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frinnstalways entertaining08:23
openfbtdLinus is talking about packaging software for linux08:40
openfbtdBut packaging is a distro's job O_o08:40
openfbtdNot the developer's!08:40
Romstercmake... it ignores -DCMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_LIBEXECDIR what to do...08:42
frinnstwell he clears that up a bit08:46
openfbtdNot the developer's job.08:52
frinnstNo, but it *is* a problem08:58
frinnstmaybe lennarts idea wasnt so bad after all08:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gudev: contrib -> opt11:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: webkitgtk: 2.5.1 -> 2.5.311:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gudev: contrib -> opt11:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gudev: 1.9 -> 1.1011:30
Romstersepen, done11:30
Guest82794sxiv in contrib is broken11:53
frinnstideed it is, doesnt like our giflib11:55
frinnstsorry, not sepen11:55
frinnstI've filed a bug for it, should hopefully be resolved soon12:14
frinnstthanks for the report12:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mkvtoolnix: 6.5.0 -> 7.1.013:16
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frinnstnice lag today13:37
frinnstLag: 2.9013:37
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elderKHey guys, I was wondering how I migrate my Crux 3.0 system to 3.1?16:12
elderKIs it as simple as just pointing my ports to crux-3.1?16:12
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RobinStamerUse the upgrade option on the CD?16:24
elderK:( I don't have any writable CDs.16:27
elderKBut good point.16:27
elderKIf I do the upgrade option - but am fully up to date with 3.0 ports,16:27
elderKwill they still be more recent/16:28
elderKI'm a little restricted by how much I can download, thanks to stupid mobile networks16:28
tilmanthe iso works on usb media as well16:28
elderKand regarding recentness of packages16:28
tilmancan't say16:29
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elderKHow reliable is the update option?16:30
elderKOther distributions I've tried really fucked shit up with their update option16:30
elderKSlackware, Redhat, etc.16:30
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RobinStamerFor real installs I have /home / and /boot all a seperate things, I have a second area for a second /, install one version on one /, updated version on the other /, use the boot loader to switch.  (Bit more work, but you should have the diskspace to do this on a non-VM, saves a few head-aches, does mean you have to manually reinstall stuff though)16:36
elderKI'd prefer not to reinstall all the programs, I just don't have the bandwidth16:37
RobinStamerIf for whatever reason the install borks you can just switch to the old root.16:37
elderKbut /usr, /var, /tmp, / and /boot are on separate partitions16:37
elderK\/home too16:37
elderKAll my 'net access is via cellular networks you see.16:38
elderKI don't have a dedicated line, living in motels...16:38
elderKmotel to motel.16:38
RobinStamerSalesman of some sort?16:38
elderKshitty situation, you see.16:38
elderKNo, I ahve a stable job.16:38
elderKJust it's very expensive here. auckland nZ16:38
elderKI don't have the bond to get an apartment / flat.16:38
elderKand I'm not making enough to save shit.16:38
elderKNot to mention most flats in the city are just as expensive or more so than the motel I'm staying16:39
elderK(special rates for long term stay)16:39
elderKWho the fuck ever thought $50k would be shit?16:39
tilmani'd recommend to just do the update using the iso16:39
elderKUsed to be on 35k$ per year, in Christchurch and I livedp retty nicely...16:39
tilmanjust make sure to mount your various filesystems first (just the important stuff you listed already)16:40
elderKtilman: Would it still be necessary to rebuild the stuff I've installed?16:40
tilmanmight have rebuild some programs, but certainly not all16:40
elderKSometimes if I update libs, I have to rebuild other programs16:41
elderKas they biotch about shared objects not being found16:41
elderKusually VLC and stuff.16:41
jaegerrevdep will help you figure out which ones you need to rebuild after the upgrade16:41
elderKGiven that all I want for now is clang, would you recommend me just grabbing the port for that from 3.1 and using that for now?16:41
elderKRather than attempting the update?16:41
elderK(At least until I find a decent internet cafe or something?)16:42
tilmanno, do the update for some security fixes as well16:42
elderK4g remaining data be sane?16:42
elderKor do you think I'll need significantly more?16:42
elderKI know it depends on how much shit I've got installed.16:42
tilmanreally hard to say16:42
elderKI figured so.16:43
tilmanshould work out, considering the iso is only 200(?)mb, and most source tarballs are rather small16:43
elderK90$ for 6G, you see.16:43
elderKDamn, wait, this machine doesn't have separate partitions for /, /usr, etc, that's another...16:44
elderKI should migrate the system to that layout...16:44
elderKUse lvm or something...?16:44
elderKOr do you think it'd still be okay if I just update on one /?16:44
tilmani've never had the crux update crap out on me i don't think16:45
tilmanon my system, i'd go for it16:45
elderKI'll dedicate some time to it then :)16:46
elderKWeekend ro something where I have time to deal with any issues.16:46
elderKThanks for the advice guys :)16:46
elderKIs revdep a command of prt-get etc?16:47
elderKor is it a separate program?16:47
tilmanit's part of prt-utils16:47
elderKIs it only worth running revdep after I update some library?16:48
elderKOr can it automatically detect if my system has issues now?16:48
elderKman page, got it16:49
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elderKAlso, final question for now!16:49
elderKHow do I get my ports repo on the port browser for crux?16:49
elderKI have a decent amount that might be worth sharing16:49
elderKI don't keep them up to date religiously16:49
elderKBut maybe could still be useful16:49
tilmana ddd port16:50
tilmanwow :D16:50
elderK? :)16:50
tilmanthe answer is:
elderKThey're not necessarily the most minimal ports either, I like to have the manpages / docs.16:51
elderKBut as I do with other peopls, people can change them as needed.16:51
tilmanyour skype port has the glib sources in it :D16:52
tilmanalso referenced in Pkgfile16:52
tilmanprobably a copy&paste problem?16:53
elderKI wanted to update skype to the latest16:53
elderKsince the one in /opt or /contrib wasn't working16:53
elderK(since it's out of date now and skype killed uspport)16:53
elderK*support :)16:53
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elderKI/ll fix taht skype port now :)16:57
elderKyou guys rule16:58
elderKPart of why I use Crux.16:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to 32.0.19:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: glib: added patch for gsettings segfault.19:32
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frinnstweekend cant come soon enough19:57
tilmanwhaaaat's happening20:02
tilmanthis weekend i mean20:02
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