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Worksterhmm and i'm just reading something that needs qt5.00:10
Worksterwhos qt5 port is it?00:10
Worksterdeus_ex, install ccache should help with them problems00:11
deus_exWorkster: I modified(hacked on) opt/qt4 port, using opensuse/arch/blfs as a reference.00:19
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Workstercool i'd like to see the finished work or even if you can't get it working i can help out.00:21
deus_exWorkster: If you want, I can send it to you, I am sure it can be improved :)00:42
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Romsterdeus_ex, sure pastebin when your done or your stuck i'll look at it after work.02:40
Romstersince now i found a need for qt502:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.23 -> 1.7.2407:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: setuptools: 2.1 -> 5.607:57
frinnst2.1 -> 5.6? thats one almighty version jump :)08:08
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tilmanthey better fixed _all_ of the bugs!08:27
Romsterwhat bugs08:43
Romsterthey better have fixed08:43
Romsteri know your German but felt like correcting grammar.08:44
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frinnstRomster: dude, glass houses and stuff.. :)09:53
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tilmananyone else having trouble with the latest steam update? crashes immediately for me10:25
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Romsteri just loaded up steam no crashing yet10:28
tilmanhaha, what the *shit*10:35
tilmani think i repaired by running steam in valgrind (DEBUGGER=valgrind steam)10:35
tilmanthat made steam update itself; afterwards it seems to work10:36
Romsterok strange10:47
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Romsterconfigure: error: Valgrind requires glibc version 2.2 - 2.1712:26
Romsterthat's smart12:26
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tilmanfrinnst: hahahahahah, what the fuck12:42
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frinnsthe's epic13:12
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jaegerRomster: that was kinda funny considering "your" should have been "you're" in that case14:47
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rexichhi people :)16:56
rexichI want to share something funny with you, concerning SystemD:
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xveehello guys17:02
rexichxvee: hello!17:03
diversexvee: it's been a while17:04
xveeit has. miss me?17:04
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renovaatioI followed this wiki page, the section for wpa21:55
renovaatiothis is what I get from "# /etc/rc.d/net restart" :21:56
renovaatiocant ping google21:57
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renovaatioalso, I don't have much in my /proc/acpi/ dir22:13
renovaatioonly: button/ wakeup22:13
renovaatioI would like to have the battery state22:14
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renovaatioit would appear that the acpi stuff must be enabled in the kernel config23:07
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