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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: readline-32: 6.3.6 -> 6.3.801:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: pango-32: 1.36.3 -> 1.36.601:57
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Romsterguess i'll do it qt5 is compiling after i did some more cleaning up.03:49
Romsterpedja, want credit for the packager?03:50
Romsteri need a line for it.03:50
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pedjaRomster: that would be cool, thanks :)05:09
Romsterpedja, so your name and email then.05:53
Romsterfor Packager line05:53
Romsterall i did was neaten it up05:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qt5: initial import07:01
diverseyay qt5 imported07:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qt5: fix whitespace07:04
Romsteri'm the crazy one to clean and import.07:06
Romsterpedja, did most of the work07:06
Romsteri fixed it to respect CXX too.07:07
Romsterand instead of the -j4 you had in there just set MAKEFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf07:07
Romsterand no need to even append to the PATH for ccache07:07
RomsterCXX="ccache g++"07:08
diversethank you pkgmk.conf flexibility07:11
pedjaRomster: that -j4 for make install was quick&dirty fix for a problem I had with QTWebkit or smth.I am glad you fixed that :)07:16
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Romsteri went over the whole thing08:31
Romsterwell i compiled it with -j24 so no issues there with number of jobs08:32
diverseand it took you half an hour to finish, so considering how big qt is, that was really fast08:33
diverseto build I mean08:33
Romsteryeah and i then built it again to make sure the dependencies were met08:34
Romsterbut second build be faster due to ccache08:34
Romsteri have distcc -> ccache -> compiler08:35
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diversewelcome back jue!08:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] cups: update to 1.7.509:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.5709:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mailx: update to 14.7.609:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to 3.8.609:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libtirpc: update to 0.2.509:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.0309:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libjpeg: replaced by libjpeg-turbo09:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libmng: updated to 2.0.209:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated to 1.6.709:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: upate to 7.4.9409:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update to 1.5.0, apr-utils: update to 1.5.309:59
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Romstergod damn it cruxbot10:01
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u7knv9hhow do i check if i have hardware acceleration enabled?10:36
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Romsterglxinfo |grep direct11:01
Romsteru7knv9h, ^11:07
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u7knv9his there a way to change the renderer?11:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: tkimg: dropped11:22
u7knv9hwhen i try to select xorg i get11:30
teK_re-run :)11:32
teK_then run gl-select [nvidia|whatever]11:32
teK_gl-select set11:32
teK_don't remember ;)11:32
u7knv9hi don't have a nvidia or an ati, and intel doesn't seem to be an option11:33
u7knv9hyesterday i did a sysup and xorg-server failed the upgrade, and now gl-select says i can try resinstalling xorg-server11:36
u7knv9hcan these be related?11:36
teK_I can check on my laptop some time later, it uses an i915 chip11:40
teK_holy cow Romster was getting qt5 working hard? The Pkgfile looks like it -_-11:41
frinnstgl-select is just for nvidia cards11:50
frinnstbut what do you mean "xorg-server" failed to upgrade?11:50
Romsterinstall libepoxy, uprage xorg-server rebuild input/video drivers.11:52
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Romsteru7knv9h, xorg-xf86-video-intel11:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: time: FS#1020 hack11:58
u7knv9hi mean, when i updated all the packages the package "xorg-server" failed to install, but now i installed it correctly11:58
u7knv9hand after i rebuild xorg-xf86-video intel?11:58
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frinnstno, probably because you installed libepoxy12:01
frinnstdont forget to rebuild your input drivers12:01
frinnstxorg-xf86-input-evdev probably12:02
frinnstsorry, yes after you upgrade xorg-server you need to rebuild xorg-xf86-video-intel and xorg-xf86-input-evdev12:02
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u7knv9hafter the xorg-server update i can't start xorg12:07
u7knv9h"module ABI major version (15) doesnt match the server's version (18)12:09
frinnstdid you rebuild the xorg-xf86-video-intel *after you upgraded xorg-server? you need to do that12:09
frinnstor it might be a input driver that you need to rebuild12:09
frinnstif you look up in the error log a bit you should be able to see what driver is broken12:10
u7knv9hrebuild means "pkgmk -f -u" and then "pkgadd -f -u *.pkg.tar.gz" ?12:10
frinnstyes, or just "prt-get -fr update <port>"12:10
frinnstand if you pass -u to pkgmk you dont need to pkgadd it12:11
u7knv9h(re)rebuilt but still nothing12:14
u7knv9hand i cant even copy the log12:14
u7knv9hor is there a way?12:14
frinnstyou can use wgetpaste on the log12:17
frinnstjust # wgetpaste /var/log/<log>12:17
frinnstit will generate a url12:17
frinnstwhat input driver have you been using? evdev?12:23
u7knv9hrebuilt xorg-xf86-input-evdev, xorg-xf86-input-synaptics, libepoxy, xorg-server and xorg-xf86-video-intel but nothing12:23
u7knv9hjust a sec and i check12:24
frinnstare you using a xorg.conf file, or are you letting everything be autodetected?12:24
frinnstthe abi errors seems to just be for drivers that are not actually being used. but I dont see any input drivers being loaded12:24
u7knv9hi think xf86-input-mouse synaptics and keyboard but im not sure12:25
u7knv9hno, keyboard no12:25
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frinnstthen rebuild xorg-xf86-input-keyboard and xorg-xf86-input-mouse12:25
frinnstor you could just enable CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=m in the kernel12:26
frinnstvesa being being abi incompatible might be the reason too, but i really doubt it. you can rebuild xorg-xf86-video-vesa just to be safe12:27
u7knv9hthis worked12:28
u7knv9hthanks man12:28
frinnststrange. xorg-server seems very picky i guess12:29
u7knv9hwhat's strange?12:30
frinnstif you use a xorg.conf and specify what drivers you want loaded you can just rebuild these in the future12:30
u7knv9hare there any advantages in specifying drivers?12:31
frinnstthat xorg-server bails when it sees a incompatible abi module. if the module didnt exist it would have started up just fine12:31
npicHi! I'm new to CRUX, and I'm curious about one aspect of ports system... What if I need to build a program with specific configure flags? Am I supposed to edit an actual Pkgfile?12:32
frinnstit errored out on vesa, but you dont use vesa :)12:32
frinnstnpic: yep. Best is probably to maintain your own port for it and prioritize it over the repo that contains the port you are modifying12:33
frinnstotherwise future updates will override your local changes12:33
frinnstanother option is to lock the port with "prt-get lock <port>". This will prevent prt-get from upgrade it in the future12:34
npicfrinnst: thanks for the explanation!12:35
u7knv9hthanks for all the help too12:41
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frinnstoh japan:
diverseoh that's the Sony Cat トロ14:11
diversefrinnst: that car means, the person driving is an uber Playstation fan14:13
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frinnstremarkable, 3.17-rc1 still hasn't crashed even after 6hrs uptime! most stable kernel i've used since 3.14 :)14:45
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u7knv9hanyone here uses mpv?15:52
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u7knv9hthe only video output i can use with mpv is x11, all the others give me errors (, anyone have a fix?16:12
u7knv9hand i don't even know if it uses hw acceleration16:13
u7knv9hthe problem is that playing videos like this results blurred and sharpened a lot16:13
frinnststrange, can you veryfy that you *are* using the intel driver and not vesa?16:22
frinnstalso make sure you have xorg-libxvmc installed16:23
u7knv9hi have xorg-libxvmc installed, but how do i check if im using the intel driver or mesa?16:27
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u7knv9hdoing lshw -c video i get16:36
u7knv9hi dont get any driver= whatever in configuration16:36
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u7knv9hgot all working (except vdpau, maybe it's nvidia only) using the "kernel configuration" and "glamor acceleration" sections from here
u7knv9hbut, using opengl, if i resize the window with the video it crashes16:57
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frinnstIf i were you, i wouldnt run intel with glamor. its still not that stable (atleast for amd chips)17:09
frinnstand xv support in glamor is still kinda sucky17:09
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u7knv9h_cleaned xorg.conf as you said, now everything works perfectly17:13
u7knv9h_(except vdpau, but i dont think it will work with an intel hd)17:13
u7knv9h_thanks anyway!17:14
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u7knv9h_is it worth to get vdpau worikng ( maybe?) or opengl-hq is fine?17:20
u7knv9h_opengl-hq / opengl / vaapi / xz17:22
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frinnsti dont think intel supports vdpau, but im not sure17:52
frinnst"Intel currently[when?] does not offer VDPAU. "17:53
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teK_but vaapi18:57
teK_(there's mplayer-vaapi)18:57
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npicHello there! I think I found a bug. "prt-get info go" with contrib enabled outputs "Packager: Temporary)", but there's no packager described in the Pkgfile. There's "XXX: Temporary)" string somewhere in the build() there, though, and it seems that prt-get mistakingly treats it as a packager. I didn't found anything related on the bugtracker. Do you guys aware of this quirk? Should I report it? Thanks.20:04
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npicAlso, this package fails to build. It seems that it can't pass a few tests. I should write to the package maintainer about that, right?20:07
teK_you are right (both times)20:08
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nrxtxnah he is gone, the test fails if he has multicast disabled in kernel as it is disabled per default21:01
nrxtxprologic: replace the with in the go port21:01
nrxtxstable releases pass the test before release so no need to to tests on every build21:02
prologicnrxtx, okay21:05
nrxtxprologic: it will fail to pass tests with default crux kernel configuration :/21:09
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prologicI'm aware21:14
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openfbtdfrinnst, 200922:25
frinnststill hilarious22:39
nrxtxfrinnst: thx for closing #974 it has been fixed by adding a .nostrip22:42
nrxtxalready had that discussion with prologic :)22:43

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