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deus_excity wide power outage is fun (not really).00:14
Worksterhave a backup ups and generator with 20 liters of fuel. after that though i'm stuffed00:18
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renovaatiowhat were the xorg packages that had to be rebuilt again when upgrading?02:32
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renovaatioxorg log:
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renovaatiook i'm back02:52
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pidsleyprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')02:53
pidsleyyou need to rebuild your video driver and input driver(s)02:54
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renovaatioi use the manufacturer's (RealTek) driver for my wifi. It is utter crap.03:01
renovaatioit keeps disconnecting03:01
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z3braHi !07:23
z3braI have a question, under which license are prt-utils scripts released ?07:23
z3bra(I'm packaging it for alpine linux)07:23
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Romsterz3bra, i'm guess that depends on each tools licence int he file at the top07:48
z3braah, all tools are not under the same license...07:49
Romsternot in that one afaik07:49
z3braokay thanks07:50
z3braI finally managed to bring my repo up o/07:51
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Romsterthat took you awhile.08:00
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z3brayeah I'm sorry about that08:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: imagemagick: fix source URL08:03
z3braMy server's hard drive crashed08:03
z3braSo I reinstalled it all on a new one, and it now runs alpine linux08:04
z3braBut I add to learn how to package things, in order to install httpup and portspage08:04
z3bra(meanwhile, I had a whole week of holidays)08:04
z3braBut I'm finally done :)08:04
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Romsteroh why no crux?08:06
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z3braRomster, I wanted to try something new =)08:21
z3braand alpine is pretty cool in fact08:21
z3brabusybox + musl08:21
z3brahi nwe_08:22
z3brabtw, can soc08:22
z3bracan someone try to add my repo via the httpup driver ?08:22
z3braIt seems that I can't fill /usr/ports/z3bra when performing "ports -u"08:23
z3braall I get is two files: .httpup-repo.current and .httpup-urlinfo08:27
Romster not up yet08:36
Romsterbe overnight08:36
z3braI have /etc/ports/z3bra.httpup08:52
z3braand /etc/ports/drivers/httpup08:52
z3brabut upon ports -u; ports -d, the changes doesn't show up08:53
z3braThe driver uses "httpup sync". Should it be "httpup copy" ?08:53
Romstersync should work08:55
z3brait wokrs08:55
Romsteris your REPO file fine?08:55
z3braAs I get the .httpup-repo.current and .httpup-urlinfo08:55
z3brawhat should it contain ?08:56
z3bramine is empty08:56
z3brajust noticed...08:57
z3brahttpup-repgen doesn't work08:57
z3brabecause of busybox 'find' not having -printf08:57
z3branow it works. I installed the GNU findutils08:58
z3braThanks for helping me debugging that =)08:58
Romsterthat'll do it.08:59
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deus_exis anyone running vmware-workstation on crux?13:49
frinnstnot I13:51
deus_exwth is signal 2?13:57
tilmanthe ctrl-c one ;))13:58
deus_extilman: that would explain it, i did press ctrl-c when the gui didn't start for a while, just hangs there.thanks.14:01
deus_exgreat, vbox does not like /opt as a symlink, vmware ui won't start.14:02
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u7knv9hnot able to install the go port from the contrib collection14:37
u7knv9hi get this14:37
u7knv9hanyone can help?14:37
frinnstnot without more info - like the actual fail14:41
frinnstthat just looks like a summary of the tests and the results14:42
u7knv9hi found a README in /usr/ports/contrib/go, and it was saying that i needed to enable CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST in the kernel to compile it, guess i should've checked before14:45
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u7knv9hcan i create a service for mpd?14:51
deus_exu7knv9h: tzdata update broke that test in go, patch should be in next version.i can upload the patch somewhere, if you want.14:54
jaegerthanks, australia14:54
u7knv9hnah, it's not really urgent, i was just wondering14:55
deus_exvmware beta 11 the fun begins.14:55
deus_exi wonder what linux-for-vehicles looks like, being based on tizen, iirc.14:57
u7knv9hwhat is linux-for-vehicles?14:59
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u7knv9hnothing, even adding config_ip_multicast to the kernel15:09
u7knv9hi cant install go15:10
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tilmani don't think u7knv9h understood that you need to patch the port in order to make it work =]17:48
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frinnstsmall detail18:19
joacimsweden is kinda cool18:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: feh: 2.11 -> 2.1218:47
frinnstyeah, RIP19:11
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