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teK___hi folks08:10
frinnstI NEED MORE COFFEE08:28
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jueteK___: run into this bug with qemu 2.1.0:
jueteK___: for now I downgraded to 2.0.212:27
frinnstoh, discard works in qemu?12:31
frinnstcool. no dice in vmware :(12:31
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teK___that sucks12:49
teK___and qemu > vmware :D12:50
teK___question is whether the devs are going to release a fix for that soon (not likely)12:50
frinnstpatch might exist?12:57
teK___I'll check that later tonight13:24
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frinnstpretty fucking funny14:22
jaegerman, someone puts a lot of effort into those :P14:25
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diversewhat the fuck?14:32
teK___I have one for ya, too14:36
teK___< grsecurity> To put all your minds at ease and reassure you that you're in good hands, here's the guy doing the BPF JIT rewrite:
teK___pretty scary, imho14:37
frinnstno kidding14:37
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tilmanlol what15:49
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notifty] glibc: added fix for CVE-2014-511917:45
tilmanmight want to update .md5sum for that patch17:46
mimir1980Hello, I just installed crux last night. What is the recommended approached in updating packages and withholding certain packages from being updated?17:48
teK___mimir1980: sudo prt-get lock <pkgN>17:50
teK___mimir1980: sudo prt-get sysup17:50
teK___(after the mandatory ports -u)17:51
thetornainbowfrinnst: don't cry17:52
mimir1980thanks, I read about this tool. Does this do auto dep updating17:52
teK___mimir1980: not for sysup (yet). Sorry17:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: glibc: added patch md5sum17:52
teK___but there is prt-get depinst for fresh installs17:52
teK___really frinnst? Now I have to ports -u again.17:52
teK___Thanks frinnst.17:52
tilmanfrinnst: well done17:53
thetornainbowwhat do you mean by auto dep updating?17:53
thetornainbowdoesn't sysup touch every installed package, dep or no?17:54
mimir1980Okay. So I would like have to update cmake first for example before I update clementine for example?17:54
frinnstyes, but it doesnt introduce new packages if an updated package now depends on an additional package17:54
tilmanyeah, but you'd want to update dependent stuff before depending stuff17:54
tilmanif that makes sense17:54
thetornainbowfrinnst: ah i see17:55
mimir1980Okay I was thinks like prt-get sysup updates everything17:56
frinnstit does, but it does not *install* new packages17:56
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mimir1980Thanks. prt-utils I read have some utilites to follow these changes?17:58
teK___       prtcheckmissing checks for missing files comparing the installed files on the system with the ones listed in the pkgutils database.18:00
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frinnstits generally not really a big deal. You'll notice if you are missing a dep because the build will fail :)18:04
teK___jue: found a patch for your issue, ready to test?18:10
mimir1980Yeah you right since there is alot of admin utils I wanted some clarification on what was a better utility to do one job and that's updating. I'm looking for the page right now where I saw subscribing to a mailing list to follow security update anyone know?18:10
teK___please note that (sadly?) contrib packages are not announced either on the crux nor the crux-contrib ML18:13
teK___you are usually safe when installing all pushed updates18:14
teK___mostly feature- and alway security-wise ;)18:14
mimir1980whats the cruxbot?18:17
mimir1980Is that updates for a dev branch?18:17
teK___for quite some repos, yes18:17
teK___core, opt, compat-32, contrib, xorg and xfce18:17
mimir1980is there web interface?18:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu: include fix for TRIM passthrough for IDE devices18:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu-all: include fix for TRIM passthrough for IDE devices18:20
teK___<dchest> Red Hat CTO replaced by systemd-ctod
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: grub2: added a tweak for ftsynth.h location19:31
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