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Romsterdiverse, and in my case never enough cpu power to compile <<02:26
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teK__Workster: jaeger there were patches09:06
teK__we also did talk that through before 2.7  and 3.009:06
teK__ minus the DL of the static binary as we do have a cryptsetup.static binary now09:08
teK__errr before 3.109:08
teK__there's a port for the initrd-part to allow for full disk encryption:
teK__there's even a wiki page at
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Romsterso why didn't we put that on the TODO list for CRUX3.110:20
Romsterguess it'll be on CRUC3.2 then.10:21
z3brahas anybody compiled the lzo package please ?10:35
z3bracause after the 3.1 upgrade, I can't build it anymore, because bsdtar *need* liblzo10:35
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/lzo#2.08-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.10:36
Romsterworks for me.10:36
z3brabsdtar -p -o -C /home/z3bra/var/work/src -xf /home/z3bra/src/pkg/lzo-2.08.tar.gz10:36
z3brabsdtar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:36
Romsteroh you shoudl of got bsdtar off the iso as well..10:36
Romstermount the iso10:37
Romstercd to core pkgadd -u bsdtar....10:37
z3brathanks :)10:37
Romsteryou did run the upgrade ?10:38
Romsterstrange as that bsdtar should of been one of the many packages.10:38
z3brawell, somethng probably went wrong10:38
Romsteri sometimes do a cd to the core ports on iso and run a for loop and pkgadd -u $p10:39
Romsterfor p in *; do pkgadd -u $p; done10:39
Romsterif you wanna get mean.10:39
z3brabecause AFTER the upgrade, all my rsync links for repos still pointed to 3.010:39
Romsterwell your meant to run rejmerge and merge in the changes for that.10:39
Romsterit even says to run rejmerge after you exit sysup?10:40
z3brarejmerge ?10:40
z3brawhat's that ?10:40
Romsterit's even in the documentation.10:40
Romstermerges in changes to config files.10:40
Romsteror lets you edit them. depending on what options you use. keep merge...10:40
z3braI see10:41
z3braI'll check that after explicitely install all packages from the iso10:41
RomsterAnother option is to use rejmerge. For each rejected file found in /var/lib/pkg/rejected/, rejmerge will display the difference between the installed version and the rejected version. The user can then choose to keep the installed version, upgrade to the rejected version or perform a merge of the two.10:42
z3braI installed lzo from the iso10:44
z3branow prt-get sysup seems to be running as expected10:44
Romsteri'd also check with revdep after the sysup10:44
z3braYeah I planned on doing that10:44
z3bramy problem is10:44
Romsteralso you have to manually install libepoxy if your using xorg-server10:45
Romsterdue to new dependency.10:45
Romsterelse sysup will fail on xorg-server10:45
z3bralast time I tried revdep, the CPU heated too much and my computer shut down10:45
z3bramy cpu fan is shitty10:46
z3braand useless10:46
Romsterchange it?10:46
z3brayeah I have too10:46
Romsterit might jsut need new thermal compound too.10:46
z3brabut I don't have much time these days10:47
z3brabecause new job, new status (apprentice -> worker), so I have a lot of paperwork to do :/10:47
Romstertakes all of what 10 minutes to remove clean new heatsink thermal paste, get artic silver if your serious. than that White goo.10:47
Romsterthen what are you doing on crux <<10:48
Romsterunless you use crux for work too.10:48
z3braI need to go buy a new fan first10:49
z3brabecause the default one is just to crappy10:49
Romstersure that one isn't ok? and jsut the paste is dry?10:49
z3brait is not10:49
z3brabecause the rad gets freaking hot10:49
Romsteroh k10:50
z3braand the fan started melting10:50
z3brait's like "clok clok clok clok clok..." now10:50
Romsteroh yeah order a new one.10:50
z3braand I'm running crux, because it's fun :)10:50
Romsterdon't have to go insanely big and expensive.10:50
z3brayeah sure10:50
z3brabut it has to be efficient10:51
Romsterme too fun and works for what i want to do.10:51
Romsteras effecent as my 120mm heatpipe heatsink that's nearly touching my ram and GPU card :P10:51
Romsteri went a bit excessive but it's at least quiet.10:51
z3brayeah, at home, I only need a terminal, web browser and steam10:51
z3branice one ^^10:51
joacimlube it up10:52
joacimfixed my fans by doing that10:53
Romsterand i stuck on artic silver to boot.10:53
Romsterbe careful with that stuff though it's conductive with silver filings in it.10:53
Romsterok on a cpu with a metal cover heat spreader... but on a cpi or gpu with capactors near the chip and poof...10:53
Romsterif you happen to get it over them.10:54
joacimi want a nice clc. my system gets really cramped with my 212 evo10:54
Romsteri'm not really for a water cooled system but i'm thinking of it for my next one.10:55
z3brafanless looks nice too10:55
z3brabut you can't run them during summer :P10:55
joacimi just want it for space10:55
Romsterthey should be less of a pain and no growths with the antifreeze coolant.10:55
z3braI saw some pics of canadians people using a pipe to bring the air from outside over the CPU10:56
joacimthe way it is now. i cant reach my cpu power connectors ir tye ram in the first ram slot10:56
z3brahow do I force recompilation a a package already ?10:56
z3braprt-get install -f ?10:57
joacim-fr i guess10:57
z3bra-fr !10:57
joacimand update10:57
z3braArf... I'll have to recompile webkit ;_;11:00
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z3braanyway, thanks for your help11:06
z3brasee ya later !11:06
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hhhhhhhhis there a way to make httpup-repgen ignore directories18:34
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pidsleyhhhhhhhh: look at the script. " IGNORE_FILE=.httpup-repgen-ignore19:50
hhhhhhhhpidsley: i couldn't get that to ignore directories19:51
hhhhhhhhlet me try directory/*19:52
hhhhhhhhor uh19:52
pidsleyah. well, you can also pass a directory argument to the script, so you might be able to write a wrapper19:52
pidsleyor wait for one of the experts ;)19:53
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hhhhhhhhyea it didnt work19:55
prodheif i make my tmpfs work directory 3GB, will that affect memory overall when i'm not using the directory for building?19:55
prodhesorry to burst in. :p19:55
hhhhhhhhit wont19:55
teK__prodhe: nope19:55
prodhegreat. reaching the limit as of now when building chromium...19:56
z3braI have some issues with my latst upgrade fresh 3.1 upgrade)20:14
z3brakbd won't download from the FTP20:14
z3braAm I the only one ?20:14
ChloeDI guess not, so you can fix the Pkgfile20:44
ChloeDfind the proper URL20:44
ChloeDand fix it20:44
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Romsterz3bra, note that webkit is now webkit-gtk2 webkit-gtk3 and webkitgtk. for API versins 2, 3, and 422:49
Romster"webkit" does not exist in 3.122:49
Romsterbut instaling webkit-gtk2 and webkit-gtk3 makes up "webkit" premade.22:50
z3braThank you Romster ;)22:52
Romsteryour welcome22:53
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rmullMy gentoo machine has been building their packaged webkit for 3 days now22:54
rmullWhat an amazingly large codebase22:55
Romsteromg i can do it in a few hours22:55
Romsteryeah it's massive.22:55
rmullI think my problem is that I don't have much RAM and I'm swapping like crazy22:56
rmullI am going to buy a new machine. Looking at one of those mini-itx 8-core intel atom boards.22:58
Worksteri really think a minimum of 16GB ram is needed to compile the larger stuff.23:22
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