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xeirrrHi, anyone user xfce4 here? Can you give a tutorial for this? Wiki has nothing for xfce4 ;)03:13
rmullI'm unable to run tmux from inside the installation chroot - I run 'tmux' and then it just drops me to a new command prompt, no output or anything03:16
jaegeris devpts mounted properly?03:21
rmulljaeger: I think so04:33
rmullI've moved on though04:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mksh: R50b -> R50c08:48
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hhhhhhhh_prologic: runit has been updated to 2.1.210:32
prologichhhhhhhh_, cool10:36
hhhhhhhh_oh you aren't maintaining that package10:38
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leo-unglaubwhen i try to start X i get the following error message: failed to activate core devices14:41
leo-unglaubany ideas what that means?14:41
tilmancore pointer and core keyboard14:41
tilmanpointer being mouse usually ;)14:41
leo-unglaubtilman: i dont find packages with that name, however xorg-xf86-input-keyboard is installed14:43
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leo-unglaubwhen i run X -configure i get the error that X is unable to detect my mouse.14:50
tilmanleo-unglaub: these days you'll want to use xorg-x86-input-evdev. handles mice and keyboards14:50
leo-unglaubtilman: ah, thanks for the tip :)14:51
tilmandon't use xf86-input-{mouse,keyboard}14:51
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leo-unglaubtilman: okay, i nstalled the evdev package and removed the mouse,keyboard ones, but i still have the same problem :(15:03
tilmanevdev support in the kernel is enabled?15:05
leo-unglaubyou mean INPUT_EVDEV?15:06
tilmandunno the exact name. this one sounds good.15:06
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leo-unglaubyes, this option has a * in my kernelconfig15:07
leo-unglaubthat should mean it's build in the kernel15:07
leo-unglaubwho would have thought that getting X to run is harder than installing Crux with cryptsetup, build a new kernel, compile mariadb and get it to work *g*15:11
leo-unglaubbut it's a nice learning experience :)15:11
leo-unglaubtilman: a very stupid question .. "Xorg is not able to detect your mouse" ... could that be because it don't have a mouse connected to my laptop?15:18
tilmannot sure. surely your core pointer would be the trackpad though15:20
tilmanfastest way to try might be to jack in a mouse really15:21
tilmanyour xorg.conf doesn't have input devices configured right? you _do_ rely on hotplug/autodetect, yes?15:21
leo-unglaubi dont even have an xorg.conf the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ directory is empty15:22
leo-unglaubso i guess autodetect is the default15:22
tilmanshould be okay15:23
tilmani don't have easy access to my laptop running crux, otherwise i'd check my config15:23
leo-unglaubi have now tryed startxfce4 instead of startx and now i get an error that xkbcomp is not found and that it failed to compile the keymap15:28
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frinnstI dont think most laptops will use evdev for synaptics16:27
frinnstiirc its mostly ps/2 with the synaptics kerneldriver16:27
leo-unglaubfrinnst: so the evdev thing is the new stuff and synaptics is the legacy thing for tatching mouse inputs in X ?16:29
frinnstare you using a *mouse* or a touchpad?16:29
leo-unglaubcurrently nothing at all16:29
frinnstwell what do you have attached ? what do you want X to find?16:30
leo-unglaubthe lenovo x230i has a touchpad but i dont care about a mouse at the moment. i jsut want X to run16:30
frinnstiirc there's a flag to tell xorg to ignore that, but its probably easier to just enable the synaptics stuff in the kernel16:31
frinnstdunno, i rarely use laptops16:32
leo-unglaubshould i install the xorg-xf86-input-synaptics package as well?16:32
leo-unglaubFatal server error: failed to compile keymap16:34
tilmanyou did install xbbcomp, right?16:34
leo-unglaubi don't have a package with that name16:35
leo-unglaubis that in another ports tree?16:35
frinnstxorg-xkbcomp  probably16:35
tilmanleo-unglaub: ports -l | grep foo is your friend16:36
leo-unglaubfrinnst: yeah, now i have X running .... the font is just 0 characters, but it's running :) thanks16:37
leo-unglaubtilman: sry, i was using prt-get list '*foo*'16:38
tilmanfwiw, we slapped the xorg- prefix onto all those packages ourselves16:39
tilmanso whenever people talk about package x, chances are it's called xorg-$x in crux16:39
leo-unglaubtilman: no, your naming is not the fault ... i just used precompiled .deb packages for the last 7 years and never did it my self ... so the source of errors is me is this case *g*16:40
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frinnstwin10 looks like a huuuge improvement over win817:21
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leo-unglaubfrinnst: i agree, they have done there homework and really improved it ... not like the gnome3 people *g*17:50
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joacimfrinnst: I thought this was pretty funny18:08
leo-unglaubmy X server is now running with xfce, but i am missing some fonts because it looks like that: any ideas in what package the right fonts are?18:10
joacimdejavu is usually a winner18:11
leo-unglaubso xorg-font-dejavu-ttf then?18:11
joacimI tend to install most fonts18:11
leo-unglaubi was confused because some font types have a 100dpi suffix and some not18:12
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hhhhhhhhmy touchpad is showing up as a logitech ps2 mouse in dmesg/xinput18:22
hhhhhhhhthings like multitouch work but synclient can't find it18:22
hhhhhhhhdo i need to install firmware or what18:22
hhhhhhhhi have the synaptics_i2c module builtin18:22
hhhhhhhhlooks like i am missing the elantech driver18:32
hhhhhhhhbut now make menuconfig is saying i need to install ncurses18:33
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hhhhhhhhlatest kernel managed it18:49
FaymMenuconfig needs ncurses to run, there's other ways to configure the kernel.18:59
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rmullWhat's the best way to get my PC to prefer IPv4 over IPv6? When DNS returns an AAAA record my machine tries to connect to it even though my network won't route v6 traffic, so there is a long hang19:32
teK__disable ipv6?19:33
rmullLooks like the fix is in /etc/gai.conf I guess. I've never heard of that file before.19:33
rmullI'd rather not disable ipv6 (a kernel option). I just want to prefer v4 for the time being, at least temporarily19:36
teK__than gai.conf is the better route to take ;)19:36
rmullcrux doesn't ship that file, so I'm just going to create it and see what happens19:37
rmullso excited to be up and running on a new install ^_^19:37
hhhhhhhhFaym: i have menuconfig, which is the odd part19:44
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rmullWhat's up with the contrib/webkitgtk, webkit-gtk2, and webkit-gtk3?20:48
rmullthe -gtk2 and -gtk3 versions use an older version of webkit than the gtk version20:48
rmullalso, they all 40420:49
vlnxI'm not using webkitgtk yet in crux, but this is probably why it 404s
rmullWell, there's a sub-release 'a' on their servers, so it was an easy Pkgfile fix20:52
rmullalthough on that note, the port should probably be updated to 2.6.020:53
rmullRomster: ping :P20:53
rmulloh yeah, vlnx, you're right, they mention the *a release naming20:55
rmullahhhh! 'top' has colors and meters now??20:59
rmullwhat is this20:59
vlnxis it htop?21:00
rmullI've used htop before, but it's not installed on this machine21:00
rmulltop -v says it's procps-ng 3.3.1021:00
rmullThis is some real 21st century stuff right here21:01
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