knardI finished the installation without problem but I can't find the netstat command11:54
frinnstits been removed :)11:54
frinnstuse "ss"11:54
frinnstwe removed the old and broken net-utils package. its been decaying for years11:54
frinnstim still not used to the iproute2 utilities myself11:55
teK_this was in the release notes, right? :)11:55
frinnst(i hope so atleast)11:55
teK_I really like ip over ifconfig. NOW. Had to get used to it, too11:55
frinnstbut "netstat" is hardcoded in my spine11:56
sepen$ /sbin/route11:56
sepenbash: /sbin/route: No such file or directory11:56
frinnstsince the command exists on pretty much all distributions11:56
sepenI noticed that too11:56
teK_lsof -i? :)11:56
knardok, I don't read the release note. Thanks for replies.11:56
teK_but yeah, I am a netstat -tulpen (look that word up) guy, too11:56
sepenI added some bash aliases after upgrade to 3.111:56
frinnstperhaps a net-utils port could find a home in contrib or something?11:57
frinnst-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 37K May 25 21:22 /sbin/init <- crux12:03
frinnstcentos7 systemd binary: 1.2M D;12:03
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jaegerretard: I'm convinced now there was some flaw in the ubuntu 12.04 drbd stack because the centos cluster hasn't even blipped once12:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nss: updated to 3.16.416:55
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diverseheck if someone wanted to, they could make an alias to ip addr, alias ifconfig="ip a" and boom there is your ifconfig17:17
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diversethat's clever in a way17:23
diverseAlexRussia: sup, got a question?17:27
AlexRussiadiverse: crazy question: crux have firefox 31? @_@17:27
AlexRussiaoh, sure17:28
AlexRussiai found :D17:28
AlexRussiadiverse: how many fresh ports for programs you have? @_@17:28
AlexRussiadiverse: and.... in ports i dont found my favorite wm :(17:29
diverseAlexRussia: oh, I don't host my ports and I only have a few niche ones. Which wm are you looking for?17:29
AlexRussiadiverse: subtle wm17:29
AlexRussiadiverse: oh, i mean crux under you :D17:30
diverse% prt-get listinst | wc -l17:31
AlexRussiadiverse: just...i am currently user one of popular arch-based distro's, i like it, but i still search ideally....17:31
joacimdiverse: l2minimalism17:31
AlexRussiadiverse: lol, sorry, i haven't installed crux or even cd yet :(17:32
joacimteK_: Is that from changing RAM? or maybe a HDD?17:32
AlexRussiadiverse: then /usr/ports is just directory with repositories? @_@ it seems nice...17:33
AlexRussiadiverse: i mean, port's collection under repository17:33
joacimI always got injured when doing those tasks in the past17:33
diverseAlexRussia: yep, when you do a "ports -u" it pulls all the ports you using into /usr/ports17:33
AlexRussialol, i see, pacman author get many things without CRUX :D17:34
AlexRussiaformat pkgfile also easy like PKGBUILD here17:34
diversewell Arch basically took a lot of the ideas from here17:34
AlexRussiadiverse: i dislike in arch currently one: i can't fetch all AUR :D17:35
diverseAlexRussia: right, and because of that, you could do is use arch's subtle PKGBUILD and adapt it to the Pkgfile17:35
AlexRussiadiverse: just, for me more easy work with repo than use webface and downloading source packages17:35
teK_I have no idea, joacim17:36
AlexRussiadiverse: oh, subtle is very easy to porting i guess
AlexRussiadiverse: tell me, something like '# Maintainer: Joe Maintainer, joe at myfantasticisp dot net' its like metadata for system management ports? @_@17:37
tilmanyes it is17:38
tilmanit is only stored in pkgfile, but not in the resulting package17:38
tilmanalso it is not stored in the database of installed packages17:38
AlexRussiawait wait wait, then you build packages? @_@ lol, its funny17:38
teK_it's brain-dead-simple ;)17:39
AlexRussiai mean, packages is like tar.xz in arch...17:39
teK_get used to it!1!!117:39
teK_the other way round, we were first :P17:39
AlexRussiajust i tried gentoo, but it seems like 'wtf, wtf is it?'17:39
AlexRussiatilman: diverse then i could make own(for example) git repo with own ports and it be simple to integrate in other crux users systems? @_@17:40
AlexRussiai f*ck like it17:41
AlexRussiait seems easy than overlays17:41
AlexRussiabut i something dislike only one: complete ignore any localizations....17:43
AlexRussiathis i said as one of russian translators KDE :D17:46
AlexRussiabut i guess, you have trick for solve it, yeah? @_@17:48
diverseAlexRussia: you can set the locale that you want in your setup17:48
AlexRussiadiverse: and this locale affect on localization applications?17:48
diverseI believe so17:48
AlexRussiadiverse: i guess, this is only setup environment to use this locale, i hear, apps by default build without any localizations....17:51
AlexRussiadiverse: here17:51
AlexRussia>Go to /usr/src/linux-3.12.24, configure and compile a new kernel.17:53
AlexRussiai guess, new is 3.16 :D17:53
diversesure, you can download the latest kernel if you want, the crux installer just provides a stable default, but it's not to stop you from using whichever version you want17:55
AlexRussiadiverse: even 0.0.1? @_@17:55
AlexRussiadiverse: okay, j/k, i know17:55
AlexRussiasomething like '--disable-nls'17:59
AlexRussiadiverse: ^18:02
AlexRussiaou, folks18:04
AlexRussiatell me18:04
AlexRussiasource could be vcs? @_@18:04
AlexRussialike hg,git,svn...18:04
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AlexRussiadiverse: ?18:08
frinnstWe usually strip out all nls crap from the packages. If you want to change this you probably have quite a lot of work in front of you :(18:14
frinnstsource.. you mean in Pkgfiles? no, here pkgmk expects something wget'able. If you want do to git magick or something like that you need to do this in build()18:16
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*** frinnst has joined #crux18:18
AlexRussiafrinnst: something like 'sed -i "s/--disable-nls/--enable-nls/g" /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgbuild' ? @_@18:21
frinnstnot all ports support --disable-nls and in those cases we bruteforce it with rm. And you need to run that command everytime you sync your ports18:22
frinnstbut yeah, i guess its doable :)18:22
AlexRussiawhy you just dont move it in some configs? like tubmler: enable nls - disable nls....18:23
frinnstbecause we are lazy probably18:24
teK_because we're not Gentoo, we don't have USE flags18:25
teK_and tbh: language is one of the lesser important things to be configurable18:25
Pingaxyou quickly take the habit of using a system which isn't localized :)18:29
teK_stripping the disable-nls is not thathard btw, if you are willing to rebuild everything.jpg18:36
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diverseAlexRussia: sorry I was away. What you are going to have to do is maintain the ports that you want to enable nls in your own repository. If that's too much, I suppose gentoo is another option for you19:42
AlexRussiadiverse: i something hate gentoo....19:42
diverseyou mean "sometimes"?19:43
diverseAlexRussia: anyway it's not hard to do, just make sure to watch for the changes in the main repos (usually by updating the $version var in Pkgfile)19:44
AlexRussiadiverse: :)19:44
AlexRussiadiverse: no, sometimes mean time, i mean piece of gentoo :D19:44
diverseah, gotcha. I was trying to understand what you meant.19:46
diverseAlexRussia: so what you want to do is make your repo prtdir at the top of the /etc/prt-get.conf file, so your ports take priority over others with the same name19:47
AlexRussiadiverse: probabily19:48
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux19:48
diversewell, you would have to, because if you just make changes to other repos and do a "ports -u" then your changes are overwritten19:49
diverseand you want to make sure you are referring to your ports rather than the ones from core, opt, xorg, contrib, etc19:50
diversesave yourself the pain :)19:51
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diverseAlexRussia: ^19:54
AlexRussiadiverse: y19:54
AlexRussiadiverse: i just think19:54
AlexRussiadiverse: why aren't public it....something like crux-i18n-ports19:54
diverseI guess part of the problem is the community and no one caring about doing i18n support...19:56
AlexRussiais it19:57
AlexRussiabut is aren't problem to make it public...19:57
diverseit's no problem, someone (or you) can host a repo like that19:58
diverseand be public to everyone19:59
AlexRussiadiverse: or bitbucket....20:02
diverseAlexRussia: as tilman said, yes20:02
AlexRussiadiverse: :D20:02
AlexRussiadiverse: lol, i see, someone much love games here....20:02
AlexRussiadiverse: f.e. deus ex ;)20:03
AlexRussiadiverse: what version kde lastest avaible in crux ports?20:04
AlexRussiadiverse: i mean release probabily :D20:04
diverseI dunno, I don't use the kde repo, check the portdb20:05
AlexRussiai have 4.13.lastes-number-here i guess20:05
AlexRussiadiverse: i nothing found here about version20:05
AlexRussiadiverse: if is it
diverseAh I see, the Pkgfile isn't avaiable for view, that sucks...20:06
diverseIs alan still in this channel?20:07
AlexRussiadiverse: i guess no :(20:10
diverseAlexRussia: but wait, didn't you prefer to use subtle?20:11
AlexRussiadiverse: is are not problem to use kde apps ;)20:11
diversenice environment20:13
AlexRussiadiverse: ty20:15
AlexRussiadiverse: i just yakuake fan because is my better drop-down term20:16
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AlexRussiadiverse: can i see your? @_@20:21
diverseit's nothing special really20:22
AlexRussiadiverse: anyway20:23
AlexRussiadiverse: send me it :)20:25
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AlexRussiadiverse: man?20:31
*** jdolan has quit IRC20:32
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux20:35
AlexRussiadiverse: lol, that seems tiling...and you too  weechat user i guess :D20:40
diversethe tiling is tmux and I use pekwm. Yeah I use weechat too, like many here do too20:40
AlexRussiadiverse: i hear pekwm nice20:41
AlexRussiadiverse: i have pkgbuild for ede20:41
AlexRussiadiverse: they use pekwm20:41
AlexRussiadiverse:,russian programmers not much love rust :D20:42
diversethat's because they are not used to it yet ;)20:42
diversehaving a bitchy compiler is actually a good thing, because in C and C++, you can easily trip yourself up20:43
AlexRussiadiverse: i am...just happy with my ruby :D20:43
AlexRussiadiverse: yep, the better question: what better, pointers or references?20:44
diversereferences are pointers, just with much better safety guarentee20:44
diversewell actually, references have slightly different semantics in rust, in which you should learn how the ownership/borrowing works in Rust20:45
AlexRussiadiverse: reference is just yet another name for variable(as told me teachers :D )20:47
AlexRussiaoh, lol20:48
diversewell that's pointers are, they are values that point to addresses of existing data20:48
AlexRussiawhy crux team aren't contact with yandex?20:48
AlexRussiai guess, this is nice one company with free mirrors open source projec20:48
AlexRussiadiverse: pointer is are data which irl address other data in memory20:49
AlexRussiadiverse: its just number :D20:49
AlexRussiadiverse: this is and feature and general problem20:49
teK_AlexRussia: are you dissatisfied with our mirrors?20:50
diverseyes, as I said, it's a value that points to an address. You use pointers when you want to reference large structs or objects because a full copy would take up too much memory instead20:50
AlexRussiateK_: i am not much worry, just yandex could be close to me20:51
AlexRussiamore close*20:51
teK_yeah alright, but we have quite a number of mirrors :)20:51
diverseAlexRussia: pointers would make more sense to you if you do systems programming20:51
AlexRussiaand usually yandex have good speed and always online20:52
teK_ and ;)20:52
AlexRussiadiverse: i am suppose my teachers: we should was learning data structures and other simular things before start programming....but it typically problem russian uni i guess :D20:53
AlexRussiateK_: its only....two? @_@20:53
AlexRussiateK_: xD20:53
teK_I do not know how popular CRUX in Russia is20:54
AlexRussiateK_: i guess is not :D20:54
teK_probably ;)20:54
AlexRussiateK_: :D20:54
AlexRussiateK_: but someone did this mirror :D20:54
teK_it makes sense to teach/leran data structures and programming/using them in parallel :]20:54
AlexRussiateK_: spirit? @_@20:54
diverseAlexRussia: wow, really? They should be teaching you how to program first, so you have the practical knowledge in before you start learning the theorical.20:54
AlexRussiateK_: we STILL nothing know about structures :D20:55
AlexRussiateK_: i mean, my group20:55
AlexRussiateK_: i something know without wikipedia and it safe me :D20:55
AlexRussiadiverse: yep20:55
diverseAlexRussia: go to a better uni20:55
AlexRussiadiverse: it was like my group is are sheeps, not are humans :D20:55
AlexRussiadiverse: lol20:56
AlexRussiadiverse: is not so easy here bro :D20:56
AlexRussiaso, still 77 mins downloading iso....20:56
diverseAlexRussia: is the curriculum there more like a dictatorship?20:58
AlexRussiadiverse: something like that20:59
AlexRussiadiverse: my teacher by physic....i guess, she just nazi :D20:59
AlexRussiadiverse: all my physic teachers....20:59
AlexRussiadiverse: where u are?21:00
AlexRussiadiverse: oh, lol21:01
diverseWell, everyone in this channel lives in different countries though. There are quite a few Australians and Swedens here21:03
AlexRussia diverse i guess, last easy to explain ;)21:04
AlexRussiadiverse: did you see here russia-speak? @_@21:07
AlexRussiaf*cking english :D21:07
diverseyou mean, did I see the Russia characters in your screenshot?21:08
joacimI don't think I've noticed any russians in here before21:09
diverseoh I see.21:09
joacimthere are a few americans, swedes, and germans. it seems like the rest are fairly spread out21:10
diverseAlexRussia: I think you're the only Russian guy here21:11
diversejoacim: let's see, you're from Norway right?21:11
*** AlexRussia has quit IRC21:12
*** AlexRussia has joined #crux21:25
AlexRussiadiverse: lol, my cable are shitty :(21:27
diverseah welcome back21:27
AlexRussiadiverse: where we stopped? @_@21:27
diverseAlexRussia: you can always check the log on crux.nu21:27
diversebut you didn't miss much21:28
AlexRussiadiverse: i guess, there little black hole in time...21:28
AlexRussiadiverse: oh, lol21:29
AlexRussiajoacim: lol21:29
AlexRussiajoacim: maybe TRUE russian users just doesn't use irc :D21:30
diversejoacim is better at deciphering than I am21:30
joacimI think most russians are busy playing left 4 dead or something =)21:31
joacimthink i saw somewhere that a big chunk of steam users are russian21:33
AlexRussiajoacim: now is .A i guess21:33
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC21:37
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux21:37
diverseAlexRussia: do they sell game consoles over there?21:39
AlexRussiajoacim: but i even haven't steam because i doesn't like this platform21:39
AlexRussiadiverse: they is steam? @_@ i am not sure, never have interes in this case21:40
diverseI mean do they sell ps4, xboxone, wii, etc in Russia?21:40
diverseI guess PC is the primary gaming choice? :P21:42
AlexRussiadiverse: i guess, both populary21:44
diverseAlexRussia: the reason I ask is that I heard in China and Korea, they don't permit selling them, so they only option is to play games on the pc platform for many.21:46
AlexRussiadiverse: it make more easy maketplace for developers21:48
diverseit's not really for that reason. Game developers could port their games to any platform if they wanted.21:53
AlexRussiadiverse: lol, still 33 mins downloading....crappy speed at provider....21:53
AlexRussiadiverse: yep, but it mean you need writing code for each platform for non-portable parts21:54
AlexRussiai guess, russian's was in crux, but somewhere in 2006 :D21:59
AlexRussiasome living even now22:02
AlexRussiaelse nobody could write news about new relaeases i guess :D22:03
AlexRussiadiverse: when you first time coming on crux? @_@22:07
diverseroughly 2 years ago, right around the time when Arch was crapping on itself with systemd22:08
AlexRussiadiverse: many time you use linux?22:10
diverseumm, too much to count? :P22:10
AlexRussiadiverse: i guess, its not more than your age :D22:10
diverseI think the question you want to ask is "how long have I used linux" and that would be almost 9 years22:11
AlexRussiadiverse: hm...22:12
AlexRussiadiverse: what you use before? @_@22:13
diverseAlexRussia: I think you can guess22:14
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC22:14
AlexRussiadiverse: DOS? @_@22:14
AlexRussiadiverse: or windows?22:14
AlexRussiadiverse: or *bsd...22:14
AlexRussiadiverse: ...22:15
AlexRussiadiverse: and why you move to here? @_@22:15
diversebecause I wanted to?22:17
AlexRussiadiverse: but the reason is? @_@22:17
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:18
diverseAlexRussia: why does it matter to you? Honestly way back then, I really was curious about what Linux was back then and wanted to try it.22:22
diverseAlexRussia: how long have you been using Linux?22:22
AlexRussiadiverse: some around 1-2 years22:23
AlexRussiadiverse: two i guess22:23
diversealright, cool22:23
AlexRussiadiverse: permanently only year22:23
AlexRussiadiverse: i just want found ideally system to me :D22:24
AlexRussiadiverse: something like 'compile one - use forever'22:25
AlexRussiadiverse: if see short :D22:25
jaegerI feel old.22:26
AlexRussiajaeger: lol22:27
jaeger18 years using linux.22:27
*** `c0x has joined #crux22:27
AlexRussiajaeger: lol22:27
AlexRussiajaeger: i guess, mostly old linux user is Linus :D22:27
diverseand there are many here who are more senior to me in Linux22:27
jaegerhe has 5 years on me :)22:27
AlexRussiajaeger: who are you in CRUX? @_@22:28
jaegerWhat do you mean?22:29
AlexRussiajaeger: already nothing....then you first time tried linux in 15 years? @_@22:29
*** c0x` has quit IRC22:30
jaegersorry, I don't understand what you're asking22:31
diversejoacim: could you help us out here?22:31
*** hotaronohanako has joined #crux22:32
jaegerI've used CRUX since ~2001/2002, used a mix of gentoo, redhat/fedora, slackware, and ubuntu before that22:32
AlexRussiajaeger: gentoo was before crux? @_@22:32
AlexRussiajaeger: funny backround
jaegervery old screenshots there22:35
teK_portdb hosted by fh-regensburg. Nice =)22:35
diversejaeger: gnome 2.6? :P22:36
diverseyour screenshot brings back memories22:37
AlexRussiai guess, i need watch this anime :D22:38
diversewow, you had gaim before it become pidgin :P22:38
AlexRussiareally old screenshot :D22:40
AlexRussiabecause gajim now pidgin because AOL :D22:40
jaegeryou can see the dates on them at if you're bored enough22:40
diverseAlexRussia: that particular screenshot looked similar to what I used when I started using linux22:41
AlexRussiadiverse: @_@22:41
AlexRussiacool, i need some sleep22:42
AlexRussiagood night!22:42
jaeger or are more recent22:42
diverseinteresting, I didn't know there was a "crux" command that showed the version of the system22:48
diverseokay, it's a script22:48
jaegeryeah, nothing special really22:49
diverseit's fine22:49
diversejaeger: so where do you spend your time mostly? Mate or i3?22:50
*** SiFuh has joined #crux22:51
jaegermate, mostly23:19
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux23:51

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