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abyxcosSo, really strange question..., I can't ping myself.00:38
prologicyou can’t ping ?00:38
prologicis lo up?00:38
abyxcosAs far as I can tell, I don't have iptables running, was a firewall added with 3.1?00:38
abyxcosNo, lo isn't up.00:38
prologicin crux 3.1 iirc there is a different rc for lo00:38
prologicthen that’s why00:38
prologic$ ls /etc/rc.d/lo00:39
prologic$ cat /etc/rc.conf | grep SERVICES00:39
prologicSERVICES=(lo net crond sshd docker dbus slim)00:39
abyxcosWeird but makes sense.00:39
prologicit got changed in 3.100:39
prologicI think so we can separate out the local loopback from other networks00:39
abyxcosI didn't notice it in the release notes.00:40
prologicso you don’t keep bringing down lo when you change networks00:40
prologicit’s there :)00:40
abyxcosI don't doubt it; just another thing I missed.00:40
prologiche network configuration has been split in two parts, one being lo for the loopback device, net for other network devices. Both are residing in /etc/rc.d and thus are supposed to be started like services in /etc/rc.conf00:40
abyxcosI should probably also start dbus, no?00:40
prologicyou don’t have to00:41
prologicI don’t htink it’s strictly required00:41
abyxcosLooks like xfce is starting it anyway.00:41
abyxcos(Turns out servers actually need/want lo to serve things.)00:44
prologicmaybe I can remove it from my services list :)00:44
abyxcosMost things seem to just run it these days.00:44
prologicno kidding :)00:44
abyxcosEh, I figured the new eth0 was all that was needed.00:45
abyxcosI'm not actually sure *why* httpd needs lo...00:46
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prologicnot sure maybe it’s trying to bind to :)01:09
abyxcosProbably, but it's sharing on the local network.01:19
abyxcosSo shouldn't *need* localhost.01:19
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Worksterabyxcos, didn't run rejmerge and look though it carefully03:27
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_root_how to use Clibc instead of glibc? system-wide!07:54
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frinnstChristian Life International Bible College ?09:16
frinnstyou will probably need to build a iso with it, rebuild everything etc09:17
frinnstyou would probably be better off chosing a distribution that already uses it09:17
frinnstto be honest09:17
joacimThis is not a christian distro!09:25
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OnoderaHi, this is probably a super stupid question, but how do I check/uncheck boxes in setup?09:56
mikelspacebar :)09:57
Onoderathta worked, thanks :)09:58
mikelno worries09:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mailx: update to 14.7.811:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mupdf: update to 1.611:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: scite: update to 3.5.111:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tdb: include stdbool.h in tdb.h11:07
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: sudo: update to 1.8.1111:37
OnoderaHi, can anyone help me with this step: "Edit /etc/lilo.conf to boot the kernel you just compiled and run lilo to make the new system bootable.".12:04
OnoderaWHat exactly do I need to edit in lilo?12:04
mikelwhich drive you're booting from and which partition root is on12:05
mikel`man 5 lilo.conf`12:05
Onoderaah well that was easy, thanks12:05
_root_how could I build an unofficial boot-able hybrid ISO for crux (64bit) to have bspwm and lighdm, a browser, an IRC client and some other tools?12:20
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_root_how could I build an unofficial boot-able hybrid ISO for crux (64bit) to have bspwm and lighdm, a browser, an IRC client and some other tools?13:49
_root_pitillo, ?13:55
_root_Do we have nvidia driver for 64bit crux?]14:33
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pitillo_root_: iso sources to build it... if you want to tweak and customize it... probably it will be a good help14:46
_root_pitillo, I am trying to build and iso to have all things ready and a lightweight WM14:50
pitilloand that link should help in that task, it's used to build official CRUX iso14:51
_root_I want to build it with bspwm :)14:53
pitilloit's fine... take a look to that repo and you'll see another wm packaged there...14:53
_root_pitillo, chroot to the iso source and tweak and install and modularize the kernel. I am ok up to hear. how to make hybrid is out of it?14:54
pitillotake alook to that repo. It's the source to build the iso. You can see how to add new ports/packages and finally, how to make it hybrid (probably it is currently)14:55
frinnst$ isohybrid <isoname.iso>14:55
frinnstunless the makefile does it by default these days, dont remember14:55
pitilloI don't think so... but there's a sentence in download page about it....14:57
_root_pitillo, what about installation automation! What do you suggest?14:57
_root_the software that debian uses or the fedora installation process?14:58
pitillohave you taken a look to handbook about CRUX and its installation process?14:58
pitilloI like how CRUX does... boot/prepare/setup... more than enought14:59
_root_install >> select the partition >> set the timezone >> ..... >>>INSTALL >>REBOOT for hard disk.14:59
pitilloif you do something with ncurses feel free to share it on mailing lists14:59
frinnstdude, you can install crux with a oneliner more or less14:59
frinnstfdisk && mkfs && mount && setup14:59
_root_pitillo, I studied alot about crux and I find a similar system called gentoo. hands on kina installation. No GUI14:59
frinnstthen you need to chroot and build the kernel, setup bootloader and fix fstab15:00
frinnstthats pretty much it15:00
_root_frinnst, So leave the installation part to people to do it for themselves.15:01
_root_about the kernel; How to set the kernel to answer people needs?15:01
frinnstto build a kernel for everybody you need to enable everything and use initrd15:02
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pitillohas someone tried sepen's script to build a bootable usb disk?15:08
Romsterdd the iso to a usb stick15:08
Romsterit is hybrid afterall15:09
pitillogoing on...15:09
pitillothx Romster15:09
Romsternote that the usb stick will be wiped of anything else doing so.15:09
Romstercrux iso has been hybrid for awhile now15:09
pitilloI've been using always sepen's script to deploy it to usb sticks... no problems but now no way to mount media (not sure if the usb stick is "touched")15:11
Romsterno idea what root is doing but fetching the iso.git tree and then throwing in all the ports he wants on the iso and then making it would be all that's required. other than the slight editing of the ports to include on the iso.15:11
Romsteryou dd it to the usb node no need to mount the usb stick15:12
Romsterjust eb sure you get the right one. i prefer using /dev/disk/by-id/15:13
Romstersay using sdd may not always be sdd and oops ;P15:13
pitillono ssd here... no problems... directly to device node (no partition on the stick)15:14
Romster_root_, everything you need is there.15:15
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pitilloaftter dd'ing it directly doesn't boot...15:30
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_root_Romster, Yes that is very helpful15:41
_root_there is always aa partiton.15:43
_root_if there flash drive is formatted there is one partition covering all the drive15:43
_root_so not on the node15:43
_root_use the partition on dd15:43
_root_for example if the fdisk says your usb is sdb you should use sdb115:44
_root_in dd command15:44
pitillono way with dd'ing directly on another stick.. let's see sepen's script with this one...15:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpv: 0.5.4 -> 0.6.015:49
_root_pitillo, where is this script you re talking?15:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] squid: update to 3.4.816:14
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jaegeryour question seems to be missing some words and context16:30
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pidsleypitillo and _root_ : i always dd isos directly to the stick, not a partion, and it always works for me16:38
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to 7.5.016:39
pitillopidsley: here I had no problems with sepen's script... I tried from CRUX host again dd'ing directly and no success... now sepen's script16:41
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jaegeryes, you should use the device rather than the partition in the case of the ISO16:54
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_root_nvidia binary?18:23
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pidsley_root_: still missing some words. don't make us guess18:24
pidsleyyou want nvdia binary? you have? ...18:24
_root_I want to install the nvidia binary driver for linux crux18:24
_root_which port/package?18:24
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jaegerprt-get search nvidia18:24
jaegerprt-get info nvidia18:25
_root_yes I saw that !!! which one for 64bit system18:26
pidsleyany of them18:27
jaegeruse the one in opt unless you have a specific need for something else18:29
pidsleythank you jaeger18:31
_root_jaeger, what are the difference?18:31
jaegerI have no idea18:32
joacimit is usually better to go with packages from official repos. unless you have specific needs.18:34
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xcb-util-keysyms: updated to 0.4.019:01
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_root_it is refreshing to use crux!!!!!!19:09
_root_from the madness of systemd.19:09
_root_does crux use OpenRC?19:09
pidsley_root_: do you see openrc in the ports? do you see sysvinit?19:17
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_root_pidsley-afk, So what does it use to stop and start and load services at the boot time?19:22
_root_bring up network interfaces update the system clock and bring up sshd .....19:23
pidsley-afkyou didn't answer my question19:34
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teK__drugs are bad, mmmkay?19:50
leo-unglaubhey guys :) thanks to your help my laptop runs now on Crux :) and i am very happy with it :)19:54
frinnstoh, smiley fail19:54
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teK__checking for eglGetDisplay in -lEGL... yes20:01
teK__./configure: line 20372: syntax error: unexpected end of file20:01
teK__=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/libva#1.4.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.20:01
teK__what a crap20:01
teK__this is blocking libva-intel. Romster mind checking that?20:01
_root_pidsley-afk, I seesysvinit20:02
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: perl: updated to 5.18.420:03
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abyxcosWorkster: /etc/rc.d/lo automatically installed as I had no previous script by that name.20:12
abyxcosWorkster: That doesn't negate me missing the note in the release notes.20:12
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leo-unglaubis there a way to make prt-get use more cores for compiling? -j4 for example?20:33
leo-unglaubbecause compiling xfce and xorg on one core takes hours *g*20:33
_root_I wanna know the answer too20:34
epitamizoris there way to tell if ports collection is authentic?20:37
joacimcheck pkgmk.conf20:39
joacimleo-unglaub and _root_20:39
joacimepitamizor: ports -u? anything from should be clean20:40
leo-unglaubjoacim: thanks :)20:40
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leo-unglaubjoacim: i think epitamizor question is how packages from are projected against main in the middle attacks against the package file20:47
joacimi don't think they are20:51
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_root_do we have firefox binary?22:07
_root_I recently look at gentoo as someone suggested that it is like crux or crux is like gentoo. anyway. there is a flag system there. to build a package with some feature or to build a package without some feature.22:09
rmullcrux is simpler22:09
_root_build a package with gtk support instead of qt22:09
_root_how do crux arrange these kinda options?22:10
rmullIf you want gtk insnead of qt, for example, you should install gtk and not qt. When you go to install a package, its configure scripts will see gtk and not qt and probably select it automatically22:10
rmullDepends on the package though22:11
_root_I want bitchX ;(22:20
_root_could we change Crux to use uclibc instead on glibc?22:21
epitamizorthat would be ludicrous22:23
joacim"solid state hard drives" I wish people would stop saying crap like that22:53
epitamizordisk drives lol22:54
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leo-unglaubi have an interesting problem after installing xfce. i have installed it from ports, together with xorg, but now if i try to start x i get the error message: "Fatal Server Error: no screens found"23:58
leo-unglaubany ideas?23:58

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