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nwe_hello, does someone in here using graphite?11:40
nwe_and grafana..?11:40
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gr8hi. do you have an i386 version of crux that I could install on my Thinkpad T60?19:16
jaegercurrently there's no official i686/i386 release19:17
jaegerYou could possibly install 2.8 and then use the 3.1 ports in it but you'd have to be careful about the toolchain and glibc19:17
gr8ah, no I don't think that's a good idea19:19
jaegerIt would be a lot of work, probably19:20
gr8is there another K.I.S.S. linux distribution or even operating system that you could recommend?19:20
jaegerI'd probably use gentoo or LFS, myself, but if you prefer something that's less work, maybe slackware?19:21
jaegeror one of the BSDs if you're not set on linux19:21
gr8yeah people mention slackware quite often ... maybe I should give it a try. BSDs suck too, in a different way ... idk. UFS, disklabel etc19:23
tilmanuh, *thats* what you think sucks about them? ;D19:42
gr8what would you say?19:43
tilmani'd say netbsd feels very KISS19:44
tilmanit's also surprisingly buggy (lack of testers/developers i guess)19:44
gr8right, Netbsd. would have been my first BSD choice.19:57
gr8I just realized why I am looking for a simpler operating system; to understand what I am doing, to dive in deeper into software (in a spiritual sense)20:00
gr8but I guess that has in fact very little to do with the operating system I am using20:02
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