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renovaatioused crux for some time01:16
renovaatiomust be too much of a noob01:16
renovaatiolokked for pcbsd, for an integrated out-of-the-box experience. They don't support my wireless card01:17
renovaatiowent back to arch, aiming to use it without systemd01:17
renovaatiowayt too hardcore for me01:17
renovaationow its either I go back to crux, or gentoo01:17
openfbtd>wayt too hardcore for me01:17
openfbtd as an example01:17
openfbtdPeople have already done stuff for you :)01:18
renovaatioopenfbtd: hey, I talked to you some time ago01:20
renovaatioor was it last night01:20
renovaatioopenfbtd: you're the reason why I give arch another shot01:20
renovaatiobut, the thing is, it appears to me that maintaining arch without systemd looks painful in the long un01:21
renovaatioperhaps more painful than staying with crux or going with gentoo01:21
openfbtdWell, if that's painful for you, then sure.01:21
renovaatioonly thing I know is that I wanna use something that does not support systemd01:22
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renovaatiois jaeger there?02:01
renovaatioor teK_ or Romster02:02
jaegerI'm sort of here. not always at the computer02:15
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renovaatiojaeger: i wanna offer a long term mirror from acanada02:36
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jaegerok, send me the info for it. email or pm03:02
renovaatiojaeger: what do you need?03:03
renovaatiossh access? ftp?03:03
jaegeryou've seen the mirror list, right? give me the info for your mirror to publish on the list03:04
jaegerhostname, which protocols it supports (ftp, http, rsync)03:08
renovaatiojaeger: what sould be the frequency of the mirorring?03:14
jaegeroh, you haven't set it up yet, ok. I would suggest something like 6 hours at the shortest, just to be polite03:14
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Worksterrenovaatio, i'm here at work. (Romster)03:22
Worksteranythign you do on arch can probably be ported to crux as well including firmware for wifi card.03:22
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renovaatioi forgot how to make my network card work by enabling it in the kernel15:09
renovaatioIntel 82579LM15:09
jaegerenable the e1000e module, I believe15:10
jaegeryeah, the L and LM are both supported by e1000e15:11
renovaatiowhat is the differenc bet module and integrated15:14
renovaatiodamn i'm such a noob still15:14
jaegerin the case of network drivers there's not much difference, unless you're booting via the network15:17
jaegeryou generally have to use builtin <*> for things required to boot, such as hard disk controllers15:17
jaegermodule <M> is fine for things not needed to boot, things that can be loaded later, like networking15:18
jaegerthat's an oversimplification but the general idea is there15:18
renovaatiothanks jaeger15:21
renovaatioit worked15:21
renovaationow I have to restle with the wireless15:21
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hhhhhhhhis there a way to stop prt-get upgrading packages16:48
teK_prt-get lock packagename16:49
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renovaatioanyone here is using ck's patches16:53
teK_not for a long time16:54
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EmoSpicerenovaatio: I did a while back, but not since I've been on Crux.17:05
renovaatioteK_: EmoSpice not worth it on crux?17:05
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EmoSpicerenovaatio: The AUR helped, but I just didn't need it17:06
EmoSpiceWhy do you ask? It's a pretty simple process to apply the patch17:07
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renovaatiogood one frinnst17:31
teK_renovaatio: depends on what you deem 'worth'17:31
renovaatioteK_: speed and responsiveness for the desktop17:32
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jaegeris EmoSpice the goth spice girl?17:39
EmoSpiceSomething like that.17:39
EmoSpicefrinnst: Brilliant./17:40
jaegerthat is pretty entertaining17:41
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EmoSpicecoincidentally, it's also the reason I'm using crux :P17:41
EmoSpiceor at's among the reasons17:42
jaegerI love it when a long build fails at the very end because I forgot the -D option to install (or something equally simple)17:48
EmoSpicethat's always fun >_<17:48
jaegerI've done it twice today, heh17:48
jaegerThe machine in question isn't terrible but it's slower than my workstation, for example17:49
jaegeri5-4250U, clocks between 1.3 and 2.6 GHz17:49
EmoSpiceI built the kernel first time round with -J1 and wondered why it was taking so damn long.17:49
EmoSpiceFigured it out not long after that >_>17:49
EmoSpiceWhat was worse was I was just building an un-optimized one (taken from my Arch machine's config), so it was like...2 hours later17:50
EmoSpicethat I finally got a semi-working kernel17:50
jaegerthe defconfig that ships with the ISO is like that. Lots of extra things to cover as much ground as possible17:50
EmoSpiceI'm sure it is. I finally pared it down and started using -J8 and I can finally build a (still unoptimized, but better) kernel in like 15 or so minutes.17:51
EmoSpiceIf nothing else, it is nice to not need an initrd anymore though17:51
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renovaatioconfigure: error: Package requirements (epoxy) were not met:19:42
renovaatioNo package 'epoxy' found19:42
jaegerinstall the libepoxy dependency19:46
renovaatioyeah founnd it19:48
renovaatioexim needs to be update19:52
renovaatioanyone on the "Crux System Team"19:56
frinnsthm, strange I didnt get a notification about that20:05
frinnstwill take care of it asap20:05
frinnstperhaps since they havent announced it on the mailinglist20:06
renovaatiogreat thank you!20:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: exim: updated to 4.8420:09
renovaatioteK_: libreoffice can't be donwloaded20:12
renovaatioin contrib20:12
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frinnstsurely not being able to download libreoffice should count as a feature and not a bug :)20:14
renovaatioi didn't know of a libreoffice hate in here20:15
renovaatiowhat I meant is that the package has the wrong version number20:15
renovaatiofrinnst: what is wrong with libreoffice20:15
frinnsthehe just kidding20:16
frinnstall office suites suck, its just a matter of degree20:16
frinnstimho ofcourse20:17
renovaatioeven latex?20:17
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hhhhhhhhif i want to use synclient do i need to keep the synaptics modules as modules and not build them in20:25
hhhhhhhhmy touchpad is working and modprobe synaptics_i2c doesn't die, but synclient is saying "Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?"20:26
EmoSpicehhhhhhhh: That's what I've assumed (I don't know anything concrete on the issue)20:26
EmoSpiceI've heard that most input drivers require on some level to be compiled as a module.20:27
hhhhhhhhthats odd20:28
renovaatioFatal server error:20:29
renovaatio(EE)  no screens found (EE)20:29
renovaatiook I need the drivers from the kernel20:30
frinnstyou are not pasting the most interesting part20:30
frinnstwhat hardware do you have?20:30
renovaatioIntel integerated20:31
renovaatiolooking for it right now in menuconfig20:31
EmoSpicerenovaatio: You need xorg-xf86-intel iirc.20:31
renovaatioEmoSpice: I have it20:31
renovaatiobut it can't find the module20:31
EmoSpiceAh. Have fun hunting down the options :P20:31
renovaatioif I understand right20:32
frinnst -> Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Direct Rendering Manager20:32
frinnstIntel 8xx/9xx/G3x/G4x/HD Graphics20:32
EmoSpiceI had the same problem until I explicitly added an xorg.conf20:32
renovaatiofrinnst: direct rendering manager was enabled, and the intel driver in enabled also (module)20:34
renovaatioguess I will have to generate a xorg.conf file20:34
renovaatiolike EmoSpice said20:35
jaegerIn most cases it doesn't matter whether you compile them builtin or as module. Where it DOES matter is if they're tied up in your framebuffer or KMS stuff20:35
EmoSpiceinteresting. Haven't played around with it all, but I probably should.20:36
renovaatioframebuffer or KMS20:36
renovaatioin the kernel config?20:36
frinnstyou want it built in for early kms features20:37
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renovaatioyou guys make me feel like a noob20:38
renovaatioWich I am. Obviously.20:38
frinnstand with some hardware that requires firmware (radeon as an example) you probably want to include the firmware blobs in the kernel20:39
frinnstits not complicated once you get your head around it, honest :)20:40
EmoSpiceYou're talking about building your own kernel. Remember that like...80% of linux users aren't there yet :P20:40
renovaatioglad I dont20:40
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frinnstjust take your time, try to get a working config and then start to play around to see what stuff does :)20:41
renovaatioEmoSpice: you're right20:41
frinnstjust make sure you include a working kernel in your bootloader20:41
pidsleyrenovaatio: did you rebuild the intel video driver after the xorg update?20:41
renovaatiocan't wait to actually have a kernel that has stricly the mandatory stuff and nothing else20:42
renovaatiowill feel awesome20:42
renovaatiofrinnst: yeah lol... wont boot now20:42
renovaatiogo figure where I fucked up20:42
frinnstgood point, xorg-server 1.16 requires drivers to be rebuilt20:43
frinnstgood luck, im off to bed :)20:43
renovaatiogood night20:43
renovaatiosemms to work now20:43
renovaatiothe kernel booted, but xorg wont start20:44
pidsleystill no screens found?20:44
renovaatio(EE) module ABI major version (15) doesn't match the server's version (18)20:45
renovaatiofound that in the xorg log20:45
renovaatiolooks like this is related to my problem20:45
pidsleyyou need to rebuild the video driver20:45
renovaatioi thought I did20:45
pidsleyi went through this same process with the xorg update20:46
renovaatiomake all && make modules_install20:46
renovaatiopidsley: is this what you're talking about?20:46
pidsleyno, rebuild xorg-xf86-video-intel20:46
renovaatioin the kernel20:46
pidsleyand you will probably also need to rebuild evdev, or you will have working X but no keyboard or mouse20:48
renovaatioso this sould be done for every kernel update?20:48
pidsleyno, just the major X server update20:48
pidsleythat's what broke video and evdev20:48
pidsleyas frinnst said: "good point, xorg-server 1.16 requires drivers to be rebuilt"20:50
pidsleyi had the same problems with the xorg update20:51
pidsleyno epoxy, build epoxy, no screens, rebuild video-intel, no mouse or keyborad, rebuild evdev20:52
jaegermost times when xorg-server gets updated you need to rebuild the input and video drivers. Not always but it's quick and easy20:52
jaegerprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')20:52
jaegerthat's what I run each time xorg-server is updated20:52
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pidsleythank you jaeger, very handy20:55
pidsleysaved for next time20:55
renovaatiofuck yeah20:57
renovaatioi'm in my comfortable dwm20:57
hhhhhhhhi'm having trouble getting my webcam working. pretty sure i compiled in all the right modules, dmesg/lsusb recognise the camera20:58
hhhhhhhhuvcvideo loads, /dev/video0 exists20:58
hhhhhhhhbut xawtv says "no video grabber device available" and quits20:58
hhhhhhhhand that happens if i run it as root/in the video group20:58
pidsleyrenovaatio: if you want some good kernel config references, i can give you some links21:00
renovaatiopidsley: interesting21:01
renovaatiohhhhhhhh: tried with another app like mplayer21:02
renovaatiopidsley: bookmarked, thanks21:02
hhhhhhhhrenovaatio: i will report back in 50000 years after ffmpeg compiles on a netbook21:05
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pidsleyhhhhhhhh: firefox takes seven hours to build on my Atom ;)21:07
hhhhhhhhpidsley: when i was running crux in a vm i tried compiling both firefox and webkit21:07
hhhhhhhhand gave up and went to bed after ~5 hours each21:07
hhhhhhhhthat is in a vm on a 4.2ghz quad core21:07
pidsleyi only tried firefox because I wanted to see if I could do it. it only worked after I increased the disk space it had available21:08
hhhhhhhhso you had to go through it twice21:09
pidsleyit's a test machine -- i just start it running and check on it every once in a while...21:09
pidsleyi used to run Gentoo on a 32-bit Celeron, so I'm used to starting builds and leaving them21:10
hhhhhhhhid still be mad21:11
renovaatiocrux with precompiled packages would be21:11
renovaatioa nice idea21:11
hhhhhhhhyou can pkgadd things off the cd21:11
pidsleyand some users here make big packages available21:12
hhhhhhhhor install pacman and use the arch packages21:12
renovaatiooh you mean with arch's repos21:13
hhhhhhhhyeah if you -Sdd things you can install specific packages21:13
renovaatiois Romster repo down?21:22
renovaatiowell it is down actually21:22
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hhhhhhhhrenovaatio: mplayer works21:36
hhhhhhhhsilly xawtv21:37
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Romster loading for me22:45
deus_exis there a way to force pkgmk not to restart the build from scratch, but to keep going from the line in Pkgfile that is not commented out?23:33
deus_excase in point: I made an error in sed line that goes after make install in qt5 port, fixed it, commented out Pkgfile up to that line, pkgmk cleans all up.damn.23:38
deus_exand building qt5 takes a loooong time.23:40
deus_extoo bad Han's patch for 'keep going' never made it to pkgutils ;)23:42
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