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abyxcosSo, my tty is doing something funny. Based off this error tmux and urxvt are throwing, I suspect that one of my psuedo-ttys has the wrong permissions.00:32
abyxcosurxvt: can't initialize pseudo-tty, aborting.00:33
jaegerif you did the sysup upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 rejmerge fstab. the devpts entry changed00:33
abyxcosOh, I blew that away :P00:33
abyxcosI saw a bunch of -'s killing all my changes, and forgot to look closer :P00:34
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abyxcosjaeger: What's the proper way to look up who owns that file?00:35
jaegerprt-get fsearch or pkginfo -o00:48
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thetornainbowWorkster: thanks much! it looks like even with the right url there's been a few changes. it seems to need pangox-compat and a few others, still not building however - although that may be because my linux-foo is still not strong enough01:02
thetornainbowoh and thanks for the link as well!01:03
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thetornainbowis there a place to submit an "out-of-date" for packages? i know in the handbook you want to know if any of the core packages are out of date, but what about the ones in contrib?01:14
jaegeremail the maintainer01:20
thetornainbowexcellent thanks01:21
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Worksteror in my case just message me02:02
WorksterRomster, that is.02:02
Worksterwhich ever works02:02
Worksteri'll take a look after work thetornainbow02:02
thetornainbowWorkster: haha, it's actually not you. it's teK__ i think. libreoffice needs a bump02:06
thetornainbowand a slight url change as well :)02:06
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Worksterfor a change.03:25
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RooseveltHey guys/gals is this guide a more or less current/suggested route to chroot a crux
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Romsterthetornainbow, pangox-compat is in opt/ already.08:15
frinnstRoosevelt: yeah, that should still do the job08:28
RomsterRoosevelt, any particular reason why you chose the ppc guide over the site? is this a ppc system?08:30
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xveeturns out the squeal is from the speakers, not the psu.08:53
xveespeakers are emitting a weird squeal screetch sound. cant figure out why08:53
xveei think i've figured it out08:57
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xvee_on the off chance that anyone else has the same issue, it was the power saving option. it was set to 30. changed it to 0, and the screetch is gone. sweet silence alas08:59
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Romsterand then no power savings at all.09:07
frinnstwat the fuck09:34
Romsterahh did i find something really bad for frinnst ...09:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dnstop: 20121017 -> 2014091509:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: tcc: update url09:39
teK__Romster: does wxgtk require gtk3?09:47
teK__if not, would you mind bumping it to 3.0.1? This has been blocking filezilla updates for quite some time09:47
Romsteroh i'll take a look09:48
Romsterand if it does require gtk3?09:48
teK__someone (ahem) has to create a wxgtk3 port  or filezilla is screwed ;)09:49
teK__thetornainbow: I am ok with highlighting in here, too. In case of much chat traffic I might miss that though09:50
Romsteri'm guessing that'll be me :P09:52
teK__that would be AWESOME09:52
teK__but try simply bumping the version first?09:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libreoffice: 4.2.5 -> 4.2.609:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: vala: 0.25.3 -> 0.25.409:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: realpath: replaced in coreutils, dropped09:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: grml-crypt: remove realpath dependency09:52
Romsterwxgtk 3.0.1 seems to be gtk2 still phew.09:53
teK__gtk3 is the future anyway!109:53
Romsterwaits for gtk4 when it's stable09:54
teK__is it that bad?09:54
Romster3 is just there testing ground really. unstable ABI09:54
Romsterthough nice feature of css for styling.09:54
teK__I like the BROADWAY backend :)09:55
teK__oh boy.09:55
teK__Anybody using synergy from contrib?09:55
Romsterhmm that reminds me... wayland for xorg and gtk3.09:55
teK__Synergy is still open source and "free as in free speech" (to quote Richard Stallman), except that now there's a one-time fee to download the software.09:56
teK__srsly wtf.09:56
teK__you still can browse the code and DL nightly builds09:57
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Romsterpay once download it stick it on a free hosting site.09:57
Romster you are free to run the program, change the program, and redistribute the program with or without changes09:58
ChloeDthey have a poor business model09:59
teK__oh and it is crappy to build, too09:59
Romster qsynergy 0.9.110:00
teK__or: was. Will see..10:00
teK__that's something different, I suppose10:00
Romsterhmm old though?10:00
teK__ should be it10:00
Romsteryour using 1.4.1410:00
teK__ build -g 310:01
teK__3 is the 'index'. WTF?10:01
teK__and then it won't even work because 2 is the maximum index on my system. whatever...10:02
Romsterdoes it start at 0?10:02
teK__no. seems to depend on your system and lists build  systems10:02
teK__I'm losing interest in maintaining that stuff10:03
Romsterdo you even use it?10:03
teK__I maintain quite some stuff I am not using10:03
Romsterthen just toss it aside? let soemone else deal with it? if it's too much pain.10:03
teK__it's all for frinnst, you know10:03
Romstersurely frinnst can pick a port or two up.10:04
teK__nah, he's lazy as hell10:04
Romsterand i thought i was bad with ports.10:04
teK__in what regard?10:04
Romstermaintaining stuff that i don't use.10:04
teK__well, we're the service guys..10:05
Romsteri'm trying to kick that habit.10:05
ChloeDok, I'm creating a port for lyx10:06
RomsterChloeD, you new here?10:06
ChloeDIs it ok to depend on git?10:06
Romsteror just a different nick10:06
ChloeDnew person from like2 days ago10:06
Romsterwe are pretty small but the power comes in configurability and not getting in the way.10:07
Romsteralso Pkgfiles are probably the most simplest to type10:08
ChloeDso better just grab a tarball, host it somewhere safe... or directly link to a tag on github10:08
ChloeDas a rather BSDish person I have to say I'm happy :þ10:08
Romstereww github tags are a pain, but it's acceptable to use a tag.10:08
Romsterneat crux isn't for everyone but those that hang around generally know how to work around any issues.10:09
ChloeDoh you're the Jack maintainer :)10:09
ChloeD(that jack package you have is broken btw, the URL is no longer valid)10:09
Romsteroh need to look at that.10:10
Romsteri have like 50% of contrib sadly.10:10
ChloeDI can just push mine somewher10:10
Romsterwe need more maintianers.10:10
ChloeDwell small distro that fits most people's need10:10
Romsteryou can publish your ports anywhere. and get it listed on portsdb on crux.nu10:10
ChloeDI need lyx, freecad, mate, firefox, thunderbird, + libs10:10
Romster i just made that now teK__10:11
RomsterChloeD, ^ that's a pet project i'm working on version sorting tarballs.10:13
Romster and --head 110:15
Romsterstill uploading10:15
Romsterbe databased soon10:17
ChloeDwell since I have no choice I'll have to host that lyx tag on company server :>10:18
Romsteryou can link off the site. or i can host it on crux.ster.zone10:18
Romsterif you like10:19
Romsterjust means you'd have to poke me when a new version is out though.10:19
ChloeDwell it's not so small and I'll just take today's head as a tag10:19
Romsteri'm quite active though10:19
Romsterhow is small?10:20
Romsterfew hundered meg is nothing.10:20
Romsterthe anoying thing with github is there are no filenames.10:21
nwehello folks! how are you ?10:21
Romsterput a bunch of files in a common directory and your bound to hit a issue with the same versions.10:22
Romsterhi nwe10:22
nwehow are you Romster ?10:22
Romsterwe been thinking of a naming shceme in pkgmk for source=($name-$version.tar.xz::
teK__kk Romster  :)10:23
Romsternwe, okay here.10:23
Romsterjust fixed up gtkglext for thetornainbow10:24
Romsternow to look at jack and wxgtk10:24
nweoh I see :) hmm what is jack?...10:25
Romsterprt-get search jack10:25
Romsteraudio server10:26
nweah :)10:26
Romsterah even git takes awhile to parse my romster collection...10:28
Romstermay be time to git gc again10:28
Romsterhigh end professional use mostly. and very low latency10:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 37.0.2062.12010:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gnutls: updated to 3.2.1710:33
Romsterwhy on earth is jack on dropbox...10:33
Romsterfor hevens sake if ya gotta resort to dropbox why not just shove it on a open torrent tracker? or even guntella10:35
Romsteror even soruceforge.10:36
teK__sf was down for me toaday :o10:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: synergy: 1.4.14 -> 1.5.010:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: jack: -> 1.9.1010:49
ChloeDcan I count on xz on a base crux?10:53
frinnstyes, it's in core10:56
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Romster love that script.11:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: wxgtk: -> 3.0.111:33
RomsterteK__, ^11:34
Romsteri could keep wxgtk2.8 but i'll see if anything even needs it.11:34
nrxtxRomster: not a lot on reverse search11:51
nrxtxfor wxpython chances are high that its broken11:51
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Romsterand i got wxgtk-32 to deal with too.11:54
Romsterthe joys of being a package manger11:54
ChloeDhow are deps resolved? the Depends on: does the magic?11:58
ChloeD there you go guys :)12:01
Romsteri already fixed jack12:04
Romsteralso for the love of god. pick a port up change the Maintainer line to your own12:05
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teK__ChloeD: yes12:41
teK__it is interpreted (only) by prt-get12:41
Romsterwell and findredundantdeps12:42
Romsterbut only packagers need to know that.12:42
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ChloeDhere, fixed my ports.12:48
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ChloeDit feels good to have a system that just works12:48
ChloeDand a 40k init :)12:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: wxpython: ->
Romsterlet the breakage begin12:55
teK__]% sudo prt-get dependent wxgtk12:55
teK__hm. :)12:55
Romsterhm about what?12:59
Romsteryou wanna take over wxgtk?13:00
Romsterthen the hm?13:00
Romsteryou forgot --all13:00
teK__not many packages have a direct dep on wxgtk13:00
Romsternot many.13:01
Romsteractaulyl not even sure what i got wxgtk-32 for... may nuke that.13:01
Romsteri removed it off my system and see what is broken.13:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: filezilla: 3.8.0 ->
Romsterwebkitgtk2 is a soft dependency of wxgtk13:07
Romsterfilezilla is that the same thing i'm thinking of in mozilla suite years ago?13:08
Romsterso whos using filezilla?13:10
Romsterand seriously ftp in this age.13:10
Romsterwell that does sftp so that is better13:11
teK__fz is a (s)ftp, scp client13:13
teK__it can do TLS, too13:13
teK__I like it very much :-)13:13
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Romsterlooks nice but alot of gui bling13:22
Romsteri end up using scp or rsync13:22
teK__mass-file operations need GUI bling13:24
teK__but I also like and use zsh's zmv13:24
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ChloeDlftp is just neat13:33
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Romsteri suppose so13:36
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: xz: update to 5.0.614:17
thetornainbowthanks to the maintainers14:37
thetornainbowRomster: thanks for all the work :)14:37
thetornainbowteK__: sorry about all those emails. claws gets a little crazy sometimes14:37
teK__I received two mails14:45
thetornainbowteK__: well, then i suppose it just showed as several sent in my local mail then14:47
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thetornainbownow i'm not sure if i'm happy that gnubg is now ported or not... must do work...don't want to do work15:20
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Roosevelthey all I'll be working on a lxqt port soon. As this is my desktop enviroment of choice and will be working on cinnamon.16:11
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Roosevelt /SERVER irc.spotchat.org17:02
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nweRoosevelt: nice :)17:12
diverseyeah, thanks for putting in the effort Roosevelt17:21
diverseI want to check out lxqt's terminal eventually17:23
RooseveltYeah I currently use it on slackware and I like it alot.17:29
diversegood to hear. I'm looking for an alternative to ditch the st terminal17:30
diversesounds like this is the one17:31
RooseveltAlso it has a small depend requirement.17:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: syslog-ng: update md5sum17:31
thetornainbowdiverse: i've never liked st either17:31
thetornainbowbut if you don't mind VTE - termite is a fantastic terinal17:32
diverseI'm not a vte fan, so I'm pretty desperate for terminals17:32
thetornainbowno urxvt?17:33
RooseveltI just perfer got ol xterm17:33
Roosevelt* I just prefer good ol xterm17:34
diversethetornainbow: not a fan of it either, I'm pretty niche in my requirements :)17:34
thetornainbowwhatever floats your boat17:35
diverseI think this qt terminal will float it, hopefully17:35
diverseotherwise I'm stuck with st17:36
thetornainbowick. no thanks :)17:37
diverseyeah I'm not a fan of config.h configuration either17:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: syslog-ng: update footprint17:38
RooseveltYeah I'm going to include qterminal although lxqt has no official terminal17:38
diverseoh I thought qterminal was the official one?17:39
diversewell no matter17:39
diverseRoosevelt: was qterminal part of the razor-qt side of lxqt?17:41
RooseveltQt terminal is not part of official project17:41
diverseoh okay, cool17:41
RooseveltOr should I say not part of the 0.7 release17:42
diverseno problem17:42
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Rooseveltit is maintained by Petr Vanek17:43
Rooseveltwho is a razor-qt dev though17:43
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npicHi everyone! I'm just wondering, what's the point of releases in CRUX? Wouldn't the rolling release model be a more natural choice? I'm not trying to start a flame, though :)18:32
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thetornainbowi think vim is way better than emacs19:16
teK__npic: I think it's out of "tradition" but a script + supplementary binaries could do that in situ, I guess19:17
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thetornainbowwhy didn't someone tell me about prt-utils! some pretty great stuff in here21:28
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joacimIt is only revealed to a few select users21:31
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thetornainbowi knew it21:40
abyxcosjaeger: Thanks.22:18
abyxcosStrangest problem now. Grub loads, but just doesn't start the kernel ~70% of the time.22:18
abyxcosNo errors, it looks like it just quits.22:18
abyxcosHappens with all my kernels, so it's not the new one, I suspect the problem is with grub, but I don't get any errors, so I can't figure anything out.22:20
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thetornainbowteK__: i believe lftp needs a version bump as well22:36
thetornainbow4.4.10 > 4.5.522:36
thetornainbowi'm sorry to be so pushy lately22:36
teK__no problem, I'm more worried that my ck4up-run today did not catch that22:48
teK__sometimtes upstream sucks hard22:48
thetornainbowyou mean upstream _changes things sometimes_?22:49
teK__(by changing versioning schemes, file / directory structures, websites etc.)22:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lftp: 4.4.10 -> 4.5.522:54
teK__ck4up also missed mercurial22:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mercurial: 3.1 -> 3.1.122:56
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thetornainbowmy homegrown ports collection is growing! it's small (only five so far) but perhaps it's about time for me to publish them?23:59

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