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thetornainbowso this packages/3.1 repo on are binary packages? niiiice04:02
thetornainbowi was dreading having to recompile after doing it twice in the last two weeks :)04:03
thetornainbowmany thanks04:03
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diversethetornainbow: thank Romster again05:39
openfbtdHave you guys seen uselessd?06:29
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diverseopenfbtd: hah, a nice way to politically protest against systemd08:06
diverseI also love this site which lists a lot systemd's problems:
openfbtdOne of the people who made that site is the uselessd author08:07
diverseah, which explains the promotion for it on the top of the page08:09
diversewow, it's such a nice and concise list, I should reference this site to show others what I think about systemd without having to spend an hour explaining it to them08:16
openfbtdYeah, I've already started linking the site inetsad of ranting about systemd08:16
openfbtdMy rants are long and angry >_>08:17
diverseyeah and take up a lot of energy08:17
openfbtdNo. ^_^ is more appropriate.08:17
openfbtdI like ranting.08:17
openfbtdBut I want new targets, reciting the same points over and over again is boring.08:17
openfbtdEven if you do it angrily08:17
diverseas long as it's fun ;)08:19
diverseand again, nice find on the uselessd, I love good political satire08:22
openfbtdThing is, it's an actual working project08:23
diverseI know, but at the same time it exists to make fun of systemd08:23
openfbtdI'm fascinated by the fact that someone has found systemd's core functionality to be something worthwile08:23
openfbtdAnd didn't write something completely separate08:24
openfbtdBut forked the project08:24
openfbtdI became angry at Arch and systemd at some point and made my own service manager08:24
openfbtdStill use it.08:24
diversehow did that work out?08:24
diverseah nice08:24
openfbtdIt went through three major changes, but it's pretty nice these days.08:25
openfbtdThe fact that I haven't made a single commit into the repo despite using the thing every day says something.08:25
diversesounds pretty stable08:26
openfbtdBut I wondered when someone would actually fork systemd.08:26
openfbtdAnd I didn't expect a strip-down fork08:26
openfbtdI expected a better-separation fork08:27
openfbtdA clearer-goal-to-the-whole-project fork08:27
diversedo one thing but do it right fork?08:27
openfbtdNot “let's just get rid of everything that does not belong in an init system”08:27
openfbtdYeah, I thought someone would fork systemd and separate its components neatly.08:28
openfbtdThat also might still happen though.08:28
diversebut the thing is, would you use the other components like the binary format journal logging?08:29
diverse(I hope you won't)08:29
openfbtdI don't think binary logs are a great idea outside very specific cases08:30
openfbtdAnd even then I would still like them in a proper transactional DB08:30
openfbtdLike sqlite maybe?08:30
openfbtdNot as volatile as journald's logs, that's for sure.08:30
openfbtdI do get that dbs are easier to work with when you are dealing with massive ammounts of logs08:31
openfbtdBut I'm an admin08:31
diversewell you are also a coder, why not make a journaling system that uses sqlite?08:32
openfbtdAs opposed to people who retardedly listen to Lennart and take his word for granted, I actually know that it's possible to send logs to a machine that would then write the logs into a db over the net08:32
openfbtdIn a variety of ways08:32
openfbtdInto a variety of dbs08:32
openfbtdI'm a shell coder :)08:33
openfbtdshell languages (bash specifically is the one I prefer) are not very good at handling huge ammounts of text data.08:33
diverseyou made an init systems with bash? Impressive08:34
openfbtdWell. A simple init system is something bash is very much made for.08:34
openfbtdIt's a type of task bash is really good at08:34
openfbtdHandling huge chunks of data efficiently? Nope.08:35
openfbtdAnd it's not an init system btw. It's a service manager08:35
openfbtdStage 2 of an init system basically08:35
diverseoh I see08:36
openfbtdsinit + an rc script (als in bash) handle stages 1 and 3 in my case08:36
openfbtd for a reallife example of a system that uses my stuff08:37
openfbtdA reallife as in systems built like that exist and some people use them08:37
openfbtdI'm looking at Alpine or CRUX as maybe better bases for Spark, but meh, Arch doesn't bother me so far.08:38
openfbtdIt gives all the tools to do whatever you want.08:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.26 -> 1.7.2711:22
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: updated to 1.16.113:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: glib: updated to 2.40.113:16
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frinnstteK__: did you suggest I watch "the leftovers"?17:29
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frinnstfucking awesome17:29
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teK__no I didnt20:39
teK__putting it in the queue20:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: tcc: fix non-root builds22:22
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prodhegood evening (or wherever you are)! what's the recommended way of keeping individual collections updated? say i'd install the i3 window manager by syncing from a user's online repo and then install it - how can I easily make sure that port gets updated when the user maintaining it updates his?23:02
prodhemaybe this happens automagically, but I don't see really how...23:03
prodheShould I create my own collection under /usr/ports and then keep each sub-repo individually updated?23:03
prodheMaybe it's not that much work to manually add every new repo into my collection and update ports.conf and prt-get.conf...23:04
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jaegerprodhe: if you're using whole repos they'll get updated when you run ports -u. If you want to cherry picky individual ports, maybe mpup would be what you want23:45
prodheSo if i'm picking one from the port browser ("rsync -aqz i3" for example), this would automatically reflect updates when i "ports -u"?23:47
prodhesay: cd /usr/ports/my_stuff/ && rsync -aqz i323:48
prodheThen "ports -u" would update all ports in my_stuff as well?23:48
jaegerno, only if you use the whole repo with the .rsync or .httpup driver23:48
jaegeryou could always rerun the rsync command if you don't want to use mpup, though23:49
prodhemaybe i'll just write a small shell script that updates all my "personal" ports and runs the appropriate rsync/httpup command for each subfolder.23:50
prodhegonna look at mpup though23:50
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