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darfo<frinnst> ideed it is, doesnt like our giflib01:38
darfoFSX here's a patch if you can't wait for upstream
darfosxiv ^01:42
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thetornainbowRomster: thanks for ff 32 :)03:00
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diversefrinnst: nice video07:18
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diverseit was a good talk from Linus07:20
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: tumbler: fixed deps08:17
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: gudev: removed port (in favour of opt/gudev)08:17
diverseteK____: yet another underscore?08:18
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FSXdarfo: Thanks. :D08:34
Romsteronce tex hits 5 underscores it'll be ____.09:41
Romsterthen ___..09:41
Romstermorse code.09:41
diverseRomster: heh09:44
diversecan you decipher what teK____ is implicitly saying?09:45
Romsternot really.09:46
Romsterhe has a long *cough* ?09:46
Romsteror is everyone registering tek_ +1 every week.09:47
Romsterso nect week tek__ is taken09:47
diverseso tek hasn't really registered at all?09:48
Romsterwaiting for tek to expire.09:48
RomsterLast seen  : Jun 23 22:04:13 2013 (1 year, 10 weeks, 1 day, 13:44:50 ago)09:49
diversewhy not just bug the freenode guys to make the switch?09:49
Romstertold him that i think he spoke to them but have to wait longer?09:49
diversehow much longer?09:50
Romsterno idea09:50
diverseteK____: how about renaming to 'teKs'?09:52
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diversedang, that's already in use...09:54
t3K<-- Use this nick09:54
diverseunless Romster takes it :P09:56
underscoresFTWRomster: sup09:59
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t3Kyeah I'm bored10:03
diverseBitPuffin: how is your new lang coming?10:05
Romsternah i only take ports10:05
diverseRomster: I can't believe even 'teks' was already taken10:08
diversejust wow10:11
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diverseRomster: what did you think about that recent Linus video?10:18
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Romsteractually didn't finish watching that yet10:29
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: util-linux: update to 2.25.111:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libpcap: update to 1.6.211:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tcpdump: update to 4.6.211:42
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BitPuffindiverse: been busy with work :/12:32
BitPuffinthough the design is coming together more and more in my head12:32
BitPuffinjust need to write it down12:32
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u7knv9hhow do i set dns without having it changed by dhcpd?15:17
tilmanu7knv9h: 'man dhcpd', search for dns15:19
tilman-S seems to be what you are after15:19
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u7knv9h"No manual entry for dhcpd"15:29
jaegerdhcpd and dhcpcd are not the same, for reference15:31
tilmanoooh, i typo'd15:31
jaegerso if you're using dhcpcd on your client and want to override dns servers, check dhcpcd rather than dhcpd15:31
jaegerif you're doing something odd on the dhcp server side that's different15:31
tilmani assumed you meant dhcpcd indeed :)15:31
jaegerseemed more likely :)15:35
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u7knv9hoh, thanks again!15:43
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u7knv9hbut, where do i write the "-S domain_name_servers="DNS"\ "?15:45
tilmanoh come on15:47
tilmanuse the grep15:48
tilmanand then read /etc/rc.d/net fully15:48
u7knv9hkay, thanks again15:50
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u7knv9hi'm having a hard time with tmux, is the default keybinding  ctrl+b?16:24
jaegeryou can rebind it if necessary, or just get used to it16:24
u7knv9hi can't get it work, or maybe i'm just dumb16:25
u7knv9hfor example16:25
u7knv9hif i want to split the window16:25
u7knv9hi must do ctrl, b and % simultaneously?16:25
jaegerhit ctrl+b, let it go, hit the command key you want16:25
u7knv9halready tried that, but pressing the command key i want does nothing, just types like in a "normal terminal"16:27
jaegerhave you messed with the prefix key already in .tmux.conf or similar?16:29
jaegeralso, perhaps a dumb question, but you are inside tmux, right? green bar at the bottom of the terminal16:29
u7knv9hyes, but the bar is black16:30
jaegerdo you have a .tmux.conf? sounds like your config isn't default16:30
jaegeror /etc/tmux.conf16:30
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u7knv9hafter seeing that the keybind wasnt working i tried to change it creating a .tmux.conf, but again nothing changed so i deleted it16:30
u7knv9hnow i check /etc/tmux.conf16:30
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u7knv9hnothing, i don't have .tmux.conf, neither /etc/tmux.conf16:31
jaegerYou might want to exit tmux completely and start a new one. Also, if you change the config while tmux is running you have to make it reload the config or restart the session16:31
u7knv9hwhat do you mean by completely? ctrl + d isn't enough?16:31
jaegerit should be if you do it in the last session16:32
jaegeris "pgrep tmux" output empty? if so, you're good16:32
u7knv9hoh, nevermind, i killed tmux with killall tmux and now works, and as you said the bar is green16:33
jaegersounds like you had some leftover configuration loaded16:33
u7knv9hmaybe, but i really don't know how i had it since the install16:33
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nwefrinnst: there?20:24
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nweany idea about this..  (firefox:11350): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No schemas found. Please make  sure they are compiled!20:55
nweI got it after I upgraded to firefox 32..20:56
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darfoFSX: np21:56
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nrxtxnwe: can you run "glib-compile-schema /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas" ?22:11
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