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abyxcos(For anyone wondering, you can just iterate over it with a pkgmk -c.)00:04
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abyxcosAlso, does anyone have a good lightweight desktopish suggestion? Thinking about going back to openbox/scrotwm, xfce has just picked up too much junk recently.00:06
abyxcosLooks like xorg-server grew a dependency on libepoxy.00:16
abyxcosI'd swear I bumped into that in 3.0...?00:16
jaegerI like i3 when I'm going minimal00:57
jaegeryou might also look at prtwash for cleaning ports00:57
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Romsterpekwm is minimal tome.02:34
Romsterto me*02:34
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diverseif you want a light floating wm, go with pekwm. Go with openbox if you don't mind the (ugly) xml configs06:52
diverseleetspete1: thing is, don't argue with people who are systemd fanatics, they religiously stand by it, let them be blind sided. It's not worth your energy07:11
frinnstdiverse: you're not very good with sarcasm, are you? :)07:29
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diversefrinnst: Yeah, I'm totally bad at being sacastic. ;)07:33
frinnstwell i was thinking more about your ability to detect it :)07:33
diverseyou mean leetspete1's sarcasm?07:34
frinnstyes and now i realise *I* failed to actually read properly, so nevermind :)07:34
diversefrinnst: no problems07:34
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leetspete1FVWM's nice, also light.  ratpoison is good.07:50
leetspete1diverse: I don't argue with them.  It's a client, he wanted Linode, they have no crux.  I went with Arch and ended up wishing I had used the Slackware image.07:51
leetspete1Had to build from source:  Postgres, ImageMagick, a couple of other bits.  And I'm still fighting with systemd.  I mean, the actual crappy software, not the users.07:52
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teK____I like to suggest fluxbox as a WM (no XML configs)07:53
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ChloeDHello, I'm building a new crux system. Is it good practice to just edit the Pkgfile to disable options I don't have a use for? (like radeon support for mesa3d)10:11
frinnstYou can do that, yes. But just remember future updates will overwrite your changes10:12
ChloeDget it.10:12
frinnstits better to create a local repo, copy the ports you want and do your changes. and add the path (/usr/ports/myports) ahead of all other repos in prt-get.conf10:12
teK__and remember that order matters (in prt-get.conf)10:13
ChloeDthanks. indeed it sounds better10:19
diverseyeah, I would put my personal prtdirs at the top of prt-get.conf, to guarentee that my custom port builds instead of another one if it exists.10:36
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frinnst service request10:56
frinnstHow to change customer contact information10:56
frinnstawesome that i need to open a support ticket for this10:56
frinnsto365 ftw10:56
frinnstthe web ui is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit10:57
Romsterif you wanted to keep your sanity; computers is not the way to go about it.10:58
ChloeDI hope I'll get X running soon. Not that I don't enjoy switching between VTs but I'm a bit less productive this way, as my triple-screen setup is of no use :p11:02
ChloeD(strange Intel/nVidia prime setup)11:02
ChloeDand, hell, no systemd :p11:03
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xeirrrrranyone use gnome2 here? can someone give a tutorial?11:11
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xeirrrrralancio: thank you. but how to instal it on crux?11:16
alanciothere is no official repository, but some have contributed gnome ports11:18
xeirrrrralancio: i see it. thanks.11:19
alanciobased on what I see there, I would advise you to try something else11:20
alancioxfce, kde, fvwm, openbox11:20
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xeirrrrryeah, mate is my second choice, but isn't in official repo too11:22
alanciowhy don't you try kde? it is official, and I made those ports, so I can help you if you run into trouble ;)11:23
xeirrrrrkde4 looks nice, but it's big. how much time did you compile kde4?11:28
nwehello, a question... any plans to add pam-support by default in crux?11:28
jaegerxeirrrrr: there's
alancioit does take long to build, but in my case I have to build every single port, you don't need everything11:29
jaegernwe: currently no. we've discussed it a few times in the past but not picked it as default11:32
nwewhat was the reason to not picked it as default?11:32
xeirrrrrjaeger: thank you.11:33
xeirrrrralancio:Ok, I'll try  :)11:34
alancionwe: why are you interested in PAM?11:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: crawl: 0.15.0 -> 0.15.111:42
nwealancio: I need to restrict when some users can login, and then I will use pam_time.. And after that I start wondering why reason was to not picked it as default for crux..11:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: crawl-tiles: 0.15.0 -> 0.15.112:01
ChloeDmmm my X11 is all black. a raw xinit will terminate X and a xinit /usr/bin/evilwm will display a black backdrop on all three screens. export DISPLAY=:0 and xrandr shows the 3 screens are properly configured. Nothing happens.12:02
ChloeDany clue ?12:02
alancioChloeD: maybe you should start some X11 clients? ;)12:02
ChloeDI ran an xterm12:03
ChloeDwith no success12:03
ChloeDmmm it terminates immediately it seems12:03
alanciook, then check your Xorg log12:03
ChloeDno EE except for the last one12:03
ChloeDI've been debugging it for an hour no12:04
alanciohave you tried running startx?12:05
ChloeDyup, same problem12:05
ChloeDwell well well12:06
ChloeD/usr/bin/xterm is empty12:06
ChloeDan empty file12:06
ChloeDreinstalling it should make my life better12:07
ChloeDmuch better alancio, thanks for the hint12:08
ChloeDnow I got my X straight, I just need a wm12:08
alanciodid you run out of disk space or something while installing xterm?12:10
ChloeDnope, 51G available12:10
alancioand I wonder why you didn't get an error message when running it12:11
ChloeDwell an empty executable file12:11
ChloeDis valid I guess12:11
ChloeDtouch foo; chmod +x ./foo; ./foo; echo $?12:11
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ChloeDreturns 012:12
ChloeD(on Linux that is)12:12
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retardanyone got experience with pkg-get? i am seeing what seems to be a very silly problem14:31
retardrepositories with multiple versions of packages do not update on the clients, as it just uses the first matching package from the repo14:31
retardis there some way of getting prt-get to remove earlier versions of the package when it creates the latest one14:32
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jaegerI don't use pkg-get but you could probably prtwash the old packages14:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu{,-all}: add spice as a nice to have19:30
retardjaeger: that is perfect, thank you19:50
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thetornainbowhey i'm trying to understand why this line in the Pkgfile isn't working like i think it is.20:15
thetornainbowi wanted the ssh-copy-id script that comes in a subfolder of the src for the openssh port in /core20:15
thetornainbowi added the line `install -Dm 755 $SRC/contrib/ssh-copy-id $PKG/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id` but then got errors that it wasn't found20:16
thetornainbowediting it to show `install -Dm 755 contrib/ssh-copy-id $PKG/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id` worked fine20:17
thetornainbowbut i thought since the contrib directory was in the downloaded src dir. that $SRC/contrib would point to the correct file20:17
jaegerbecause $SRC points to the PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR location, you probably would need to do something like $SRC/$name-$version/contrib/ssh-copy-id20:18
jaegerusing the relative path is fine in this case20:18
thetornainbowah... that makes sense. PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR is modified. so $SRC is a variable for pkgmk, not necessarily for path of the target defined in the "source= " line?20:19
jaegeryes. the items in the source= array get copied into $SRC in most cases, during the build20:21
jaegerif they're not tarballs20:22
jaegerlike patches, etc.20:22
jaegerthe tarballs just get uncompressed20:22
thetornainbowright. still learning :) Thanks!20:22
thetornainbowis there any benefit to running pkgmk from a ramdisk other than reducing writes to HDD/faster compile time?20:23
jaegerProbably nothing important20:24
diverseI think gcc does that sort thing automatically?20:25
diverse*sort of20:25
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teK__aren't those advantages enough? :)20:26
thetornainbowteK__: i suppose...But hardware is so cheap though and when you're talking on the order of years... eh. what the hell. i'll do it. but for you, not for me!20:27
diverseteK__: you already are getting the advantages, although Romster does it explicity to ramdisk and notices a slight improvement in building20:28
diverseby 'slight' I mean by a few seconds iirc20:31
diversethetornainbow: have a chat about with Romster if you are interested in using pkgmk with tmpfs, etc20:33
jaegerAnd don't build firefox in tmpfs unless you have more than 8GB of it mounted :)20:36
thetornainbowhaha. i only have 6 at my command20:37
diverseespecially firefox-pgo20:37
thetornainbowi just find something else to do for the hour and a half20:38
diverseplay a game?20:38
thetornainbowlots of backgammon20:39
thetornainbowi love backgammon20:45
thetornainbowone of the best games there is :)20:45
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diversethetornainbow: after a bit of reading on wikipedia, to my surprise, it's also one of the oldest board games around21:02
thetornainbowyep. and it has a surprising amount of depth once you introduce the doubling cube and understand a bit about the odds21:03
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abyxcosSo opt/harfbuzz and/or libtool keep looking for libpng...21:07
abyxcosI have a /usr/lib/ How do I tell libtool to stop being stupid?21:08
prologicthanks tilman for the help21:08
prologicit's amazing how interdependent xorg packages really are21:08
prologicI *thought* I had rebuilt the evdev driver21:08
prologicbut rebuilding it again worked21:08
diversethetornainbow: there is also GNU backgammon if you want to play it on your system :P21:08
thetornainbowthat's what i use all the time actually :)21:10
thetornainbowyou can keep logs, run analysis on games, and it has a pretty excellent tutormode that scales very nicely21:10
diversesounds cool21:10
thetornainbowsorry if i'm making #crux a little too off-topic, but yes, it's very cool. you ought to try it21:10
diversethetornainbow: don't worry about being offtopic, the channel does it all the time21:11
thetornainbowlooks like crux needs a port of gnubg21:12
teK__diverse: I am too lazy for the ramdisk, so I just increased the size of my /tmp tmpfs..21:13
diverseteK__: no worries21:14
thetornainbowooh and romster's already ported gtkglext for gnubg21:15
thetornainbowthis should be a cinch21:15
diversethetornainbow: definitely include Romster's repo. It's got so much stuff, it's like contrib2. You can't go wrong21:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] dbus: updated to 1.8.821:16
thetornainbowthanks Romster21:16
thetornainbowdiverse: i know i'm using several of his ports already21:17
diversethey come in handy a lot21:17
teK__much stuff? Did you witness yhafri's repo? That was just scary. And partially really outdated/non-functional..21:17
abyxcosjaeger, diverse; I'm looking for a DE that's lightweight on the dependencies.21:24
abyxcosdiverse: Although I don't really need the whole DE, so much as some (smart) panels and a window manager that doesn't pull in 50 dependencies.21:25
abyxcosSo I could probably get away with almost any floating WM and whatever the cool kids use for panels these days (pydock? objdock?)21:26
thetornainbowgnubg port is done :)21:28
teK__as a kid, I always wondered about that strange board ;)21:29
thetornainbowalthough, funny enough, it looks like Romster's port of gtkglext has got an old URL21:29
thetornainbow404 Not Found...sigh21:30
abyxcosHrm, apparently I wasn't vigorous enough in ldconfiging before I ran a sysup.21:32
diverseperhaps look into lxqt?21:33
abyxcosdiverse: Last I looked at that, it still needed some loving.21:34
abyxcosdiverse: And my current requirements are firefox and urxvt, so I may be able to get away without gtk, unless firefox needs that these days?21:35
jaegerabyxcos: try openbox and pypanel, maybe? or xfce/lxqt if you don't mind a few more deps (but fewer than gnome/mate)21:36
abyxcosjaeger: I'm using xfce now.21:36
jaegerI use MATE most of the time but when I want minimal I usually use i321:37
abyxcosI saw your suggestion above.21:37
abyxcosI did enjoy openbox, but I wasn't a terrible fan of the config/themes.21:37
thetornainbowwelp, gtkglext is going to be more of a challenge than gnubg by itself. i'll have to work on it later. romster's port is a bit old it seems. :(. Until later then.21:37
abyxcosI really like xfwm, but I'm tired of the whole mess that's become.21:38
thetornainbowbye for now all21:39
abyxcosOh, i3 is tiling. Wanted a floating one.21:39
abyxcosAlthough I could probably just use scrotwm, I don't really need floats now...21:40
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abyxcosAlso, what's the difference between fluxbox and openbox?21:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: syslog-ng: install binary to /sbin21:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: syslog-ng: bump release21:49
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jaeger :)21:52
jaeger(I don't know)21:52
abyxcosI'm googling it now, was hoping for a more first-hand experience than some random folks on the internet ;)21:53
abyxcosFor all I know they could be using ubuntu.21:53
jaegerwell, they're both pretty light, try them and see :D21:53
abyxcosX won't start, so I'm entertaining myself.21:54
abyxcosOnce I get everything re-compiled, I'll give them a spin, but until then I'm stuck googling.21:55
abyxcosIs there a revdep-rebuild script for crux?21:56
abyxcos(I noticed revdep in the prt-utils package, but didn't see a revdep-rebuild.)21:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gradm: initial import21:59
teK__cheers ;)21:59
frinnstfluxbox includes a taskbar or whatever you call it21:59
frinnstand it uses sane config-files21:59
frinnst(im a fluxbox user)22:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: paxctl: initial import22:03
abyxcosYea, I don't like the xml bit of openbox, but it wasn't terrible.22:04
abyxcosAny thoughts on FVWM?22:05
jaegerabyxcos: prt-get update $(revdep)22:07
abyxcosjaeger: Will that do them up in the right order?22:07
jaegerthough there are some ports that won't fix, like jre and thunderbird22:07
jaegerbecause they have issues that are out of our control22:08
abyxcosjaeger: My problem was I had packages halfaway down the revdep list that were dependencies of the top.22:08
jaegerit's not that smart22:08
abyxcosYea, that's all revdep-rebuild did. Put them in the right order and handed them off one by one.22:09
ChloeDfinally, system entirely functional. <3 :)22:09
ChloeDwell, X11, Firefox, Thunderbird, alsa, mate, my data, ntp, acpi, and that's it22:11
jaegerseems pretty sufficient22:14
abyxcosThat seems like an over-functioning system...22:14
ChloeDwell, it's my main productivity box22:15
ChloeDI just need lyx/latex and I'm all set22:15
abyxcosToo much desktop :P22:16
ChloeDwell, Linux for desktop, FreeBSD for servers is my usual way to go :p22:17
abyxcosThat's no reason not to use something lighter than mate ;)22:18
jaegerthere's that whole "preference" thing22:18
jaegerwhich is why I use MATE even when I don't NEED to22:18
abyxcosPfft, who even uses 'preferences.'22:20
ChloeDhumans using my laptop heh.22:21
ChloeDI could cope with a static xrandr configuration, generated once22:21
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teK__frinnst: do you also lose window decoration on doing to much magic with X while using fluxbox? I just tested arandr and after switching screen orientation I had to restart fb to get things in order again22:25
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Worksterthetornainbow, i'll fix that download url after work. but it'll be easy for oyu to grab the file save it in the general locationf or source files.23:32
Worksterthetornainbow, as for compiling in ramfs, i have a huge swap partion over multiple disks with same prio=0 for those rare large builds that take up more than the amount of ram i have.23:40
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