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rocxAnd here I am unable to fill 20GB.01:56
Romstercan never have enough space.02:37
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nwein which package can I found helvetica font??07:04
frinnstnone, its not free07:07
nweoh I see07:07
frinnstthere are "helvetica-like" free fonts07:07
frinnstsuch as Arial in xorg-font-msttcorefonts07:09
nweokey I will try them..07:10
nwewe using osticket on our office, and tickets looks like shit for me..07:11
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frinnstjust throw a bunch of fonts at it, fontconfig will sort it out08:12
frinnstdejavu, liberation, source mscorefonts etc08:13
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Romster plenty of free alternatives09:31
Romstersome are even comerical use frendly like nwe09:35
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linXeahi Romster o/09:44
Romsterhi linXea09:48
linXeanice to see you around. Hope you are doing well mate.09:48
Romsteri'll bbs taking my bike for a spin arounds a few blocks, only just got the new pedals and seat on it.09:48
Romsteri'm doing okay.09:49
linXeanice, have fun and do not crash =)09:49
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Romsterme crash? never.10:53
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frinnstcool, what kind of kit have you bought?12:30
frinnstflite ftw!12:30
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diverseRomster: same thing with ram, can never have enough13:59
joacimI just have a blue bike saddle14:00
diversejoacim: I'm having a hard time finding the gtx 980, especially the one I want. They sell out fast14:01
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joacimI guess you can just order one, and they'll ship it to you as soon as possible14:02
diversefrom the vendor directly?14:03
joacimyou can't order like that from newegg?14:03
diversethey don't sell the model I want and only have a few of the standard cooler models14:04
diverseI never used newegg, are you saying I can make special requests there?14:05
deus_exthis looks interesting
deus_exsystemd without the cruft14:34
diversedeus_ex: openfbtd brought it to our attention a day ago, funny stuff, I like the humor that went with it14:39
diverseand the boycottsystemd site is awesome too14:39
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ChloeDwhat's the best practice when making a based port?14:54
diversejaeger: ^14:56
ChloeDI see$name/$version/OpenSP-$version.tar.gz as source15:00
ChloeDwill it work properly?15:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: doxygen: fixed md5sum (they changed it upstream)16:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: virtualbox: updated to 4.3.1616:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.0417:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: apr: apr-util: update to 1.5.417:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ocaml: disable graph and camlp417:18
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: xz: update to 5.0.717:18
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: update to 3.7317:18
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krueIs there such thing as a fake libpulse which is a wrapper for alsa?17:57
krueI installed pulseaudio to get skype 4.3 working and now I want to uninstall it :)17:57
z3brahi :)18:13
z3braI'm going to upgrade to 3.118:15
z3brais there anything special I should do other than mounting my old root, and run "setup" ?18:16
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teK__krue: did you manage to make it work? I gave up after installing pa and then it told me something about dbus or so ;)18:39
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joacimz3bra: I just did what the handbook said18:46
joacimI just did the obvious recompile of the kernel and ran revdep18:46
z3brais it mandatory to recompile the kernel ?18:48
joacimI guess it is recommended18:48
z3braI can't fogure out why it would be necessary (I don't plan on upgrading mine)18:48
joacimjust doing what the handbook says should be enough18:49
z3braI'll try it out, thanks18:49
z3braokay, go ! :D18:50
z3braŒ¢àðÛ>÷l°Œ¢ æ·w‰18:54
z3braoops, sorry18:54
joacimyou're an alien? your brain washing wont work on me.18:54
z3braprobably means something in an obscure crypting system18:55
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z3braback !19:23
z3brajust a revdep away from finishing upgrade :)19:24
z3brathanks joacim19:24
joacimoh. rejmerge too =)19:40
diverseit could that z3bra is a bot :P20:21
rocxSounds like z3bot.20:22
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joacim6 months, average desktop use, no trim. My SSD still performs like the day I bought it.20:40
diversethat's pretty good20:40
joacimDon't think I'll bother with the trim hack for OS X.20:40
teK__Romster: (ntfs-3g)20:58
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krueteK__: Yes. I already had dbus from some other package that needed it.21:57
krueI needed to install both pulseaudio-32 to get the 32 bit client lib.21:57
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krueand then consolekit and policykit which I also want to avoid if possible.21:58
leo-unglaubhey guys, i am new to crux and i want to encrypt my partitions but there is no cryptsetup binary on the install disc21:58
teK__ah it was the *kit that made me stop. not dbus22:29
teK__leo-unglaub: that's been a long time issue, rather easy to adress. I for one booted from a grml ISO, plugged in a USB stick with our ISO (it's dd-ableto USB media) and chrooted to it and ran setup from there _AFTER_ using the grml media to setup dmcrypt etc22:32
teK__actually it's even assigned to me in our bugtracker :o22:32
leo-unglaubteK__: ah, sorry if its a known issue. i did not find it during a short google search :)22:34
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frinnstfuck its late22:38
frinnststupid awesome series "the leftovers"22:38
leo-unglaubteK__: do you have a link to the bugtracker ticket? i would like to read it22:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ntfs-3g: 2013.1.13 -> 2014.2.1522:55
teK__frinnst: e0623:09
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WorksterteK__, i'm not sure but i think jaeger did a updated iso with cryptosetup on it.23:38
jaegernope, that was teK__23:41
Worksterjaeger, would you mind on your next updated iso including LUKS support?23:55
jaegerfeel free to send a patch if you like. I've no experience with it, myself23:56

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