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BitPuffinignore is a wonderful irc feature00:00
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BitPuffinpidsley: what's the name of the distro?00:01
pidsleyLinuxBBQ ;)00:01
BitPuffinit's in the link hehe00:01
pidsleybunch of distr-agtnostic geeks building weird crap00:01
pidsleyfuck me. distro-agnostic00:02
BitPuffindoesn't plan 9 from userspace come with a display system as well00:02
BitPuffinso that you don't have to necessarily run x11 or wayland00:02
pidsleylooks like it's mostly userland00:02
pidsleyso you would still need X in Linux00:03
pidsleybut you could go whole hog and use Plan9 ;)00:03
BitPuffinhmm, I can't remember where I read something like that earlier this day00:03
pidsleyoh; if you find it i would be interested00:03
BitPuffinheh, I wish! still need drivers and some linux apps though00:03
pidsley^ this00:03
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BitPuffinyeah I'll look tomorrow I need to sleep gotta work tomorrow00:04
pidsleyok; just saw the 9wm mention in the logs and wanted to pop in.00:05
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clevDear, what would be the special steps required to install Crux from within another distro? Is it possible?00:22
abyxcosNone. There's in fact a page on the wiki about it, I'll try and dig it up again.00:25
abyxcosclev:  should be in here somewhere.00:27
abyxcos(That's for 3.0 though.)00:27
abyxcosThere's a separate page on the wiki about it, you have to untar pkgadd on your host system, and then point it at your chroot.00:28
abyxcosIt's in a separate folder in the root of the CD image though, under tools/ or util/.00:29
clevabyxcos: OK, thank you.00:32
abyxcosCrux runs very happily inside a chroot, but do remember to install a kernel and grub before you try and boot it.00:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pulseaudio: Updated version 4.0 -> 5.001:42
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_root_What if I want to make a suggestion about some ports to be created for crux. like rodent-applications? haskell or vimb.06:05
nwe_root_: if you want that ports then you can create them, or look in portdb if someone already have a ports for it.06:31
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Romster_root_, that's the best part about crux. our ports are easy to write.07:49
Romsterno abstractions.07:49
Romsteryou want something todo?08:02
nweI trying to find something funny todo on work.. :P08:03
nweall tickets are boring..08:03
Romsterat work?08:03
Romsterread a comic?08:03
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u7knv9hwith a non-root account i can't do commands such as 'lspci' or 'iw', even with sudo, but if i log as root (with su for example) then i can execute them10:03
u7knv9hanyone can help me?10:03
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abyxcosu7knv9h1: Do you not have $PATH set correctly? Most likely they're located in /usr/sbin, and your default $PATH won't include that.10:56
u7knv9h1mh, yes, then i checked the PATH and set it10:58
u7knv9h1btw some commands from /usr/sbin works with non-root users, but you have to write the full path10:58
u7knv9h1like /usr/sbin/lspci10:59
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BitPuffinu7knv9h: then it's likely not on your path11:08
BitPuffintry doing this to verify11:09
BitPuffinPATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin/ lspci to verify11:09
BitPuffinto verify11:09
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_root_Romster: I tried to write some ports in arch. it was super hard. I can't write ports. at least someone attend to write a port for haskell.11:38
Romsterlook at the Pkgfiles we use there isn't much to them.11:49
Romsterprt-get dsearch haskell11:50
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nwegaah does someone know a good nagios dashboard... right now we  are using nagdash.. but I the problem with that is that it reload the page after 10 sec.. and it "flashing" from the tv :P..12:14
Romsteredit the code so it don't refresh?12:27
Romsterbut then you wont see any updates12:27
Romster only in australia12:32
_root_any of you folks know any online web page to give contrast hex colors? (hex colors for bg and fg)13:07
_root_Romster: Thanks alot14:14
_root_it worked14:14
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xinit: updated to 1.3.421:47
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