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jaegerstay classy, scotland00:18
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diverseAlexRussia: remember when you claim that russian programmers don't like Rust? I'm beginning to think otherwise.!forum/rust-russian02:19
diversecare to say otherwise? :P02:21
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physixerWhat's a recommended to way to keep multiple versions of a package working simultaneously and independently?06:04
Romsterphysixer, depends what your using it for and what it requires to build the package that depends on the multiple versions or its binary.06:24
Romsterneed more details another words.06:24
physixer(sorry I was away), I mean I have a gcc version, and some library version, and maybe a python version, I used them to build a program. Now I want those underlying tools versions to tied to that program, while I update gcc, python, etc. So multiple version existing and working.06:34
Romsterwell does it need to be tied to that older gcc version?06:36
Romsteri could understand python but gcc?06:37
Romsterthis is more complex than just having two versions of a library installed.06:37
Romsterbut i do have a gcc42 port you could modify, and change the prefix for the other python version like pyhton3 and python.06:38
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Romsterand you might need to alter paths and CC/CXX to use the other compiler. CC=gcc42 CXX=g++4206:41
Romsterphysixer, hopefully you can figure the rest out from modifying them to suit your needs.06:41
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physixer(hey sorry I'm wandering on the internets) thanks for your link07:02
physixerI actually don't even use CRUX, but was thinking if CRUX let's me do that, it'll be reason for me to switch to it.07:02
Romsternickname highlight notification is useful.07:02
Romsterdon't know what your skill level is at. this sin't basic stuff.07:02
Romsterthere is no reason why it can't.07:03
Romstercrux lets the user do as they please.07:03
Romsterwriting Pkgfiles is effortless. if your already used to the configure compile stuff already07:04
physixerWell I can do it with help from CRUX facilities, I'm just exploring my options.07:04
Romsterthat's if it doesn't exist already07:04
Romsternrxtx, how far off are you at a link on your portspage to notify maintainers of ports that need a version bump?07:11
Romsteri'd love to start using such a feature.07:11
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nrxtxRomster: that you mark a port as out of date and the ones gets a mail or connected with your data?07:33
Romsteror even a batch email with the group of ports that need a bump with a optional comment field.07:48
Romsterusing flyspray for that is such a pain.07:48
Romstermarked out of date on $date comment: new version 1.2.3 is out. patch not required anymore. etc.07:49
Romsterexactly what arch has already07:49
nrxtxRomster: e-mail might be something for the future, since there is some weird german law stuff you have to follow, but what you think about rss or rest-api to get a list of your marked ports?07:55
Romsterthat will do but then everyone else has to be following that to see the reports.07:57
Romsterwhats best thesedays rss atom or something else for news reading?07:57
Romsterprologic, docker needs a md5sum update due to check-config.sh07:59
Romsterbrb need to edit my bios for vitalization settings08:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gdb: 7.7.1 -> 7.810:51
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Romstersweet i just built firefox with PGO12:34
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frinnstdoes it still run? :)12:47
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frinnstwould be nice to be able to run firefox with all sorts of optimizations but it has a tendency to break (avx for example)12:47
frinnstmy avx bug has been marked as "NEW" for about 3 years or something12:48
nrxtx Romster: do you think its fine to place a ".users" in the root of a repository to identify which repos belonging to a user?12:52
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Romsterfrinnst, yes it runs and seems a bit quicker but i never took measurement's.12:57
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Romsternrxtx, just go by the maintainer line?12:58
Romsterac_add_options --enable-tests12:59
Romstermake -f build profiledbuild12:59
Romsteri also added but not related to PGO12:59
Romsterac_add_options --enable-gstreamer12:59
Romsterit does need quite a bit of space to build and a few hours13:00
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nrxtxRomster: not really people tend to copy a port without changing that13:09
nrxtxwill result in notifications you cannot fix13:09
Romsteronly the incompetent do that13:09
Romsterguess you would have to look at it and add a databse entry for each repo for the email address.13:10
nrxtxi also only want a repo maintainer being able to clear the flags/comments abd stuff13:10
Romsterthat can be changed for the user that logs in as that owners repo?13:10
nrxtxyeah but how to identify the owner13:11
Romsterowner log in with there email address as there user.13:11
nrxtxof the maintainer line?13:11
Romsterpick the maintainer where you can see it. this really will only work for personal repos.13:13
Romsterthe contrib opt ones all have different maintainers13:13
nrxtxas i said i do not want to rely on the maintainer line its unreliable i need another way13:13
Romsterfor opt/contrib its fine too. but for the rest just look at a Pkgfile and set one manually in the database.13:14
Romsteroff the httpup file? don't those have an email in them.13:14
nrxtxthats why i thought of a .maintainer file or something with the usernames, like opt has a .maintainer in the repo with a list of users allowed to clear flags and stuff13:14
Romsternot even aware of this .maintainer file13:15
Romsteroh you have that file.13:16
nrxtxit would be new13:16
Romsterguess so set one that way13:16
nrxtxlike place it in the root of a repository if you want to manage your ports in my portdb13:16
nrxtxthen i see it when parsing and can set the rights of access13:17
Romsteroh that way hmm i guess.13:19
Romsteryou'd have to document it somewhere and make everyone aware of it.13:19
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Romsterif it was me. i would troll the files find the right name/email and add it to the database for that repo, and have a field for saying it's a shared repo for opt/contrib others.13:21
Romsterand that email can be the login for the users account to edit there settings if needed.13:21
Romstersee how many add a file to there repo for .maintainer i guess13:22
nrxtxyou wan't be able to tag ports in a repo where nobody set that up it's opt-in13:23
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nrxtxi'm not allowed to sent notifications without opt-in13:24
Romsterthen allow an option either by file in repo or login account setting on site.13:30
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Pingax<AlexRussia> somebody know how to setup internet for crux under vbox? @_@ <- I've set up the vm's network interface in bridge mode with my host interface.20:59
AlexRussiaPingax: oh, its old question, was solved still yesterday20:59
PingaxOh >.<20:59
AlexRussiaPingax: i jus selected dhcp....21:00
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AlexRussiaPingax: i see, crux is very light distro21:07
AlexRussiaPingax: lite*21:07
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diverseAlexRussia: it's as big or small as you want it to be ;)21:14
AlexRussiadiverse: just...16 MiB without if runned only htop - it very small for x6421:23
AlexRussiadiverse: and hi21:23
AlexRussiadiverse: and
diverseAlexRussia: well, you are technically using very memory efficient programs with small memory footprint21:24
AlexRussiadiverse: :)21:25
AlexRussiadiverse: you have package with 3.16? @_@21:25
AlexRussiadiverse: 3.16 kernel21:26
AlexRussiadiverse: somewhere in crux...21:26
diverseNo I don't package them. The only person I know who packages kernels is Romster, but those kernels are ancient. Just manually compile and build your own, you don't need to package them.21:28
diverseI'm still using the 3.12 kernel21:29
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diverseAlexRussia: btw, why do you keep using the "@_@" emoji? I can't tell if you are always in awe or just easily confused?21:34
jaegerblinded with science!21:38
diversethat explains it21:39
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] ppp: updated to 2.4.7. Fix for CVE-2014-315823:05
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AlexRussiaoh, i love tea....23:44
AlexRussiadiverse: its mean i am surptised :D23:45
AlexRussiadiverse: dammit23:45
AlexRussiadiverse: surprised*23:45
AlexRussiahate f*cking pppoe, but haven't other provider here :(23:45
AlexRussiajaeger: :)23:46
AlexRussia>Because of the failure of the hard disk on the home server of the main developer release Linux-libre 3.16 prepared with a week late.23:47
AlexRussialibre kernel so libre23:47

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