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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: util-linux-32: 2.25 -> 2.25.102:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: freetype: include libpng fix for FS#104802:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: freetype-32: include libpng fix for FS#104802:58
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Romsteri'll test it nrxtx on my chroot.03:08
Romsterand check it after work.03:08
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nrxtxRomster: found it07:37
nrxtxthe libXaw error comes from missing libXi.so07:37
nrxtxconfigure uses libXi while building the libXaw checks, but does not check if exists07:38
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Romsterupdated firefox from 31 to 32 no plugins or bookmarks missing.10:13
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frinnstmight have been related to the botched glib patch11:21
frinnstfirefox dont mind corrupting the profile when something unexpected happens11:22
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xeirrrHi, guys. Just a off topic question: Anybody see the tv series The Metalist or this novel? Who is red John?12:46
xeirrrThank you.12:46
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xeirrrfrinnst:what does that mean?13:08
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frinnstit "was" my local password :)13:22
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u7knv9hhi, i cannot get my crux machine to connect internet. i use the standard /etc/rc.d/net with some modifications, and this has always worked, but since yesterday it doesn't (actually it connects but i cant  use internet, ping returns unknown host)14:24
u7knv9hanyone can help?14:24
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u7knv9h1nevermind, i did absolutely nothing and after some time started working14:43
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u7knv9hhi there, i'm having some issues with connection, and apparently is dhcpcd that isn't interacting with wpa_supplicant, anyone can help me?18:57
u7knv9hi can ping the DNS, but i try to ping any website i get " ping: unknown host website.domain "19:04
u7knv9hif i try*19:04
u7knv9hedit: doing /etc/rc.d/net start firt displays "Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant" , but after a few lines it says "ctrl_inferface not defined in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf" and "not interacting with wpa_supplicant"19:10
frinnstis your dns server listed in resolv.conf ?19:11
frinnstas far as i know, wpa_supplicant has nothing to do with dhcp19:11
frinnstbut it was ages since i used it. wired ftw19:11
frinnstmaybe you can show us your rc.d/net ?19:12
u7knv9hno, i only have -S domain_name_servers=DNS" in /etc/rc.d/net19:12
u7knv9hyea just a sec19:12
frinnst-S domain_name_servers=DNS" ? as an argument to what? dhcpcd ?19:13
frinnst-S domain_name_servers=<ip>19:14
frinnstI think your config is a bit broken..19:14
frinnstcheck the man-page for dhcpcd19:14
u7knv9hdon't know, worked for more than a month and i hadnt changed anything19:15
frinnst<u7knv9h1> nevermind, i did absolutely nothing and after some time started working19:16
frinnstso maybe your ISP has problems?19:16
u7knv9hi dont think, i'm using my phone (which is connected to the same network)19:17
u7knv9hmy /etc/rc.d/net19:19
u7knv9hthe only things i have modified are adding wpa_supplicant and rm /var/run/ (not sure if it was a good choice, but without adding it i couldn't restart the service)19:26
u7knv9h(i mean modified from the default one)19:26
u7knv9hrestarting the computer and/or the modem would change somenthing?19:38
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frinnstwell the config you posted looks ok i guess. And since you say its intermittent i'd suggest restarting the modem or whatever19:46
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u7knv9hfrinnst: seems that there was something with the ISP, since after i restarted the modem i had problems with everything not connected woth ethernet, but now i have the same issue i had before: i can ping the dns but not the websited (but now, before i get 'unknown host' i have to wait a little)21:07
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u7knv9hand now (without doing anything) works21:12
u7knv9hguess the main problem was the isp21:12
u7knv9hbut there is definitely something in my computer, since while other devices where connected it couldn't connect21:13
u7knv9hor resolve dns? really don't know and i'm absolutely clueless in networking21:14
nwehmm on my new server mdadm raid0 or btrfs filesystem?21:18
nweis btrfs stable for use now?21:19
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