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rmulljaeger: Thanks buddy01:41
rmullI thru-hiked the appalachian trail01:41
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Romsteromg it's a rmull hey.02:59
Romsterback to work time03:00
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rmullRomster: I'm glad to see you're still around and haven't burned out :D03:28
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DMC_Lolhelp, my disk space is getting low07:23
DMC_Lolhow to cleanup temporary, and unused file in cru07:23
teK____find /usr/ports -name '*#*tar*' -delete  [delete all binary ports]07:24
DMC_Loloh, ok07:24
DMC_Loli'll check it out07:24
teK____I recommend using a shared /usr/ports/{distfiles,packages} directory to make these things easier07:24
teK____you get this by setting things in pkgmk.conf in an appropriate way07:25
DMC_Lolim running prtsweep -a07:27
DMC_Lolsee if this works for me :D07:27
teK____you may want to check your /usr/src dir too07:28
DMC_Loli've manage that dir for old kernel and sources07:28
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Romsterrmull, me burned out never from linux. more so from work.07:44
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Romster trolls on slashdot07:58
frinnstwhat else is new?08:22
Romstergot that warm i had to take my jumper off for the first time this year.08:23
teK____oh you on the other side of the equator08:24
teK____living your whole life upside down and stuff...08:25
Romsteryeah australia08:27
Romsterplanets have no up or down, nether does space.08:31
Romstereveryone decided North is up i guess08:32
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Romsterabout time08:51
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diverseI think the idea of "North" came from earth's magnetic pole10:34
diverseand yeah, "up" and "down" is just an illusion from earth's gravity10:34
Romstereveryone thinks the usa is up and australia is done because the earths globe probably originated from usa?10:35
diversewell it's above north america, right above canada10:36
Romsterwhich is why the globe is that way10:37
Rotwangearths globe originated from europ10:37
diverseoh whoops I misread Romster's statement... still waking up10:39
RotwangI managed to drink two beers already, but it is around 1p.m. in CEST10:40
Romsternice start10:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: texlive: add missing dependency xorg-libxi11:25
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Romsternrxtx, fixedm teK____ fixed missing dependency on texlive. and removed 2 redundant ones.11:25
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Romstertried this in crux Amnesia ?11:57
Romsterlooks like a good thing to try out.11:58
AmnesiaRomster: nope11:58
Amnesiadon't have the hardware || time11:58
Romsterhave the hardware but not much time.11:58
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Amnesiatbh I don't see why it wouldn't work:)11:59
Romsterneither do i.11:59
Romsteri happen to have virtualbox installed too so i should try this.11:59
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frinnstAt least 2 GPUs (Intel iGPU is fine)12:16
frinnst-soundhw ac9712:16
frinnstthat will require windows 32bit12:16
frinnstif someone manages to get sound working in a 64bit vm with kvm, feel free to let me know12:17
frinnstwindows 64bit that is12:17
Romsterhmm got 2 GPUs but i need too attach a second monitor to try pass though.12:23
Romsterand the other monitor i got is only a small thing, oh well it'll do for a try.12:24
Amnesiafrinnst: ac97 isn't required to get the setup working12:25
frinnstno but sound would be nice12:26
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frinnstac97 was only for 32bit hardware12:26
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frinnsthda / ich6 doesnt seem to work. windows fails to set it up12:26
AmnesiaI've been using hda in kvm before, and it was working fine12:27
frinnstreally, you sure?12:27
Amnesiabut the guest wasn't win7 though12:27
Amnesiait was win xp12:27
frinnstah, so it was 32bit then12:28
frinnstWindows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)12:30
frinnstand "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date."12:31
Amnesiawell ac97 & neat graphics is still better than dual booting windows imo:)12:33
Romsterdo you even have CONFIG_VFIO_PCI_VGA?12:38
Romsteri don't see it in 3.15.612:38
frinnsthavent looked12:43
AmnesiaRomster: linux-3.15.6/drivers/vfio/pci/vfio_pci.c:#ifdef CONFIG_VFIO_PCI_VGA12:46
Romsterok weird it's not in my config12:47
Romsterzgrep VFIO /proc/config.gz12:47
Romstereven if it wasn't set i should of seen # not set CONFIG_VFIO_PCI_VGA=12:48
Romsteroh right but then /proc/config.gz may remove those.12:49
Romsterhmm not in .config either...12:49
Romsterwhere is the logic here.12:49
Romster3.15.10 [EOL] :/12:50
Romsterguess i should move up to 2.16.212:50
Romsternext question qemu or virtualbox?12:53
Romsteri guess qemu since that is mentioned12:53
Romstershame i got vbox already -_-12:53
AmnesiaRomster: you found yourself some time to waste:P?12:53
Amnesiasetting up qemu's ez12:53
Romsteri'll need to grab my other small monitor later.12:54
Romsterwhen i have time to waste.12:54
AmnesiaI c12:54
Romstermight solve my dual booting issues for steam games that only run in windows.12:54
Romsterworth a shot.12:55
Romstersince i happen to have 2 gpu cards already12:56
Amnesiait is kinda lame that two gpu's are required though..12:56
Romsteryeah it is...12:56
Romsterwhen i have 2 DVIs on each of them GPUs12:57
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Romsterenabled and compiled but not rebooted yet13:14
Amnesia*drum roll*13:28
Amnesiawhich game are you going to try?13:28
Romsternone atm i havne't got the second monitor here.13:31
Romsterin the other room and i need room for it.13:31
Amnesiaah k13:31
Romsterplus i need to mess with device numbers, i'd prefer to make a custom udev rule fro that.13:32
AmnesiaI c13:33
Romsteri could probably look for gpu1 and set the stuff in there.13:35
AmnesiaI'm pretty curious how easy it'd be to make a gaming pc that uses <300 watt13:39
Amnesiawith decent specs13:39
joacimmy c2d + gtx 660 used about 250w when running priime95 and furmark13:43
Amnesiaand gtx 660 is a highend gpu ? (I haven't been following hardware evolvement for years)13:43
joacimmy current i5 4690 + gtx 660 is closer to 300 i think13:44
joacimmid-high i think13:44
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Amnesiahm, energy consumption-wise I guess someone would be better of with a gaming console then ^.^13:45
joacimmy p3 1000 + geforce 256 ddr + voodoo2 uses about 90 ;)13:45
joacima gtx 750ti would use much less than my 66013:46
joacimthat card runs current console ports well enough at 1920x108013:47
joacimi think13:47
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jaegera 660 is pretty bottom end currently13:48
joacimgtx 760 took its place13:48
jaegera 770 is roughly similar to a 680 in performance, 780ti and titan are the top end13:48
jaegerwith that said the 660 and 750ti would still be plenty for some moderate gaming, just not ultra settings13:49
Romsteri don't think you'd get a gaming rig with anything less than 550watts13:49
Romsterand thats on the low side13:49
jaegeryou can get under that pretty easily13:50
jaegerMy gaming rig doesn't use nearly that under load and it has a 550w PSU13:50
Amnesiathe ps4/xbox one use ~100 watt right?13:50
jaegeri5-4690 + GTX 680 + one SSD13:50
joacimi think more powerful cards are only required when you go above 1920p13:50
joacim1080p i mean13:51
Romsteri tend to only chew 15-18% of my 1500watt UPS13:51
Romsterpower monitor13:51
joacimmy card can only chew 150w at most13:52
joacimpcie slot + 6 pin power connector13:52
Romsterguess it's possible now compared to a few years ago13:53
Romsterwe go around 700-800 watt for a gaming rig13:53
jaegerRomster: <-- the estimated wattage on that13:53
Romsteri5 is only 65 watts right?13:54
joacim79-80 i think13:54
jaegerdepends on which one. the 4690 is 84 max13:55
Romstergtx680 forgot what that draws13:55
Romsterprobably not even hitting 400 watts there13:56
jaeger~102 idle according to an older tomshardware review13:56
Romsterat idea yeah13:57
Romsteronload though max gpu and cpu13:57
jaeger~335 average at load13:57
joacimi think my system idles at 55w13:57
Romsteri was on the high side of that figure13:57
jaegerer, that's total system power, not the card13:57
jaegerguess they didn't test the card alone13:57
jaegeranyway, still under 550 by quite a bit13:57
Romster7 hard disks and 2 gts250's in here on top of my 140watt TDP phenom 2 96513:58
Romsterpretty old gpu cards i know13:59
joacimi guess you can measure without gpu for reference13:59
Romsteroverkill 720 watt psu13:59
jaegeryou can maybe cook some lunch on those old phenoms :)13:59
Romsternice room heater13:59
Romstersee the new xeon v3 18 core cpus yet?13:59
jaegerAMD's gonna have to work pretty hard to be competitive this generation. For gaming, at least14:00
joacimmy gtx 260 kept my desk area nice and warm during the winter14:00
Romsteri don't think i want to stay with amd unless they pull out something decent that's not a FM2 socket.14:00
Amnesia~100 watts14:00
joacimit is like amd dropped out14:00
Romsteryeah feels that way14:01
jaegerIf you're gaming AMD isn't worth buying right now, at all. You could make a case for them for other workloads, perhaps14:01
joacimtheir stuff compares well with the i5 i think14:02
jaegerDepends on the workload. They suck at single-thread performance for the power used14:02
joacimbut they have nothing that competes with higher end cpus14:03
Romstermost stuff is SMP now14:03
jaegerRomster: not so much in gaming14:03
Romsterno i'd love a pair of xeons for linux mostly compiling and stuff. gaming the i7 or i9 would be better14:03
joacimi still play single threaded games14:03
jaegerYou'd be wasting an i7 on gaming for the most part14:03
Romsterheck pople used to buy dual cores because they worked better on single threaded games than a quad core didi14:04
jaegerAn i5, i3, or even overclocked pentium g will do as well14:04
Romsterthink this phenom 2 3.4GHz is more than a match i just need a better GPU14:05
jaeger <-- this thing can be overclocked ridiculously high14:05
jaegerIt's dirt cheap, too, especially if you live near a microcenter (not in AU)14:05
Romsterah dual core.14:05
joacimsinhle core performance on that thing can be better than my i514:05
Romsteri thought games caught up to SMP by now14:06
jaegerAlso amusing, a sandy bridge K-series still stands up really well to haswell CPUs14:06
jaegerso if you have a 2600k or 2500k you can overclock it and be pretty happy compared to current stuff14:06
jaegerRomster: some have, MOST have not14:06
jaegerRomster: even some that can use multiple threads now sometimes use one for graphics, one for sound, etc.14:07
Romsterslow moving game engines14:07
Romsterhahah Amnesia14:07
joacimmy lga775 board is still useable i think14:07
joacimit is 8 years old14:07
joacimonly replaced it since the newer quad cores were a little too expensive14:08
frinnsti would *really* like to buy AMD, but it seems hard to motivate amd over intel14:11
diversehmm, maybe I should upgrade from using 660 gtx. I use the one card in a dual monitor setup, but one thing I keep noticing is video tearing when watching videos14:13
Romsteri don't even get tearing on the gts25014:13
Romstergtx 660 should do it with ease14:13
Romsternot like video playback is gpu intensive14:14
diverseRomster: but is your screen running at 3840x1200? I think that's the problem.14:14
jaegerIn the past there were sometimes problems with multi-head and vsync but I assumed that was a driver issue rather than hardware14:15
joacimthinking about amd for my server14:15
diverseor rather, maybe I need to get another card, so each screen has a dedicated card for proper processing14:15
joacimeither am2 or some random cheap intel celeron or pentium system14:16
diversejaeger: if it was a driver issue, it should have been solved a long time ago14:16
joacimFM2 I mean. jesus...14:16
jaegeryou'd think so, yeah14:16
Romsterdiverse, oh your running that high a resolution then yeah it'll make a difference14:17
jaegerwith that said I don't have tearing issues on either my work or home setups with that configuration14:17
diverseRomster: my thoughts exactly14:17
jaegersingle GPU, dual monitor14:17
jaeger3840x1200 at work, 1920x1080+2560x1440 at home14:17
Romstermust be a pain with odd size resolutions14:18
jaegeronly if you want to take a screenshot of both14:18
jaegerotherwise it works fine14:18
diversesounds like the 680 gtx is one kickass card for multi monitors then14:18
jaegerIt's pretty beefy for a generation old. If you wanted to upgrade, though, the 770 might be the better price/performance spot14:19
joacimhigh desktop resolutions shouldn't be a problem for any current card14:19
diversejoacim: that's not the problem14:20
joacimI had tearing on my 1280x1024 display, so I think it is just a driver or configuration problem14:20
jaegervideo player not respecting vsync?14:20
joacimjaeger: what games require anything more powerful than a gtx 660 these days?14:23
joacimI run pretty much everything with all the settings turned up. I still get 60 FPS in most games14:24
jaegerDepends more on your resolution than the game, though of course there are exceptions. For 1080p gaming at medium settings the 660/760 is probably fine. For totally maxing out 1080p, 770 is probably needed14:24
jaegerSome games like watch_dogs are badly optimized so bottleneck on CPU instead of GPU14:24
joacimI play on my 1920x1080 monitor14:24
joacimI think the only game that runs at less than 60 FPS on my system now is tomb raider and GTA414:25
jaegerI don't believe that you can run most games with truly MAX settings at 1080p 60fps on that. Some, sure, but not most of the current ones, I'm guessing14:25
joacimbut tomb raider seems like one of those games that is still pretty ok at 30-50 FPS.14:26
joacimI don't know if I even have a game from this year14:26
joacimNewest games are Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triads from last year14:27
joacimthose run at 60 FPS, as long as I don't enable supersampling14:27
joacimthat's the one setting that kills most of my games14:27
jaegeryeah, that and shadows are a couple of the most taxing settings14:27
diversehmm, would having more vram help much?14:38
joacimdoubt it14:38
jaegerAgain it depends on the game but for the vast majority of current things at 1080p, 2GB is plenty14:39
diverseyeah I suppose no point in getting a 4GB version14:40
jaegerprobably not14:41
joacimyou'll need at least a video card with 20 MB of RAM14:42
diversechecking my nvidia settings, it says I use 400MB of it14:44
diversealright I think I found my next graphics card14:56
frinnstradeon <315:12
joacimthinking about getting this card15:13
frinnstagp though15:13
joacimthere is a pci version too15:14
frinnstyou might be able to find some pci voodoo's15:14
frinnstI had two voodoo 2 in SLI back in -98 :)15:14
frinnst1024*768 ftw15:14
joacimcurrently looking for a second voodoo215:14
frinnstto run in sli?15:16
frinnsti think you need an identical card, or atleast the same bios15:16
joacimi think you can use mismatching cards with certain drivers15:17
frinnstnot my image, but it could have been. i recognize the box and everything :D15:17
joacimI have currently a creative something ct6670 with _12 MB_ RAM =)15:18
frinnstoh, nice url ebay15:18
joacimno postage to norway :/15:19
frinnstct6670 was their voodoo2 model?15:19
frinnstfound two current auctions on ebay15:20
frinnstTracked internationalShipping15:21
joacimWill need an sli ribbon too, but I think I can just make my own using an old floppy ribbon15:21
frinnstor, you know.. you could just buy a "modern" gpu15:21
joacimyou mean there is something more modern than a 3D accelerator?15:22
joacimthere is this one, but the seller posted no pictures of the back side of the card15:23
frinnstyeah i saw that. but also 8mb model15:23
joacimthe one I bought was sold as a 8MB card too, but it was really the 12MB version15:23
joacimthe 12 MB version has 8 more chips on the back15:24
frinnstyou would think the 8mb model would have some other name rather than CT667015:25
joacim <- this is the one I bought15:27
joacim4+8 MB detected by the driver15:27
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jaegerI've wanted to play with the VGA passthrough stuff in the past but my 2600K didn't support VT-d15:54
jaegerMy newer rig does but I wonder if I have the space for an extra GPU on that motherboard and in the small case15:57
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jaegerooh, you know, the motherboard I have has an intel HD 4600 on it so perhaps I could just use that with the i915 arbitration patches, etc.16:11
jaegerWill have to play with that sometime after I get back from my trip16:11
jaegerer... I said motherboard, I meant the CPU16:11
joacimmine does, but I think it would block the cooler for my primary gpu16:12
jaegerI already use PCI passthrough for a RAID controller on my NAS but haven't done it with video yet16:13
jaegerI guess I could also test it on my workstation at work sometime16:16
jaegerheh... my motherboard technically supports quad crossfirex but it only has 2 PCIe slots :D16:18
joacimI kinda regret getting my motherboard16:44
joacimh97m-e has no legacy pci slots, but only 4 sata ports. h97m-plus has two pci slots, but 6 sata ports.16:44
joacimusing the m.2 interface disables the last two sata ports, so I think the h97m-e would've been better for me16:45
joacimit is a little cheaper too16:45
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renovaatioi am using the wireless driver from realtek, and I have constant disconnections18:29
renovaatioany idea when I should look at?18:29
renovaatiothe device is this:18:32
renovaatio03:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (rev 01)18:32
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BitPuffindoes anyone have a x86(not _64) iso of crux laying around?19:24
joacimyou mean for 3.1?19:29
diversejoacim: I think he means for 2.819:30
BitPuffindiverse: no 3.119:33
BitPuffinjaeger: thanks!19:33
BitPuffinjaeger: what's the overlay for?19:34
jaegerports that won't compile properly and need to be overridden19:35
BitPuffinand that doesn't come in the iso?19:35
diverseoh okay, I guess that's nice to provide for those who are still stuck 32-bit land19:37
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jaegerBitPuffin: it's unofficial and unsupported, just something I threw together19:38
BitPuffinjaeger: are you using it?19:39
diverseI imagine some ports are optimally setted up to compile for 64 bit?19:39
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BitPuffindiverse: probably yeah19:44
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BitPuffinjaeger: it boots on the usb but then it can't find the filesystem on the usb :s20:24
jaegerBitPuffin: no, I'm not using it. I have no 32-bit hardware20:34
jaegerI did test that it booted in a VM, not via USB. I'm out of town starting tomorrow but I'll look at that when I get back if there's time20:34
BitPuffinafraid that might be too late for my friend20:34
BitPuffintrying to make him not use arch :P20:35
jaegerwell, feel free to dissect the ISO if you like and fix it20:35
BitPuffinwell if only I had time xD20:35
BitPuffinI was thinking if there was maybe a quick workaround20:35
BitPuffinI'm pretty sure he wants his install done tonight20:35
jaegeruse a CD, I guess :)20:36
jaegeror do it manually from another distro or livecd20:36
jaegerboot something else, install pkgutils, pkgadd the packages from the CD and build a kernel, install a bootloader20:36
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BitPuffinit's a netbook so it doesn't have a cd reader :P20:38
BitPuffinwell maybe I'll get him next time if it's fixed by then20:39
jaegeryou could even just un-tar the packages onto the filesystem if you wanted, though the package database would be useless20:41
jaegeryou could then reconstruct it after the install20:41
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BitPuffinthink he's already installing :/21:22
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