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diverseI guess I should be glad I stay on the 3.12.x line06:32
diversewhat's happening to the kernel frinnst?06:33
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Romsteri dunno but 2.15.6 has not caused me any issues.08:42
Romsteri'm probably not using a /feature/ that frinnst is08:42
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nrxtxRomster: and :)09:22
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diverseRomster: ah I see, perhaps all kernels are just buggy to frinnst :P11:35
diverse...argh, no wonder bash scripters perfer ${foo} over $foo11:38
Romsteryeah if $PKG was say /usr/ports here/work/...11:42
Romsterit'll bork on the space11:42
diverseRomster: ah, well my problem was trying to download a source and it wouldn't allow me to use $name_$version in the Pkgfile because for some reason with the underscore in between causes $name to be ignored and just download a file called `$version`. I have the problem by doing ${name}_${version}11:45
Romsterih yes then you need todo it for just name11:45
diverse*problem solved by doing ${name}_${version}11:45
Romsterversion don't need it.11:45
Romsteris good enough11:45
Romsteras _ is a legal char in a variable name11:46
Romsterelse it be looking for name_= than name=11:46
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