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Romsterfrinnst, the kernel bug finder01:59
Romsterme everything else.01:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xz-32: 5.0.6 -> 5.0.702:08
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: glib-32: 2.40.0 -> 2.40.202:08
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xorg-xtrans-32: 1.3.4 -> 1.3.502:08
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rmulldennisfile: hi03:31
dennisfileI am currently trying to upgrade an old version of CRUX to patch the "shellshock" bug in bash03:31
dennisfileRunning "ports -u" updates /usr/ports/core/bash, but only to a version around 4.203:32
dennisfileTrying to manually get the latest version of the bash port works properly03:32
dennisfileBut eventually the build finishes with an error03:32
Romsterdennisfile, what crux version are you on?03:32
dennisfilehow would I tell? I think 2.x03:33
dennisfileSpecifically, I'm using MineOS, though this question is (I'm pretty sure) related to CRUX alone03:35
Romsterin a terminal03:36
Romsteroh this is crux not mineos03:36
dennisfileoh! version 2.7, then03:36
Romsteralso ports -u but we haven't touched crux 2.7 in a very long time are you stuck on 32bit cpu?03:37
dennisfileNo, I'm on 64-bit03:37
dennisfileI'm not sure if there's a safe way to update CRUX, especially since MineOS hasn't updated as far as I know03:37
Romster2.7 wasn't 64bit officially... unless yu got the 64bit unoffical ports03:38
Romsterwe are now at 3.1 multilib03:38
Romsteryour way behind03:38
dennisfileI got what came with MineOS. I'm guessing I got the unofficial ports.03:38
dennisfileHow would I go about upgrading to 3.1? Would I need to overwrite everything?03:38
dennisfileIf you're interested, the error I'm getting (from pkgmk) is
Romsteryou could try to copy the /etc/ports/core.rsync file to /etc/ports/core-3.1.rsync03:39
Romsteredit it change the /usr/ports/core to /usr/ports/core-3.103:39
Romsterports -u03:39
Romstercd /usr/ports/core-3.1/bash03:39
dennisfileWouldn't that just be the same as getting the newer bash port via rsync, which didn't work properly?03:39
Romsterpkgmk -u03:39
dennisfileAgain, the compilation of the new bash version fails - see
Romsterif it builds or not is another thing03:40
Romsterworth a try.03:40
dennisfileI'm guessing (very hypothetically) that another dependency is out of date03:40
Romsterif it fails then yes03:40
Romsterfinddeps bash03:40
Romsterin a terminal03:40
dennisfilefinddeps isn't installed for me...03:41
Romstermore than likely glibc is too old... ouch that starts to get painful if you bump that.03:41
Romsterprt-get depinst prt-utils03:41
Romsterdidn't mineos change to another distro later on?03:42
dennisfileyeah, but I'm still on the CRUX version03:42
Romsteri don't know why they didn't just use crux as is and added there own ports collection on top.03:42
dennisfileI think they *did* just add a collection of ports (along with some install scripts etc)03:42
dennisfilefinddeps bash gives me glibc, ncurses, and readline03:42
Romster forbidden hmm?03:42
Romsteryeah any of those could be stopping it. ncurses and readline be ok to bump but i'd think twice on glibc it might break your system.03:43
Romsterwith out other dependencies.03:43
dennisfileMineOS is clearly no longer under active development; when I have time, I'm planning to move either to CRUX 3.1 or to Arch03:43
Romstercrux 3.1 upgrade would have to be done from 3.0 first.03:44
Romsteror do a fresh install.03:44
Romsterthen you could add in mineos ports on top of that.03:44
dennisfileI'm likely to just do a fresh install on another partition, and move stuff over; I'll probably just use some other Minecraft software instead of the MineOS stuff03:45
dennisfileI'm trying to update readline now...03:45
Romster there it is...03:46
Romsterat the very least you could try to apply the patches to the older bash03:47
dennisfileReadline and ncurses updated fine03:47
Romsterif bash builds now then your ok else it'll be pain if you update only glibc.03:47
dennisfileI can find a patch for the second shellshock bug, but not for the first one (I think people are expected to just update bash for that.)03:47
dennisfileYES! the new bash worked!!!!03:48
dennisfile4.3.26(1) with the patch!03:48
dennisfileThank you so very very much!03:48
dennisfileThis saved me a lot of time!03:48
Romsterpersonally if i were you and got some experience crux 3.1 fresh install. and host your mineos somewhere and get it added to our
Romsterok bear in mind if yo sysup you'll revert those you could prt-get lock them ports.03:48
Romsteror add prtdir /usr/ports/core-3.1:bash and the other 2 above core in /etc/prt-dir.conf03:49
Romsterdoubt you'd get updates off there site though03:49
dennisfileI'm likely to move away from the MineOS scripts, which I have slowly come to despise.03:49
dennisfileAny advice about CRUX vs Arch?03:50
Romsterpersonally but i'm biased as i'm in crux dev. would be fresh 3.1 install and just pkgfile mineos ports on top.03:50
Romsterarch systemd we have so far avoided that.03:50
dennisfileOK! Thanks for your advice, and for helping me get bash up to date!03:50
Romsterarch is probably a bit easier to deal with but less easy to package stuff. but then crux is easier to package but fewer ports.03:50
Romsterpersonally i like the tweakability of crux03:51
Romsterand it does not get in the way.03:51
dennisfileYeah, I've liked CRUX so far, but there are a few programs I haven't been able to get working properly; I think I might have better luck with Arch.03:52
Romsterput it another way mineos might even be on arch already less effort probably.03:52
Romsterwhat programs are those?03:52
dennisfileMineOS actually is available for Arch (among other distros).03:52
dennisfileSpecifically, ub-split-map (
dennisfileTo install that, you need unbind, and you need to compile it with python support; the latter doesn't seem to work for me.03:52
dennisfileRight now, I'm OK with using bind, but ub-split-map seems much simpler.03:53
dennisfileI've also tried to get a Garry's Mod server running, but (apparently) it doesn't work because my version of CRUX doesn't have proper 32bit support.03:53
Romstersudo pip install ub-split-map03:53
Romstershould just work in crux.03:53
Romsterunternitvely if oyu made Pkgfiles pastebin or yourhost location of it and i'll give it a try.03:54
dennisfileThe issue is that ub-split-map is a plugin for the Unbound DNS server, which needs to be compiled with proper Python support.03:54
Romsteri'm in dev so if something isn't too intrusive or a workaround can be made..03:54
Romsterin some cases we make a foo-python bindings port03:55
dennisfileOK. I'll certainly look into it further, though (in case you can't tell) I know rather little about running a server properly03:55
Romsteror we might be able to enable it in the port or leat of all a modifedport to do the job you can host with that other port.03:55
dennisfileYeah, I should look into this further.03:55
Romsterthat is the other thing about crux it makes you learn.03:56
Romsterand makes you a better person for knowing more.03:56
dennisfileYeah, I've definitely become *much* more comfortable with the command line since I started using MineOS.03:56
Romsterits a bit daunting at first but we can help.03:57
dennisfileAgain, thank you so much for your help!03:57
Romsteri can't see taht port being a major issue to get compiled with what dependencies it needs.03:57
Romsteri've done bigger dependency trees than that.03:57
Romsterno problem03:58
Romsterat elast your safe form shellshock03:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qt5: 5.3.1 -> 5.3.207:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cutemaze: initial commit07:44
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Romster does that make any sense to anyone?10:35
Romstername=xorg-xcb-proto version=1.1110:36
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/xorg-libxcb-32#1.11-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded10:36
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxcb: remove duplicate dependency xorg-xcb-proto10:52
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xorg-libxcb-32: update Description10:55
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nrxtxRomster: can you update youtube-dl?12:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: youtube-dl: 2014.07.15 -> 2014.09.28.112:53
Romsternrxtx, ^12:53
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: bash: updated to 4.3.27. (official patches)14:02
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: bash: cleanup14:04
Romsterok to push pull yet or is there more vulnerabilitys to be patched14:05
frinnstwho knows. I havent been able to keep up with it14:06
Romsternether have i14:07
rmullHas anyone ever used a PCI-E x8 GPU (instead of x16) GPU?14:10
Romsternope but it should just work (tm) except less datatransfer speed14:18
Romsterso lower resolutions?14:18
rmullWonder if it's goon enough for a non-gamer for watching HD movies and stuff14:33
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foobar_is there an uptodate tutorial for using cryptsetup on crux?14:38
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joacimrmull: I'd think any graphics card is good enough for that16:52
joacimanything somewhat recent i mean16:52
joacimmy PCI Riva TNT is not made for the task =)16:52
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joacimMy old GeForce 7600GT was good enough for it, and I know people used older AGP cards for high resolution desktop tasks16:56
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rmulljoacim: Good to know, thanks17:01
joacimwhich card are you talking about?17:04
rmullOnly one I saw on Newegg is a GeForce GT72017:04
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joacimmy Intel HD 3000 is good enough for HD video. I've even done 4k video on this system (downscaled to 1080p).17:11
joacimnot sure how the GT720 compares to my intel chip from 201117:11
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frinnstrmull: yeah that shouldnt be a problem. Guess it depends on the gpu support18:19
frinnstradeons should handle it great18:19
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jaegerfailed once again to get vfio vga passthrough working properly in qemu19:21
jaegerI got further this time but no matter what I tried my GTX 680 shows up with error code 43 in the windows guest19:21
frinnstduring driver install?19:38
jaegerafter driver install19:47
jaegeroddly, windows will use it as the main display in the VM but performance is crap due to the driver not actually working19:47
jaegerI also had audio stuttering in the VM but that was unrelated19:48
diversejaeger: did you get your gtx 970?19:53
jaegernot yet, still out of stock19:53
frinnstwin32 or 64?19:54
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frinnstand are you using passthrough for audio as well?19:54
jaegerno passthrough on audio, just vga19:55
jaegeraudio using -soundhw hda19:55
frinnstwoah, and you get it working? windows cant find a driver for me with hda19:55
frinnstwin7 64 for me19:55
jaegerIt worked without any effort, no external driver was needed19:55
jaegerwith that said, have you tried the generic realtek driver?19:55
frinnsthm, maybe i should try 8.1.. but god, the UI19:56
jaeger8.1 isn't as bad as 8, you can avoid the metro UI most of the time19:56
frinnstyeah, "most" of the time :)19:56
frinnstim still confused as fuck when i try to do something system related, such as access the control panel or whatnot19:56
jaegerI run it on my main box, doesn't bother me in the least19:56
jaegeryou can usually just hit the windows key and start typing something, as well, to get where you want19:57
jaegera la win7 start menu19:57
frinnstand it still bothers me to no end that a "regular" user really cant find it. sure you can right click on the "start" button, or use keyboard shortcuts19:57
frinnst.. if you know about it19:57
jaegerdoesn't really get in my way but of course it's subjective19:58
frinnstthe typing dont always work. when i type "update" - on some systems it displays windows update, on others it shows java update19:58
frinnstoh well, </rant> :)19:58
jaegerdon't type it and hit enter, type it and wait, then select from the list19:58
frinnstyes i know, but sometimes it doesnt display it19:59
jaegerif it doesn't, it isn't indexed yet, I'd guess19:59
jaegerI always get the same list19:59
frinnstyeah that might be it19:59
jaegerJust not right after a fresh install, it takes a few seconds then19:59
frinnsto havent really used 8.1 - only 2012r219:59
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frinnsti still giggle like a schoolgirl whenever i mount a iso and the balloon pops up suggesting "that i tap to start"20:00
diversei'd tap that :P20:02
diverseso in windows 8.1, it allows mounting iso files now?20:02
diverseout of the box I mean20:03
frinnstI dont know, i mean mounting in vmware20:03
frinnstso "inserting a cd" might be more apropriate20:03
diverseit's fine, I just didn't understand the context20:05
frinnstgive me my startmenu back!20:05
diverselooking at that video, I didn't realized how "revolutionary" the startmenu back then was20:12
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diversefor win8, aren't there third-party start menus you can use?20:15
jaegerquite a few, yeah20:15
joacimI hate the start menu. It always turns into a mess20:17
joacimuninstallers, documentation, and website links everywhere20:17
joacimand three different folders for ea games20:18
joacimthe idea is good, but developers and publishers abuse it20:18
joacimI see the same kind of crap when developers and publishers used to working with windows try to make software for os x20:19
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_d0tHi. Does CRUX have stages like gentoo? I'd like to set up a CRUX chroot.23:01
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jaegerIt doesn't but that's rather easy to do23:03
_d0thow? Without installing it into a VM preferably.23:03
jaegerfrom a crux host or other?23:03
_d0tfrom a gentoo host23:03
jaegerthere are a couple ways23:04
jaegerthe first would be installing pkgutils on your gentoo host23:04
jaegerthen you create the chroot dir and pkgadd all the crux packages23:04
jaegerthe other would be just to untar the crux packages into the chroot dir23:04
jaegerboth work but the former method has the advantage of respecting package management23:04
_d0twhat are the base packages I need?23:05
jaegereverything in the core dir on the ISO23:05
_d0tok, thx23:06
_d0tone more thing23:06
_d0twhats the wine status in crux?23:07
jaegerit works. version 1.7.27 or so23:07
_d0tthank you23:08
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