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diverseAmazon is having Fall Outlet Sales atm00:52
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RooseveltSo the prt-get update command is the only command that rebuild packages?04:37
Workstersysup also exists04:51
Worksteralso there is update -fr ..04:51
Worksteror you can feed it a list of packages like prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`04:52
Worksteralso don't forget about prt-get update -fr `revdep` and rejmerge04:52
Worksterrevdep is in prt-utils04:53
Worksterafk again04:56
Rooseveltprt-utils is nice I dont have it install but read about it on the website05:07
RooseveltI have read the well documented prt-get man page and project page but I had issues last night figuring that out. Then fudge my system trying to get my mouse and keyboard working.05:10
RooseveltI got a fresh install going on right now so hopefully I can get this working tonite ^_^05:11
joacimi think the xorg meta package should pull in evdev by default05:12
joacimso it should just work (tm)05:13
joacimassuming you have the correct options enabled in the kernel05:13
Rooseveltyeah PS2 and the mouse yeah05:13
joacimand evdev05:14
Rooseveltlet me make sure again in my .config05:14
RooseveltYeah well about find out in a couple min. if it works05:16
Rooseveltis gl-select stil neccessary for the nvidia driver?05:17
RooseveltWhats the recommended way to load modules on crux? I have a few to enable.05:28
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Roosevelt:) now my problem is fix mouse and keyboard working in X  now it's time to play :)06:46
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RooseveltGoodnigt everyone07:18
nwegood night.07:19
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teK____sysup will not rebuild packages. There is a distinction between updating and rebuilding packages..08:57
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Ottreanyone here from the crux-ppc project?16:36
Ottrethe irc chan, mailing list and forum are dead16:37
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tilmanOttre_: last i heard was that crux-ppc is dead17:01
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Ottrejust finished installing gentoo on an old emac17:09
hlavery1Ottre: I still have a box on cruxppc (running 3.1 ports) but the project seems dead; however, the webpage came back up recently after a long absenceso I don't know for sure it is completely dead...17:09
Ottreand i notice the crux-ppc website lists some different CFLAGS to what is recommended in gentoo documentation17:09
Ottrespecifically this page vs
hlavery1CFLAGS is simply "O2 -mcpu=powerpc64 -pipe" for me17:12
Ottreright, that's what i'm using17:13
Ottreexcept no -pipe since i only have 512MB ram17:13
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teK____23:23 < grsecurity> Lennart's response to systemd bug report on grsec kernel: "use a supported kernel".21:33
teK____23:24 < grsecurity> His response when it's pointed out that the same feature exists upstream: "we don't support the kernel"  <…>21:33
teK____23:27 < grsecurity> Funny that it's "not compatible with how operating systems work these days" but worked fine for a decade and a half before he came along...21:33
teK____for your amuesement..21:33
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leetspete1teK____: You're thinking about this wrong.  The kernel, grsecurity, init scripts, GNOME...these are imperfect, primitive software.22:13
leetspete1Lennart's code is correct.  At the foundation of the world, it was foretold that Lennart would come.22:14
leetspete1And our software would be modern and perfect if we could only follow Lennart's example and adapt our software to fit his son, systemd.22:14
leetspete1Sorry, I've been arguing with systemd all day.  Anyone in here shipped CRUX to a Linode instance before?  I want to just do that from now on.22:15
abyxcosAnyone know offhand where the new sample kernel config is?22:27
abyxcos(Presumably on the iso?)22:27
abyxcosAlso, will anything terrible happen if I prt-get sysup from 3.0->3.1?22:30
jaegerabyxcos:;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-3.12.24.defconfig;h=a96e4e38d1c4606b4b524b0b821cac958cf4b144;hb=refs/heads/3.1 and it can be found on the ISO, yes22:31
jaegeryou can do that if you like but be ready for lots of recompiling. If you're comfortable with that go ahead, otherwise upgrading with the ISO is better. The sysup method isn't supported22:31
abyxcosAlso, can I just mount the CD and pkgadd * it?22:33
jaegeryes, you can also do that, though you might see weird behavior if you don't reboot soon after (due to older libc running/in memory)22:34
jaegereither way you should also look at setup-helper on the ISO22:35
abyxcosI needed to reboot for a new kmod, so I figured now would be a good time to do updates anyway.22:35
abyxcosAlso, one of these days I need to figure out where my icons went in XFCE, and why XFCE starts urxvt pink.22:38
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abyxcosCan grub mount/boot isos?22:54
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abyxcosHow can I tell prt-get to re-compile a bunch of packages (say xfce and it's children) even though they're up to date?23:33
abyxcosAlso, is there a command to clean out /usr/ports? Remove downloads and stuff?23:46
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